GALILEO IOV. Dr. Jörg Hahn ESA Galileo Project. ICG-08, Dubai Dubai, UAE, Navigation solutions powered by Europe - PDF

GALILEO IOV Dr. Jörg Hahn ESA Galileo Project ICG-08, Dubai Dubai, UAE, Navigation solutions powered by Europe Galileo IOV Status and Results - Content 2 IOV Mission Objectives IOV System Configuration

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GALILEO IOV Dr. Jörg Hahn ESA Galileo Project ICG-08, Dubai Dubai, UAE, Navigation solutions powered by Europe Galileo IOV Status and Results - Content 2 IOV Mission Objectives IOV System Configuration and Schedule IOV Results: Positioning Timing Beyond IOV: FOC Satellites Completion of Ground Segment Conclusions IOV Mission Objectives Verification before full System Deployment: Verification of Space, Ground and User components and Interfaces prior to full system deployment Navigation Processing & Message Dissemination Capabilities Analysis of System Performance with the view to refine the FOC system Signal in Space Ranging Error & User Equivalent Range Error budget Verification of Operational Procedures System Status: IOV Configuration 4 L-band 4 Galileo Spacecraft S-band C-band Galileo Rx Galileo Rx GPS COTS Galileo Rx Rx GPS COTS Rx GPS COTS Rx GSS GSS GSS GCC -GMS 5 ULS4 Global ULS Global 2 TTC3 Global TTC Global 12 Galileo Sensor Stations (Global Coverage) External Interfaces GCC -GCS IOV Launch 1 & 2 21 October October Joint UFFC, EFTF and PFM Symposium, Prague, 22/07/2013 Galileo Space Segment for IOV 6 GSAT0102 GSAT0101 GSAT0103 GSAT0104 IOV Satellites (PFM, FM2, FM3, FM4) In early 2012 PFM/FM2 underwent a thorough in-orbit testing campaign. In 2012/13 FM3/FM4 underwent the inorbit testing campaign. All four satellite perform well. IOV Spacecraft Launch: ~700 kg Power Consumption: 1420 W Dimensions: 2.74 x 1.59 x 14.5 m Lifetime: 12 years Orbit Injection: Direct into MEO E5 E6 E1 Galileo Ground Segment for IOV 8 Jan Mayen GSS Svalbard ULS/GSS Kiruna TTC S. Pierre & Miquelon GSS Redu TTC(TBD) GSS/IOT Fucino GSS Kourou TTC/ULS/GSS Reunion ULS/GSS Noumea ULS/GSS Kerguelen GSS Troll GSS 12 GSS 4 ULS 3 TT&C 1 IOT Galileo Ground Segment for IOV Fucino GCC-I & GSS Kourou Launch Site Kerguelen GSS ESCC ESOC Kiruna TTC ESCC CNES Noumea GSS/ULS/TTC Kourou TTC-ULS Oberpfaffenhofen GCC-D SAT MANUFATURER Redu IOT IOV SCHEDULE PLANNED OUTAGE May 13 Jun 13 Jul 13 Aug 13 Sept 13 Oct 13 12/03/2013 First PVT Start IOV Campaign PHM RAFS SYS UPGRADE PHM IOV Review Satellite Availability* SIS (%) Availability* Navigation Message (%) GSAT GSAT GSAT GSAT ** 78.8** * Period: 14/05/2013 to 31/07/2013 ** Outage on 14/06/13. Resumed signal broadcast 26/06/2013, navigation message on 01/07/13 10 IOV Results POSITIONING PERFORMANCE 11 Accuracy of 1st Position Fix at ESTEC Standalone Galileo Position Solution E1/E5a Dual Frequency Receiver 12 th March :00 11:00 UTC Horizontal Position Error (South/North) in [m] Horizontal Accuracy: 5.9 m (95 th Percentile) 8 95th Percentile:5.9[m] 50th Percentile:3.1[m] :00-11:00 UTC Dual Frequency E1-E5a F/NAV Horizontal Position Error (West/East) in [m] Vertical Position Error in [m] Vertical Accuracy: 11 m (95 th Percentile) Time (UTC) Position Fix established with Test User Receivers in real-time and with TGVF Reference Receivers off-line. Visibility of Satellites to Support PVT Number Satellites Availability of 1 satellite visible worldwide (expected) Availability of 1 satellite visible worldwide (measured) Availability of PDOP 5 (Expected) No. PVT windows over 10 days Average window duration (min) Maximum window duration (min) IOV 4 67 % 65.3 % 5.5 % % - 9.6% % % % % % % % - 100% SIS Ranging Error (Period 14/05/13 14/06/13) Parameter Case Unit IOV Value ODTS E1-E5a BGD Accuracy E1-E5a Maximum Age of Broadcast Message Ionospheric Error Correction Performance (single frequency users) GSAT0101 (67%) All satellites (95%) GSAT0101 (Average) 14 Average all stations FOC1 Target m 1.26 0.65 m 0.32 0.5 min 35.1 100 % 68 IOV Results TIMING PERFORMANCE 15 UTC-GST(MC) Prediction Error early results TVF daily evaluates a prediction value for UTC-GST(MC) time offset. The prediction is broadcast in the Galileo navigation message. The UTC-GST(MC) prediction error is evaluated by TVF monthly when CircularT is available. Through-out the IOV campaign, UTC-GST(MC) prediction error remains within +/- 5 ns Broadcast GST(MC)-UTC offset early results GST-UTC [ns] GST-UTC Time Offset from 01/05/13 to 24/06/13 (MJD ) Navigation Message GST-UTC predicted by TVF TVF evaluates the offset between GST(MC)-UTC offset computed from the broadcast GST(MC)- UTC conversion parameters and the one predicted by TVF. The broadcast and the computed GST(MC)-UTC offset are in a very good agreement Modified Julian Date Broadcast GPS-Galileo Time Offset (GGTO) early results The TVF estimates GGTO and compares its value with the GGTO transmitted in the navigation message (evaluated by PTF). The TVF s GST(MC)-GPSTime estimate is based on the PTF GPS receiver directly connected to GST(MC) and retrieving GPSTime from GPS Signal In Space. GGTO is not always updated daily. The broadcast value is mainly in good agreement with the TVF estimate Beyond IOV: FOC satellites 22 satellites procured to OHB (D). First two satellites already built and undergoing tests at ESTEC. Several System Compatibility Tests passed successfully already. Thermal Vacuum Tests to take place in November Third and Fourth satellites already integrated in factory. Rest of satellites in different stages of manufacturing. FOC FM-01 Being Ready for Tests FOC FM-01 Front view Navigation Antenna Search and Rescue Antenna Beyond IOV: Ground Segment Being Extended to FOC1 Capability (2015) Svalbard ULS/GSS/ MEOLUT Jan Mayen GSS Kiruna TTC/GSS St Pierre et Miquelon GSS Azores GSS Mas Palomas Redu GSS Fucino GSS Larnaca Kourou TTC/ULS/GSS Wallis GSS Ascension GSS Noumea ULS/GSS Papeete ULS/GSS Reunion ULS/GSS 16 GSS 5 ULS 5 TT&C 3 MEOLUT Falkland GSS Troll GSS Kerguelen GSS Conclusions The first position fix with Galileo was obtained on the 12 March The in-orbit Validation Campaign of Galileo was initiated in May 2013 and will be completed in October 2014 Almost 1 window of about 2 hours each day during which PVT calculation based on Galileo-only is possible IOV results are very satisfactory: Ranging error 3 m GST-UTC offset ns UTC dissemination accuracy ns Horizontal, Vertical positioning error 10 m Availability and performance will increase as space and ground segment are completed The preparation for Early Services has started 23
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