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PRIORSLEE PRIMARY ACADEMY Issue 11 Thursday 17th July 2014 Principalʼs News The final day is near and a mountain of ironing and overgrown garden beckon. It always amazes me how I manage to completely fill

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PRIORSLEE PRIMARY ACADEMY Issue 11 Thursday 17th July 2014 Principalʼs News The final day is near and a mountain of ironing and overgrown garden beckon. It always amazes me how I manage to completely fill the summer days with simply ʻcatching upʼ and then equally amazes me how I ever manage to get back and fit in work, as well as the life! My ambition this holiday is to walk somewhere every day, eat five pieces of fruit and veg each day and sit down to watch a couple of movies from start to finish sounds simple and achievable doesnʼt it? The challenges presented by both our personal and professional lives create a roller-coaster ride. Simply hopping off now and then does much to restore the balance. The beginning of September is just a blink away enjoy all that the next few weeks have to offer. Sincere regards, Wendy Moore Closing the Summer Term 2014 Year 6 Residential - Cleobury Mortimer It was 6pm and time for the camp fire, I knew it was going to be fun. When we got there the fire was burning and flickering. We all sat down on wooden slabs and started singing songs. The pond was cold and muddy but we liked it! Here is Joe Young after falling in the pond. Diary extracts from Katie Atkins - Year 6 Then there was raft building. To start with we were split in half into two teams. Then we got 6 wooden logs and 4 blue barrels. We learnt 1 k n o t t o t i e around the logs so they stay together. First was a puzzle - each row & each column added up to 15. The next one was a consecutive number. After that, the next one was using crates the youngest to oldest, smallest to tallest and January-December.Then we used circular cellotape card board (things) we had to have each colour not in the same row or column. In case of bad weather contact Free Radio, Radio Shropshire, or visit for school closure information Priorslee Primary Academy Newsletter Summer Term issue Page 2 Base 1 & 2 Visit to Tesco Base 1 & 2 enjoyed a visit to Tesco as part of their topic work on farming. In the store, children learnt about where some of their food comes from, as part of Tescoʼs ʻFarm to Forkʼ initiative. Whilst in the bakery, some of the children handled raw bread dough and ended up in a rather sticky situation! The children also had the opportunity to taste a range of cheeses and saw Chris gut a fish. The children explored the fruit and vegetables to find out where they were sourced. Following our theme work on the Vikings Base 3 gave an insight into Viking life and entertained everyone with a play about Thor and his hammer! The children all really enjoyed performing the dance about the Viking raid on the Anglo Saxons e s p e c i a l l y t h e p a r t w h e r e t h e y choreographed ʻThe Fightʼ. A huge thank you to all those parents who came to watch and also provided the costumes that make the performance so special for all involved. Base 3 Assembly Class Teacher - Mrs Mullinder Base 7 Class Assembly Class Teacher - Mrs Court On 18 th June, Base 7 performed their fantastic assembly all about dinosaurs! The children dressed up as dinosaurs and paleontologists and through singing, dancing and clear speaking were able to show everyone who attended what they have been learning about this term. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they made Mrs Court and Mrs Richens very proud well done Base 7, you were fabulous! visit for Academy information Priorslee Primary Academy Newsletter Summer Term issue Page 3 Sports Day 2014 Having had to postpone Sports Day due to bad weather conditions and a boggy field, we finally managed to enjoy a fun packed day full of smiles. The sun was shining and the children were ready to compete in the range of activities that were set out across the sports field. From the egg and spoon race to the year 6 sprint finals, all children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day with some great skills being displayed throughout the various activities. Children in Key Stage 1 were extremely keen to compete in the egg and spoon race, as well as the sack race. It was also great to see the competitiveness shine through during the Key Stage 2 events, particularly during the sprints. The children certainly didnʼt disappoint in these particular events, with great balance and coordination, along with pure grit and determination to win being on display throughout these activities. Seeing all children taking part with big smiles on their faces was pleasing I was particularly impressed with the way the children congratulated each other after their race/event. Priorslee Primary Academy World Cup 2014 To celebrate the Fifa World Cup in Brazil this year, we have held our very own World Cup competition with the Year 5/6 football team captaining each side. 12 teams fought it out to be crowned champions, with every team consisting of a mixture of Key Stage 2 pupils, with a number of girls also taking part. The competition was a big hit with children of all ages, as almost every game had lots of children from Key Stage 1 and 2 cheering on both teams, which created a fantastic atmosphere for all involved. I was particularly impressed with the sportsmanship shown by all throughout the competition. Over 4 weeks of battling out group games, quarter finals and semi-finals, we were left with our two finalists: Portugal vs Uruguay. A confident Sophie Bramford (Portugal) side took on the might of a well organised Lewis Adams (Uruguay) team. With the match being a close encounter from the get-go, Portugal managed to take the lead with two goals in quick succession. A late Uruguay goal saw the team push for an equaliser, but conceded another 2 goals in doing so. Congratulations to Portugal, who were crowned champions, winning the final 4-1. A big well done to all children involved in the tournament it was played in great spirit and sportsmanship throughout. Many thanks to all parents/carers who attended and a big well done to all children who took part. Over the course of the year, the children have been fundraising for this yearʼs chosen local charity, Hope House. This term, during the week commencing 7 th July, the children all took part in a sponsored walk/run around the school field, trying to complete as many laps as they could in 20 minutes. I am thrilled to announce that, as this newsletter goes to press, the children have raised a STAGGERING 1460 with still more money coming in. This is a truly magnificent total and means that over the course of the year you have helped us to raise over 2300 for this extremely worthwhile charity. I know Hope House are going to be bowled over when they receive our donation and I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported our fundraising this year. So, THANK YOU! Mrs. Court. Half Term Monday 27th to Friday 31st October 2014 Priorslee Primary Academy Newsletter Summer Term Issue Page 4 Base 8 - Class Assembly Class Teacher - Mrs Evans On 27th June Base 8 performed Dumble the Dinosaurʼ, an assembly all about dinosaurs. The children really enjoyed learning the songs and telling the story of how chocolate was invented. A huge thank you to the parents who help out by providing costumes and props for the children to use - they wouldnʼt have looked so fantastic without your support. Base 10 - Class Assembly Class Teacher - Mrs Tracey Base 10ʼs class assembly was all about William Shakespeare. We had girls dressed as boys and boys dressed as girls because girls werenʼt allowed to perform on stage in those days. It was a very funny performance and everyone enjoyed doing it. The songs were so catchy so that from time to time you might hear a line or two! Written by Freya Barraclough Stars of the week KS1 Macey Polatajko Nana Agemang Caleb Melville Sam Titley Lamar Alqahtani Krish Singh Emily Annett Amnah Ejaz Isla - Fey Parry Priya Mann Lara Williams Chloe Pointon Jayden Lowerson Olivia Oakley Emily Greaves William Mooney Milana Strickley Olivia Slack Jake Glover Harry Wilmot Fraser Brewer Riley Swales Roxy Jones Brodie Gilford Eden Hooper Rhiannon Goodwin Joshua Alexander Stars of the week KS2 Kyle Randall Larissa Toor Leo Wallace Bethany Appleton Megan Stevenson Sofia Slattery Jason Otieno Camilia Sowak William Tudor Tom Hyde Olivia Siddall Thomas Williams Joe Young Lauren Alexander Oliver Randhawa Ekas Chhina Lucy Addison Hal Griffiths Will Griffiths Sienna Wood Tara Mai Corbett Isabelle Yip Dan Slater Drew McClennon Hayden Mackay Hari Morjaria Chloe Nock Alicia Turrell Alex Summers-Bennett Annaleigh Galbraith Isabella Pickles Ellie Mya Linley Billy Slattery Danny Letherbarrow Lydia Gazzillo Base 6 Class Assembly Class Teacher - Mrs Cooper On June 6th Base 6 performed their class assembly, which was all about ʻThe Vikingsʼ. During the performance we heard about Viking Kings, Gods and Goddesses. The children really enjoyed learning about the Vikings and their vicious ways! Christmas Holiday Monday 22nd December to Friday January 2nd 2015 Priorslee Primary Academy Newsletter Summer Term issue Page 5 Further news... Science Year 2 have carried out surveys of our local bumblebee population as part of a national ʻGreat Bumblebee Discoveryʼ. They carried out surveys at different times of the day and in different weather conditions and uploaded data onto the survey website. We are hoping that we can help scientists learn more about bumblebees and how we can help them. The pupils have become quite expert at recognising different groups of bees and know all about the lives of bees. Hopefully, some pupils will continue to collect data during the holiday as they understand that we should collect as much data as possible for the scientists. The children have all been full of enthusiasm and the club has inspired many of them to try out more science at home. Well done to all the club members. Happy investigating in the future! Mrs Lakes Reception and Base 9 Artwork of the term This half term we have been looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and Jim and the Beanstalk. We have grown beans and made lots of things including gold cakes for the giant, golden treasures and green leaves out of clay. We have also been working hard on story writing ready for Year 1. In music we have been working on rhythms and new songs in our ʻShake, Rattle and Rollʼ workshops. Well done to the children who have completed their Art Award by Leo Yip - Year 6 Art Award NETBALL On Monday a small group from the netball team travelled to St Peter's School, Bratton, for a friendly match. All the children played well, and it was a pleasure to see how they have matured over the year, and how well they now play together as a team. They have learned some set passes and now move confidently up and down the court, consistently looking for spaces and working hard to move around their opponents. They dominated the first quarter with the ball almost permanently in St Peter's 'D'. Although there were many attempts, a goal was proving difficult. However, when Amran Mattu scored the first goal it spurred the others on, and a second goal quickly followed by Izaak Barraclough, and an excellent 3rd goal from Katie Short put a victory beyond doubt. St Peter's was a less experienced team, but played very well, and it was the robust defending by Freya Barraclough, Maia Heyward-Richardson and Katie Atkins that prevented them from pulling a goal back. It was a great end to the year, and huge thanks go to Carol and Zoe Taylor for their hard working coaching the team this year. Priorslee Primary Academy, Priorslee Avenue, Priorslee, Telford, TF2 9RS Tel: (01952) Priorslee Primary Academy Newsletter Summer Term Issue Page 7 Arts Week After the success of last years Evening of Culture, Priorslee Academy opened its doors once again to celebrate the hard work of the children during ʻArts Weekʼ. Work in progress! Benny Semp - visiting potter Ollie making a clay tile. Collage created by Base 9 Olivia Siddall - Yr 3 Jessica Mooney - Yr 3 Priorslee Primary Academy, Priorslee Avenue, Priorslee, Telford, TF2 9RS Tel: (01952) Millie (Sophie Bramford) being interviewed for her position as a stenog with her boss Mr Graydon (Scott Hoare). The Male Moderns sing their little hearts out at the ʻCafe Societyʼ. At Cafe Society, Priscilla Girls dancing to As Long As Iʼm Here With Youʼ. Amber Leeper, Isabelle Ensor, Bethany Tilsley-Curtess Miss Flannery arrives to catch Mrs Meers up to her evil tricks. Millie sings ʻGimme, Gimmeʼ supported by the ʻMale Modernsʼ. Jimmy sings the blues after spending a night in jail. The cast take their final bows after three nights of fun packed performances for audiences of all ages from all over the country. Thank you to all those who took time to fill in the ʻMemoirs Bookʼ, your comments were enjoyed by the children. If anybody would like any other photoʼs of the performance please Priorslee Primary Academy, Priorslee Avenue, Priorslee, Telford, TF2 9RS Tel: (01952)
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