Ies josep miquel guàrdia I

1. IndexOur high school: Page 1Structure of high school: Page 2Our classroom: Page 3Library: Page 4Gym: Page 5Laboratories and art classrooms: Page…

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  • 1. IndexOur high school: Page 1Structure of high school: Page 2Our classroom: Page 3Library: Page 4Gym: Page 5Laboratories and art classrooms: Page 6Hall: Page 7Theatre place: Page 8Playground: Page 9Faculty and bar: Page 10Bibliography: Page 11
  • 2. Our high schoolThe IES Josep Miquel Guàrdia is a high school where is in the Avenue Verge del Toro No. 92, in Alaior. In our high school there are two floors and a underground floor, where are the classrooms, the library, the laboratory, subject departments and more things.
  • 3. Structure of high schoolThis high school is for people of secondary and people of Bachelor. There are different structures and places in this high school, like the gym or a bar. There is a lift.
  • 4. Our classroomOur class is in second floor of the high school and the class have all the people of 1st social or humanistic Bachelor. There are 33 people in this class.
  • 5. LibraryIn first floor, there is a library, where there are a lot of books, dictionaries and computers to study or work. Sometimes teachers do classes here. It’s special because there were painted for some people of 1st Bachelor.
  • 6. GymNear the big structure of the high school, there is a gym, a place that we do sports to the subject physical education.
  • 7. Laboratories and art classroomsIn this school, there are two laboratories to do scientific and biologics experiments. One is in 1st floor and the other in 2nd floor. The children of secondary do a lot of experiments.We have two art classrooms, where we paint and we do some crafts.
  • 8. HallThere is a hall, in ground floor. This hall is very big and is used for do final exams about 1st and 2nd of Bachelor, the final exams of every term. Is used for watch some films, occasionally.
  • 9. Theatre placeIn the underground, there is a place, called “Es Bot”. In this place, students do the subject theatre and do representations.
  • 10. PlaygroundIn the school, there is a great playground with three parts: a cloister, the site that there is a bar, a parking, and a normal playground with a football pitch and a basketball couch.
  • 11. Faculty and barNear the playground, there is a faculty, that there are some banks to stay and a bar to do the breakfast or drink some coffee, for the children and the teachers.
  • 12. BibliographyThis information is about the things that we know about the school. We did the photos, which appear in this project.
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