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Brandon Fuchs Excel Application Assignment 43144 Personal Budget Tra Names January Entertainment 4000 Food 4300 Taxes 5000 Transportation 400 Housing 6000 Total

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  Brandon FuchsExcel Application Assignment43144Names JanuaryEntertainment 4000Food 4300Taxes 5000Transportation 400Housing 6000Total =SUM(B7:B11)Average =AVERAGE(B7:B11)Median =MEDIAN(B7:B11) Personal $- $2,000.00 $4,000.00 $6,000.00 $8,000.00 $10,000.00January February    February March April6000 2000 10006000 3000 11006000 3500 53001000 700 20004300 5600 7000=SUM(C7:C11) =SUM(D7:D11) =SUM(E7:E11)=AVERAGE(C7:C11) =AVERAGE(D7:D11) =AVERAGE(E7:E11)=MEDIAN(C7:C11) =MEDIAN(D7:D11) =MEDIAN(E7:E11)  udget Tracking arch April May June July August Personal Budget Tracker Entertainment Food Taxes Transportation Housing  May June July3000 6000 11009000 900 300010000 5000 20005000 4000 20008700 6000 1000=SUM(F7:F11) =SUM(G7:G11) =SUM(H7:H11)=AVERAGE(F7:F11) =AVERAGE(G7:G11) =AVERAGE(H7:H11)=MEDIAN(F7:F11) =MEDIAN(G7:G11) =MEDIAN(H7:H11) eptember October November December  August September October2100 8000 1000210 3500 10002100 4000 19004100 3600 9002000 6000 1200=SUM(I7:I11) =SUM(J7:J11) =SUM(K7:K11)=AVERAGE(I7:I11) =AVERAGE(J7:J11) =AVERAGE(K7:K11)=MEDIAN(I7:I11) =MEDIAN(J7:J11) =MEDIAN(K7:K11)
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