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~ f-ahdi n9 EIeLiYoYrPsnef/c WaveS ~ /h,.' '.,'.. c, lile.cj.romagne-h'c waves Can gef-?efl-

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~ f-ahdi n9 EIeLiYoYrPsnef/c WaveS ~ /h,.' '.,'.. c, lile.cj.romagne-h'c waves Can gef-?efl- f 4., SlO-'fdC Df a 6?rnduc!oy- oy crf a d..fe/ej-y/c (9{as5). -rhe IYJ CI deuf Q.A.,u:;{ I1u yef&.-c.k& CUQ ve5 CCtv) s t-t..pv7.../:os:e Iv fo'vm 5/ t hdlnq UX:t{ 5 veny 'much.-e.; /U2 1TZ 'mecj,avli'c..at CiJC veS on C( SJo,'ng ~J Jh' ~~~LJ!I'/.\ S~ppose 0... S'lnu SO(da{ cqave /Yo.vel/n9 fo T71~ ~H- ge.k ro e j1pc/-l.c( fyzrrn CL C.-mtdtA c..f-r;y- 0.}- X=-O. T J e {Y\ d d-e u.f au.d ~/~_a/-ed. E - wq ve a.u.d 8- C-Oave ~ Sf-ahcL;\- 3 waves w7th modes ~ Clnh'n6d.es C\%). shtrcb11- in (fu CLb 0 i-e h~9~cre{ F (:1' 32, 2.'2) t{nd CC{h be ' 're.-p r-e5e.ukd ct.-0 E:J [x, t) z: [mcl.x [ CO s (/e.x t-wt) - UJ (hywtj] % i «, t) =- BtrJox [_ CiJ5 ( kx +{).)i) -CDS (/2)(-wl:)] US '',,'9 Un (It ± b):::. a» It o» /3 + Sin I't 51 ,(3) t: (x i) E sr'y!}2..x s tn Wt C:J. i := - 2 y'y)q.x 52 C)(, t) = _ 2.. Bmax UJ) f1.x C5 U) f- These.e-7 ta C\.h'(JY)$ arze similct'-z.- 10 W s/ernd('ng wave.etlfact~tjy) we ~Ld t=: tfu '5Jye/-ehe4,fyjng. We 5ee ft,o-1- c. - h'eid. ,.,1/ hewe 'YlooleS o..f- 12 X:: 0 IT ZIT... -; x - 0 /\ ~ 1;\ '5In Ld,= 11'1 J I - -) ~ I /, ) 1:' / \ ~,anhnodes C\i- f2.x = q) ~) ~ ~ X ~ ~) ~) 0-5l-aVYitrfj Wa Ve.s /Y) 0. Ca.v;~. 4- q W I Y) t\. CtA. v/~ of /.erg th L ~. kr. Q rn ICYO t.i)q ve 0 lie vt. Ey = 0 0..{- x=-o + L ~ SinF2.L=-.o ==) RL= Tr)2rr,5i1- ':::.nrr ~ 'YJ L.'Y1If, ~ /\ n':: ~ th ~ \) 2... ) /'~ ~ J~ ~n:: ~.:: 'h C f VI -) 2 '3... ) /''Vl z:t:. l -) ) ChCAp~ 3~ Tl-e N~h-ty~ Clhel PropCLget.h (fYl 0 f Ught Na-~ of U,9ht- 1 ~lasc.{a.llv1... ()y Fbrzh de NCt(-wre _ Propos~ by N~wl7m ~ld.. -Rxplal''Y) (i) S/ ci/shr UYlC f:),ydpa.9et.h~j (1.) Law of 'YeJieth'on Cot-d4. ' 1of- -e p (ail1 CD Law of,),czp-ac..hbvl m [Y\~-u L-fouhc.e I ~ i {iyc:lh'crn 2. ~ LtJG!ve '~haye (WoYk of Hll~geVl5) YO(.,tng I FyeSf1e.{ I HU)(ivW ) [')t'p (c..! ) 5 'Ye.(fe ch'dyj I Y.e/va.c.h'6Y) 1 y\ ~(/l._ful..qii1u? I d_/f+ac.j-/(jyi an4 ~olu;'l9qhdyi IiCl)( we.i{ J.s I helJYlj 5hOw-e..i fficd- Of J-kit)Ylch H-c.nfa eo-nc1usl t-ely e./ed,t7rylujyjl-h'c wave. DlA y' II - '. - ~f.. . p.enimeiah ~. ('tic) I n.e &11'j pc1l1-~ Of I tu 20 (~ cevl/-ray~ I~~r- scrrne - - Involving Ct.6SO'11h'cn 6Y ~n1/'ss;on d)- LlJi1f- s{,..,~/1ial- ~'8h+ Ctih halle 0.. pev.-hcle 'Ola.h.-t're aaa.dt -Vgh+ toaves C..1.Y) U J1;'L.iJ bundles OJ- evjcj).g~ ~ pho l-vy1 S I If-u q IA (t n ~-(A/Yn 0 f- L1'(Jhf. ~'h 1h.is Chapk'2.. w.e Luilt d;'suass ('he wcll/e-nal~ye 6f ~18t,f- 0. he( J-s tm s e 1 lA.Q VI U/,J t:!o.ve Fyo)'-l/-s O/llc{ Ra~$ A C .:h\/e -0'+ ~ C\. SLtyfoU2 of CeYn5/rlhl- PhW:lQ, If tjou /.a ve 0... txn; r 504.Va2) la.'ghf-- iji II I) ro poset-1e ly\ a.4 cl j'y' -lh'cms la 5' c;~ iy) IN -{1'g-lA.ye. II ~ou. c;{yaw D 5l-tyfetu. Of LainSt-Ctht P hclse ~ ~'ll h.l. ~ hen; ~ cts 5hown, T/t,e 5/Ya(~h I-. tv--v-zows ShlllV rru cuvet-h'cjyi o-f pydpu9cthan CU--ld. co-u: UvU uj. ~C{~.5.. fcuc.. o.wcvj {nrrr, ffit SOlA rc.e j I t\i. v ccd i {' Of (7A.t Wet lie ~I-s u~/1 be &v-fje CU .o{, ere l..oalle ~ Cl?l.-u. J.:u Cf.'rY)sICff.h.d M Cti?.0-l1e S...0!.'1..f? U CV) $ h O-l1J71' I~ ltu.. YCl-lj S CAJlR.. ( o./w,a,,{.et LI We f;ivsf C-(.iT)sidUl.- ~ena 1 ryhcs i;l.~,(jjvti ~ 0e 'Ye-/JY{.St~'\~ (;J~ YCl.'j'5 e.,,8h~0 Oh e..leuy'oyy'jq.bne.l-ic coaie r WoY1 proved 1114.f- -la's!' t ~ ;'nde d 0/1) ~ ~ ~ We ha.ve 5UV) rncd- whevl -la'9ht evlkh5 a. mttf.-v-doj mu;ii\.{wi 'Lis s~ ~ (ow01..ed. butt- tts 'fr!jw/yll?j'yevnal\1s und,anq d. St'nuz A -= f Ao) lh.-t Wave /E-Vlgrh of L'3ht iyl Ct '7 'la\;lAvYl w1/1 ~ lowene.d. I+uu. Ao?; ttz.e tutll/eie.tvjih i'vi WUUAm We. have de-rind fvu ye(ya.c.f-h.e ivlde;c of I t\.t 'M ecu ~ YYl rn::.. %) 1 fcjy- an!) '»1 ed I'~ vn. 'Yl~HQss~ I' G I 11wc./-t4.= (,3 J. A//\in t1/\... /to f \ 'VVC - 1/ - V - T -:::/\0/,,\ I La.ws Df Re..H e.~h'{jyj and Re-frcH..h'6'v] 3 ~ 'h~vl a... ya'j of Igtt I- Sh1'1 ~ c:t $moo th 1V\ ~fa..u t7-f!- hv() {yala S PCt/u2 /Ill- media. \ ( ti\le. QIY ClVla 9iCtsS (Jy wctj.l,'7.. au& 91aH)} ~ of U- ~ ~t.-kd. Qud o, pq.it-f- ~ YefyCicf-ed. CJv r -et,ush11 f.k&. ClS Sh~rn I\~} Itc. p'guve. E;(perziYYl t-il~ Show (11al- CD 'I he iv1 dcfe u--i-) -re r e J.e& ClIAd 'Ye/ya~ ( (J_ij 5_ Q.M.L1( IR. i : t-r. 'Qme hluy}e 'hliymcu to ttu 5tt-r= all Vi e oy1 IIIU ~ r ~The Cthgle Of- IV/C-i'deha V e.ft-uti /-0 I~ on'] Ie 6f,erte~h'dY1 8y- = 9 a. Lctw of -Yej-{el/-iOV) 1~- . St'nes of 111-e angle 6} (nudtnge ~ IG. ~fe of 'Yefa:;q-/csY) 0JlQ ryelc1.kci +v e tc.-h OlhUl. OCCfJYdt'l-1fj k ov: '1'1 C\. s tv) tj c \.::. Y) b S i'v) e b 5(n &0.. _ 'Y1 b Sr''Y) e 10 - % Law eft -rcz/yu[hhyi 5 n eli)5 latj eap VIi mei/i-i-ct.{ 0 fosv7 w..j-io'y}s CCi/IJ he den 1/4/ ~ [JQI.e 1h~Y1d' (fy' 175.. Figure 33.8 Refraction and reflection in three cases (a) ray cnt.ring a material of larger index of refraction bend toward the normal, - Material a Material b Incident I'll; na Normal -----' b Refracted (b) f\ ra... entering a material of smaller inde. of refraction bend, awayfrom the normal. Incident fj -u. ormal -:.,...:...i(.. Reflected Material a Material b Refracted (c) A ray l riented along the normal do ~ not bend, regardles: of the materials. '- fj a.---ll--. (jb Refracted Gorryright ~. 2\X)S 'Barson Edv.;alif. Inc.. ;;;;li::;;nr i# 1::;Pl' 1r:;.:;n Addi:;:cn.W/OslBV YCUr1g and Heedll\9n V::ower,:;,.y P: ys,'c5. l21h :Mlon Uncit/1.. Uh-fzL\Y) cjycumsf-ztnus ()vi{ of l ht ~.-lghf (lln he yef1e[fu( 60.&/ fyum Ik IV1bfali!1 w-iffi 'Tl0Yl of r,;em be..inj yefyoc.kd. ({ya~sm/lkd) ~\levl ~ Ol-t9h l h.e Sf..U11& mal -c.: lc... IS /YClM.SJxvUiIll-. Exom, 1e I~ follumng P9l.ive wtli'ch ShbWS 5eveJ-u;t.{ iyll-fdeiar m!js y~cu\o-h'y)9 (nn-rja 5 fy) 91e p01'y1 f- 90t{ YU' In rtii' 5 Ct.Vl.e. we Q/n!-{ W) e rt.b net 50 rtt elfeb) ~a.. Ih tu: o.v-qle of lnud.evlc.e rn~s f}b !nuu t5e~. It +- a Urz...f-cd n CTZ.-1' H oxi:!fa lae of Sa.: 9 cy i l- j Slo z: q0 o~ ly\ rz;; (5 ClV2L 5t'YJ e 'Y\I~ ~... Sndt's ltuj- - V V,V l CYI't - - ha. (a) Total intemal.reflection Total internal reflection occursouly if flh no Tol-a.t I:h\-vl.naL ye. u c.hdh hb... th.--.,,~{,., T\..(. -V'J JaV)~ 0.,,1' lajthms ~ CD PV1I2e) Pds In CD It'glr./- pi pe Q) J={Ioen. op h'c:s «.0 ehdosc6?~s ) eae, t6y ct~ \s sread fe;r2f. r., the. CCl~e PuY)o p n' ;m J 1lU. iv7 - i d Ui.-f- bjh f.. V) {nl;d-im-!- a.+- Lf ~ 0 tn1 tri.a. 4 5 D fa CR.5 CL-ud g4 Iv faj.i.:j'ye.-f-( e Lkd.. N() m ryyoy w-fll 'Ye{f.iLi- -0'9h ~ /?J1M1~. S~ Q. yefteckv ~ ~ p- mv71 o.nevj- a-u.o(.!)-).o(- Qffe -k.d lb~ byl('st-dylc)' 6/noa..u..lQ./v.:) use CJ!:nrIb/nah'O'n of f-wv p~ pvlsm. Sa ft31ave. (YJuU- ~) iaj hevt c\ -6'9 h I- beam J2hl-ens Ov/- OI1e evld b f ~ IYaMS ~Yt-''- Yod J ~- UU .. ge-f- f7j/m1.~ 'Ye.{(e,-kd. Y\kn-~~ ITt. ..I.)ght- ~ IY~pp.ut w) ~ ~l') lki yod. A- bt.-lvtdle of su~ ~lfole wct! calu.. ~ClNV1mn lyndjjl-sj In fovvnu,h'c!y'l tv.) mo~~ ~. b~awl5 I~ lave 'mwu~ o.ppll!u !-h'cn15 in? UA.-d05Cop-eS, ~o S ~uf ,*:! byah M'evt hvbe-s I h ~ th. I it: 4j-le Y) a-ced so Cfh ) ~ G~ M -ecccio su!i I~ h'jpodeah1-/c ~les fvv 5~ d}- h'ssl-{e) ~ htcroa ve$sets. ' Thebgbt is trapped intherodit.all the ungl~~of incidence -(such as.er, P. and ''Y) exceed the criticalangle. 176. Figure 33.14a Total internal reflection (a) Total internal reflection Porro prism in a./_,0 L-.~.J. ~iy) CJl 9c-:::: 4 ') f(..l il1knncj. YCr1e.t.-(-fCfY15 octuy 6h 4 [;o fou1s If the incident beam L' oriented as shown, total internal retlection occurs on the 45 faces (because for a glas -air interface, e crit == 41.1 ). COIYl'right ~ ~'OO3 F' car6on E'd~' :;;tl-:-n.lnc.. f- .jui:;.1-,'r.g 18 Pearson /l,ddlson We,;,lE-'l \3ung and rleedmafl, U,?II'eTsity Pnvs.C$. 121h Ed.:lon
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