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Informace pro cizince žijící na Praze 14 Information for foreigners living in Prague 14 Информация для иностранцев, проживающих в Праге 14 Інформація для іноземців, що проживають в Празі 14 Thông tin cho

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Informace pro cizince žijící na Praze 14 Information for foreigners living in Prague 14 Информация для иностранцев, проживающих в Праге 14 Інформація для іноземців, що проживають в Празі 14 Thông tin cho người nước ngoài sinh sống tại Prague 14 Tato brožura vznikla v rámci projektu Podpora integrace cizinců na území m.č. Praha 14 za finanční podpory Ministerstva vnitra České Republiky Prosinec 2011 Městská část Praha 14 Odbor sociálních věcí a zdravotnictví Úřadu městské části Praha 14 Information for foreigners living in Prague 14 Emergency Lines: 150 Fire-brigade of the Czech Republic 155 Lifesaving service 158 Police of the Czech Republic 156 Municipal (city) police 112 Europe-Wide Emergency Number 9 Dear Sir, Madam, This brochure is meant primarily for you, foreigners from countries outside the EU who are legally living, working or residing in the city district of Prague 14. We are pleased that you have chosen this part of our city for your home, and we would like to make it easier for you here with this publication. The purpose of this document is to provide you with important, concise information about the city district of Prague 14 and guide you through the process of resolving issues affecting you. This informational material can also be downloaded at City District of Prague 14 Bratří Venclíků 1073/8, Prague 9 Phone: Fax: (only messages with electronic signatures!) Information Office: , Identifier data box: pmabtfa The city district is a self-governing administrative unit managing the affairs of the people who live within its boundaries. Prague 14 includes Černý Most, Hloubětín, Kyje and Hostavice, and reported a population of 40,571 inhabitants as of September 30, The boundary between Prague 14 and Prague 9 runs along the streets of Průmyslová and Kbelská. The statutory representative of the city district is the mayor. The administration of the city district falls under the local council. All council members serving in the organs of the local government are elected by the citizens of the city district for four years. The district has its own assets and financial resources which it manages alone under the conditions laid down by law. As a district of the City of Prague, its position with respect to other cities is such that certain areas of management and administration fall under the authority of the capital. District offices are divided into departments, which perform their activities within the framework of state and local governments. You can obtain more information about the activities of individual departments at the Information Office or on the district s website. Office hours for Prague 14 All departments Monday, Wednesday Information, registry, Czech POINT: Tuesday Thursday Friday Passports, ID cards, registering residency Tuesday Thursday Certification Tuesday Thursday Friday Prague 14 city offices Office of the Mayor (Department of Public Communications, Department of Crisis Management, Department of Culture and Sports, Information Office) Office of the Secretary (Information office and checkpoint) Office of the City Clerk (certifying signatures or copies of documents from public records, issuing certified extracts from Czech POINT, lost and found, reporting mailing addresses, etc.) Department of Economics (Local charges for spa and recreational stays, for operating slot machines, fees for dogs, ticket sales, accommodations, permits to operate slot machines) Registry and Legal Department (misdemeanors, registry for births, marriages, registered partnerships, deaths, etc.) Health and Social Affairs Department (performs the tasks of a level-three community in the matter of social and legal protection for children, provides counseling for at-risk groups and guardianship for residents with limited or deprived legal capacity, and conducts social surveys in cooperation with the Employment Office of the Czech Republic) Department of Education (represents the local authority under the Education Act in matters concerning nursery and elementary schools, and also represents, as a level-three community, the government in educational matters) Department of the Environment (Permits for animal exhibitions, issuing hunting and fishing licenses) Department of Construction and Transportation (local zoning issues, building permits, etc.) Trade Office (registering business licenses, reviewing the performance of business licenses, etc.) A list of names, including telephone numbers available at: 11 Czech POINT Government agency providing certified information Extracts from various registers can be obtained at this location Public records (does not show identity) Commercial Register - company IDs Trade Register - Identification of entrepreneurs/individuals Land Registry - Name of cadastral area and number of deed Non-public records (shows identity) from criminal records (RT) from the Central Register of Drivers List of accumulated points This service allows each driver to receive a summary list of points from driving offenses. Location Czech POINT: Information Office (office building, ground floor, Bratří Venclíků 1072) Extracts are charged based on current rates. Publicly-funded organizations of Prague 14 KVIZ Praha 14 Šimanovská 47, Prague 9 Tel.: , QUIZ PRAHA14 is a publicly-funded organization founded by the city district of Prague 14 to create and promote recreational activities in the field of culture and education. It operates a community center in Kyje, an educational center with public Internet in Černý Most and publishes Listy Praha 14. It also works with nonprofit organizations on various projects and with Prague 14 on the cultural events organized by the city district. Assets Management Praha 14 a.s. Metujská 907, Prague 9 Phone: Fax: Office hours: housing department, technicians, accounts Monday: and Wednesday: and Assets Management Praha 14 is a joint stock company managing the housing stock and non-residential units of Prague 14 since It currently offers comprehensive services that especially include repairs for apartments and commercial premises, economic services and legal services. 12 Important offices Employment Office of the Czech Republic regional branch for Prague Contact office Prague 9 Sokolovská 14/324, Vysočany, Prague 9 Phone: Fax: Identifier data box: w7aznwp Uniform hours of employment offices: Monday: 8:00-17:00 Tuesday: 8:00-13:00 Wednesday: 8:00-17:00 Thursday: 8:00-13:00 Friday: 8:00-13:00 (new applicants only) The Employment Office provides administration and activities in the employment field, the most common of which used by foreigners include the following: issuing permits for employment in the CR searching for employment maintaining records of vacancies ( paying unemployment benefits retraining For issuing work permits, the place of employment determines the local jurisdiction of the employment office. For other administration, it is determined by the foreigner s place of residence. Contact office Prague 14 Generála Janouška 844/18, Prague 9 Phone: Fax: The Employment Office of the CR, contact point Prague 14, provides administration for the payment of benefits to families with children (state social support), to people with insufficient incomes (assistance with material needs), and persons with disabilities. The conditions are also available at The following is a brief list of benefits. Benefits for families with children: child allowance parental allowance social allowance housing allowance foster care benefits childbirth funeral Benefits for people in material need: living allowance housing supplement special immediate assistance Benefits for people with disabilities special benefits for degrees I, II and III personal care allowance mobility allowance contribution for special aids Citizens from countries outside the EU and EEA EFTA states are entitled to such benefits after fulfilling the legal requirements, in particular the requirements for permanent residence. More information is available from the staff at the contact point of the Employment Office. 13 Health care Every foreigner residing in the Czech Republic has an obligation to have health insurance, with the possibility of receiving health care depending to a large degree on the type of insurance and residency. Foreigners with permanent residence or those who have been granted asylum, and foreigners who are contracted to work here, are required by law to participate in the public health insurance program, which provides them with the same access to health care as Czech nationals. Foreign travelers are required to be covered with medical insurance for the period of their stay in the country. The extent of the health care which the foreigner is entitled to in this case is subject to the terms and conditions agreed to with the health insurer. Regular care not included in the health insurance policy is subject to direct payment at the health care facility. The following is a list of medical facilities in Prague 14. Černý Most Health Clinic ( Parník ) Gen. Janoušek 902, Prague 9 Černý Most Health clinic Bioregena, s.r.o. Kyje Vajgarská 1141, Prague 9 Kyje Tel.: Health clinic GynCentrum Hloubětínská 3/13, Prague 9 Hloubětín Outpatient services: Mon - Fri Sat acute cases Reception (for appointments) Emergency Medical Services (LSPP) University Hospital Na Bulovce Budínova 2, Prague 8 Libeň (entrance from Bulovka Street) For children: For adults: , Hours: For children: Mon Fri: 16:00 7:00 For adults: Mon Fri: 19:00 7:00 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: continuous The hospital pharmacy is also in continuous operation. ( ) Surgeries of private doctors and health professionals See the website for Prague 14: List of pharmacies 14 Education All children living in the Czech Republic have the right to free primary school education, and are likewise required by law to attend school up to the ninth grade. Compulsory school attendance starts at the beginning of the school year after the child has reached the age of six, unless a waiver has been granted. The legal guardian registers the child for school during the enrollment period of 15 January to 15 February of the year in which the child should begin. If the child fails to comply with compulsory school attendance, his or her guardians will be subject to legal action. Elementary schools (ŽS) Nursery schools (MŠ): ZŠ Hloubětínská 700, Hloubětín Tel.: ZŠ Chvaletická 918, Lehovec Tel.: ZŠ Gen. Janouška 1006, Č.M. II. Tel.: , ZŠ Vybíralova 964/8, Č. M. II. Tel.: , ZŠ Bratří Venclíků 1140, Č.M. I. Tel.: ZŠ Šimanovská 16, Kyje Tel.: MŠ Korálek Bobkova 766, Č. M. II. Tel.: MŠ Sluníčko Gen. Janouška 1005, Č. M. II. Tel.: MŠ Obláček Šebelova 2/874, Č. M. II. Tel.: MŠ Vybíralova 968/4, Č. M. II. Tel.: , MŠ Vybíralova 967/6, Č. M. II. Tel.: MŠ Chvaletická 917/1, Lehovec Tel.: MŠ Kostlivého 1218, Jahodnice Tel.: Separate facility for MŠ Kostlivého MŠ Osická 454, Kyje Tel.: MŠ Paculova 1115/12, Č.M. I. Tel.: , MŠ Štolmířská 602/4, Hloubětín Tel.: Separate facility for MŠ Štolmířská MŠ Šestajovická 253/17, Hloubětín Tel.: MŠ Zelenečská 500, Hloubětín Tel.: Separate facility for MŠ Zelenečská MŠ Sadská Hloubětín Tel.: Leisure time: Children and Youth Center Prague 9 Generála Janouška 1060 Prague 14 Černý Most Tel.: , Outreach and family center Jahoda (Strawberry) Vybíralova 969/2, Prague 14 Černý Most Tel.: Community Center Motýlek (Butterfly) Day center services for children with disabilities, parents center, outreach club Vlčkova 1067, Prague 14 Černý Most Tel.: Library for adults and children Hloubětín Poděbradská 489, Prague 9 Hloubětín Tel.: The library is located in the Hloubětín shopping mall (above Penny Market). Library for adults and children Černý Most Generála Janouška 1060, Praha 9 Černý Most Tel.: wheelchair access Mobile library Černý Most (bookmobile No. 2) Operates throughout the year except school holidays. Readers have 2,600 books to choose from fiction, educational and children s literature, magazines, two PCs with internet access and wheelchair access. The schedule is available at Non-governmental organizations providing counseling services for foreigners in and around Prague 14 The Czech Republic has many nonprofit organizations (companies) that provide professional and qualified assistance and support for foreigners dealing with situations in their lives. This assistance is provided free of charge, inasmuch as these organizations are funded by the state, the European Union, and donations from individuals, companies and other sources. The following is a list of just a few organizations available to you. Parish Charity Kyje Maňákova 754, Prague 9 Černý Most Czech language courses, job counseling, recreational activities for families with children. Tel.: Organization for Aid to Refugees Kovářská 4, Prague 9 (Českomoravská metro station) Legal and social counseling, Czech language courses Tel.: , In-báze Berkat Legerova 50, Prague 2 Free social, employment, legal and psychological counseling, assistance services, leisure activities, interpreting Tel.: , Center for the Integration of Foreigners Kubelíkova 55, Prague 3 Žižkov Social work and counseling, Czech language courses Tel.: Counseling Education Prosinec 2011 Městská část Praha 14 Odbor sociálních věcí a zdravotnictví Úřadu městské části Praha 14
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