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IPTV End Systems 1 IPTV 단말및응용서비스기술 이광기, 삼성전자 방송 / 통신기술융합 IPTV End Systems 2 방송 / 통신 / 인터넷경계붕괴 IP 기반의다양한융합서비스출현 : 기술경쟁격화 방 통융합표준화본격화 기술 / 시장의통합 / 재편가속화 : 신규표준화이슈대거등장 화상전화서비스 데이터방송서비스 MPEG

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IPTV End Systems 1 IPTV 단말및응용서비스기술 이광기, 삼성전자 방송 / 통신기술융합 IPTV End Systems 2 방송 / 통신 / 인터넷경계붕괴 IP 기반의다양한융합서비스출현 : 기술경쟁격화 방 통융합표준화본격화 기술 / 시장의통합 / 재편가속화 : 신규표준화이슈대거등장 화상전화서비스 데이터방송서비스 MPEG 통합표준화 ITU-T NGN 북미 NGNA 국내 BcN 홈 Network 서비스 방송 / 통신기술발전방향 IPTV End Systems 3 ~ 05 년 06 ~ 07 년 08 ~ 09 년 시장 방송 vs. 통신독자시장 Closed Market 방송 vs. 통신경쟁 Closed, Open Market 혼재 방통융합에따른단일시장화 Open Market 활성화 기술 비표준, 각방송사기준 저속 ( 5Mbps) 표준기술활성화 (OCAP/MHP) 고속 ( 40Mbps) 통합표준 : ITU-T NGN, 북미 NGNA, 국내 BcN 초고속 ( 120Mbps) 서비스 아날로그 / 디지털방송공존 AV 중심단방향서비스 디지털 HD, 고화질정착 양방향방송서비스 연결성, 서비스호환성 All IP 기반 On-Demand 서비스 Convergence toward IP-based Network IPTV End Systems 4 Activities of various SDOs IPTV End Systems 5 Contribution Network Distribution Network Access Networks Home Network Studio IP Studio Final Studio Backbone Primary Head End Secondary Head Ends IP IP Home Gateway IP STB STB Mobile Studio Fixed Studio STB (From DVB contribution to ITU-T T FG IPTV) Definitions of Players/Roles of IPTV IPTV End Systems 6 Content provider: The content provider is the entity owning contents or being licensed to sell content assets. Their role is contents production and delivery. Application provider: The application provider is the entity providing IPTVrelated user interface applications. Content aggregator: aggregate contents a la TV channel for example. Service provider: The service provider is the entity providing a service to end-user through a procedure of receiving, manipulating, value-added processing and transmitting contents with security and management using an IPTV platform. Network provider: The network provider is the entity connecting customer and service providers with control and management for the secured delivery of contents in several layers such as core, distribution and access layer. Consumer: The customer is the entity that the IPTV services are consumed. Regulator IPTV 표준화동향 IPTV End Systems 7 IPTV 표준화 / 서비스분류 IMS 기반 Wireline 기반 Cable 기반 Internet Portal 서비스 표준화그룹 3GPP, 3GPP2 -ATIS and its IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF) -ITU-T SG13 NGN -CableLabs -ITU-T SG9 and its WG9 (Next Generation STB) - UCC, Web Download & Play, P2P 주도세력무선사업자 Telco ( 인터넷사업자 ) Cable Industry Web Portal 사업자 추진방향 All IP 기반유무선서비스융합 QoS 보장형서비스 - 고화질실시간방송및 TPS - DTV friendly Platform 및 Middleware Fair access to the Net. 문제점 대규모방송분배적합성 -QoS 보장을위한대규모투자 - 기존방송과의차별성확보 폐쇄성극복과제 실시간방송서비스불가 ITU-T 의 Global Standard 로수렴 ITU-T NGN-GSI (Global Standard Initiative) ITU-T SG13 : Next Generation Networks ITU-T IPTV Focus Group ITU-T SG9 : Integrated broadband cable networks and television and sound transmission Non-NGN NGN IPTV Delivery Architecture IPTV End Systems 8 Non-IMS Based IPTV Delivery Architecture IPTV End Systems 9 IMS Based IPTV Delivery Architecture IPTV End Systems 10 Converged Applications IPTV End Systems 11 Core Interactive 서비스 IPTV End Systems 12 Interactive EPG VOD 서비스 Premium Channel Service T-Commerce IPG/PVR 통합서비스 On-Demand 서비스 화상전화서비스 IPTV Service Classifications IPTV End Systems 13 Content delivery services: These services form the basis of IPTV services, and are classified as shown below. These services are all aimed at HDTV and SDTV video content. Encryption and access control is normally performed by the CAS/DRM IP broadcast services: Broadcast services implemented in a programmed format and provided by multicast streaming. VOD streaming services: On-demand unicast streaming services. Content download service: Services where content is downloaded to and stored on the CPE equipment as stored media to be played back at some other time. Content navigation services: These are accessory services that provide consumers with means of navigation that allow them to access the specific content and multicast services of a content delivery service. Portal services: Portal services are web services that offer functions for each service provider such as promotions, basic contracts, service applications, content searching, selection and playback. The content navigation directs consumers towards each of the abovementioned content delivery services. Metadata delivery: Metadata is acquired by the CPE equipment, which provides EPG/ECG functions such as weekly program guides and content lists as a resident application. IP Broadcast Services (channel services) - 1 IPTV End Systems 14 An IP broadcast service is a broadcast-type service based on the concept of a TV channel where programs are connected together along the time axis. e.g. digital terrestrial broadcasting service. Quick select When IPTV is selected with the network switching button of the remote control, the user can either directly tune in a desired channel by entering the channel number with the numeric buttons, or skip through the channels sequentially by pressing the up and down buttons. EPG tuning When IPTV is selected by switching networks with the remote control, it is envisaged that an EPG can be displayed by pressing an EPG button. In this EPG screen, the user can tune in directly to a desired channel by performing operations to select a specific channel (or a specific program offered by this channel). Or alternatively, users could perform scheduled tuning by performing operations to select a specific program. Portal tuning Each provider has its own portal site, where the user can select his preferred channel directly IP Broadcast Services (channel services) - 2 IPTV End Systems 15 Terminal Broadcast Content Provider IP Broadcasting Server Multicast Streaming Terminal CDN Terminal Select content t Play Select content Channel 1-A Channel 1-B Channel 1-C Play Channel 2-A Channel 2-B Channel 2-C VOD Streaming Service IPTV End Systems 16 Streaming Request Terminal Content Server Unicast Streaming CDN Request Terminal Select content and play Play Channel Stop t Content Download Services IPTV End Systems 17 Request Terminal Content Server Download CDN Select content and download Download Channel A Request Select content and play Play Terminal Stop t Store content Channel A Functions of Portal Services for IPTV IPTV End Systems 18 Basic registration perform basic registration with the service provider operating a portal. personal details and terminal information will be transferred via the portal server to a client management server Service applications (package purchasing) Content is obtained by subscribing to a monthly service contract or by purchasing a package. After performing terminal authentication or personal authentication, information indicating the target of the service application is transferred to the server. Service promotion Individual services and content promotions can be presented by means of advanced multimedia display techniques such as active margins alongside a reduced video image. Content navigation implemented by displaying a list of content and packages. included for searching and sorting the list according to various criteria. for displaying a detailed content descriptions and content previews, the use of metadata are also envisaged. Starting and stopping content The selected content is started as a result of the content navigation process. included for returning to the execution of a specified portal service s BML document after the content has finished. IP broadcast service tuning Users can tune into broadcast services specified from a list of IP broadcast services. Other functions include functions for providing information not directly related to content delivery, and general web service functions such as online shopping. EPG (Electric Program Guide) of IPTV IPTV End Systems 19 provides programme information on IP broadcast services Information displayed by the EPG Weekly program schedules - Listings of the program scheduled for each IP channel over an 8-day period (including the current date), together with details on each program Service tuning - Users can perform tuning operations by selecting their desired channel from the weekly program schedule Program reservation - Users can make a reservation to view a desired program from the weekly schedule, and set a timer to record the program ECG (Electronic Content Guide) of IPTV IPTV End Systems 20 An application that resides in CPE equipment to provide users with a content navigation means for VOD streaming services and content download services from different service providers. Functions provided by the ECG Listing and purchasing packages - Displays a list of packages which are billable units consisting of content collections. When a specific package is selected, the pricing details is displayed as detailed information on the package. - After purchases have been made, a list of purchased packages may be used as an entry point for navigating content to be played back. Content listing and playback - content listings may be displayed using a variety of different methods. - when a specific item of content is selected, detailed information about the content is displayed, including a description of the content, information such as the performers appearing in it, the duration of the content, whether or not it can be viewed by the consumer, and any conditions relating to the viewing of this content. - Thumbnail images and preview clips may also be shown. - If the content has already been paid for, the content cab be received and played back by issuing a playback instruction. IPTV Middleware IPTV End Systems 21 Legacy & Open Standard IPTV End Systems 22 Legacy Software Platform VOD EPG IPPV VOD EPG IPPV Operating System HW Platform Operating System HW Platform Open Middleware Platform VOD EPG IPPV VOD EPG IPPV OCAP/ACAP Middleware Operating System HW Platform OCAP/ACAP Middleware Operating System HW Platform GEM? IPTV End Systems 23 MHP, OCAP & GEM MHP, GEM & DVB-IPTV MHP GEM OCAP GEM-IPTV Protocol independent MHP-IPTV Mandatory DVB SD&S APIs Optional Broadband Content Guide APIs DVB-IPTV Uses MPEG-2 TS with various AV codecs Defines DVB version of RTSP protocol, also DVB Service Discovery & Selection protocols Optional Broadband Content Guide GEM stands for Globally Executable MHP and it specif ies the core of Blu-ray s BD-J, OCAP and MHP. For br oadcast, it can best be thought of as the overlap betwe en the MHP and OCAP standards for interactive televisi on. It s a formally standardised Java-based platform fo r interactive content and applications. GEM has been s tandardised by DVB, and adopted by ETSI, the ITU, Ca blelabs, ARIB, ACAP, and the Blu-ray Disc Association. GEM-IPTV in an existing network GEM-IPTV RTSP, IGMP & UDP protocol mapping Protocol support for talking to Proprietary IPTV systems e.g. MSTV, OMP, Minerva etc (From DVB contribution to ITU-T T FG IPTV) itv Middleware - MHP, OCAP & ACAP IPTV End Systems 24 OCAP 1) 1) ACAP 2) 2) MHP 3) 3) 적용지역 미주 / 한국 미주 / 한국 유럽 / 한국 표준화단체 CableLabs ATSC DVB 표준 version 06 년현재 OCAP 1.0 ACAP 년현재 MHP 1.1 적용매체 케이블 지상파 지상파 / 케이블 / 위성 적용사업자 미국 (TWC, Cox 등 ) 한국 (CJ Cablenet 등 ) 한국 ( 지상파방송 4 사 ) 한국 (KT) 이태리, 독일 ( 지상파사업자 ) 한국, 독일 ( 위성사업자 ) 적용시기 한국 : 05 년상용서비스 미국 : 06 년말상용화예정 한국 : 06 년 6 월본방송 미국 : Field Trial 계획중 유럽 : 03 년상용화 ( 지상파 ) 한국 : 04 년상용화 ( 위성 ) 특징 Cable 요구사항반영 OCAP 의 subset MHP 1.2 for IPTV 주 1) OCAP : OpenCable Application Platform, 2) ACAP : Advanced Common Application Platform, 3) MHP : Multimedia Home Platform 4) GEM : Globally Executable MHP Requirements in Principle for Enabling Consumer Retail Devices to Attach to IPTV Networks IPTV End Systems 25 Compatibility Compatibility of CE devices with different operators IPTV network Cost effective manner for both consumers & CE manufacturers Open Standards Meaningful participation & consensus by all interested parties in the development of technologies to build compatible devices Reasonable licensing terms To unburden CE manufacturers and video service providers of unreasonable constraints from including necessary technologies Reasonable testing and certification procedures Interoperabilities and timely deployment to market by approvals for products Reasonable terms of service for consumers To allow consumers choice among various CE products as long as such products do not cause harm to the network and do not enable unauthorized receipt of service Outstanding Work Items of IPTV Focus Group IPTV End Systems 26 Set Top Box or home gateway functionality and associated interfaces. Video and Audio Codec functions and selection. Middleware capabilities such as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and other user interfaces. Billing/accounting interfaces and protocols. Program Control functions Operational and Maintenance capabilities Security/authentication and Digital Rights Management (DRM) aspects. Quality of Service / Experience capabilities and performance. Bandwidth and network resource requirements IP/UDP/RTP/MPEG2TS/codec wrapper Consideration of OCAP/MHP/GEM for an application framework. Ad Insertion IPTV endpoint management Customized channel lineup Viewership data management ITU-T FG IPTV WG6 (Middleware, Application and Content Platforms) Metadata Usage (WG6) Metadata DB EPG Web Portal Metadata is not directly Delivered to the box Metadata (XML) is delivered directly EPG encoded in HTML Provisioning Server I Query I Browser EPG App. API I NI protocol Middleware Resident STB ITU-T FG IPTV WG6 (Middleware, Application and Content Platforms) Applications in IPTV Appl MHP Java Xlet Application Xlet Web Server Browser MHP Middleware stack JVM DVB - x / TS Middleware Application MHP Server App. Delivery XoD Server Middleware IPTV modules w/ Video Drivers client Operating System RTSP DVB - x / TS Video Video Head End HeadEnd XoD=X OnDemand STB Based on DVB-IPI Downloadable CAS IPTV End Systems 29 Current Status Standard : 06 년 1Q 현재, Draft Version 발표 주요이슈 - CAS Download Protocol 개선 - Multi vendor Data Download 테스트 - OCAP Application 과의연동 - 기존 CableCard 역할대체 - Secure Micro Chip 과의연동 개요 방송 Contents 의 Hacking 을방지하기위해, 단시간내에 CAS Algorithm 을교체 CAS Algorithm SW 를 Download 를받아 DTV Host 시스템에서동작하기위한 Protocol Solution CAS Vendor, Algorithm 등을교체가능 CAS : Conditional Access System ASD : Authorized Service Domain DES : Data Encryption Standard RSA : Rivest-Shamir-Adleman,(the public key encryption method used in PGP) DSG : DOCSIS Service Gateway DOCSIS : Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification NGNA 요소기술 IPTV End Systems 30 NGNA(Next NGNA(Next Generation Generation Network Network Architecture) Architecture) Project Project Interactive Interactive Convergence Convergence 서비스서비스 브로드밴드화 브로드밴드화및전송자원전송자원효율화효율화 SW SW 기반기반 (Downloadable) (Downloadable) Conditional Conditional Access Access System System IP IP 기반기반전송전송방식방식및 Convergence Convergence 서비스서비스 NGNA 기술개요 HFC (Hybrid-Fiber- Coax) networks Broadband Network DOCSIS 2.0 to DOCSIS 3.0 Advanced Codec, 1024 QAM NGNA Flexible IP-based Video Transport DOCSIS OpenCable CableHome PacketCable Flexible/Secure Conditional Access Downloadable CA/Security System Interactive Service EPG/VOD/PPV Extended PVR/HN service CableLabs 4 대 Projects Digital Convergence VoIP/MoIP Mulitiroom, Home Networking DVB-IP IPTV End Systems 31 IP 에기반한 Video/Audio 를전송하기위한 IP network 과단말간의 Interface 및 Protocol 을정의 MHP-IPTV Draft released Non-TV Service(VoIP 등 ) 대응을위해 ETSI TISPAN 에서진행중인 IMS 기반 IPTV 와의협력방안협의중 Current Status Phase 1 : MPEG-2 TS over IP - Phase 1.2 Specification 완료 -Video Transport (Live & On demand) - Metadata for content guides Phase 2: Requirement 수집단계 - Direct streaming over IP - Home Networking in more detail DVB IETF MPEG Network ID Provisioning agent HTTPs TCP HTTP SD&S DVBSTP DNS Service offering SI AV/Data MPEG-2 TS Etc. RTP UDP IP RTCP DHCP DSCP NTP SNTP RTSP Physical & data link layers; HNS Ethernet, HNS 1394,... TCP IGMP Phase 2 Based on new Technologies TM-IPI TS CR done CR work in progress SD&S : Service Discovery & Selection FEC : Forward Error Correction NSP : Network Service Provider AVC : Advanced Video & Audio Coding BCG : Broadband Content Guide Phase 1 Based on TS layer TM-IPI CM-IPTV DVB-IP 1.1 TS SD&S BCG AVC over TS Over IP Home Network Al-FEC Content Download Channel num Regional service DVB-IP 1.2 DVB-IP 1.X Remote Management NSP Application Profiling Hybrid Security t DVB-IP : Current status IPTV End Systems 32 CM-IPTV Phase 1 work (TS over IP) mostly completed Phase 2 work underway (Pure IP) TM-IPI Phase 1.1 spec. and implementation guidelines approved Phase 1.2 spec. submitted to ETSI for standardization Working on content downloading, remote management, Application layer FEC, HN. TM-TAM (MHP-IPTV) MHP Specification for IPTV BCG API MHP to IPI binding (App signaling, SD&S API, etc.) Unbound Application SPI (Service Provider Interface) for SI MHP MHP Spec. for IPTV = MHP 1.2 DVB-IP : Roadmap IPTV End Systems 33 DVB IP Phases TM-IPI Phase 2 Based on new Technologies MPEG-2 over TS over IP Direct IP Streaming TS Guidelines approved in June 06 SD&S extensions for AVC Enable provision of BCG CR done CR work in progress DVB-IP Phase 1.3 (Q3/06) - SD&S extensions for regional services - Application-layer FEC (Pro-MPEG, Digital Fountain/Raptor) - Rmote Management System (DSL Forum TR069) - Content Downlad System (FLUTE) DVB-IP Phase 1.4 (Q1/07) - DVB-HN (DLNA/UPnP) TM-IPI Phase 1 Based on TS layer CM-IPTV DVB-IP 1.1 TS SD&S BCG Home Network DVB-IP 1.2 DVB-IP 1.X Content Download Remote Management Profiling AVC over TS Over IP Al-FEC Channel num Regional service NSP Application Hybrid Security t DVB-IP : Applications in IPTV IPTV End Systems 34 NSP Appl MHP MHP Xlet Application Xlet NSP Server (processing) HTTP/HTTPS NSP (lite) MHP MHP stack JVM HTTP / HTTPS DVB - x // TS TS MHP Application MHP Server (IP) MHP Carrousel CoD Server RTSP DTV Middleware modules w/ Video Drivers client Operating System DVB -x x // TS TS Video Video Head End HeadEnd STB 부록 IPTV End Systems 35 IPTV at CES 07: Internet Video Link (Sony) IPTV End Systems 36 IPTV at CES 07: Microsoft IPTV End Systems 37 Bill Gates said that TV is terrible and predicted the Internet will take over in five years. IPTV End Systems 38 Addressing a world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, Gates said the presentation of Net-based video is far superior to that of broadcast television. Certain things like elections or the Olympics really point out how TV is terrible, Gates said, according to Reuters. You have to wait for the guy to talk about the thing you care about or you miss the event and want to go back and see it...internet presentation of these things is vastly superior. Gates said millions of PC users are watching online video at sites such as YouTube. He said more viewers will seek out video that's availab
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