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1. Presented by: 2. For any type of demolition service it is very necessary to acquire legal documents. It would be better if you…

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  • 1. Presented by:
  • 2. For any type of demolition service it is very necessary to acquire legal documents. It would be better if you have it well in advance. So, there would be no issues in the middle of the service. Having Legal Papers
  • 3. Demolition is a risky as well as delicate job. That’s why it is vital for all the staff to possess all the required skill and ability to handle machineries. Providing Staff with Proper Training
  • 4. In order to maintain safety in demolition service it is very necessary to inspect the work site well before starting the service. You would come to know about issues, overall condition and requirements of the project also. If you find any issues you can take precautions to prevent any further problem. Checking the Worksite Well
  • 5. Make sure to detach all kinds of utilities like electricity, water supply and so on. Otherwise they may create bigger issues in demolition service. Disassemble Utilities
  • 6. One of the best and wise way to maintain safety in demolition work is to ensure that everybody is wearing safety tools like helmet, goggles, gloves and earplugs. Using Safety Wearing
  • 7. Before you start to work with the machineries in the actual work site, it is suggested to check the condition of the equipment well. Checking Machineries in Advance
  • 8. Discussing the Plan in the Actual Ground Don’t stop after making plans sitting at the comfort of your office. Rehearsal everything at the actual ground and stay alert about all inevitable hurdles.
  • 9. Asbestos and silica pose a great threat in demolition work. Special care should be taken to remove and dispose them. Special Care for Asbestos and Silica
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