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- Barretos, Brazil General Information New breast cancer cases treated per year 1054 Breast multidisciplinarity team members 17 Radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiotherapists

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- Barretos, Brazil General Information New breast cancer cases treated per year 1054 Breast multidisciplinarity team members 17 Radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiotherapists and nurses Clinical Director: Gustavo Zucca-Matthes, MD, PhD This Breast Unit is 7 years old. It is located inside the Cancer Hospital of Barretos, a city located 385 Km away from São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. Barretos is famous for its International Rodeo Party. The main goal of this Foudation is to provide poor people with gold standard treatments based on an interdisciplinary approach. Aproximately 1,300 breast surgeries are performed yearly, 13% of them are breast reconstructive surgeries (oncoplastic techniques). We have developed an Oncoplastic Training Centre. Trainees come from all parts of Brazil to attend our pratical and theorical lessons. Our Breast Unit has a special interest in breast cancer prevention and has developed a special screenig program lead by a particular group divided in 5 mobile units (trucks and buses) that drive around the country providing mammographies. All suspecious or positive cases are sent to the hospital for whole free-of-charge treatment. A very modern research building, sponsored by AVON International, strongly improve our scientific capacity. Hospital de Câncer de Barretos - Fundação Pio XII Rua Antenor Duarte Vilela, Barretos, Brazil Phone: Fax: Web-site: 1/7 Available services Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery Nuclear Medicine Rehabilitation Genetic Counselling Data Management Psycho-oncology Breast Nurses Social Workers Nutritional Counselling Survivorship Groups Sexual Health Counselling Supportive and Palliative Care Integrative Medicine Dedicated Radiologists 3 Mammograms per year Breast radiographers Screening program Verification for non-palpable breast lesions on specimen Axillary US/US-guided FNAB Available imaging equipment Mammography Ultrasound Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) cintilography Available work-up imaging equipment Computer Tomography Ultrasound Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) PET/CT scan cintilography Primary technique for localizing non-palpable lesions Available breast tissue sampling equipment Stereotactic Biopsy (Mammography guided) Core Biopsy (Tru-cut) Vacuum assisted biopsy Ultrasound-guided biopsy Fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB, cytology) Core Biopsy Vacuum assisted biopsy MRI-guided biopsy Core Biopsy Vacuum assisted biopsy Hook-wire (or needle localization) Charcoal marking/tattooing ROLL: radio-guided occult lesion localization New operated cases per year (benign and malignant) 2284 Dedicated Breast Surgeons 6 Surgeons with more than 50 surgeries per year 6 beds 10 Breast Nurse specialists 1 Outpatient surgery Intra-operative evaluation of sentinel node Reconstruction performed by Breast Surgeons Primary technique for staging the axilla Axillary lymph node dissection Sentinel lymph node biopsy: Blue dye technique Radio-tracer technique Blue dye + Radio-tracer Axillary sampling 2/7 Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery Reconstructive/Plastic surgeons 6 Immediate Reconstruction available Type of breast reconstructive surgery available Remodelling after breast-conserving surgery Reconstruction after mastectomy: Two-stage reconstruction (tissue expander followed by implant) One-stage reconstruction Autogenous tissue flap Latissimus dorsi flap Transverse rectus abdominis (TRAM) Free-flaps (free TRAM, DIEP, SIEA, gluteal, etc.) Surgery on the contralateral breast for symmetry fat grafting, NAC reconstruction Dedicated Breast Pathologists 1 Available studies Cytology Haematoxylin & eosin section (H&E) Surgical specimen Sentinel node Core biopsy Frozen section (FS) Surgical specimen Sentinel node Immunohistochemistry stain (IHC) Estrogen receptors Progesterone receptors HER-2 Ki-67 Other special studies available Fluorescence in-situ Hybridization for HER-2 gene (FISH) Oncotype Dx (21-gene assay) MammaPrint (70-gene microarray) Prediction Analysis of Microarray 50-gene set (PAM 50) CISH Parameters included in the final pathology report stage (pt and pn) Tumour size (invasive component in mm) Histologic type Tumor grade ER/PR receptor status HER-2/neu receptor status Peritumoural/Lymphovascular invasion Margin status Dedicated Breast Medical Oncologists 3 Outpatient systemic therapy 3/7 Dedicated Radiation Oncologists Available techniques after breast-conserving surgery (including experimental) Whole-Breast RT (WBRT) Partial breast irradiation (PBI): External beam PBI Interstitial brachytherapy Targeted brachytherapy (MammoSite, SAVI applicator, other devices) Intra-operative RT (IORT) Multidisciplinary Meeting (MDM) / Tumour Board (TB) Regular MDM/TB for case management discussion Twice a week Weekly Every two weeks Other Schedule Cases discussed at MDM/TB Preoperative cases Postoperative cases Specialties/services participating in MDM/TB Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery Genetic Counselling Breast Nurse Service Psycho-oncology Physioterapist; Nuclear Medicine Further Services and Facilities Nuclear Medicine Lymphoscintigraphy Bone scan Positron Emission Tomography (PET) PET/CT scan Rehabilitation Prosthesis service Physiotherapy Lymph-oedema treatment Prevention Division Genetic Counselling Specialist Providing Genetic Counselling/Risk assessment service: Dedicated Clinical Geneticist Medical Oncologist Breast Surgeon General Surgeon Gynaecologist Genetic Testing available Surveillance program for high-risk women Data Management Database used for clinical information Data manager available 4/7 Contact details Clinical Director Gustavo Zucca-Matthes, MD, PhD Breast Unit Coordinator Ana Paula Hidemi Uema Watanabe, MD Radiologist Silvia Maria Prioli de Souza, MD Radiologist Raphael Luiz Haikel, MD Rodrigo Augusto Depieri Michelli, MD Gustavo Henrique Fabri Pereira Ribeiro, MD Rene Aloísio Costa Vieira, MD, PhD Gustavo Zucca-Matthes, MD, PhD Antonio Bailao Jr, MD Director, Breast and Gustavo Zucca Matthes, MD, PhD Coordinator - Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Training Center Lígia Maria Kerr, PhD Staff Member, Dpt. João Soares Nunes, MD João Paulo Lima, MD Staff Member, Medical Oncology Dpt. Staff Member, Medical Oncology Dpt. Carlos Eduardo Paiva, MD Staff Miguel Aboriham Gonçalves Director, Dpt. Renato José Afonsso Jr Staff Member, Dpt. 5/7 How to reach us Hospital de Câncer de Barretos - Fundação Pio XII Rua Antenor Duarte Vilela, Barretos, Brazil Phone: Fax: Web-site: From airport: Barretos airport is able to welcome small aircrafts. The nearest airport is in São José do Rio Preto, 90 Km from Barretos. Another important airport in the region is in Ribeirão Preto, 110 Km from Barretos. Both have daily flights between this region and São Paulo (45 minutes long), where you can find Brazil biggest international airport (Guarulhos). By train: N/A By bus or sub-way/underground: Barretos Bus Station is located 3 Km away from the hospital. Patients can arrive to the Station by intercity buses and then use the city public transportation to get directly to the hospital. Barretos does not have a sub-way or underground system. Taxis are available as alternative transportation. By car: São Paulo State roadways are the best in Brazil and quickly and safely link Barretos to the other parts of the country. 6/7 Last modified: 30 September 2013 Hospital de Câncer de Barretos - Fundação Pio XII 7/7
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