Info September. Nobel laureate Francoise Barré-Sinoussi s lecture on HIV. Page 5. The New Flu A(H1N1) The hand-sanitizing alcohol has arrived! - PDF

Info September 2009 Nobel laureate Francoise Barré-Sinoussi s lecture on HIV. Page 5. The New Flu A(H1N1) The hand-sanitizing alcohol has arrived! Election Election for representatives for the department

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Info September 2009 Nobel laureate Francoise Barré-Sinoussi s lecture on HIV. Page 5. The New Flu A(H1N1) The hand-sanitizing alcohol has arrived! Election Election for representatives for the department board will be held Monday October 19th between 13:00-17:00 in the Prefektrummet at the EMV department office, BMC F10 (Sölvegatan 19). The voting register, that you can find on the notice board at the department office, states who has the right to vote and/or be elected. Ballots will be made available Oct 12th. Voting by mail will be an option. Election committee members are about to start their work to make sure that there are candidates to vote for. Fernström award to Durbeej-Hjalt Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt has received Lund University s local Fernström award of sek for her research on congenital muscular dystrophy. It s a rare disease, causing the muscle fibres deteriorate. Only 1 in people fall ill, but on the other hand it s a very serious condition. Thank you Zarouk and Svensson Nanna Zarouk and Linnea Svensson have completed their summer scholarships at EMV: The sholarship made me realize that what I really want to do in the future is experimental medical science, says Linnea Svensson: I ve had really great supervision and would like to thank everyone involved for this opportunity. Brundin coordinates Lund University has appointed professor Patrick Brundin as coordinator for the strategic research area Neuroscience. About to defend at 13:00, Mikael Åkerlund Gene expression studies of pregastrulation development: the basement membrane is essential for cell differentiation at 09:15, Marie Jönsson Identification of dopamine neuron progenitors in the embryonic midbrain and stem cell cultures - Studies on the role of neuronal subtype and differentiation state for cell replacement in a rodent model of Parkinson s disease. Michiko Mori Scholarship for post-doctoral studies (Swedish): Getting to know Jens Lagerstedt I m still the new kid on the block. I m getting to know people and establishing myself practically and mentally. Jens Lagerstedt in conversation with Lena Uller on ESD. Urban Lundh of BMC Service is vacuuming. There was a little accident this morning, Jens says, trying to make himself heard; a box fell to the floor and an old glass thing broke. We leave the commotion to grab some coffee. Today is my middle child s birthday. The family celebrated the usual way, with singing, presents and breakfast in bed Jens tells me. The children s activities and our house-building project take up most of my spare time. Jens Lagerstedt lives in Höganäs. He started at EMV in July. I ve done two post docs, at the Sahlgrenska Academy and in California. I experienced the American people as very friendly and interested in us. I found it interesting that even though someone immigrated four generations ago they still present themselves as `German. It provided me a new perspective on my own origin. Jens is originally from Älmhult so the furniture giant proved a reliable way to get acquainted. I decided Lund would be a good place for me in the long-run. I met my new research group for the first time in January. Karl Swärd held a lecture in Gothenburg, where I used to work. I thought his project sounded interesting. He came across as a very enthusiastic lecturer. It really shows if you are passionate and like what you do. Our group looks at high-density lipoprotein; HDL. HDL is labeled the `good cholesterol and helps remove excess cholesterol for secretion, and the plasma membrane domains, caveolae, that Kalle studies are rich in cholesterol. HDL is a combination of proteins and fats. On my post doc in California I studied the main protein of HDL, called apolipoprotein A-1. We will continue looking at the structural aspects of this protein and how those change when fats are incorporated into them. HDL exists in many varieties and in these apo A-1 shows different conformations. The structure of a lipid-free apoa-1 looks compact when there are no lipids tied to it, once they are added, it changes into this disc-shape: I ll show you a picture. Why is this important to figure out? At this stage it s fundamental research, or `grundforskning. We want to understand the structure dynamics in the fat-loading process. Knowing this we can further our knowledge in how variants of apoa-1 can improve the metabolic state. Don t you become obsessed with eating healthy, working with cholesterol all day? Of course I am aware, but it s not so easy to establish exactly what healthy eating is. And on top of that - I m only human. The apoa-1 protein and the HDL-particle are important in the cholesterol metabolism. But it has also been shown that certain types of HDL are good at directly reducing inflammation in vessel walls. Back at the lab I spot a steel container on Jens bookshelf. What s inside that? I snoop. It s approximately 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, and... Jens keeps a straight face. It s a liquid nitrogen thermos, he explains: Not my lunch box. Anyway, new finds show that apoa-1 and a certain form of HDL stimulate the muscle cells of the skeleton so that the uptake of glucose is improved. This is especially important for type 2 diabetes, where the skeletal muscles have a decreased ability to respond to insulin after a meal. Interesting. I ve never heard of a connection like that between cholesterol and diabetes. If apoa-1 s function in the glucose intake proves to be true, I think it s a very exciting direction that I d like to explore further. My plans for the future are about establishing myself here in Lund: I have a four-year position and during that time frame I will do my best to set up a competitive lab. It will be a lot of fun. Jens Lagerstedt recently received a sek grant from the Petrus and Augusta Hedlund Foundation. How do you deal with set-backs in the lab? When I started my PhD studies, my mood tended to follow the results in the lab. Now that I m starting up my lab I am more focused on the long-term progress and try to handle challenges as they appear. On the whole I try to balance good and bad; I try to focus on success and accept failures as natural when they occur. I m practical and enjoy exploring the unknown. As a scientist I plan ahead and try to be strategic. If I look at a ten-year perspective, the thoughts of moving back to California are always in the back of my head. The family liked it a lot, and it was great to travel around and absorb everything from theme parks to grand nature sceneries. Anna Appelberg Primula Webb Explained Primula is the university s staff and salary system. Part of this system, Primula Webb is about to get introduced at the medical faculty in September/October. Instead of filling out papers, you apply for vacation and report sick leave electronically in Primula Webb. You may also look at your salary specification, since these will no longer be mailed home to you. Access to Primula Webb is granted through your LUCAT-id. All employees will be provided with a brief maunual. LU is introducing three new e-tools this fall, says Eva Särbring: Primula Webb, Kuben and E-rekrytering. Kuben is a follow-up tool containing data on staff, finances and education. The finance part will replace LUPP. E-rekrytering is an e-recruitment tool, introduced late Research group leaders have special rights to authorize vacations etc electronically. As a group leader you ve been invited to an education session by Johan Ekman, projekt manager of Primula Webb. Welcome! Parkinson Café by Bagadilico Bagadilico s first Parkinson café will be held Monday October 12th, 3 pm. The event is an opportunity for patients and their families to meet with and talk directly to scientists. If the event is well received, Bagadilico will try to make it a reoccurring one with different themes each time. On October 12th, Professor Håkan Widner at Lund University Hospital will hold a short opening talk about how clinical research works, and then he and Professor Anders Björklund at the Biomedical Center in Lund will inform about clinical studies on a new drug against involuntary movements. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and coffee will be served. The number of seats is limited. If you want to attend this event, please send an to The event will be held in Segerfalksalen, Wallenberg Neurocentrum, Sölvegatan 19, Lund. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi Nobel Laureate It s complex: it s very complex. Barré-Sinoussi sums up her appreciated lecture Lessons from a diverse spectrum of HIV/SIV infections. It s complex because in this infection, you have to consider all the actors of the immune system. We are starting to understand the puzzle. We know that there are many actors that play a role. I mentioned NK cells, I mentioned the specific immune response, T cell, B cell response, I just mentioned the plasma dendritic cells. Probably we don t know all of them yet. We have to consider the cross-talk between all these cells, the cross-talk that is essential for an efficient, adaptive immuoresponse. Until now the vaccine candidate has been the classical vaccine approach using HIV antigen. Personally I wonder, is the future of vaccine a combined vaccine approach? We have to finnish this problem if we want to have other strategies in the future for a vaccine. I think HIV may help us. It s a terrible virus, a deadly virus. But we have with HIV a wonderful tool in our hands, because if we succeed -and I hope we will succeed having an efficient vaccine one day- I think we will have an approach, not only for HIV, but for many diseases for which we do not have a vaccine today. HIV has a close counterpart, the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, SIV. Click here to register! Bringing EMV together and the world to EMV Experimental Science Day It s fun - it s profitable! October 15th 11:45-18:00 Fernströmsalen, BMC Remember to enter the PhD Student competition! View Rotate View Clockwise Ingegerd Persson and Lisette Eklund resting at the department office kick-off September 8th. Administrators played a prestigious round of miniature golf.
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