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Instrução: as questões de números 31 a 37 referem-se ao texto abaixo Based on myths and legends from the ocean, Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS) will take its place next to Tokyo Disneyland when it

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Instrução: as questões de números 31 a 37 referem-se ao texto abaixo Based on myths and legends from the ocean, Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS) will take its place next to Tokyo Disneyland when it opens, in the late 20. The project was recently unveiled after five years of planning and design so secretive that many at Disney California headquarters were unaware of its details. Guests will enter the park througt Mediterranean Haubour, which sits in the shadow of Mysterious Island, a dormant volcano sure to be TDS's most recognizable feature. Inside this caldera, there will be na underwater' mission based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and a Journes to the Center of the Earth, where guests will ride mine cars through crystal caverns and mushroom forests into lava -filled caves. Source: Disney Magazine. Summer (UFRGS/1999) O texto anuncia (A) a criação de um novo parque temático da Disney no ano 20. (B) um projeto secreto da companhia Disney da Califórnia. (C) a criação de uma nova Disneylândia no Japão. (D) uma excursão pelos portos do mar Mediterrâneo. (E) uma viagem de exploração marítima em uma submarino. 32. (UFRGS/1999) De acordo com o texto, o novo TDS (A) atrairá milhares de turistas. (B) será constituído dentro de um vulcão. (C) será inspirado no folclore marinho. (D) utilizará os túneis de uma velha mina. (E) será construído dentro de cinco anos. 33. (UFRGS/1999)Entre os dados apresentados pelo texto, não consta (A) onde será localizado o TDS. (B) quantos visitantes o TDS comportará. (C) quando o TDS estará funcionando. (D) que atração caracterizará o TDS. (E) o que haverá dentro do vulcão. 34. (UFRGS/1999) A melhor tradução para a palavra unveiled (l. ) é (A) envelopado. (B) destacado. (C) descoberto. (D) revelado. (E) reconhecido. 35. (UFRGS/1999) Na expressão unaware of its details (l. 04), its refere-se a (A) the project. (B) five years. (C) planning and design. (D) many. (E) Disney California headquarters. 36. (UFRGS/1999) Se o projeto do TDS fosse um sonho irrealizável, a frase there will be na underwater mission (l. -07) seria alterada para (A) there would have an underwater mission. (B) there is to be an underwater mission. (C) there was an underwater mission. (D) there would be an underwater mission. (E) there may be an underwater mission. 37. (UFRGS/1999) A expressão lava -filled caves (l. 09) significa o mesmo que (A) lava filled with caves. (B) caves made of lava . (C) caves where lava melts. (D) lava which opens caves. (E) caves filled with lava . Instrução: as questões de números 38 a 44 referem-se ao texto abaixo On February 19, 1998, a small box said to hold a 61-year-old piece of cake realized $29,900 at auction. Sealed in this silk-covered cardboard 1937 nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, whose possessions were sold over a nine-day period at Sotheby's New York. Lofty prices are becoming increasingly common in the auction world. When owned by a celebrity, ordinary objects are transformed into cultural artifacts. They become part of our collective memory bank, whether as a generation or as a nation, for everybody has a favorite movie star, singer, or musician that they remember fondly. Add to those memories a sprinkling of celebrity glitter and you're got a potential gold mine. For instance, a dress belonging to Diana Princess of Wales, sold for $222,500 at Christie's New York -- more than four times the average price o the other 79 designs offered at the June 1997 sale. Was it the dress itself (an elegant yet simple ink-blue velvet gown) that determined the price, or the fact that the Princes attended a state dinner at the White House and danced with John Tavolta while wearing it? Memories and mystique play a part, but a guarantee of authenticity from a major auction house can also push prices skyward. At auction, property comes directly from the celebrity or his or her estate. People will pay a lot more for an item if it carries the weight of an international fine art house. Source: Country Living. 38. (UFRGS/1999) O título mais adequado ao texto seria (A) Diana's Dress. (B) Authentic Bargains. (C) Star Power. (D) Skyward Auction. (E) Piece of Cake. 39. (UFRGS/1999) A alternativa correta de acordo com o texto é (A) Famous auction houses assure the genuiness of articles. (B) Most celebrities participate as buyers at auctions. (C) Whenever sold at auctions high-price articles sell well. (D) Auctions have no place for ordinary objects. (E) Only at auctions do fine art objects get lofty prices. 40. (UFRGS/1999) O artigo indefinido está usado incorretamente na expressão (A) a 1-year-old baby. (B) a 12-year-old boy. (C) A 18-year-old girl. (D) A 41-year-old woman. (E) A 91-year-old man. 41. (UFRGS/1999) A forma ativa de were sold (l. ) é (A) sell. (B) will sell. (C) have sold. (D) sold. (E) are sold. 42. (UFRGS/1999) A expressão whether as (l. 07) pode ser corretamente traduzida por (A) sempre que. (B) a tempo de. (C) ainda que. (D) como se. (E) tanto como. 43. (UFRGS/1999) A alternativa que não contém a mesma seqüência de classes gramaticais da expressão collective memory bank (l. 07) é (A) favorite movie star. (B) shocking lofty prices. (C) major auction house. (D) beautiful art object. (E) new velvet gown. 44. (UFRGS/1999) A palavra yet (l. 12) está sendo usada com o mesmo sentido no texto e na frase (A) She might yet prove you wrong in this matter. (B) She wrote she won't be back for a long time yet. (C) She bought yet another pair of red leather shoes. (D) She says awful things about him yet she loves him. (E) She hasnt' given her reasons for acceptance yet. Instrução: as questões de números 45 a 52 referem-se ao texto abaixo Pick up the typical celebrity magazine and you'll read this about Mel Gison: he's a rebel who spent years boozing and brawling before taming his demons a steady family man. But you will not learn the essential ingredient that pushed him to the of his profession. For that, you have to go back to 1992, when Gibson took on the challenge of directing his first film, The Man Without a Face. He told his friend Australian director Peter Weir he was really scared about the project. Sure enough, his months of directing taxed him in a way he'd never been before. Yet he was determined to prove he could a touching and memorable movie. And he did; Mel Gibson demonstrated that good looks and talent only partly explain his extraordinary success -- the quality that sets him apart is above all his brave heart. Source: Reader's Digest. August (UFRGS/1999) According to the text, Gibson has achieved recognition in his career because (A) he is very handsome and talented. (B) his family are always there for him. (C) he has controlled his drinking problem. (D) he has the courage to confront his difficulties. (E) his reputation as a rebel is well known. 46. (UFRGS/1999) The text says that Gibson's experience directing The Man Without a Face (A) demanded more from him than he had ever expected. (B) was his first hit as a movie star. (C) won him the respect of celebrity magazines. (D) proved that he really was a family man. (E) made his friend Peter Weir very worried about him. 47. (UFRGS/1999) The most suitable title for this would be (A) Mel Gibson on the Set. (B) The Men Behind the Face. (C) Mad Mel -- A Star is Born. (D) A Rebel's Life. (E) Braveheart Gibson. 48. (UFRGS/1999) In the phrase Gibson took on the challenge (l. 04), took on is best translated in portuguese as (A) apanhou. (B) levou além. (C) assumiu. (D) carregou. (E) concebeu. 49. (UFRGS/1999) The alternative which means exactly the same as Sure enough (l. ) is (A) Accordingly. (B) Quite certainly. (C) Thus. (D) Most likely. (E) However. 50. (UFRGS/1999) In the phrase he'd never been before (l. 07), he'd is the contracted form of (A) he could. (B) he would. (C) he should. (D) he did. (E) he had. 51. (UFRGS/1999) In And he did (l. 08), did is replacing (A) was. (B) proved. (C) taxed. (D) determined. (E) could direct. 52. (UFRGS/1999) Complete the sentence below with the best alternative To be considered a complete artist Mel Gibson... prove he could direct... act. (A) had to - as good as (B) must - as good as (C) has to - as well as (D) had to - as well as (E) must - and also Instrução: as questões de números 53 a 60 referem-se ao texto abaixo. Think you feel bad about those lost vacation photos? Consider Barry Mathews. In 1993 the British geologist traveled to the Arctic Circle. There, he photographed soils and vegetation for a study on climate change. Back in England, he took the film to his local 04 pharmacy for developing. That was last he saw of it. There years later, the pharmacy admits it lost the film. Matews, 59, is suing for libra 30, the cost of another trip. Our advice: take a sketch pad. Source:National Geographic. 53. (UFRGS/1999) According to the text, Barry Mathews (A) took important pictures when i the Arctic Circle. (B) is willing to go to the Arctic Circle again next year. (C) went to the Arctic Circle on holiday therre years ago. (D) spent all his money while he was in the Arctic Circle. (E) has lied in the arctic Circle for three years. 54. (UFRGS/1999) The question that cannot be answered with the information given in the text is (A) Where does Mathews live? (B) What does Mathews do? (C) Where did Mathews go in 1993? (D) How long did Mathews stay in the Artic Circle? (E) What did Mathews photograph i the Arctic Circle? 55. (UFRGS/1999) The verb feel as in feel had (l. ) could be followed by the words i all alternatives but (A) sleepy. (B) good. (C) tired. (D) sorry. (E) gladly. 56. (UFRGS/1999) The sentence Consider Barry Mathews (l. ) could be replaced, without alteration in meaning, by (A) Think about Barry Mathews. (B) Remind Barry Mathews. (C) Judge for Barry Mathews. (D) Refer to Barry Mathews. (E) Console Barry Mathews. 57. (UFRGS/1999) The prepositions for and on are correctly used in all phrases but (A) for a text on Monday. (B) for a time on the house. (C) for a book on Jane Austen. (D) for a trip on a bus. (E) for a show on TV. 58. (UFRGS/1999) The phrase his local pharmacy (l. -04) tells us that the pharmacy (A) stands across the street from Mathews's house. (B) belongs to Mathews. (C) is in Mathews's neighbourhood. (D) is the only one in his town. (E) only operates locally. 59. (UFRGS/1999) The wold later (l. 04) could be replaced, without alteration in meaning, by (A) afterwards. (B) ago. (C) before. (D) back. (E) then. 60. (UFRGS/1999) The advice given the last sentence is meant to be (A) helpless. (B) humorous. (C) explanatory. (D) serious. (E) Complimentary.
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