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:;- :i., ii:.t::ië.:::: ri'b-i WORKOUT OUIDE INTRODUCTION TO RUSHFIT What is RUSHFIT? A Letter Írom Georges St-Pierre GSP's Training Phitosophy AborL the lrairer - Erik 0wir-gs B Week T'a rirq Camp Overview

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:;- :i., ii:.t::ië.:::: ri'b-i WORKOUT OUIDE INTRODUCTION TO RUSHFIT What is RUSHFIT? A Letter Írom Georges St-Pierre GSP's Training Phitosophy AborL the lrairer - Erik 0wir-gs B Week T'a rirq Camp Overview GETTING STARTED PersonaL Information Worksheet What Motivates You? Assessm e nt Training ScheduLe Heart Rate Training Zone Equipment No PLan, No Purpose, No Point B 19 WHAT 15 RUSHFIT? GSP RUSHFIT is the ultimate home fitness program. lf you're [ooking to get in the best shape oí your Life, or you're a serious MMA contender Iooking for the edge, then you need RUSHFIT. This full body, comprehensive B week training camp will maximrze your performance, give you the power to crush your goats and etevate beyond the competition. The secret to Georges St-Pierre's MMA fight training is maximizing the efficiency of his workouts. These workouts include five high intensity condiiioninq circuits to maximize your peak performance. Whether it's your stand up game or on the ground, you lt build pure stamina to reach your total physicai potentia[. Gain ultimate conditioning and build the best pound-for pound body of your Iife. Designed by Georges St-Pierre and his trainer, Erik 0wings, RUSHFIT isn't your average fitness product endorsed by a ceiebrity. No matter what your fitness LeveL, RUSHFIT wilt hetp you perform, feei and Iook better than ever. Everything you need to build muscle, Lose weight and get in shape is inctuded in this complete B week workout program. Ptease take the time to read this entire book before you get started to get the most from the program. Always consult your physician beíore beginning any exercise program. A LETTER FROM GEORGES ST.PIERRE Everywhere I go people want to know how I got in such amaztng shape. I beheve my success starts with a commítment ta be the best. I constantly challenge myselí and I bring this approach to my condittontng. I work very hard but it takes more than just phystcaltratning. I train with some of the best caaches in the world; coaches that push me and help me achieve my best. Not everyone can train Like that. This is why I created RUSHFIT. With the he\p one of my trainers, Erík )wings, we have brought you the fírst step in my Pyramid [see next page) conditiontng. I can help you achieve more than just your fitness goals. RUSHFIT is a high intensity íitness program that anyane can use. lt will test physical strength, transform your body and give you the mental edge you need to be the best. lf you want ta have the confidence of a champion, you have to train Like one. I have commítted to betng the very best person I can be in the cage and out. lf you want to be the best deftne your goal and go after it. You need ta be disctpltned and stay committed, especial[y when it gets challenging - and it will be. There have been many challenges for me - but I stay cammitted. lf you use this program you can achieve your fitness goals. When you finish RUSHFIT, you LL have the confidence of a champion, knawing that yau trained with the very best and have prepared yourself to be the very best you can lf yau want to be a champion, you need ta train Like one. Georges St-Pierre G5P'S TRAINING PHILOSOPHY Georges'training phitosophy is designed Iike a pyramid and begins with a solid foundation. CONDITIONING This is the important levet- like the foundation of a house, if your foundaiion is weak then it witl fail but if it is strong you can build o.n it. Georges'training begins with the solid foundation of his own physical Íitness: a Ievetthat everyone should achieve everyone shoutd be in great shape. TECHNICAL This is the next level. For athletes or mixed martial artists this is where trarning emphasis is elevated f rom conditioning to working on your skill sets and this is where the training for specific disciplrnes is applied - tike boxing; can you throw a properjab, cross, left hook, elbow or knee. This training is sport specific and the focus is on your technicai improvement. You cannot even attempt to reach this LeveL without a strong base IeveI of fitness and conditioning. TACTICAL This is what Georges does for a living. As a proíessionai mixed martial artist, Georges designs strategles that he uses to beat each opponent but, his strategies and focus change with each new challenger. Even a worldctass athlete Like GSP is continually finding ways to rmprove his training. No matter what your f itness Levelyou can use the RUSHFIT program to improve your foundation. When you are fit you witl Look, feel and perform betterthan ever. RUSHFIT has everything you need to bultd muscle, lose weight and get in the best shape of yo.ur LiÍe. ABOUT THE TRAINER. ERIK OWINGS Errk started h s martial arts career early as child and was pulled back into it ÍuLl force wrth the emergence oí the UFC and began serious training at the age oí 19. He spent almost two years tra ning with Carlson Gracie Jr, living and training in Brazitat the famous Gracie Barra Academy. He achieved the rank oí black be[t in BraziLian Jiu Jitsu irr 200ó from Renzo Gracie and John Danaher. Erik has aiso trained at the Falrtex Muai Thai training camp to work on his Íighting skilis. Erik and Georges have been training together and sparring since Georges began preparing for his fight at with BJ Penn. George asked Erik if he would share his wealth oí training expeiience with others.and together they coliaborated to create GSP RUSHFIT, a complete MMA style conditioning program Erik himselí has competed in 5 professional mrxed martratarts fights in the Internationat Fight League. Erik continues to focus on rmproving his skitls and has recent[y established his own MMA gym - Mushin in NYC - where he continues to teach and train today. 8 WEEK TRAINING CAMP OVERVIEW This B week, complete strength and conditioning program witl transíorm your body, health, and fltness in two months. Starting with basic strength and conditioning, each workout progressively raises intensity and includes specific training for plyometrics, core strength, and everything else required to achieve your physicatprime in.ess time. Your results wilt yield the fundamental conditioning layer oí your personal phitosophy, regardtess of sport, ability, age, or experience. The body you earn is yours to keep. The workout calendar and DVDs are as easy to Íotlow as it gets. Ptan your training around your schedute, raise your tntensity to increase your performance, and follow the nutrition guide for maximum effect. This is the total package of information, guidance, and support needed to achieve your qoats. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? PERSONAL IN FORMATION WORKSH EET The B week RUSHFIT program generates dramatic, visible results. You need a starting point for comparison, so enter your BEF0RE information betow. ALwaysweigh yourselíat the same ltme afdayand an the same scale forthe mast acc0rate results Herght: Age: Gender Your baíly rneasurements and risk af disease will decrease as yau lose the dangerous fal that lies directly under the skin Chest: Warst: Hips Thigh [RJ: Thigh (L): Thish lr): Thish ÍL), Bicep [Rl: Bicep [L): Bicep [R)r Bicep [L) Heart Rate Traininq Zone: Calculate on page 15 BM R: Calculate on page I af the Nutritian Guide Heart Rate Training Zone CalcuLate on paqe 15 BMR: Calculate on page 1! af the Nutritian Guide Chotesterot: tdt hdt Resting Heart Rate WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? It is imporiant to determine what motivates yoursetf and what will keep you on track as you progress through the B week RUSHFIT program. We highly recommend incorporating one or more oí the following powerf uland proven eítective n'otivators. Take beíore photos. Take pictures oí you Írom the Íront, back and side and put them somewhere theywitl be seen every day, [ike on your bathroom mirror or reírigerator door. At the end of the program, take new versions of the same photos oí yourself rn the same clothing - the difference between them witi be astoundingl Set goals that are realistic and achievable within the B week program. Post your List of goals where you can see them so they are top oí mind every day. Entist support from your family, friends and co workers. Do not keep your goals a secret - share them with others who will support your efforts and hold you accountabte. your results to resu[ts[dgsprushíit.com YOUR BEFORE PICTURES BEFORE P CTURE BEFORE PICIURE IBACK] BEFORE P CTURE lstdel YOUR AFTER PICTURES AFTER P CTURE AFTER PICTURE IBACK] AFTER P CTURE lstdel Send us your before and after photos, assessment videos and a summary of your B week RUSHFIT results to: results[dgsprushfit.com RUSHFIT ASSESSMENT Some people run Íast. Some lift extreme weight. But how many ever realize the fui potential oí their totai physicai fitness combined? Take Ihe assessment now and you witt:. identify your weaknesses and strengths. benchmark your current LeveL of fitness. find the missing Link to unlock your total body potential Watch Georges do the assessment here: st pierre-rushfit assessment Record your results on the foitowing page before you shore'up your weaknesses, renew your strengths, and complete the missing [ink in your total body performance. The results witi ailow you to set speciíic goals and target anything else you want. WE KNOW IT WORKs. BISCOVER THE TRUTH AND GET IT WORKING FOR YOU. ASSESSMENT Perform each exercise for 1 minute with a 20 second rest in between After you Írnrsh the assessment, you are ready to begin the training program and follow the ultimate RUSHFIT competitor, Georges St-Pierre, ard reoe'ine your rnlpns ty. Anyone can work can hard. Champions like GSP know the secret is to train smarter, not harder, especiattywhen EVERY FIGHT ls THE F GHT OF YOUR LIFE. TRAINING SCHEDULE Logglng your workouts (sets and repetitions) wlil make it easier to track your performance. PLan your training around the rest of your schedule to know exactly how far you've come, when you have upcom ng workouts and when to take days off. The following programs are divlded into three categories. Use these gu delines to determine the appropriate program for you SeIect the program from the ÍoLLowing pages, put the DVD in your player, begin to redefine ntensity and change your LiÍe with the RUSHFIT ChatLengel CHOOSE YOUR TRAINING LEVEL NOTE ABOUT PROGRESSIONS It is important to learn the foundation movements provided on the DVDs. Erik 0wings and Georges St-Pierre provide important instructionai information for the techniques used tn the workouts. Remember that it is important for you to LISTEN T0 Y0UR BODY. You should never do anything that is painíul or cou[d cause inlury ConsuLt your phys cian before beg nnir^g ar-y exerc,se orogram HEART RATE TRAINING ZONE ln orderto get the maximum fat-burning and health benefits from your workout you need to be in the right heart rate zone. You should atways be working within 60% and 80% of your maximum heart rate. To get the most out of your workout, see the chart betow to determine your heart rate training zone. IWearing a heart rate monitorwhile you are exercisrng is the easiest way to see if you are within your heart rate trarning zone. lí you do not have one, please use the Íollowing chart.) Predicted Heart Rate at diíferent work intensities i:?.2 1i82 r20 1,3t0 1t r'::':ir:,.,rri ï39,,ir,:rrri,.,.::,.14?tr:]..,,],:i.rririr58::rrr::,',,,rr:,1,68r:'.rr:l:u,li:riir?8 Predicted Heart Rate at diffeíent work intensities 1n3 152 tj ?? t5ó 166 i2a 1)9 1/15 153 A9e lyea rs) N4 ax Predicted Heart Rate Predicted Heart Rate at diíferent work intensities 1:20 1,28 ' l?5 lj ,0,..rit,r.1108rr., i, 1:.16:..:...'i:73,.::...ï3í,:rr rri..,i3.i, 122 1i:29. tl I ló0 1/ à 100 Eso r60 Maximum Heart Rate IMHRI = age O;il;[e; O ànffitthre*ou Orsls8i: 6 i,fiià' i-*'*' ' B heàlthy heart :ëp 50-ó00/ Iz EOUIPMENT The equipment required to complete the workouts and proqram are minimai but necessary. ALways exerctse ln an open space without risk of inlury by hitting anything such as a table, television, chair, workout partner, etc. lf indoors, try to pick a ventilated Toom or open a window to increase fresh air and oxygen. Then make sure you have the following: CLOTHING Does not need to be expensive, but preferably made from a comíortable and breathable Íabric to wick away moisture and control body iemperature. Avoid 100% cotton as it does not allow your body to breathe WEIGHTS You will need a sma[l assortment of dumbbe[ls or hand held weights You can pick one set oí weights that works for you or experiment with two or three pairs. RegardIess of ability IeveL, most peop[e will not require morethan25lbweights.lt'snothowmuchweightyoulift!thesecretto the results comes from endurance and the strength built up by pushing your body through maximum reps - not maximum weightl GYM TOWEL You will sweat, so be prepared to wipe away the hard work' WATER BOTTLE Stay hydrated through the workout, and save time and trips to the kitchen ot water f ountain. NO PLAN, NO PURPOSE, NO POINT Here are 5 key factors to consider before you begin the B week program: 1. SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS Make them a priority and stick with a time. Put them in your catendar, computer, daily ptanner, on the front of your refrigerator, or whetever else you keep your schedule. A regular routine is the easiest way to help yoursetf stick with it. 2. TOUGH WORKOUT DAYS High intensity training is tough from beginning to end. This wili push your limits. PUSH BACK. You won't always feei Like training, or some reps will be tough and some wi[[ make you curse. The only way to win is to Íinish, comptete the workout as best as you can and usualtywithin the next session, you tl see improved performance. lf you need a Littte inspiration, watch GSP's intensity IeveI as he works out; he trains hard every day and it shows. 3. EAT RIGHT {t s the diíference between average gains and ultimate peak condition. The nutrition program is set up with easy to follow generai guidelines. 4. FINISH THE PROGRiM Your goal is 45 minutes of intense workouts, several days a week, for B weeks. ResuLts are obvious, f rom quick weight Loss to almost immediate strenqth gains and, in 3 4 weeks, for Lean muscie growth' Trust the program. Have Íatth in YourseLÍ. 5. SLEEP AND ACTIVE REST Recovery and relaxation are necessary to avoid overtraining Minimum sleep should be 7-B hours a night. Light activity and stretching are great ways to prevent iniuries and soothe tight muscles - easy relief with minimal eífort.,.if YOU WANT TO BE A CHAMPION YOU NEED TO TRAIN LIKE ONE. _ GEORGES ST-PIERRE J ', '. r{iiïïl
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