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GRANDE ÉCOLE INTERCONTINENTAL HONOURS TRACK 2014 INTERCONTINENTAL HONOURS TRACK YEAR 1 YEAR 2 BACHELOR MASTER IN MANAGEMENT (M1) SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 LILLE CAMPUS LILLE CAMPUS INTERNSHIPS AND/OR EXCHANGES LILLE CAMPUS NEW YORK EXCHANGE 1 CHINA JAPAN YEAR 3 YEAR 4 GAP YEAR MASTERS OF SCIENCE (M2) SEMESTER 1 INTERNSHIP ASIA EXCHANGE SEMESTER 2 INTERNSHIPS AND/OR EXCHANGES EDHEC Masters of Science 2 Exchanges Double Degree at partner universities EXCHANGE 1 (1) Students can choose from a wide ptfolio of EDHEC exchanges to meet the third continent requirement. (2) Students can choose a MSc BM in Lille if they have already validated the third exchange meet the Asia requirement in the Msc Global Business. AN EXCEPTIONAL INTERCONTINENTAL EXPERIENCE 3 continents, 3 challenges, 3 discoveries A full semester of graduate study in New Yk featuring international business The opptunity to choose from an outstanding ptfolio of Asia business programmes An asset promoting your employability, language proficiency and intercultural competency The Intercontinental Track is an honours programme at EDHEC designed f ambitious, talented and multi-lingual students who welcome a challenge. This advanced international business track offers participants first class academic study in the USA, an array of international exchange opptunities in Asia at four key points during their Master in Management degree and enhanced visibility with recruiters and netwks wldwide through specialised Master of Science and Double Degree programmes in Europe, Latin America and Australia. This internationalised curriculum engages students professionally and academically in a different cultural and geographic context during each year of study. Our job placement repts systematically rank fmer intercontinental students among the diploma tracks leading to the widest array of careers, the best salaries abroad and privileged entry to talent tracks. Employers around the wld have appreciated our students global mindset and have rewarded their effts with challenging international careers. ANNE E. WITTE ASSISTANT DEAN INTERCONTINENTAL HONOURS TRACK % PARTNER 31 UNIVERSITIES COUNTRIES IN DOUBLE DEGREE AGREEMENTS COURSES ABROAD 21 EXCHANGE PARTNERS IN ASIA NEW YORK ACADEMIC PROGRAMME The only Grande École programme in France offering a full semester academic experience in Manhattan The Intercontinental Honours Track programme in international business at Pace University, Lubin School of Business in New Yk (USA) offers accelerated training in sales, operations, finance, accounting and management by leading experts at the very heart of Wall Street. Tailed to the needs of fast-track students, it paves the way f the operational and managerial competency so appreciated in the US wk environment. Lubin School of Business is located in the the heart of the financial district of downtown Manhattan and is a private, non-profit institution operating since The Lubin School of Business, the largest of Pace s six colleges, has been ranked consistently by the US. News & Wld Rept as among the top ranking undergraduate and graduate business programmes in the US. Fbes recently ranked the Lubin School of Pace University among the top 20 colleges most likely to make you successful. January 12 th - April 29 th, 2015 When I entered EDHEC Business School, the choice of the intercontinental track was obvious f me. I had never travelled befe, so I was eager to discover the wld and its cultures. This year abroad in China and then in the United States was totally amazing f all of us. We learned a lot about ourselves, about what having a true global mindset means and how to get it. I think this is what companies are looking f: people who know themselves and who can adapt to every situation. JOCELYN TÊTE EDHEC 2013 ASIA PROGRAMME OPTIONS: CUSTOMISE, FOCUS & SPECIALISE! There are four different points during your studies when you can exple opptunities in Asia to customise your study track. The recommended honours programme option takes you to Asia f one semester with one out of two of our longest running exchange partners in Beijing (China) and Nagoya ( Japan) The Asia honours option is scheduled at the end of your M1 right after the semester in New Yk. The honours programmes at CUFE/ NUCB maximise familiarity with one particular international business environment while allowing participants to improve language skills and embark on cross cultural study. A springboard f internship opptunities across Asia, it has blossomed into a genuine EDHEC rendez-vous in Asia. Central University of Finance and Economics Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing (China) is one of the key universities designated by the Chinese Ministry of Education ranked among the top 100 priity institutions (from over institutions of higher education) leading China into the 21 st century. Located in the cultural and histical heart of China, the Beijing central location allows f a dynamic mix of business and academic focus in the curriculum with ongoing interest and study on China s role in global affairs. It is considered in the top three Chinese institutions f business and economics. May 4 th - June 26 th, 2015 Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration (NUCB) in Nagoya ( Japan) offers MBA and graduate programmes in downtown Nagoya, one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in Japan. NUCB offers an industry based teaching philosophy drawing from their strong cpate netwks in the electronics, car, and high tech businesses. Sojourners enjoy Japan s fast paced, ultra-modern, technology iented environment. The intercontinental track is definitely an exceptional personal and professional opptunity. As far as I am concerned, my desires to travel, to experience the wld from a whole new level, and to develop a solid basis f my career were all fulfilled. Indeed, entering this programme helped me discover other cultures ( Japanese, American). MINH MARIE DANG VU EDHEC 2013 YOUR INTERCONTINENTAL CAREER Students having obtained an Intercontinental Honours Track certificate hold jobs in a variety of career tracks: Past participants are wking around the globe in Ftune 500 and CAC 40 companies. A few examples: ANALYST AUDIT BRAND MANAGEMENT BUSINESS MANAGER CONSULTANT DEVELOPER EQUITY FINANCIAL CONTROLLER INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS INVESTMENT ANALYST KEY ACCOUNTS MANAGER MANAGEMENT MARKETING MANAGER PRODUCT MANAGER SENIOR FINANCE MANAGER TRADER VICE PRESIDENT SALES & MARKETING ACCENTURE ALCATEL LUCENT CAPGEMINI CONSULTING CHANEL COCA COLA DELL DEUTSCHE BANK GOLDMAN SACHS HEINEKEN KPMG AUDIT LVMH NISSAN PROCTER & GAMBLE PWC UBISOFT UNIQLO MAIN SECTORS* MAIN FUNCTIONS* Finance/Banking 18% Audit/Accounting 15% FMCG 8% Automotive/Aeronautics 8% Media / Publishing/Art & Culture/Entertainment 9% Distribution/Retail 7% Luxury 4% Infmation Technology 4% Communication/Advertising 4% Marketing/Communication 25% Banking/Finance 15% Consulting 14% Commercial/Expt 14% Audit/Financial Advisy 14% Accounting/Management Control 6% Purchasing/Procurement 2% Human Ressources 2% *Source: EDHEC Career Centre EDHEC Job Placement. BEIJING NAGOYA NEW YORK I discovered this unique programme upon my arrival at EDHEC, and despite my anxiety at the idea of travelling to the other end of the wld, I didn t hesitate to join this great adventure, and I have never regretted my decision. Besides the great advantages that such an experience brings in terms of career possibilities, this excellent programme offers, above all, the opptunity to experience other cultures, other ways of thinking, and this is something that is imptant f personal development. The ambition to excel that comes from the group, pushes us to constantly discover new things, to travel and to take part in new projects, which is, in my opinion, ideal when one is far from home and in an feign land. The great wking conditions and the reception of the partner establishments also made this track very rich in terms of apprenticeship. Without a doubt these were the most enriching six months of my life, and I owe it all to this track. My only advice to those who hesitate is: Go f it! MARIE BLUSSEAU (FRANCE) EDHEC 2013 CALDEO PROJECT MANAGER (TOTAL SUBSIDIARY) FRANCE LILLE 24 avenue Gustave Dely - CS Roubaix Cedex 1 - France Tél.: + 33 (0) Fax: + 33 (0) Non-binding document. NICE 393 promenade des Anglais - BP Nice Cedex 3 - France Tél.: + 33 (0) Fax: + 33 (0) PARIS rue du 4 septembre Paris - France Tél.: + 33 (0) Fax: + 33 (0) LONDON 10 Fleet Place, Ludgate London EC4M 7RB - United Kingdom Tél.: + 44 (0) Fax: + 44 (0) SINGAPORE 1 Gege Street #07-02 Singape Tél.: + 65 (0) Fax: + 65 (0) EDHEC 2013 Photos : Herve Thouroude, Olivier Remualdo, Thierry Page, Istock, Mélanie Gallman, Fotolia, Paylessimages, Wusuowei, Michaeljung WWW. EDHEC.COM EDHEC is one of the fifty business schools wldwide to hold the Triple Crown of international accreditations EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA from the three international bodies that certify the excellence of study programmes, faculty quality, relations with the business community and commitment to the local and economic environment.
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