Fågelsång och läten. Europa, Nordafrika och Mellanöstern. Speltid 19h, 20 min ljudupptagningar. 819 arter/raser 17 CD / MP3-Disc - PDF

Speltid 19h, 20 min ljudupptagningar 1 Fågelsång och läten 819 arter/raser 17 CD / MP3-Disc Europa, Nordafrika och Mellanöstern 2007 Edition AMPLE Dr. Andreas Schulze Karl-Heinz Dingler 2 Imprint

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Speltid 19h, 20 min ljudupptagningar 1 Fågelsång och läten 819 arter/raser 17 CD / MP3-Disc Europa, Nordafrika och Mellanöstern 2007 Edition AMPLE Dr. Andreas Schulze Karl-Heinz Dingler 2 Imprint Editor and Publisher Dr. Andreas Schulze, Karl-Heinz Dingler Sound Recordings: Alberny J. C., Ausobsky A., Allen A. A., Baccetti N., BBC Natural History Unit (Sound Library), Becker P., Bell G., Berg A. van den, Bergmann H.-H., Berutti A., Bigand S., Borror D. J., Boswall J., Boughton R., Bremond J.-C., Brétagnolle V., Brigham M., British Library (National Sound Archive), Brockelmann W., Brunel J., Budrys R., Burton J. F., Campbell H. K., Chappuis C., Charron F., Chevereau J., Claeys D., Cornell University (Laboratory of Ornithology), Couloumy C., Deroussen F., Dingler K.-H., Dingler M., Duncan C. D., Equateur E., Erard C., Feindt P., Ferdinand L., Fishpool L., Fontaine B., Gardner N., Gaucher P., Gauntlett F. M., Gessel F. van, Gibbon G., Giroud J., Gordon J., Gretton A., Griffin A., Griosel J., Guillemont A., Gunn W. W. H., Hazevoet C. J., Helo P., Henry P., Hewitt O. H., Hita C. de, Hollom P. A. D., Hovell B., Huguet P., Ireland D., Jahnson, Johnsen K., Johnson E. D. H., Jouventin P., Kaiser E., Kalling J., Kellog P. P., Kettle R., Kirby J., Krabbe N., Kristiansson B., Krjukov A. P., Lecoeur A., Lelliot D., Leonovitch V. V., Lewis V. C., Lindblad J., Loskot W., Macaulay L., MacDonald S. D., Margoschis R., Matheu E., McPherson L. B., Mild K., Moberg A., Morel G., Nakatsubo R., Naumov R., Neufeldt I. A., Neuvonen S., Nolte F., Noréhn N., Onderstall W., Orszag M., Paatela J., Paillat P., Palmér S., Pantle S., Parker T. A., Parrinder E. R., Pelz P., Pernin D., Pertuisot R., Pooley T., Radford A., Ranft R., Robin P., Robinson F. N., Robinson R. W., Roché J. C., Schmedes A., Schubert M., Schulze A., Sellar P. J., Serra L., Shnol S., Shove L. C., Simmons K. E. I., Sinclair M., Stein R. C., Stjernstedt R., Stonehouse B., Strobino S., Strömberg M., Sutherland C., Svensson L., Swaby R., Swales M. K., Szöke P., Tarboton W., Taylor P. S., Terrasse M., Tickell L., Tilbrook P. J., Tolley H., Tollu B., Tomkovitch P., Varin J.-P., Veprintsev B. N., Vershinin V., Viel D., Vielliard J., Wagner J., Wahlström S., Wallschläger D., Ward M. W., Werle A., Willander B., Willoughby E. J., Wilme L., Zanatello M., Zino P. A. Acknowledgements We are very much indebted to Claude Chappuis, who kindly provided recordings of more than 300 bird species, and to the Sociéte d Etudes Ornithologique de France (SEOF-MNHN, 55 rue Buffon, F Paris, which published his Oiseaux d Afrique (15 CDs). His work is an excellent complement to our present volumes and includes sound recordings of more than 1466 African bird species. It consists of two volumes (4 CDs of Northern Africa and Atlantic Islands, 11 CDs of Sub-Saharan Africa) available with either French or English textbooks. Conception Karl-Heinz Dingler, Dr. Andreas Schulze Title and Cover Dr. Andreas Schulze (European Golden Oriole, Great Reed Warbler, Yellow Wagtail, Kingfisher) 2006 Musikverlag Edition AMPLE Untere Bahnhofstr. 58, D Germering Tel. (0 89) Fax (0 89) Order number (17 Audio-CDs with Booklet) ISBN Order number MP MP3 ISBN (2 MP3-Disk) Duration 19:20 hours Copyright All rights of producer and owner reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this records prohibited. Översättning Den svenska översättningen har utförts av Naturbokhandeln. Texthäftet finns även att ladda ned som PDF-dokument på hemsidan Kontaktuppgifter: Naturbokhandeln, Stenhusa gård, Mörbylånga. Fågelsång och läten. Europa, Nordafrika och Mellanöstern Songs and calls play a predominant and versatile role in bird behaviour. Since species-specific vocalizations allow bird identification, recognition of them is exceptionally important in the field for counting birds in dense vegetation or under unfavourable viewing conditions. The book includes vocalizations of 819 species from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, represented by 2817 recordings of hours duration. The geographical area covered includes the whole Western Palaearctic: Europe (up to Svalbard and Franz-Josephs Island in the north, to the Ural and Caspian Sea in the east); the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, and the Cape Verde Islands; North Africa down to 21 N, including Morocco, northern Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and others; and the Middle East from Turkey and Iraq in the east, southward to approximately 28 N to the southern borders of Jordan and Kuwait. Most of the more than 600 breeding species are included, as well as many of the nonbreeders. Treatment of rarities and special cases has been kept brief. Species are listed systematically according to taxonomical standards of most modern handbooks, including the results of DNAfingerprinting and sequencing. Families and sub-families are kept within one CD. Scientific and English names for each bird species are mentioned. Songs and calls of individual species are always arranged consecutively but on separate tracks so that they can be chosen independently. Vocalizations of juveniles of several subspecies or instrumental sounds are found on separate tracks. Bold numbers indicate where the recordings of each species can be found. The first number is the code of the CD, and the number following the slash indicates the track (e.g., 15/24 means CD 15 track 24). Information on the duration of different recordings within one track is given as follows: 0:00 2:33 3:26 means two recordings are within one track. The second recording starts after 2 minutes and 33 seconds. Total playing time of the track is 3 minutes 26 seconds. The documentation of the recordings (pp. 8 50) is short because additional information and interpretation can easily be found in handbooks and field guides. Nevertheless scientific background is sometimes incomplete or lacking. There is a structural differentiation in the definition of songs and calls because songs are often more continuous and consist of subunits as phrases or motifs, but this classification does not apply in general to all vocalizations of all species. Songs are not restricted to songbirds and purity of sound is not relevant for classification of songs or calls. The most general function of birdsong is species identification, which plays an important role in reproduction and separation of breeding populations. There may be other functional aspects of bird songs, such as territoriality, attracting females, ensuring pair bonding, or synchronization of partners or neighbours or groups. In temperate breeding areas, it is mostly the males that sing, but females of some species may also sing. Singing activity in most species reaches its peak before breeding season and continues throughout the fertile period of females. Birds will be more inconspicuous during hatching and fledging of the young and almost quiet during post-nuptial moult. At middle and higher altitudes, singing in some species will start again and reach a second peak in autumn. Singing intensity varies during daytime within the (breeding) season and is influenced by weather conditions. In spring and summer, it is highest early in the morning before and after sunrise and again in the evening before dusk. In autumn, it peaks later in the morning. Wind and bad weather conditions have a negative influence on song activity in most species. Calls, in contrast to songs, are often simpler in structure and can be heard throughout the year for both sexes. They are uttered in different social contexts and their functions are sometimes identical with those of song. There are situation-specific calls, such as warnings in different situations (enemies from the air, enemies from the ground, flying enemies hunting or not, etc.), flight calls, calls when discovering food resources, calls during landing or taking off, etc. Instrumental sounds are produced by means other than the syrinx, the vocal apparatus of birds. The drumming of woodpeckers for instance is the knocking of the beak on a branch as a resonance board in speciesspecific rhythms. Wing-flapping or billsnapping in special situations is typical for some species. Other birds use sounds produced by specially shaped feathers vibrating during flight, as in snipes. Direct access to each of the 2817 recordings is made easy by means of the track numbers (the bold printed number following the slash), and if necessary, the accompanying starting time. CD-Players that display index numbers show the numbers included on the CDs. CD-players and PCs with CD-text-function show a short table of contents for each track, along with the German species name and codes: G= song R = calls J = calls of juveniles T = drumming F = flight sound D = rattle, knocking, snapping Some of the recordings, such as the songs of the Spotted Flycatcher (12/3 4), the Goldcrest (15/51 52), and Firecrest (15/54 55), may not be perceivable by everybody because they are of very high frequency and their frequency range sometimes exceeds the hearing capacity of human ears. Some people may thus incorrectly assume this is a gap or error caused by the CD. This edition will be extended. If you can help to complete and improve it with your own recordings, we are very interested. If you are able to assist, please contact the publisher. Furthermore, I would appreciate any kind of suggestions. Dr. Andreas Schulze Munich, 2007 3 Innehåll CD/SLÄKTEN Spår Sida CD1 LOMMAR Gaviidae DOPPINGAR Podicipedidae ALBATROSSER Diomedeidae STORMFÅGLAR, LIROR M.FL. Procellariiformes m.fl SULOR Sulidae PELIKANER Pelecanidae TROPIKFÅGLAR Phaethontidae 45 4 FREGATTFÅGLAR Fregatidae 46 4 ORMHALSFÅGLAR Anhingidae SKARVAR Phalacrocoracidae HÄGRAR Ardeidae FLAMINGOER Phoenicopteridae IBISAR OCH SKEDSTORKAR Threskiornithidae STORKAR Ciconiidae CD 2 VISSELÄNDER Dendrocygnidae SVANAR Cygnidae GÄSS Anser, Branta ÄNDER Anatidae CD 3 ROVFÅGLAR Accipitriformes CD 4 FLYGHÖNS Pteroclidiae FÄLTHÖNS Phasianidae SKOGSHÖNS Tetraonidae HJÄLMPÄRLHÖNS Numididae NORDAMERIKANSKA FÄLTHÖNS Odontophoridae SPRINGHÖNS Turnicidae 43 7 SUMPHÖNS Rallidae TRANOR Gruidae TRAPPAR Otididae STRUTSAR Struthionidae VADARE Charadriiformes CD 5 VADARE FORTS. Charadriiformes CD 11 TRASTFÅGLAR FORTS. Turdidae CD 12 FLUGSNAPPARE Muscicapidae TÖRNSKATOR Laniidae VIREOS Vireonidae KRÅKFÅGLAR Corvidae SOMMARGYLLINGAR Oriolidae CD 13 SOLFÅGLAR Nectariniidae TIMALIDER Timaliidae SÅNGARE Sylviidae CD 14 SÅNGARE FORTS. Sylviidae CD 15 MESAR M.FL. Paridae m.fl NÖTVÄCKOR Sittidae MURKRYPARE Tichodromadidae TRÄDKRYPARE Certhiidae KUNGSFÅGLAR Regulidae CD 16 SPARVFINKAR Passeridae VÄVARE M.FL. Ploceinae m.fl AMARANTER M.FL. Estrildinae m.fl FINKAR Fringillidae CD 17 FÄLTSPARVAR M.FL Emberizidae m.fl SKOGSSÅNGARE M.FL. NORDAMERIKANSKA TÄTTINGAR Parulidae m.fl Beträffande de svenska fågelnamnen (liksom merparten av de engelska och vetenskapliga namnen) så har Sveriges Ornitologiska Förenings namnkommittés lista, Holarktis fåglar, följts. För ett tjugotal arter/raser saknas publicerade vedertagna svenska namn. I dessa fall har vi sökt råd hos Sveriges Ornitologiska Förenings namnkommitté. Artlisan nedan är på inget vis vägledande för fåglarnas status som art eller ras. CD 6 VADARE FORTS. Charadriiformes LABBAR Stercorariidae MÅSAR OCH TRUTAR Lariidae TÄRNOR Sternidae SAXNÄBBAR Rychopidae ALKOR Alcidae CD 7 UGGLOR Strigiformes FALKNATTSKÄRROR Chordeilidae NATTSKÄRROR Caprimulgidae DUVOR Columbidae CD 8 GÖKAR Cuculidae REGNGÖKAR Coccycidae HÄRFÅGLAR Upupidae BLÅKRÅKOR Coraciidae BIÄTARE Meropidae KUNGSFISKARE Alcedinidae SEGLARE Apodidae MUSFÅGLAR Coliidae PARAKITER Psittacidae HACKSPETTAR Picidae CD 9 LÄRKOR Alaudidae PIPLÄRKOR OCH ÄRLOR Motacillinae SVALOR Hirundinidae CD 10 BULBYLER Pycnonotidae SIDENSVANSAR Bombycillidae STRÖMSTARAR Cinclidae GÄRDSMYGAR Troglodytidae JÄRNSPARVAR Prunellidae STARAR Sturnidae HÄRMTRASTAR Mimidae TRASTFÅGLAR Turdidae 4 CD 1 [75:20 Minuter] LOMMAR Gaviidae Smålom Red-throated Loon Gavia stellata 1/1 0:00-0:16-0:40-0:50-0:58 Calls. Recording 1: courtship display of a pair. Recording 3 and 4: flight calls. Storlom Black-Throated Loon Gavia arctica 1/2 0:00-0:09-0:20-0:38-0:47-0:57 Calls. Recording 2: noise of water. Recording 3: courtship display of a pair. Svartnäbbad islom Great Northern Loon Gavia immer 1/3 0:00-0:39-1:02 Calls of courting pairs. Vitnäbbad islom Yellow-billed Loon Gavia adamsii 1/4 0:00-0:29-0:52 Calls of a courting pair. DOPPINGAR Podicipedidae Tjocknäbbad dopping Pied-billed Grebe Podilymbus podiceps 1/5 0:00-0:30 Calls. Smådopping Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis 1/6 0:00-0:18-0:40-1:26-1:34-1:45-2:00 Calls. Recording 2: duett of a pair. Recording 6: winter call often only heard outside of the breeding period. 1/7 0:00-0:17 Calls of Juveniles. Skäggdopping Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus 1/8 0:00-0:46-1:27-1:51-2:13-2:26-2:39 Calls of pairs and single birds. Recording 1: two neighbouring pairs matching. 1/9 0:00-0:24-0:48-1:05 Calls of Juveniles. Gråhakedopping Red-necked Grebe Podiceps grisegena 1/10 0:00-0:12-0:52-0:58 Calls. Recording 1 and 2: a mating pair. 1/11 0:00-0:13 Calls of chicks. Svarthakedopping Horned Grebe Podiceps auritus 1/12 0:00-0:10-0:21-0:40-0:51-1:15 Calls. Recording 3: courtship behaviour of a pair. Svarthalsad dopping Black-necked Grebe Podiceps nigricollis 1/13 0:00-0:15-0:40-1:01 Recording 1 and 2: calls of mating pairs, afterwards a flock during spring-time migration (calls of an Eurasian Coot at the background). ALBATROSSER Diomedeidae Svartbrynt albatross Black-browed Albatross Diomedea melanophris 1/14 0:00-0:29 Calls. Mindre albatross Yellow-nosed Albatross Diomedea chlororhynchos 1/15 0:00-0:22 Calls. Vandringsalbatross Wandering Albatross Diomedea exulans 1/16 0:00-0:20 Calls. Gråhuvad albatross Gray-headed Albatross Diomedea chrysostoma 1/17 0:00-0:12 Calls and bill-clattering. Ljusryggad sotalbatross Light-mantled Sooty Albatross Phoebetria palpebrata 1/18 0:00-0:20 Calls. STORMFÅGLAR, LIROR M.FL. Procellariiformes m.fl. Stormfågel Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis 1/19 0:00-0:38 Calls of a pair at the nest. Brokpetrell Cape Petrel Daption capense 1/20 0:00-0:16 Calls. Atlantpetrell Fea s Petrel Pterodroma feae 1/21 0:00-0:32 Flight calls of adults. Madeirapetrell Zino s Petrel Pterodroma madeira 1/22 0:00-0:14 Calls of a flying adult. Spetsstjärtad petrell Bulwer s Petrel Bulweria bulwerii 1/23 0:00-0:23-0:40 Calls from a breeding cavity. Gulnäbbad lira Cory s Shearwater Calonectris diomedea 1/24 0:00-0:27-0:51-1:17 Flight calls of adult shearwaters close of their colony: until 0:05 calls of an adult from the breeding cavity. Recording 2: repeated chirruping of a chick. Gulnäbbad lira (Kap Verde) Cape Verde Shearwater Calonectris edwardsii 1/25 0:00-0:36 Calls within a colony. Större lira Great Shearwater Puffinus gravis 1/26 0:00-0:13 Calls. Grålira Sooty Shearwater Puffinus griseus 1/27 0:00-0:18 Calls. Mindre lira Manx Shearwater Puffinus puffinus 1/28 0:00-0:19-0:44-0:51 Calls close to the colony. Medelhavslira Yelkouan Shearwater Puffinus yelkouan 1/29 0:00-0:52 Flight calls of adults close to a colony. Balearisk lira Balearic Shearwater Puffinus mauretanicus 1/30 0:00-0:16 Calls at the nest. Dvärglira Little Shearwater Puffinus assimilis 1/31 0:00-0:26 Calls within a colony. Havslöpare Wilson s Storm-Petrel Oceanites oceanicus 1/32 0:00-0:26 Calls of a pair. Fregattstormsvala White-faced Storm-Petrel Pelagodroma marina 1/33 0:00-0:24 Calls from a breeding cavitye. Stormsvala European Storm-Petrel Hydrobates pelagicus 1/34 0:00-0:53-1:16-1:42 Calls from breeding cavities within a colony. Klykstjärtad stormsvala Leach s Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma leucorhoa 1/35 0:00-0:43-1:08 Calls of adults from the breeding cavitye. Recording 2: cheeping calls of a nestling for example from 0:51 to 0:53. Oceanlöpare Madeiran Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma castro 1/36 0:00-0:28-0:40 Recording 1: calls of an adult Petrel from the breeding cavitye. Recording 2: flight calls. SULOR Sulidae Brun sula Brown Booby Sula leucogaster 1/37 0:00-0:23 Calls. Kapsula Cape Gannet Sula capensis 1/38 0:00-0:31 Calls. Havssula Northern Gannet Sula bassana 1/39 0:00-0:42-1:04 Calls and flightsounds close to a colony. 1/40 0:00-0:10 Calls of an older nestling. PELIKANER Pelecanidae Vit pelikan Great White Pelican Pelecanus onocrotalus 1/41 0:00-0:32-1:07-1:18 Calls. Recording 1: at a roost (Fire-bellied Toad at the background). Recording 2: within a colony followed by flight calls and sound of wings. 1/42 0:00-0:17 Calls of a nestling. Krushuvad pelikan Dalmatian Pelican Pelecanus crispus 1/43 0:00-0:28-1:02 Calls within a colony. Rosaryggad pelikan Pink-backed Pelican Pelecanus rufescens 1/44 0:00-0:25 Calls within a colony. TROPIKFÅGLAR Phaethontidae Rödnäbbad tropikfågel Red-billed Tropicbird Phaethon aethereus 1/45 0:00-0:19 Calls. FREGATTFÅGLAR Fregatidae Praktfregattfågel Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens 1/46 0:00-0:28-0:56 Calls. ORMHALSFÅGLAR Anhingidae Afrikansk ormhalsfågel African Darter Anhinga rufa 1/47 0:00-0:28 Calls within a small colony. Recording 1: only adults, from 0:18 also nestlings. 1/48 0:00-0:14 Nestlings calling. SKARVAR Phalacrocoracidae Storskarv Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo 1/49 0:00-0:16-0:42-1:35-2:12 Recording 1-3: Calls close to a colony. At 0:28 and 0:36 a small nestling. Recording 4: troop calling the roost. 1/50 0:00-0:10 Calls of a nestling. Toppskarv European Shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis 1/51 0:00-0:16-0:33 Calls on the nest. 1/52 0:00-0:27 Nestlings calling. Dvärgskarv Pygmy Cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmeus 1/53 0:00-0:13 Calls of adults and juveniles within a small colony. Långstjärtad skarv Long-tailed Cormorant Phalacrocorax africanus 1/54 0:00-0:14-0:31 Calls of adults and juveniles within a colony. HÄGRAR Ardeidae Rördrom Great Bittern Botaurus stellaris 1/55 0:00-0:53 Song of a male. 1/56 0:00-0:08 Flight calls. Amerikansk rördrom American Bittern Botaurus lentiginosus 1/57 0:00-0:15 Song of a male. Amerikansk dvärgrördrom Least Bittern Ixobrychus exilis 1/58 0:00-0:21 Song of a male. Dvärgrördrom Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus 1/59 0:00-0:37 Song of a male. 1/60 0:00-0:10-0:19 Calls. Recording 2: flight calls. Pygmérördrom Dwarf Bittern Ixobrychus sturmii 1/61 0:00-0:17 Song of a male. Natthäger Black-Crowned Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax 1/62 0:00-0:09-0:24-0:43-0:56 Recording 1: flight calls, after that calls at the nesting area. 1/63 0:00-0:10-0:31 Nestlings calling. Grönhäger Striated Heron Butorides striatus 1/64 0:00-0:06-0:14-0:21 Calls. Recording 3: flight calls. Lotushäger Green Heron Butorides virescens 1/65 0:00-0:08 Calls. Rallhäger Squacco Heron Ardeola ralloides 1/66 0:00-0:15-0:24-0:38 Recording 1 and 2: flight calls followed by begging young at the nest. 1/67 0:00-0:15 Nestlings calling. Kohäger Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis 1/68 0:00-0:09-0:18-0:37-1:06 Recording 1 and 2: flight calls followed by calls within the colony. 1/69 0:00-0:22-0:43 Nestlings calling, additional to the muffled ok-ok... -calls of the adults. Svarthäger Black Heron Egretta ardesiaca 1/70 0:00-0:34 Calls of a small flock searching for food. Revhäger Western Reef-Heron Egretta gularis 1/71 0:00-0:07-0:24-0:45 Calls and flight sounds. Silkeshäger Little Egret Egretta garzetta 1/72 0:00-0:11-0:31-0:44 Flight calls at the beginning, a calling troop at a stretch of water at recording 2, followed by calls within a small colony. 1/73 0:00-0:10 Nestlings calling. Mellanhäger Intermediate Egret Egretta intermedia 1/74 0:00-0:11 Calls of an adult taking flight. Ägretthäger Great Egret Egretta alba 1/75 0:00-0:09-0:19-0:30-0:47-1:08 Recording 1-4: flight calls, followed by calls at the eyrie. 1/76 0:00-0:40-1:01 First calls of large nestlings, followed by calls of younger nestlings at
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