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  HEAT EXCHANGER  Exchangers recover heat between two  process streams  Different Types Of Heat exchangers 1-Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers2-Spiral Plate and Tube Exchangers3-compact Exchangers4-Gasketed and welded plate Exchangers5-Double-Pipe and Multi Double-Pipe Exchangers6-Scraped Surface Exchangers7-Air Cooled Exchangers  REACTOR COOLER E-202 Hot fluid-organic solutionCold fluid-organic solution T 1 =687.2 0 FT 2 =532.4 0 Ft 1 =309.2 0 Ft 2 =482 0 F E-202 Flowrate= 16113lb/ hr Stream:4 DME=0.65% Methanol=98.69 Stream:5DME=0.65%Methanol=98.69 Water 0.66%Water 0.66%Stream:7Stream:6DME=57.3%DME=57.3%methanol=19.8%methanol=19.8%Water=22.8%Water=22.8%  Designing Steps Of Heat Exchanger 1-Calculate Heat Load Q= (m . c  p  T ) DME +(m . c  p  T) M +(m . c  p  T) w At T=687.2 o FC P of DME=568.29Btu/lbmol o FC P of methanol=643.3Btu/lbmol o FC P of water=531.0Btu/lbmol o Fm .DME =9235.8lb/h r  m .m =3034.02lb/h r  m . w =3681.7lb/h r  Q=1.78x10 6 Btu/h r 
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