HARVARD UNIVERSITY French 193 : Aimé Césaire and His Others Fall Barker Center, 230. Monday, 2-4pm - PDF

HARVARD UNIVERSITY French 193 : Aimé Césaire and His Others Fall Barker Center, 230. Monday, 2-4pm Instructor: F. Abiola Irele Course Description This course will

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HARVARD UNIVERSITY French 193 : Aimé Césaire and His Others Fall Barker Center, 230. Monday, 2-4pm Instructor: F. Abiola Irele Course Description This course will be devoted to an exploration of Aimé Césaire s work, focused on three seminal texts: Cahier d un retour au pays natal, Discours sur le colonialisme, and La tragédie du roi Christophe. We will consider the historical background of Césaire s writings, and the evolving context of its inspiration and development, especially in relation to the black ideological and intellectual movements within which he has played such a fundamental role. Cesaire s work will be read along with and against texts and interventions by other writers such as Damas, Senghor, Sartre, Fanon, Glissant, and Chamoiseau, among others. The aim is to provide as broad and varied a picture as possible of the imaginative as well as intellectual expression of the Black experience in history, in the specific francophone perspective represented by the continuum Négritude, Antillanité and Créolité. The course will be conducted as a seminar, involving intensive reading of texts. Films related to Césaire s life and work will be projected, as an essential part of the course. The language of instruction will be English, but students have the option of writing their essays in French. Given the difficulty of some of the texts to be discussed, this course requires a high level of reading knowledge in French. Required Texts Works by Aimé Césaire: Anthologie poétique. Présentation et notes de Roger Toumson. (Imprimerie Nationale). ISBN ) This text brings together in one volume the complete text of Cahier d un retour au pays natal, as well as substantial selections from the following collections : Les armes miraculeuses, Soleil cou coupe, Corps perdu, Ferrements, Noria and Moi laminaire. 2 Discours sur le colonialisme. (Présence Africaine) ISBN La Tragédie du Roi Christophe.(Présence Africaine). ISBN Une Saison au Congo. (Seuil, Collection Points) Une Tempête. (Seuil, Collection Points). ISBN Toussaint Louverture (Présence Africaine). Works by other writers René Maran, Batouala. Frantz Fanon. Peau noir, masques blancs. (Seuil) Albert Memmi. Portrait du colonisé (J.J. Pauvert) Jean Bernabé et al. : Eloge de la créolité (Gallimard). Anthology Hamidou Dia. Poètes d Afrique et des Antilles. (La Table Ronde) Criticism Gregson Davis. Aimé Césaire. (Cambridge Studies in African and Caribbean Literature) Lilyan Kesteloot, Les écrivains noirs de langue française. (Institut Solvay) Background C. L. R James, The Black Jacobins. French Translation: Les Jacobins noirs. Films and documentation : Euzhan Palcy. Aimé Césaire: Une voix dans l histoire La rue Cases-Nègres Raoul Peck Lumumba. Course pack 3 A selection of texts related to the course will be available at Gnomon approximately a week after card day. Course Requirements Oral presentation : 20% Written work. Mid term paper : 8 pages (30 %) Final paper : 12 pages (50%) SCHEDULE OF CLASSES, FALL 2008 WEEK ONE 09/15 Protocols. Presentation of the Course. Negritude: The Origins of a Concept. (The Harlem Renaissance, Haitian Indigenisme Pan-Africanism, Marxism and Anti-colonial movements in the thirties). WEEK TWO 09/22 René Maran as Precursor. Batouala. WEEK THREE 09/29 Cahier d un retour au pays natal : Alienation and Malaise WEEK FOUR 10/6 Cahier d un retour au pays natal : Revolt and Rediscovery. 4 Video Euzhan Palcy, La rue Cases-Nègres. (Special screening session to be arranged) WEEK FIVE 10/13 Columbus Day No Classes WEEK SIX 10/20 Reflections on the Colonial and Black Experience Césaire, Discours sur le Colonialisme. Sartre, «Orphée Noir» «Le Colonialisme est un système.» Albert Memmi, Portrait du colonisé. Frantz Fanon, Peau noire, masque blancs. WEEK SEVEN 10/27 Césaire and Surrealism Selected poems from Les armes miraculeuses, Soleil cou coupé, Corps perdu, Ferrements, Noria and moi laminaire. WEEK EIGHT 11/03 The Political Plays : I. La Tragédie du Roi Christophe WEEK NINE 11/10 Video: Raoul Peck, Lumumba. Class Visit by Professor Alain Ricard, Bordeaux University and CNRS, Paris. WEEK TEN 11/17 5 The Political Plays. II : Une saison au Congo, Une Tempête. WEEK ELEVEN 11/24 Lecture and Seminar Image and Symbol in the Poetry of Aimé Césaire. WEEK TWELVE 12/01 Senghor and Negritude. Selections from Collected Poems Poems by francophone African and Caribbean writers selected from Dia, Poètes d Afrique et des Antilles.,.. WEEK THIRTEEN 12/08 The Negritude Debate L,S. Senghor : «La Négritude : Un Humanisme du XXe siècle» Class Visit by Professor Paulin Hountondji, Université Nationale du Bénin, Visiting Professor, University of Kentucky, Louisville. WEEK FOURTEEN 12/15 Négritude, Antillanité, Créolité Glissant Le discours antillais (Selections) Jean Bernabé et al. : Eloge de la créolité (Gallimard) Video : Euzhan Palcy, «Aimé Césaire, une voix dans l histoire.» (Special screening)
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