Full Name: Raquel Aguiar Cardoso de Oliveira. Work address: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Rua da Quinta Grande, Oeiras Portugal - PDF

Raquel A. Oliveira Full Name: Raquel Aguiar Cardoso de Oliveira PERSONAL DETAILS Work address: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Rua da Quinta Grande, Oeiras Portugal Telephone:

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Raquel A. Oliveira Full Name: Raquel Aguiar Cardoso de Oliveira PERSONAL DETAILS Work address: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Rua da Quinta Grande, Oeiras Portugal Telephone: Nationality: Portuguese Date of birth: 1980 January, 12 RESEARCH Since July 2012: Head of the Chromosome Dynamics Lab at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal February 2007 to July 2012: Post Doctoral Researcher in the Nasmyth Lab at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, United Kingdom March 2003 January 2007: PhD student in Claudio Sunkel s lab at Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular, University of Porto, Portugal [PhD Thesis: Condensins and mitotic chromosome structure: functional and dynamic analysis in Drosophila melanogaster ] October 2005 March 2006: Visiting PhD Student in Christian Lehner s lab at University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany March 2002 August 2002: Erasmus Student (Trainee) in Bert de Boer s lab at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [Final Biochemistry degree thesis: Barley interacting proteins purified by affinity chromatography ] EDUCATION 2007: PhD in Biochemistry, Cellular Biology specialization, awarded with Distinction and Honors by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, Portugal : Advanced courses of Programa Doutoral em Biologia Experimental e Biomedicina, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra, Portugal : Biochemistry Degree [ licenciatura, equivalent to BSc (hons)] (Applied Biochemistry), Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal, Grade 16/20 Portuguese (mother tongue) LANGUAGES Fluently written and spoken English (ECPE, University of Michigan) Basic knowledge of Spanish and French Beginner level German 1 RESEARCH INTERESTS Cell division, Mitosis, Meiosis, Aneuploidy, Chromosome Condensation, Cell Cycle Transitions, Regulation of gene expression, Cohesinopathies, PUBLICATIONS Zhang, T.; Oliveira, R.A.; Schmierer, B; Novak, B; Dynamical Scenarios for Chromosome Bi-orientation Biophysical Journal (in press) Oliveira, R.A.; and Nasmyth, K; Cohesin cleavge is insufficient for centriole disengagement Current Biology (in press) Eichinger, C.S., Kurze, A., Oliveira, R.A., Nasmyth, K., Disengaging the Smc3/kleisin interface releases cohesin from Drosophila chromosomes during interphase and mitosis, EMBO J 32, He, E.; Kapuy, O.; Oliveira, R.A.; Uhlmann, F; Novák, B. Systemslevel feedbacks make anaphase switch irreversible Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Jun 14;108(24): Oliveira, R.A. and Nasmyth, K. Getting through anaphase: splitting the sisters and beyond. Biochemical Society Transactions; 2010 Dec;38(6): (review) Pauli, A.; van Bemmel, J.; Oliveira, R.A.; Itoh, T.; Shirahige, K.; van Steensel, B. and Nasmyth, K. A direct role for cohesin in genome-wide gene expression and Ecdysone-response in Drosophila salivary glands. Current Biology Oct 26;20(20): Hamilton, R.S.; Parton, R. M.; Oliveira, R. A.; Ball, G.; Vendra, G.; Nasmyth, K.; Davis, I. ParticleStats: open source software for the analysis of intracellular particle motility. Nucleic Acid Research 2010, Jul 1;38 Suppl:W Oliveira, R.A.; Hamilton, R.; Pauli, A.; Davis, I. and Nasmyth, K. Cleavage of cohesin and Cdk inhibition trigger formation of daughter nuclei; Nature Cell Biology 2010 Feb; 12: (This manuscript has been highlighted with an accompanying News and Views by K. Jones, it has been evaluated by Faculty of 1000 Biology (top 7 in Biochemistry in November 2010), and an article addressed to lay audiences has been highlighted on the departmental website.) Pauli A., Althoff F.*, Oliveira R.A.*, Heidmann S., Schuldiner O., Lehner C.F., Dickson B.J., Nasmyth K. Cell-Type-Specific TEV Protease Cleavage Reveals Cohesin Functions in Drosophila Neurons. Developmental Cell Feb; 14(2): (*these authors contributed equally to the work) Oliveira, R.A.; Heidmann, S. and Sunkel, C.E. (2007) Condensin I binds chromatin early in prophase and displays a highly dynamic association with Drosophila mitotic chromosomes. Chromosoma 2007 Jun;116(3): PUBLICATIONS Oliveira, R. A.; Coelho, P.A. and Sunkel, C.E. (2005) The condensin I subunit Barren/CAP-H is essential for the structural integrity of centromeric heterochromatin during mitosis. Molecular and Cellular Biology Oct; 25(20): BOOK CHAPTERS Oliveira, R.A. and Valente, L.P. Cromatina e cromossomas (Capítulo 8) in Biologia Molecular e Celular, (2012) 5 th edition, Lidel-Edições Técnicas (book chapter in Portuguese) Nasmyth, K. and Oliveira, R.A. Splitting the nucleus: what s wrong with the tripartite ring model? Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 2010;75: Epub 2011 Jan 5. GRANTS FELLOWSHIPS Chromosome Condensation and Cohesion Marie Curie Career Instalation Grant (CIG) From 2013 FCT investigator 5 year contract awarded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) May, 2008 April, 2010 Post-doc fellowship from the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT). November, 2002 October, 2006: FCT PhD Fellowship integrated in the BEB PhD Program, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra, Portugal. March, 2002 August, 2002: Erasmus Fellowship for the curricular training at the Department of Developmental Genetics, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands. MEETINGS 05/2013 Dynamic Kinetochore Workshop 3, Porto, Portugal (oral presentation) 09/2012 Jacques Monod Conference: Cell division: from single molecule mechanics to multicellular organisms, Roscoff, France (poster presentation) 09/ th European Drosophila Research Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (Poster Communication) 12/2010 Jenkinson Developmental Biology Symposium, MSTC, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (invited speaker) 09/2010 Jacques Monod Conference: Cell division: Time and space, Roscoff, France (poster presentation) 07/2010 EMBO Workshop on Chromosome Segregation and Aneuploidy, Edinburgh, UK (selected oral communication) 3 MEETINGS 11/2009 Nuclear Organization Workshop, Paris, France (invited speaker, in lieu of Kim Nasmyth) 12/2008 DroTuga2008 (7 th Portuguese Drosophila meeting), Oeiras Lisbon, Portugal 09/2008 EMBO workshop on Chromosome Segregation: Centromeres and Kinetochores, Archachon, Bordeaux, France (invited speaker, in lieu of Kim Nasmyth) 05/2008 LRI Symposium on Chromosome Biology London, United Kingdom (poster presentation) 12/2007 DroTuga2007 (6 th Portuguese Drosophila meeting), Porto, Portugal (oral communication) rd International Workshop on Drosophila Cell Division Cycle, Porto, Portugal. (poster presentation) DroTuga (5 th Portuguese Drosophila meeting), Oeiras, Portugal. (oral communication) th National Congress of Biochemistry, Aveiro, Portugal. (selected oral communication) th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology, San Francisco, USA (poster presentation) Joint Meeting of Graduate Programmes on Biosciences, Tomar, Portugal (oral presentation) th European Drosophila Research Conference, Eger, Hungary (Selected Oral Communication) th National Congress in Biochemistry, Vilamoura, Portugal. (poster presentation) st Joint Meeting of Graduate Programmes on Biosciences, Porto, Portugal (Oral communication) II Portuguese Drosophila Meeting, Porto, Portugal. (Oral communication) TEACHING TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE 2012 Organizer of the graduate course Inside Cells for IGC PhD Programme PIBS 2009/2010 Supervision of a part II Biochemistry student, Teddy Kamata (Trinity College). Project: The role of Rad21/Pds5 interaction in establishment and maintenance of sister chromatid cohesion. 2009/2010 Supervision of a part II Biochemistry student, Supawat Thongthip (Merton College). Project: Mutagenesis screen of Rad21, an α-kleisin subunit of cohesin complex, responsible for sister chromatid cohesion in mitosis. 4 TEACHING TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE 2009/2010; 2010/2011 Tutor at the University of Oxford Wellcome Trust Graduate Programme in Chromosome and Developmental Biology (Chromosome Segregation) (in collaboration with Kim Nasmyth) 2009/2010; 2010/2011 Tutor at Brasenose and Magdalene Colleges (covering Cell Cycle and Chromosome segregation topics) 2009 Teaching Skills stage 1/PLTO Medical Sciences Division (MSD) Graduate Skills Training Program University of Oxford, UK 2006 Co-supervision of the final graduation research project of a Biochemistry student, Sara Alexandre Moura, on the project Study of SMC1 function in mitosis, Co-supervised by Professor Claudio Sunkel, IBMC, Porto, Portugal Tutor in the practical tutorials in the Cell Cycle module for the GABBA PhD program. ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS 2010, 2012 PARSUK Communicating Science, a workshop organized by the Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the United Kingdom, aiming to teach young scientists to discuss their research with the media and lay audiences. Oriel College, Oxford (2010) and Homerton College, Cambridge (2012) Co-organizer of LUSO2008, the second annual meeting of Portuguese students and researchers in the United Kingdom, held in Oxford on the 21 st of June, SCIENCE COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES 2010, 2011 What happens to a cell s DNA when it divides? Cell division and Cancer Posters presented at the Meet the Scientists stand at Race for Life - Oxford, a Cancer Research UK founding racing event Organizer of PARSUK Communicating Science, a workshop organized by the Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the United Kingdom 2009 How do chromosomes get divorced? Just get rid of the ring! Oral Presentation at the Storytelling Science - Science Communication Seminars in Oxford, Linacre College, University of Oxford OTHER ACTIVITIES Faculty member at Faculty of 1000 Biology (Cell Growth & Division section) since Dec 2009 (http://f1000biology.com/about/biography/ ) Peer-Reviewing: co-referee of scientific papers for various journals, independent referee for PLOS Genetics (2012). 5 OTHER ACTIVITIES Member of the departmental Graduate Advisors Committee, a group of senior research staff who mentor/advise graduate students and have responsibilities for the Graduate Course (since Jan 2010). Founder member of PARSUK - Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the United Kingdom. First elected President for this society (2008/2009), President of the General Assembly (2009/2010 and 2010/2011) (www.parsuk.pt) Post-doc membership for Jesus College MCR (from Michaelmas Term 2008 onwards) Active member of the Oxford University Portuguese Society (OUPS) Non-academic interests: Argentine Tango, Classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dancing Grade 8 Award), Cinema, Travel 6
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