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HEDEF YDS HAZIRLIK 2014 İlkbahar Dönemi YDS Cloze Test (100 Soru) YDS İÇİN CLOZE TEST SORULARI CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada It is estimated that over 20,000 women in the United States will

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HEDEF YDS HAZIRLIK 2014 İlkbahar Dönemi YDS Cloze Test (100 Soru) YDS İÇİN CLOZE TEST SORULARI CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada It is estimated that over 20,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed (1)---- ovarian cancer in 2014, and more than 14,000 will die from the disease. Early stage ovarian cancer may be successfully treated. (2)----, symptoms associated with this disease can mimic more common conditions, such as digestive and bladder disorders, so for this reason and (3)----, it is often not diagnosed until it (4)---- advanced stages. Late stage ovarian cancer leaves women with limited treatment options and poor prognoses, making (5)---- strategies potentially important for controlling this disease A) for B) into C) with D) from E) over A) Hence B) Although C) Unless D) However E) Besides A) other B) another C) already D) thus E) others A) has reached B) reached C) is reaching D) had reached E) could have reached A) constructive B) preventive C) ongoing D) ceaseless E) unyielding CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada A new study correlating brain activity with (6)---- people make decisions suggests that when individuals engage in risky behaviour, such as drunk driving, it's probably (7)---- their brains' desire systems are too active, but because their selfcontrol systems are not active enough. Researchers analysed data from 108 subjects who sat in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner while playing a video game that simulates risk-taking. They used specialized software to look for patterns of activity across the (8)---- brain that preceded a person's making a risky choice or a safe choice in one set of subjects. Then they asked the software to predict what other subjects (9)---- during the game based solely on their brain activity. The software (10)---- predicted people's choices 71 percent of the time A) what B) where C) that D) whose E) how A) not because B) even later C) until then D) by far E) only after A) each B) several C) all D) whole E) half A) choose B) choosing C) would choose D) have chosen E) will be choosing A) extremely B) accurately C) indistinctly D) elusively E) unremarkably 1 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Consumers typically look for the lowest cost, (11)---- producers are encouraged to increase outputs only at higher costs. Naturally, the ideal price a consumer would pay for a good would be zero dollars. However, such a phenomenon is unfeasible as producers would not be able to stay (12)---- business. Producers, logically, seek to sell their products for as high of a price as possible. However, when prices become unreasonable, consumers will change their preferences and (13)---- the product. A proper balance (14)---- whereby both parties are able to engage in ongoing business (15)---- to the benefit of consumers and producers. 11- A) so B) even if C) while D) despite E) because CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Yugoslavia has long been an ethnic melting point (16)---- great civilisations and religions (17)----. The Paris Peace Conference at the end of World War One created the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes out of territory from the Austrian and Turkish empires. The allies hoped the Kingdom's people would forge a new common identity based on their shared status as Southern Slavs. They were (18)---- divided in various other ways. Croats and Slovenes were Roman Catholic, used the Latin alphabet and orientated towards western and central Europe. In contrast Serbs, Macedonians and Montenegrins were (19)---- the repressive autocratic control of the Ottoman Turks, Eastern Orthodox in religion, used the Cyrillic alphabet and were less economically developed. Bosnians, though much like the Serbs had practiced Bogomilism and converted to Islam only (20)---- autonomy and protection by the Turks A) in B) on C) for D) by E) over 17- A) what B) which C) when D) where E) how 13- A) cut down on B) keep up with C) look forward to D) speak out for E) move away from 18- A) had met B) have met C) would have met D) should have met E) may be meeting 14- A) may have achieved B) must be achieved C) should achieve D) will have been achieved E) has achieved 19- A) therefore B) thus C) in addition to D) because E) however 15- A) acquaintances B) heredities C) swindlers D) transactions E) deceptions 20- A) under B) from C) over D) beyond E) for A) with regard to B) in exchange for C) for the sake of D) under the scrutiny of E) in relation to 2 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Much of the international discussion of Sochi the Olympics (21)---- on the seeming irrationality of the enterprise, (22)---- manifested by the choice of location, the cost of the games, and the looming security threats. Simone Baumann's recent documentary, Putin's Games illuminates the madness of Sochi's remodelling in the run-up to the games and exposes the natural and man-made obstacles, (23)---- unfavourable ecological conditions, bureaucratic (24)---- and immense levels of corruption. The film shows that the Sochi Olympics has been Vladimir Putin's pet project (25)---- the very beginning. Putin's proud announcement that Sochi is, without exaggeration, the world's largest construction site and a celebration for the entire world reflects the president's broader vision of Russia's global geopolitical status and articulates his imperial aspirations for the country. A) had focused B) will have focused C) was focusing D) has focused E) would have focused A) before B) as C) until D) if E) unless A) so far B) until then C) such as D) apart from E) instead A) assessments B) inefficiencies C) consequences D) connotations E) orientations CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada It is impossible to say exactly when and where modern art began. The history of art is like a chain (26)---- new links are always being added. Every link is attached to the link before it. For example, the many different styles of the 20th century are outgrowths of the styles (27)---- during the 19th century. (28)----, 19th-century art developed from the styles of the previous century. If we (29)---- the origins of modern art as far back as possible, we would find that it really began with the (30)---- first link in the chain--the rock scratchings of cavemen A) to which B) on whose C) in what D) in whom E) from where A) using B) to have used C) to be used D) uses E) used A) In sight B) On board C) In turn D) Without fail E) Above all A) could be traced B) were to trace C) have been tracing D) must be tracing E) had been traced A) all B) most C) just D) even E) very A) in B) through C) with D) behind E) from 3 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada The word evolution is often used as a shorthand for the modern theory of evolution of species (31)---- Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection, (32)---- states that all modern species are the products of a/an (33)---- process that began over three billion years ago with simple single-celled organisms, and Gregor Mendel's theory of genetics. As the theory of evolution by natural selection and genetics has become (34)---- accepted in the scientific community, it has replaced other explanations including creationism and Lamarckism. Sceptics sometimes deride evolution as just a theory (35)---- characterize it as an arbitrary choice and degrade its claims to truth. A) coped with B) traded off C) based upon D) thought of E) dwelled on A) which B) what C) how D) when E) who A) consequent B) respectful C) resistant D) extensive E) impulsive A) externally B) universally C) considerably D) faintly E) imprecisely A) in order to B) at odds with C) at the peak of D) by way of E) in aid of CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen was the first person to successfully lead an expedition to the South Pole. He (36)---- to lead the first expedition to the North Pole but changed his plans (37)---- news arrived (38)---- an American, Robert Peary, had reached it. He decided instead that he (39)---- the first to reach the South Pole. In June 1910, he secretly set sail. Although he knew a similar expedition had been launched by the British, under Robert Falcon Scott, Amundsen was determined to reach the pole before him. When he (40)---- his intentions several months later, the race for the pole attracted worldwide attention A) is planning B) planned C) has planned D) plans E) has been planning A) until B) no sooner C) during D) when E) just as A) that B) which C) whose D) who E) why A) was B) has been C) had been D) is E) would be A) was revealing B) has revealed C) revealed D) reveals E) was revealing 4 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada (41)---- the earth's atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, free gaseous nitrogen cannot be utilized by animals or by higher plants. They (42)---- instead on nitrogen that is present in the soil. To enter living systems, nitrogen must be fixed (combined with oxygen or hydrogen) into compounds that plants can utilize, (43)---- nitrates or ammonia. A certain amount of atmospheric nitrogen is fixed by lightning and by some cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). But the great bulk of nitrogen fixation is (44)---- by soil bacteria of two kinds: those that live free in the soil and (45)---- that live enclosed in nodules in the roots of certain leguminous plants (e.g., alfalfa, peas, beans, clover, soybeans, and peanuts). A) Although B) Hence C) However D) Because E) Despite A) depend B) consist C) relate D) admit E) refer A) as B) certain C) like D) both E) for A) verified B) converted C) performed D) aligned E) concluded A) these B) none C) this D) either E) those CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada A new NASA-funded study shows (46)---- the rate of growth of greenhouse gas emissions has slowed (47)---- its peak in 1980, due in part to international cooperation that led to reduced chlorofluorocarbon use, slower growth of methane, and a (48)---- rate of carbon dioxide emissions. Researchers have shown that global warming in recent decades has probably been caused by carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), and other greenhouse gases including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), methane, tropospheric ozone, and black carbon particles. (49)----, the growth of emissions has slowed over the past 20 years, with the CFC phase-out being the most important factor, (50)---- the study A) when B) whose C) whom D) what E) that A) during B) since C) unless D) of all E) although A) steady B) serene C) broad D) explicit E) random A) By far B) Much as C) Overall D) In addition to E) No longer A) as regards B) according to C) in view of D) regardless of E) on behalf of 5 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Domesticated birds that are (51)---- for their meat, eggs, and feathers, and in some cases for recreation or display, are collectively called poultry. Chickens are (52)---- the largest single source of poultry meat and eggs in most countries. Other common poultry birds are turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, and pigeons and their nestlings (called squabs). Pheasants and other game birds are (53)---- raised. The ancestor of the domestic chicken is the wild red jungle fowl. Chickens have been domesticated for at least 4,000 years, but (54)---- the beginning of the 19th century did chicken meat and eggs start to become massproduction commodities. Ducks were domesticated by pre-columbian Indians, and turkeys were raised by the Aztec and Zuñi Indians. China is the world leader in poultry meat production, followed by the United States. The top five broiler-producing states are Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Mississippi. The (55)---- egg-producing countries are China, the United States, and Japan. 51- CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada For about ten years now, the manufacturing of automobiles (56)---- radical changes. The main cause is the introduction of new production and management methods originally engineered by Toyota and (57)---- applied by other Japanese car manufactures, which is called lean production. It implies no less a revolution in the process of carmanufacturing (58)---- the mass production Henry Ford introduced at the beginning of the century. (59)----, lean production combines the advantages of craft and mass production. A vital feature of this production technique is that it achieves its highest efficiency, quality and flexibility when (60)---- activities-from design to assembly-occur in the same place. 56- A) had undergone B) underwent C) has been undergoing D) would undergo E) is undergoing 52- A) committed B) raised C) measure D) posed E) revealed 57- A) relatively B) subsequently C) urgently D) slightly E) vehemently 53- A) so far B) also C) for D) hardly E) by far 58- A) that B) those C) due to D) than E) hence 54- A) yet B) also C) other D) as E) none 59- A) In fact B) In addition to C) So that D) During E) Unlike 55- A) not until B) never C) sometimes D) if only E) because 60- A) total B) either C) much D) none E) all A) posterior B) inferior C) leading D) consistent E) utmost 6 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Most people know how to count, but the way we master this ability remains something of a puzzle. Numerals were invented only around four to five thousand years ago, meaning it is unlikely that (61)---- time has elapsed for specialized parts of the brain for processing numbers to evolve, (62)---- suggests that math is largely a cultural invention. It appears (63)---- on an interface between vision and reasoning that we share with other animals, allowing us to see small numbers up to around five without counting. This ability often called 'the number sense' lays the (64)---- of later mathematical knowledge, but its basis is poorly understood. It has been argued that the number sense itself may be innate, but this fails to account (65)---- why learning to master the use of small numbers is such a difficult and drawn-out process in children. CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Before quantum mechanics was developed, physicists considered atoms to be made (66)---- solid particles (67)----, scientists had found that light has properties of waves. For example, they had observed that light can spread around an obstacle. Scientists knew that visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, and they understood its relationship to (68)---- forms of such radiation. From the least energetic to the most energetic form, electromagnetic waves consist of radio waves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, X rays, and gamma rays. Physicists also understood the relationship (69)---- the energy of electromagnetic waves and their wavelength distance between successive wave crests. (70)---- the energy of a wave, the shorter its wavelength A) enough B) so many C) even D) hardly E) never 67- A) for B) up of C) on D) with E) into 62- A) what B) who C) the fact that D) for which E) which 68- A) In addition B) Instead of C) In contrast to D) Owing to E) While 63- A) based B) basing C) to be based D) having based E) to have based 69- A) others B) some others C) one another D) the others E) the other 64- A) ingredients B) foundations C) denizens D) proprietors E) supervisors 70- A) beneath B) within C) beyond D) between E) onward 65- A) in B) to C) by D) for E) of A) The greatest B) The greater C) Greater D) Much greater E) As great 7 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada It is no wonder that (71)---- we eat directly affects our health. While science boasts about having made enormous steps in making food more fit to eat, it has, at the same time, made many foods unfit to eat. Some research have disclosed the fact that perhaps 80 % of all human illnesses are related to diet, and that 40 % of cancer is associated with the diet, colon cancer ranking the first (72)---- prevalence. Remarkably enough, people of different cultures are prone (73)---- contract certain illnesses more frequently due to the characteristic of the food they consume, which is actually a new discovery. (74)----, it is now more evident that we are unaware of (75)---- substances we digest, let alone the ignorance of the farmers who add hazardous substances to the crop they grow A) what B) which C) when D) where E) whom A) in awe of B) on par with C) with regard to D) in honour of E) for the sake of A) of B) to C) for D) with E) on A) As a result of B) Instead C) Otherwise D) Furthermore E) Despite A) sensible B) transitory C) relevant D) susceptible E) detrimental CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Post-Symbolism grew out of Symbolism and represented a revolt (76)---- the vague, philosophical works of the Symbolists. It began in Russia around The Acmeists, one of the most important Post-Symbolist groups, began to write poetry (77)---- focused on the present world. They used clear-cut images and more (78)---- language. Leading Acmeists included Nikolai Gumilev, Osip Mandelshtam, and Anna Akhmatova. A radical Post- Symbolist group called the Futurists (79)---- from (80)---- poetic themes and diction. Vladimir Mayakovsky, the most famous Futurist and later an outspoken Communist, shocked readers with his strong language and unusual imagery A) for B) against C) from D) into E) beyond A) by which B) where C) that D) why E) whom A) certain B) ambiguous C) negligent D) concrete E) hesitant A) have departed B) to have departed C) being departing D) are departing E) departed A) traditional B) reasonable C) imperative D) indispensable E) insignificant 8 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Suleyman in his time was regarded (81)---- the most significant ruler in the world, by both Muslims and Europeans. His military empire expanded (82)---- both to the east and west, and he threatened to overrun the heart of Europe itself. In Constantinople, he embarked on vast cultural and architectural projects. Istanbul in the middle of the sixteenth century was architecturally (83)---- and innovative city in the world. While he was a brilliant military strategist and canny politician, he was also a cultivator of the arts. Suleyman's poetry is among the best poetry in Islam, and he sponsored (84)---- of artists, religious thinkers, and philosophers that (85)---- the most educated courts of Europe. 81- A) as B) like C) such as D) similar E) the same CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada The women s high schools and universities (86)---- during the latter period of the Ottoman Empire were instrumental in producing a (87)---- number of welleducated women who later came to play prominent roles in the formative years of the Republic. More than forty women s magazines, many edited and authored by women, were published in the empire before 1923, and several women s associations and groups had been established to demand women s rights in education, work, and political participation. (88)----, the absence of a supportive political and legal structure as well as the pervasive influence of patriarchal norms and values in society (89)---- women from being visible, and handicapped (90)---- efforts to be active in the public arena. 86- A) established B) had established C) were established D) could establish E) having established A) coincidentally B) intensively C) vaguely D) greatly E) solidly A) as energetically B) more energetic C) the most energetic D) less energetically E) too energetic A) a great deal B) an army C) the number D) far too many E) one of the most A) must outshine B) has outshone C) should outshine D) outshone E) may be outshining A) relentless B) considerate C) pointless D) restful E) significant A) Only after B) Even so C) Likewise D) Rather E) Unlike A) encouraged B) highlighted C) revolted D) prohibited E) allocated A) their B) theirs C) themselves D) them E) of them 9 CLOZE sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada Zaha Hadid was born in Baghdad in After receiving a master in mathematics at the American University of Beirut, she started (91)---- at the Architectural Association in London, (92)---- she graduated in A member of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture with Rem Kool
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