Facilitating a programme level approach to information and digital literacy (IDL). The University of Sheffield’s IDL model, framework, animation and offer. Findings of our participatory action research project - Grant, Haworth & Hubenova

1. Facilitating a programme level approach to information and digital literacy (IDL). Findings of our participatory action research project. Vicky Grant - Amy Haworth…

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  • 1. Facilitating a programme level approach to information and digital literacy (IDL). Findings of our participatory action research project. Vicky Grant - Amy Haworth #LILAC18
  • 2. Today we will be covering... ● Information and Digital Literacy (IDL) ● Programme level approaches ● Reflections on our participatory action research project and implications for practice
  • 3. The Sheffield IDL Framework
  • 4. Information and Digital Literacy Tutorials
  • 5. Jesse, final year Engineering student. “I attended the blogging workshop which I thought was vastly beneficial in the digital age we live in… I am looking forward to using the skills to create my own blog once my summer exams are over”
  • 6. Elka, Library SALT team, 2017-18. “We’ve got the right resources, they need to be in the right places”
  • 7. Matt, Library SALT team, 2017-18. “Students want information where they are and when they need it”
  • 8. IDL and programme level approaches
  • 9. CC0 ErikaWittlieb
  • 10. CC0, Tama66
  • 11. English Literature Dissertation module: IDL Masterclass CC0, Skyangel
  • 12. Participatory action research Empowering-Changing-Reflecting Appreciative Inquiry What is strong not what is wrong
  • 13. Our reflections on ‘what is strong’ “Working as a group we then looked at chat transcripts, which, as they came mostly from StarPlus [the Library Catalogue), were more complex - relating to literacies and less transactional based. The value of our SALT team reviewing enquiries together enabled them to discuss the decision making process.” Alison Staff participant “A lot has happened in these 12 weeks. The first few weeks were all focussed around getting to know the team and the staff as well as planning the project. This process was for the most part smooth, with the staff being extremely welcoming and the team bonding quickly … We were required to analyse past staff-student interactions through the libanswers software … The theme I have noticed most is that students are unaware of the interlibrary loan system. Matt Student Associate
  • 14. Implications for practice • Appreciative Inquiry engages library teams with dynamic and agile approaches to change • Keep an open mind for the road ahead – digital is dynamic • Co-analysis and co-production allows for multiple perspectives, enhancing inclusivity and student engagement
  • 15. Information and digital literacy blog idl.group.shef.ac.uk SUBSCRIBE to hear more !
  • 16. References Carbery, A., Godwin, L. & Cottrell, J. (2016). Appreciative inquiry - strengths-based approach to information literacy instruction. In: Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC), 21-23 March, University College Dublin. [Viewed 15 November 2017]. Available from: https://www.slideshare.net/acarbery/appreciative-inquiry-strengthsbased-approach-to- information-literacy-instruction Grant, V., Grigsby, K., Carlson, S & Sadler, R. (2017). Students as positive disruptors : co- developing an information and digital literacy festival using a participatory action research approach. In: Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC), 10-12 April, Swansea University. [Viewed 15 November 2017]. Available from: https://www.slideshare.net/infolit_group/students-as-positive-disruptors-codeveloping-an- information-and-digital-literacy-festival-using-a-participatory-action-research-approach-grant- grigsby# Reason, P. & Bradbury, H. (2008). The SAGE handbook of action research : participative inquiry and practice 2nd ed., Los Angeles, Calif. ; London: SAGE. Townsin, J. (2013) Appreciative Inquiry [online]. YouTube. [Viewed 23 March 2018]. Available from: https://youtu.be/QzW22wwh1J4 Watkins, J.M., Mohr, B. J. & Kelly, R. (2011). Appreciative inquiry : change at the speed of imagination 2nd ed., San Francisco, Calif. : Chichester: Jossey-Bass.
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