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Seminar in Business Policy and Strategy Introductory Session Chair of Management, Prof. McKinley University of Zurich, 2013 Christian Vögtlin Seite 1 Overview 1. Short

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Seminar in Business Policy and Strategy Introductory Session Chair of Management, Prof. McKinley University of Zurich, 2013 Christian Vögtlin Seite 1 Overview 1. Short introduction Strategic Management 2. Some remarks on presentation and seminar paper 3. Course outline and distribution of themes and dates Seite 2 1 Introduction Basic concepts of strategic management The word strategy t has ist roots in the greek language: Stratos (army) Agein (leading) Strategy is a set of planned steps an organization puts forward in order to achieve its long-term goals (Welge, Al-Laham, 2003, p. 13) Welge, Al-Laham, Seite 4 2 Basic concepts of strategic management Strategic thinking and acting is long term orientied (time horizon of 3 to 5 years)... goal driven (future anticipated condition)... antizipatory (tries to anticipate future trends)... integrative (dependencies, synergies)... concentrated and selective (limits the options)... generic (paths of development of an organization)... has the purpose to make an organization clearly identifiable Seite 5 Basic concepts of strategic management Strategic t goals to generate (sustainable) competitive advantages Position in the market (Market-based-view) Organizational ressources (Ressource-based-view) Seite 6 3 Industry competition Potential entrants Bargaining power of suppliers Industry competitors Threat of new entrants Suppliers Rivalry among existing firms Threat of substitute products or services Substitutes Buyers Bargaining power of buyers Porter, 1985, p Seite 7 Generic strategies Overall cost leadership Differentiation Focus Seite 8 4 Resource-based view Ressourcen thatt contribute tib t to a sustainable competitive advantage are: V: valuable R: rare I: (non or imperfectly) imitable O: organization (sustainablility) Seite 9 Market-based view vs. Resource-based view Strenghts Opportunities Weaknesses Resource Based Model Threats Environmental Models of Competitive Advantage SWOT - Analyse Barney, 1991, S Seite 10 5 Presentation, seminar paper and administrative details Important facts Deadline for module booking: March 15, 2013; only those of you shall book the module that volunteered for a theme 3 ECTS points that can be credited to MA: BWL 5 Study the texts (see syllabus) Deadline for submitting your paper is May 1, 2013, at the latest (better you send it before) Don t answer the questions separately but create an integrated narrative No co-authoring, but same industry possible pages text, double space, 12 point Times New Roman (without references, table of content, ) Seite 12 6 Important facts Send paper to William McKinley i d and to Christian Vögtlin Class meetings: May 3, 10, 17, and 24 from 10am to 6pm Grading: Paper: 50%/ Presentation: 25%/ Participation: 25% Paper presentations about 30min each Prof. McKinley insists on participation Avoid plagiarism! You will find further information on Prof. McKinley s homepage: Please write Christian Vögtlin if you cannot come to a session Seite 13 Examples for industries Swiss private banking industry, commercial banking industry watch-making industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical processing industry insurance industry, real-estate industry, consulting industry food processing industry, hotel industry, tourism industry, airline industry, rail industry, newspaper industry, TV broadcasting industry, mobile phone industry construction industry, building materials industry, commodities industry (e.g., metals and oil trading), gold refining industry, weapons manufacturing industry Seite 14 7 Distribution of themes and participants Assignment of fthemes today If we are more than 24 students: Please indicate preferences from 1 to 3; Write a short paragraph telling us about your motivation (max 1 page) and send it to Please write me in any case if you do not want to participate any more Seite 15 How to cite literature AMR Style-Guide: / /AMR t df In-text citation: Cite in text in brackets the name of the author(s) and the year of publication (additionally include page range), e.g. (McKinley & Scherer, 2000: 7). Direct quotes in quotation marks with original reference and page Reference list at the end of the paper: McKinley, W. & Scherer, A. G Some unanticipated consequences of organizational restructuring. Academy of Management Review, 25(4): Important is a consistent design! Seite 16 8 How to find relevant literature Handbooks and books for general introduction into the theme can be found in the University library or are available at the Chair of Prof. Scherer Important journals in business administration and management are (among others): Academy of Management Review (AMR), Academy of Management Journal (AMJ), Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ), Die Betriebswirtschaft (DBW), Die Unternehmung (DU), Harvard Business Review (HBR), Harvard Manager, Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), Journal of Management Studies (JMS), Management International Review (mir), Organization, Organization Science (OS), Organization Studies (Org.Stud.), Strategic Management Journal, Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB), Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation (zfo), Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung (zfbf) Seite 17 Literature research Main electronic resources: Look directly for electronic journals EBSCO (Business Source Premier) ISI Web of Knowledge ( JSTOR Google Scholar ( Seite 18 9 Literaturrecherche IV References Scientific writing Bänsch, A Wissenschaftliches h Arbeiten: Seminar- und ddiplomarbeiten, it 8. Auflage, München: Oldenbourg. Huff, A. S Writing for scholarly publication, Thousand Oaks, USA: Sage. Huff, A. S Designing research for publication, London: Sage. Sachs, S. & Hauser, A Das ABC der betriebswirtschaftlichen Forschung: Anleitung zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten, Zürich: Versus. Theisen, R Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: Technik-Methodik-Form, 11. Auflage, München: Vahlen. For further guidelines on how to write scientific papers, please refer to the download box on our homepage: Seite 20 10 IV. Questions? References Barney, J. (1991): Firm Ressources and Sustained Competitive Advantage, Journal of Management, 17(1): Porter, M.E. (1985): Competitive Advantage, New York. Steinmann, H., Schreyögg, G. (2000): Management, Wiesbaden. Welge, M.K., Al-Laham, A. (2003): Strategisches Management: Grundlagen- Prozess-Implementierung, 4. Auflage, Wiesbaden Seite 22 11 Thank you for your attention! Seite 23 12
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