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FU-WI Sp. z o.o. Grochowska 5B Elbląg tel. +48 /055/ fax +48 /055/ NOTES page 29 NOTES TABLE OF CONTEST Introduction 2 Boiler Application 3 Boiler Construction 4 The pattern of Boiler FUWI on Pellets 5 Boiler Technical Data 6 Exploitation of Boiler in Automatic Mode 7 Assembly of Plex (PCV pipe) connector to fuel feeding system 8 Basic Functions of Controller (the operator panel) 9 Scheme with boiler location in boiler room 11 Modes of Boiler Functioning 12 Pattern of Full Menu Options in Operator Panel 13 Service of Operator Panel 14 Schemat of Automatic Connection (Module) with Boiler Elements 16 Settings of Boiler Burner 17 Service Mode Password for Boiler 18 Before Calling Service 19 Room for Boiler Installation 20 Safety at Work Conditions 21 Warrantee Conditions 22 Warrantee Confirmation 23 Warrantee Report 24 Scheme with location of vermiculite plates on the burner 25 Raport of first starting the boiler 26 Notes 28 page 28 page 1 INTRODUCTION Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome You in team of Our Customers with pleasure. We thank You for purchase of our equipment. The exact introduction with service instructions were made for safe, correct and long-term exploitation of boilers of the c.o. type FUWI on Pellets. Every user before start of installation and exploitation of boiler should carefully learn the service instructions, this is necessary for correct and safe use. The non following by user of recommendations presented in instruction slows down the manufacturer of Heating Boiler from every obligations and warrantee. The heating boilers, type FUWI on Pellets, are low temperature steel water boilers. In result of research of heating Boilers production line FUWI on Biomass, conducted by The Institute of Heating and Sanitary Techniques in Radom, and Certification Laboratory of Boilers and Heating Device in Łódź (Accreditation Certificate Nr AB 087) confirms, that the described type of boiler answers requirements of standard PN-EN 303-5:20 02, as well it got according to this standard the highest III class of thermal efficiency and release CO, at the same time the given examination of the automatics by PN-EN :2002. boilers FUWI on Pellets are not subject to the registration by the Region Bureau of Technical Supervision. RAPORT OF FIRST STARTING THE BOILER Technical contained data in present instruction can be changed in result of development continuous of product, without information. The following signs are used in the instruction: This sign warns that device should be cared appropriately according principles of safety. It used in text of instruction to mark important information for your attention that you should follow during service and boiler operation. The marked with this sign places can warm up to high temperatures, what can cause burn. The marked with this sign places can cause fire and heat, your attention should be attracted to it in order the place not to turn into fire. The marked with this sign places endanger by work of metal units (worm gear, mode). Placing your hand close by these units endangers damage of hand. The sign prohibits some actions in certain conditions and situations. The Heating Boiler the FUWI on Pellets is the heating possessing device with the newest automatic system of feeding and burning of granulate solid type fuel - Pellets. It is the integral unit of present instruction the instruction of manufacturer of automatics from which one should necessarily to acquaint before starting the Heating Boiler the FUWI on Pellets. page 2 page 27 REPORT OF FIRST STARTING THE BOILER BOILER APPLICATION The low temperature steel water Heating Boiler FUWI on Pellets with automatic arrangement of burning of solid fuel - Pellets, designed to work as installation device of central heating and to prepare warm usable water in different housing building (little houses, economic rooms, trade pavilions, multifamily houses and different buildings). The Heating Boilers FUWI on Pellets are characterized as the newest automatic technology of burning of granulate solid fuel - Pellets: Wood Granulate - Pellets (ø 6mm - ø 8mm), Agro Granulate - Pellets (ø 6mm ø 8mm) The operation regulator of boiler controls not only boiler but also central heating system of mode as well as the warm usable water. Also there is the possibility of connecting the current pumps and their steering as well as possibility of connecting the exchanger of warm water. The device possesses the function of priority of warm usable water, it means that during heating boiler receives signal from temperature detector of usable water tank about lowering the temperature of water. After achievement of necessary temperature of water in tank, automatics releases warm water pump for working cycle of central heating. There is also the possibility of heating of only warm usable water in summer period, without working cycle of central heating. The highest temperature in Boiler cannot be higher than 94 0 C. Boilers can be applied in installations of open system central heating with gravitational circulation of water and working thrust 3 Bar. Safe has to be according requirements PN-91 / B it is connected with protection of open system water heating. It is also possible to work with closed arrangements PN -99 / B , under condition of additional equipment for device or by using the excess of warm distributing circulations through exchanger. Installation of boiler is incompatible / not flowing these principles causes the loss of warrantee. With regard on high efficiency of boiler that should have low temperature of exhaust gas, in order to protect funnel with chimney input or the ceramic input, the diameter should be not smaller then diameter of exhaust chimney pipe presented in table page 6. page 26 page 3 BOILER CONSTRUCTION Introducing on the market mentioned heating device called Heating Boiler FUWI on Pellets, we offer you the newest technology with feeding of solid fuel, burning it and exchanges warmth between exhaust gas and water in boiler. Applied in this device burner and technical solution is subject to the patent protection of RP of No. P SCHEME WITH LOCATION OF VERMICULITE PLATES ON THE BURNER Top view boiler room: values given in millimeter Qualified staff should install present device, accordingly to technical standards as well as valid state and local standards. Moreover it should be done according to the present instructions for safety use, installation and storage. The Heating Boiler FUWI on Pellets is a device in shape of a steel cube, equipped with burner, tank with solid fuel of the type Pellets, that automatically come from feeder to the burner in such quantity of solid fuel (pellets) that is necessary to obtain the temperature programmed by user on temperature control panel. The controller based on microprocessor made by the Polish manufacturer's, gives possibility of full automatic steering option of boiler. The control unit of boiler with instruction is the integral part of boiler that you should learn. Front and side view boiler room: Water block is made of steel sheet (with thickness about 4mm and 6mm) as well as seamless pipes. Isolation of boiler is made of mineral wool, from outside it is covered with metal sheet. The smoke pipes in upper unit of water block are the exchangers of warmth, and the chamber in bottom unit of water block in which burner is burning is made of heat-proof steel and of nickel chrome where there are openings to air. The cast-iron fire grate on bottom of burner is placed according to efficient and effective ash cleaning of chamber. The process of burning of pellets as well as state of hearth is controlled by photodiode (probe of clearness). Airing as well as exploder of the burner are equipped with regulated electric blower and automatic lighting of the pellets that operate simultaneously. Below burning chamber there is chamber of ash-pan to which pellets go after burning as ash. Safety of exploitation of Boiler FU-WI on Pellets is assured by multi-stage protection system, based on protection of flame withdrawal to fuel container (temperature sensor of feeder), protection before overheating of boiler (thermal switch), regulator of temperature of boiler (the sensor of temperature), regulator of temperature of usable water (sensor of temperature), external regulator of temperature of boiler (weather sensor), regulator of temperature in rooms (optional). page 4 page 25 Warranty Report NO.. THE PATTERN OF BOILER FUWI ON PELLETS HEATING BOILER FUWI ON PELLETS Factory no. Date of production The following defects were found: User: Address: Phone number: user's signature page 5 TECHNICAL DATA OF BOILER Warranty Confirmation No.. / HEATING BOILER FUWI ON PELLETS Grochowska 5b str Elblag tel fax Power of boiler: 9kW, 15 kw, 22 kw, 30 kw, 44 kw, 55 kw, 80 kw, 100 kw Date of production / / Date of sale /./ Factory no.... selling party signature.... manufacturer's signature and stamp page 6 WARRANTEE CONDITIONS Period of warrantee is 60 and 12 months, it starts from the date of sale. The warrantee is on: water block of boiler - 60 months; durable and efficient working mechanical devices, electric and electronic fireplace - 12 months. Seller confirms warrantee for boiler by stamp, date of sale as well as signature, and also by report of first boiler start of operation that should be correctly filled, signed and sent to Producer. The manufacturer is obliged to fulfil warrantee repair in 14 days deadline from date of notification by Buyer that boiler needs to be repaired. Buyer can claim warrantee rights in court in case when Producer will not fulfil their warrantee obligations. The warrantee authorization in order to fulfil warrantee repair is a free document. Warrantee is not valid without stamp, person's signature and selling dates as well as without stamp, Producer s signature and date. In case of loss of warrantee document, the duplicates will be given are to be paid for. Warrantee stops to be valid in case of not proper installation of the boiler and application of safety means non-complying with local and state law regulations and standards described in PN -91 / B , PN -99 / B Regarding complaints Producer is to be notified by sending a full reclamation report to Producer s address, stamped by sales department, responsible for service. If complaint will turn out to be groundless, all costs connected with arrival of manufacturer's representative should be covered by person that placed claim. Please remember, before cleaning smoke tubes, remove upper plate of burner (building of burner). Cast iron grate which is the balton of the burner isn t subject of the guarantee. Any alterations, and change of constructional modifications of Boiler cause immediate loss of the manufacturer's warrantee. EXPLOITATION OF BOILER IN AUTOMATIC MODE Central heating boiler FUWI on Pellets is ready for independent work after loading of tank by granulate fuel - Pellets and after temperature of boiler is displayed on control panel. While granulate fuel-pellets from tank dose to burner, it lights automatically, and then according to demand ( the achievement or maintenance of set temperature) it doses for burner the next portion of solid fuel from tank. You should periodically load reservoir with pellets and clean up from dust gathered during work. There is possibility of placing additional container of granulate fuel but in considerable distance from boiler also, which requires modernization in the way of installation of additional device for pellets passing. Automatic burning process of pellets as well as state of hearth are controlled by photodiode (probe of clearness), airs as well as burner spark are equipped buy regulated electric blower for automatic lighting of pellets simultaneously. The exploitation of Boiler, standard version: During exploitation of boiler you should remember about cleaning the burner and chamber of burning from chamber of ash-pan, that are in bottom unit of boiler, at least once a week, and fill up boiler tank with fuel. Cleaning should be made while removal of covering as well as cleaning around. Using arm placed on the boiler exhaust vanes are cleaned. By multiple, energetically pulling the arm down, is followed the movement of the steering wheel, thereby pollutants are discharged into the furnace chamber. You should remember about cleaning of smoking pipes that are in upper unit of boiler at least once a month. Cleaning is made by removal dust covering with help of steel brush (rifle cleaning-brush). Below burning chamber there is chamber of ash-pan to which after burning solid fuel goes as accompanied ash. Chamber of ash-pan should be periodically emptied from dust and ash with help of furnace rake. Making any work in range of cleaning as following: burner, ash-pan as well as smoke pipes, remember to make sure that there is no access to open fire. Minimal temperature of heating factor return: 50 o C. Alteration and starting of Boiler should be fulfilled with suitable authorizations in this range. Chamolte brick and heat resisting plate located on the burner aren t subject of the guarantee page 22 page 7 ASSEMBLY OF PLEX (PCV PIPE) CONNECTOR TO FUEL FEEDING SYSTEM PCV pipe diameter 60mm, length 300mm SAFETY AT WORK CONDITIONS 1. Boiler has to be placed according to fire-safety standards, relating to solid fuels heating sources assembled in closed rooms PN -87 / B It is prohibited to use burning materials other then inflammable materials that provided in service instruction. 3. It is prohibited to assemble any valves on return pipes of central heating system. 4. Controller socket to which the feeding connection is made, should be earthed. Assembly of PCV pipe in FUWI Pellets Boiler (back of the boiler feeder) A) B) 5. Installation of central heating is safe as open system installation PN - 91 / B Boiler can also be installed in closed system arrangements, but under condition of using of additional equipment for device or by use the excess of warmth distributing circulations through exchanger PN -99 / B Switching boiler off after heating season is made by pressing switch off button and boiler as well as steered devices will be disengaged. It should be made for cleaning of boiler. 7. Full shutdown of boiler is made by extraction of boiler connector from feeding socket. It is prohibited and illegal to refill water during work of boiler, especially when boiler is strongly hot, because in this way it is possible to cause damage or shake water block. Please remember, before cleaning smoke tubes, remove upper plate of burner (building of burner). page 8 page 21 ROOM FOR BOILER INSTALLATION The room in which the device FUWI on Pellets is installed has to serve exclusively to this aim, it should always be in conformity with the technical standards valid for this range of equipment, as well as there should be appropriate ventilating openings and air blowing. BASIC FUNCTIONS OF CONTROLLER (THE OPERATOR PANEL) Controller of boiler is two-module device (in standard), consisting from following units: 1. Operator Panel, installed in front unit of boiler and for user is visible part of device together with keyboard and alphanumeric display. The built-in on solid fuel boiler rooms should fulfil the requirement of standard PN- 87/B the built-in on solid fuel Boilers . Boiler room according to above mentioned standard should follow the following requirements: 1. boiler should be placed in separate room, possibly centrally in relation of heated rooms, 2. boiler room should have artificial lighting, or natural lighting is recommended also, 3. distance of boiler from walls of room should be enough to have free access to boiler when cleaning and preservation. 4. height of boiler room should be at least 2,2 m, in existing buildings the height of boiler room allows minimum 1,9 m only with correct ventilation (supply-exhaust ventilation), 5. supply-exhaust ventilation should be with opening that can be closed, it goes for section of minimum 200cm2, outlet should be 1,0 m over floor level. 6. ventilation exhaust channel should be made of non-flammable material with minimum diameter 14cm x 14cm of inlet opening under ceiling of boiler room. Exhaust channel should led out over roof and be placed in vicinity of chimney. 7. in vicinity of heating room should be fuel store likely in separate room. The fuel store should be such big that it would be possible to accumulate fuel for whole heating season, 2. Operating Unit, is installed on DIN rail in front of boiler and built-up with electrical distribution box, where all sensors and operator panel are connected to. Distance of back of boiler from wall should not be smaller than 0,7 m, the side of boiler from wall not smaller than 1,0 m, however the front of boiler from opposite wall not smaller than 2,0 m Smoking channels and funnels of unsuitable type or dimensions (see: Table page 6) can cause condensation problems, and influence negatively on burning parameters. Operation Unit has to be connected with all sensors needed for proper functioning of boiler as well as all executive unit standard or optional (see page 10): Tzew - Tco - Tk - Tcwu - Tpow - Tpod - Foto - external temperature sensor, temperature sensor of heating medium after mixing valve, temperature sensor of heating medium on exit from boiler, temperature sensor of warm usable water, temperature sensor of heating medium return to boiler, temperature sensor of fuel feeder, photocell (clearness probe). page 20 page 9 BASIC FUNCTIONS OF CONTROLLER (THE OPERATOR PANEL) BEFORE CALLING SERVICE M0 - M1 - CW - CO - ZAP - W1 - DM - ZTK - POD - mixer servo-motor M0 - closing, mixer servo-motor M1 - opening, hot service water pump, central heating pump, igniter, output supplying the Lambda probe module 230 ~V, blower, boiler thermal protection, feeder motor. We remind, that in case of groundless call to service, customer covers costs of arrival and work of service mechanic. Before you will make a phone call to ask for help of service, make sure about the following: the most often problem of work of fireplace, is bad quality of Pellets. 3. Controls of mixing 4-ways or 3-ways valve (Option), Controller manage mixing 4-ways valve, adjustment is made by maintaining set temperature of heating medium in heating system. Controller has also a task of protection of boiler from too low temperature of heating medium coming back from heating system. 4. ROOM THERMOSTAT, Automatic of boiler can cooperate with any room thermostat with terminals shorted. Before connection of Regulator, please remove coupler ( electric bridge ) from pins of room thermostat on executive module in this place please install/place coupler of room thermostat. The symptoms of failure of boiler work Blocking of feeder PANEL DISPLAY BLINKS WITH YELLOW: shortage of fire or fuel overheating of feeder, it means that boiler has to be cleaned up Methods of their elimination Check electric connection between boiler and feeder. If feeder was blocked - hit throughout the length of pipe of feeder with hammer several times, Check if fuel is not stuck in chute in case of fuel stacking clean it up It is necessary to check, if there is fuel in the tank, since it could block feeder. In this case instructions regarding Block of feeder should be followed. It is necessary to open upper cover of boiler, take out guide rings of combustion gases and with help of round metal brush clean inside part of smoke pipes. Clean also bottom of chimney and burner. It is necessary to check pipe of chimney. Regulator should be mounted in a location representative of temperature in the flat at a height of about meters. Do not install the regulator near heat sources, direct sunlight or areas exposed to drafts because it can negatively influence the operation of the system. page 10 page 19 SERVICE MODE PASSWORD FOR BOILER Service mode is accessible if on the controller of boiler is in mode OFF and as well a
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