How Big is Big – Tall, Grande, Venti Data?

Apache has a wide range of Big Data projects, some suitable for smaller problem sets, some which scale to huge problems. Today though, that one label "Big Data" can cause confusion for new users, as they may struggle to pick the right project for the right scale for their problem. Do we need new titles for different kinds of Big Data? Does the buzz and VC funding cause confusion? Is the humble requirement dead? Or can we help new users better find the right Apache project for them?

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  • 1. How Big is Big? Tall, Grande, Venti Data?
  • 2. Nick Burch @Gagravarr
  • 3. TTaallll,, GGrraannddee,, VVeennttii??
  • 4. Different Ideas of Big • Few machines? • Few racks? • Few datacentres? • Few continents? • 10 servers that fit in a shoebox? • Something that's too big for Excel?
  • 5. ““IItt''ss aallll jjuusstt hhyyppee aanndd bbuuzzzz””
  • 6. ““IItt''ss aallll tthhee ffaauulltt ooff VVCCss””
  • 7. Small Data vs On-Demand Big Data systems?
  • 8. Who wants to be small? • Reluctance to order a “small” coffee? • Who wants to go to a senior management meeting, and say “we're not big data after all”? • Different people, different sizes • Naming is important!
  • 9. “It's all the fault of sales people”
  • 10. RReeqquuiirreemmeennttss!!
  • 11. Requirements • What kind of data? • What kind of queries? • How fast does it change? • How quickly do you need changes? • What scale? • What support?
  • 12. Can we come up with names to help people?
  • 13. Nick Burch @Gagravarr
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