GOURMET GUIDE. '!0A98DJ-aiihae! Savings up to 40% Spring 2013 CÉRAMIQUE FRANÇAISE - PDF

CÉRMIQUE FRNÇISE n assortment of ceramic cookware that combines easy-to-store functional design with exceptional quality for elegant presentation. 1% Made in France. vailable in 4 classic colours: GOURMET

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CÉRMIQUE FRNÇISE n assortment of ceramic cookware that combines easy-to-store functional design with exceptional quality for elegant presentation. 1% Made in France. vailable in 4 classic colours: GOURMET GUIDE Spring 2013 Ramekins (set of 2) 0.25 L owls 0.45 L L Pie Dishes Rectangular Dishes 0.4 L L L L Oval Dishes 0.45 L L L L The Gourmet Guide recommends these fine retailers: Offer Expires May 31, 2013 '!098DJ-aiihae! Savings up to 40% * oth the list and now sale price are suggested prices only and only at participating dealers. Dealer s prices may differ. ll items may not be all stores but may be special ordered. Some items subject to availability. No Printed in Canada. FROM PREP TO PRESENTTION Did you know that the ZWILLING two man symbol is inspired by the astrological sign of Gemini? Translated from German, ZWILLING = TWIN. When the company was formally incorporated, the twins became its corporate standard. Today, ZWILLING J.. HENCKELS famous trademark is globally recognized for providing the best in German culinary design and precision manufacturing since ZWILLING Pro TWIN Profection modern twist on a timeless classic, ZWILLING Pro is an evolution of comfort and control. With finer, sharper, FRIODUR ice-hardened blades and a contoured bolster, you ll pinch it like a Pro! dding a contemporary element to the traditional 3-rivet handle enables a more ergonomic hold over these professional knives. vailable in 10 assorted blade styles, FRIODUR ice-hardened and ready to tackle every kitchen prep task! The extensive product portfolio includes cutlery, cookware, gadgets, tableware, scissors, beauty tools and more Tomato / agel Steak Tomato / agel Utility Carving Wide lade Chef s Chef s read oning Filleting PSSION FOR KNIVES MERGING INNOVTION WITH TRDITION Nearly 3 years of success doesn t stop the engineers at ZWILLING J.. HENCKELS from improving the world s best selling knives. Collaboration with Chefs worldwide has led to improved bolster designs for more control and new blade shapes for easier cutting. You ve got to feel it to believe it, then no doubt, you ll want to use it! Paring Paring Inverted THE OLSTER THE PINCH GRIP The innovative contoured bolster improves the transition from handle to blade for perfect balance and optimal control. The hand naturally glides into the professional pinch-grip. etter grip ensures better control and less fatigue. Panini / Sandwich Utility Carving Carving Chef s Chef s Wide lade Chef s Santoku THE LDE New wedge shaped blades with higher tips simplify different cutting techniques and allow for a better rocking / chopping motion. Santoku Santoku ZWILLING Pro TWIN Profection THE RESULT Unparalleled comfort, delivering years of meal preparation performance. read oning Filleting ZWILLING Pro 6 pc. set Contains: 4 Paring, 6 Utility, Chef s, read, 9 Sharpening Steel, and Natural Tapered lock TWIN Profection 6 pc. set Contains: 4 Paring, 6 Utility, Chef s, read, 9 Sharpening Steel, and Natural Tapered lock TWIN Four Star II TWIN Signature new twist on an old favourite from ZWILLING J.. HENCKELS; comfortable to hold, exceptional cutting with one-piece SIGMFORGE construction and FRIODUR ice-hardened blades. Stainless steel end-cap with logo adds weight to the handle to improve balance SHRPENING great addition to any kitchen. Precision-stamped blades from high performance Special Formula stainless steel and FRIODUR ice-hardened for long-lasting sharpness. Lighter than bolster knives, the 3-rivet ergonomic handle includes an embedded logo for added style During the course of time, even the best knife will lose its initial sharpness. The sharpening devices by ZWILLING J.. HENCKELS make maintenance and re-sharpening easy. S TWIN Steel TWINSHRP Select TWINSHRP (Red) TWIN Stone Pro TWIN Steel W#250/ (knife not included) Paring Paring Paring Tomato / agel Utility Carving Carving Utility Carving Chef s Chef s Santoku oning Filleting Cleaver TWIN Steel amboo In-Drawer Knife Storage, 13 slots luminum 59 (knives not included) oning Filleting Vegetable Cleaver Natural Charcoal Charcoal Tapered lock, 16 Slots Tapered lock, 11 Slots Charcoal Natural Traditional locks,19 Slots amboo lack Natural ORDS Prolong the life of your knife blades by using proper cutting surfaces. amboo s natural antibacterial properties make it an excellent solution. S TWIN amboo Cutting oards Traditional locks, 11 Slots S read Magnetic Racks (knives not included) read Carving Fork The organized kitchen needs a proper knife storage solution. Top quality knife drawers, blocks or magnetic racks, keep your knives perfectly secure and always handy. 33 TWIN Finishing Stone Pro Santoku Santoku Chef s Chef s Tomato / agel W#30/ STORGE Medium 10 x Large 12 x ZWILLING Motion. TWIN Four Star II 6 pc. set Contains: 4 Paring, 6 Utility, Chef s, read, 9 Sharpening Steel and Charcoal lock 540 n excellent choice for the ambitious hobby chef, ZWILLING Motion is a light-weight precision cutting tool. Constructed from a single piece of our special formula, high performance NO STIN German stainless steel, ice-hardened and honed for exceptional, long-lasting sharpness. 3. TWIN Signature 6 pc. set PLUS 7 Santoku Knife Contains: 4 Paring, 6 Utility, Chef s, read, 9 Sharpening Steel, Charcoal lock PLUS 7 Santoku, C 1 C. ZWILLING Motion 7 pc. set PLUS 4 Pc. Steak Knife Set Contains: 4 Paring, 5 Tomato / agel, 6 Utility 7 Santoku,, Chef s, 9 Sharpening Steel, Natural lock PLUS 4 pc. Steak Knife Set 390 1 ZWILLING Prime ZWILLING TruClad sleek European two-tone cookware design incorporates a SIGMOND encapsulated base for the ultimate in efficient heat distribution to ensure a lifetime of satisfaction. Elegant mirror finished handles are welded in place for cool control and easy clean up. Open stock available. See in-store. 9 PC. SET Designed with the culinary expert in mind, thick 3-ply SIGM Clad construction distributes heat evenly throughout the entire cookware body, while unique sculpted hollow-cast handles offer exceptional ergonomic balance to enable cool control with less elbow strain. 10 PC. SET Set contains: Fry Pan Fry Pan 10 Saucepan with Lid 1.0 L Saucepan with Lid 1.9 L Sauté Pan with Lid 2.75 L Saucepot with Lid 5.75 L Set contains: Saucepan with Lid 1.9 L Saucepan with Lid 2.4 L Saucepot with Lid 3.8 L Saucepot with Lid 5.7 L Sauté Pan 3.1 L SIGM Clad 18/10, 3-ply SIGMOND 18/10, aluminum core encapsulated base ZWILLING Sol beautiful satin-surface cookware series that features SIGM Clad 3-ply construction for exceptional rim-to-rim heat conductivity on any cooking surface. Rounded ergonomic handles deliver comfortable control while cooking. 10 PC. SET Saucepan with Lid 1.0 L 1.9 L 2.75 L 3.8 L Sauté Pan with Lid Saucier with Lid 2.75 L L 4.75 L Set contains: Fry Pan 9.5 Saucepan with Lid 1.4 L Saucepan with Lid 2.8 L Sauté Pan with Lid 2.6 L Stockpot with Lid 5.75 L Steamer Insert Saucepot with Lid Stockpot with Lid 5.75 L L Roaster with djustable Non-stick Rack Insert SIGM Clad 18/10, 3-ply Steamer Insert Double oiler Wok with Lid and Half Moon Insert Stainless Steel Fry Pan Pasta Insert Thermolon Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pans Stainless Steel Fry Pans Thermolon Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pans ZWILLING Joy TOOLS & GDGETS series of exceptional value. sturdy encapsulated aluminum base with a layer of special magnetic chromium steel delivers excellent heat conductivity on every cooking surface. Welded no-fuss handles and precision fitting glass lids seal in moisture. 12 PC. SET E 0% V S to 2 up Soft grip comfort or sleek stainless steel, these premium 18/10 gadgets bring the best of German design to your kitchen. See in-store for complete assortments. TWIN Pure TWIN Cuisine Set contains: Fry Pan 9.5 Saucepan with Lid 1.4 L Saucepot with Lid 1.9 L Saucepot with Lid 2.8 L Saucepot with Lid 3.6 L Stockpot with Lid 6.0 L Steamer Insert SIGM Classic 18/10, aluminum core encapsulated base dd to your ZWILLING Joy set with these open stock pieces! C ZWILLING Salt Mill. 18/ lack C. White Saucepan with Lid 1.4 L Casserole with Lid 4.25 L Saucepot with Lid 1.9 L L L ZWILLING amboo Gadget Holder ZWILLING Pepper Mill. 18/ lack C. White x x FLTWRE Choose from a wide variety of patterns. ll in 18/10 Stainless Steel. See in-store for full assortment. 134 ZWILLING Spirit Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pans Emilie With restaurant styling, the even heat distribution of SIGM Clad 3-ply construction can be used on any cook top; gas, electric or induction. Jessica ellasera Eckbert TWIN Kids Flatware 25 STEK SETS 19 Ice hardened FRIODUR blades S Thermolon Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pans C *D. TWIN Signature TWIN C. TWIN (18/10) D. ellasera SIGM Clad 18/10, 3-ply *Not FRIODUR Ice hardened MIYI. The eauty of Sharpness 50MCD- irchwood 50DP Kaizen Grace, elegance and sophistication are characteristics embodied throughout Japanese culture, now synonymous with the brand Miyabi. The graceful nature of traditional Japanese cuisine led to the development of unique, precise cutting movements and the specialized knives needed to produce delicate, bite-sized meals. From thinly slicing and fine dicing to mincing and julienning the super fine edge offered in each Miyabi series is sure to complete the task with ease. Choose between Western style, modern and traditional D-shaped Japanese handles all with authentic Japanese blade designs. Using premium steel compositions that are hardened, tempered and hand-honed using the traditional three-step Honbazuke process. Each knife is sharpened twice on whetstones and mirror polished on a leather wheel reminiscent of legendary Japanese swords - for extraordinary sharpness, superior cutting performance and unparalleled durability. The artistry of traditional blade craftsmanship is further exhibited through multilayered materials, exposed through meticulous grinding and polishing resulting in the perfect weight, balance and elegance of each knife. Miyabi, gorgeous knives that will fascinate from the first cut. Maybe only the knife aficionado will appreciate the core made from refined Micro-Carbide MC63 powdered steel, 101 layers and the ultra-hard (63 HRC) CRYODUR blade, but everyone will appreciate its stunning beauty. Shotoh (Paring) 90 mm Shotoh (Paring) 130 mm Chutoh (Utility) 160 mm It s easy to love this traditional Japanese knife design combining advanced materials & hardening technology into the ultimate cutting tool. Centuries of knife-making craftsmanship merge 65 layers of stainless steel into these exquisite damask patterned blades. Kudamono (Paring) 90 mm Shotoh (Paring) 90 mm Shotoh (Paring) 130 mm Chutoh (Utility) 160 mm MCT rtisan Hammered, shot blasted and hand polished to a dramatic Tsuchime-textured finish, these knives are sure to be a conversation starter. Featuring a cutting core of Micro Carbide MC63 powdered steel, CRYODUR ice-hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 63 for exceptional lasting sharpness. Santoku180 mm Santoku 150 mm Santoku 180 mm Shotoh (Paring) 90 mm Shotoh (Paring) 130 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 160 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 2 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 240 mm Wide lade Gyutoh (Chef`s) 160 mm Santoku 180 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 160 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 2 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 240 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 160 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 2 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 240 mm read 230 mm Sujihiki (Carving) 240 mm read 230 mm Sujihiki (Carving) 240 mm read 230 mm Sujihiki (Carving) 240 mm MIYI 6 series MORIMOTO EDITION reflection of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto s culinary style, the MIYI 6 series combines the best techniques and ingredients for superior results. 6D Simply Superb 6S Simply Functional 65 layers of premium steel alloys produce exquisite damask-style waves. Shotoh (Paring) 90 mm Shotoh (Paring) 140 mm Honesuki (oning) 150 mm Special Formula Stainless Steel for outstanding sharpness & easy care. Kudamono (Paring) 90 mm Shotoh (Paring) 110 mm Shotoh (Paring) 140 mm Santoku 180 mm Santoku 140 mm Santoku 180 mm Wide lade Gyutoh (Chef s) 160 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 160 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 2 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 260 mm read 230 mm Sujihiki (Carving) 230 mm Chef Masaharu Morimoto has teamed up with MIYI to develop two great knife series that reflect his East-meets-West culinary style. I m excited about MIYI. It is a truly superior product. Chef Masaharu Morimoto IRON CHEF of Japanese Cuisine Dinners on the Deck Slow cook, simmer or roast your favourite meals on the barbeque. Staub s enamelled cast iron moves effortlessly from kitchen or barbeque to table for ultimate flexibility and beautiful meal presentation both indoors and out. Re-discover true flavours with continuous self-basting spikes! Self-basting spikes under the lid create a continuous natural basting cycle Decorative brass or nickel steel knob is oven safe up to 2 C / 5 F TSTE THE EXCELLENCE! Gyutoh (Chef s) 2 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 230 mm Gyutoh (Chef s) 260 mm read 230 mm Sujihiki (Carving) 260 mm MIYI Storage & Sharpener. amboo Knife lock 11 Slots (Plus a drawer for a sharpening stone) Flat lid Internal coats of specially formulated black matte enamel Cast iron Exterior with at least 2 coats of coloured enamel Every La Cocotte has a consistent smooth enamel coated base to prevent surface scratches 89. Light amboo Knife lock 12 Slots C. Pull-through Knife Sharpener Oval Cocottes 3.2 L / Sharpens even the hardest blades to an acute 30 edge! C 149 Oval Cocottes 4.2 L / vailable in 8 beautiful colours! Round Cocottes 3.8 L / Round Cocottes 4.6 L / ENMELLED CST IRON ENMELLED CST IRON SIZE Sauté / raiser 3.8 L Hexagon Interior ase 3 Wok 14.5 with Glass Lid (Rack, Wooden Spatula and Chopstick included) 249 Sauté / raiser 2.4 L Hexagon Interior ase Fry Pan Rectangular Terrine Fondue Set 1.75 L 6 x x Tea b all included Vertical Roaster Round Teapot 1.1 L Saucepan L 2.8 L Grill with Detachable Silicone Handle 13 x Square Grill Panini Press for 12 x 12 Square Grill x x
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