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Evneriri News ESTERN ICHIGAN N VERSITY Volume XX Number I ich. ed u/emeriti/newsletter Spring 2014 E FTFRT COUNCIL: Officers, Chair, Judith Halseth; Vice Chair, Hat Ray; Secretary, Emíty r Hoffman;

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Evneriri News ESTERN ICHIGAN N VERSITY Volume XX Number I ich. ed u/emeriti/newsletter Spring 2014 E FTFRT COUNCIL: Officers, Chair, Judith Halseth; Vice Chair, Hat Ray; Secretary, Emíty r Hoffman; Treasurer and Newsletter Editor, Lawrence Schlack; Members, Anïrew Brogowicz; Sandra Edwards; C.J. Gianakaris; Bruce Haight; John Houdek; Pat Lemanski; Garrard Maõleod, David Peterson S ruessace FRoM THE chatr: The Emeriti Council continues to connect with emeriti in the Kalamazoo area and through the Emeriti News, with our many colleagues at a distance. we hope you will fínd interesting information in this íssue. The Emeriti council was fou nded in 1975, and the officers and members will continue to support the following concerns: (a) maintain open lines of communication between the emeriti, the administration, and the faculty of WMU; (b) foster strong relations hips between the emeriti and the University; (c) support and serve the emeriti in various ways; and (d) support the growth and development of the University. I have enjoyed serving as chair for the past two years. Best wishes to the 12 members of the Emeriti Coun cil and to the many emeriti who participate in and support the work of the Emeriti Council UPCOMING EVENTS: EE Wednesday ll Meetings: * Unless otherwise all will take in the m. May 29, 2014 Western's FACULTY RETIREMENT RECoGNITIoN DINNER at the Bernhard p9$er w!!l begin with a 5:00 p.m. reception. Emceeing the event is Garrard Macleod (WMUK). Molly Williams (Engineering and Applied Sciences) will represent emeriti in welcoming new retirees. Responding for the newcomers is Peter Krawutschke, Professor of World LanguageianO Literatures. UPCOMING EVENTS CONTINUED: August 13,2014 The Emeriti Council holds its BREAKFEST on Wednesday at the Fetzer Center on campus. lntended as a breaktheice event to start the fall term, BreakFest begins with coffee at 8:30 A.m. followed by a breakfast buffet at 9:00 a.m. Our guest speaker will be MARILYN SCHLACK, president of Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Her topic is A Health Focused Campus. I BreakFest cost is $16.00 per person, with August 6 the deadline for reservations. To reserve your spot, mail in the reservation form located on the last page of this newsletter to Nancy Dyksterhouse, Office of the President, 1903 W Michigan Ave SeibertAdmin. Bldg., Kalamazoo, Ml E Sept. 10, 2014 TIMOTHY LIGHT (Professor Emeritus, Comparative Religion/ Asian and Middle Eastern Languages). Communities in Schools in Kalamazoo: the Unknown Organization with a Powerful Effect . Although relatively unknown, Communities in Schools in Kalamazoo offers the largest impact on improving chances for success among the onethird of our student population who drop out before graduating from high school. This program has been rescheduled from January 8, due to weather Oct. 8, 2014 HELENAN ROBIN (Professor Emerita, Political Science). Topic: Five Periods in Egyptian History: A Slide Presentation. Nov. 12, 2014 BRUCE HAIGHT (Professor Emeritus, History). The Woodcarving of Lamídi Fakeye: Four Generations of Yoruba Masters and Apprentices . Although there have been many exhibitions of Lamidi Fakeye's work, there has never been an exhibition of the four generations of Fakeye family woodcarvers' work held by WMU faculty. Professor Haight's lecture will tell the story of these developments and will comment on how their artistic styles have developed over the past 50 years. This program has been rescheduled from March 12, due to weather. WINE TASTING PARTY. Look for details in future mail Dec. 10,2014 (tentative) ings or Nov. Newsletter 2 tr SUMMARY OF PAST EVENTS: February 12, 2014 JAMES Bosco (Professor Emeritus, Educational studies). 'American Education ín the Third Era . The presentation took us on an express journey through four hundred years of American education history. The premise was that there have been two distinct and quite different eras of American education and now we have entered a new era. The catalyst for the changes, as for society in general, has been the rapid expansion in the amount and capacity of digital media. April 9, 2014 LAWRENGE schlack (Associate professor Emeritus, Educational Leadership). Taking a pictorial and historical look at WMU's earliest history as a teacher preparation institution, Professor Schlack titled his Program John Dewey Comes to WMU: The Campus School and Progressive Education. Although John Dewey never actualcame to wmu, his progressive education theories were adopted for ly the construction of the Campus School in The program described the design, construction and curriculum of the Campus School and how it reflected the Dewey ph losophy of progressive education in its early years. Special guests Martha Parfet and her daughter Sally Williams, both of whom started their school years as kindergarteners in the Campus School, related many memories of the how the school operated. May 14, 2014 SHARON GARLSON (Director, Archives and Regional History collections). Regional rreasures: lntroducing the zhang Legacy Collections center. The site tour featured behindthescenes infôrmation about the plan, implementation, and move of 30,000 cubic feet of some of Southwest Michigan's premiere cultural resources. Coflections include the Kalamazoo Gazette clipping files and photo morgue, organizational records from various clubs, several large photographic collections, county records from southwestern Michigan, and Western Michigan University archival records. These materials are available for genealogical and J historical research and are open to the public. Ft Emeriti Gouncil Book Scholarships: Thanks to the generous donations of you, our emeritus colleagues, 24 deserving undergraduate students were each awarded $400 Emeriti Gouncil Book Scholarships for the Spring Semester to help them purchase textbooks for their classes. Since the Emeriti Council's Book Scholarship Fund was established in , a total of $74,800 in textbook scholarships has been awarded. Recipients are selected by the Office of Student Financial A d based on financiat need and academic achievement (i.e., high GPA). The students often express their surprise, delight and gratitude for this unexpected help toward meeting the cost of their education at WMU. As you know, increases in tuition and fees often leave students with little left over for books and supplies. Your generous support of the Emeriti Council's Book Scholarship Fund plays a vital role in helping students achieve a college education. Your taxdeductible donation to the Emeriti Council Book Scholarship Fund can be made online at https://adminlb. imodules.com/s/1 428limaqes/gid2leditor documents/ mvvvmu orintable oivino form and desionations.odf Or if you prefer, you can use the gift form attached to this newsletter, being sure to indicate that your gift is designated for the Emeriti Council Book Scholarship Fund. Emeriti Medallion Scholarships: Et Since the academic year, seven outstanding highschool students have been awarded fouryear Emeriti Medallion Scholarships ranging in value from $32,000 to the current award level of $50,000 ($t2,500 per year). As you know, WMU's Medallion Scholarship is the highest meritbased scholarship offered at the University, and is among the largest meritbased scholarship programs in American higher education. Since it was established in 1984, the Medallion Scholarship program has helped aüract the best and brightest of highschool students to WMU, further enhancing Western's strong academic reputation. The Emeriti Council's Medallion Scholarship Fund has been funded primarily through the generous gifts of emeriti faculty. Given recent market performance, the fund is currently large enough to support awarding a new Emeriti Medallion Scholarship in three consecutive academic years within every fouryear period. The Emeriti Council's goal is to raise sufficient additional funds to be able to award at least one new Emeriti Medallion Scholarship every academic year. Please consider making a taxdeductible gift in any amount that you consider appropriate to the Emeriti Council Medallion Scholarship Fund. You can make your gift online at https://adminlb. imod ules.com/s/1 428limaqes/qid2led itor_documents/ mywmu printable qivinq formand designations.pdf Or if you prefer, you can use the attached gift form, being sure to indicate that your gift is designated for the Emeriti Councít Medattion Schotarship Fund. 4 1VESTERN MICHIGAN TJNTVERSITY FO{JNDATION 1903 W Michigm Ave, Kalamazoo, MI Phone:(269) Fa*(269)387877o Ple se Print nn/afog ut nabê homc add cs s u trea cod and phoüê cmâil âddrêss Plcrsc complete thore thet rppty úo your gift. Is the,te anotüerperson who should also rceeive credit fortbis gifr? _yes _No Ifyes, please print the fullowing information. I dividual'stitlq _Mr. _f,f q. _M* _Ih. _Capt _OiúÊr j q I support continued exeellence at lyestern MichÍgan University With the following gift or ptedge Cl$s,ooo Elsz oo Egz,ooo E$r,ooo E soo Eszso Elsroo Etso Elszs trotre s ty Stfr ís to be paid via: c Check nclose{ payable toúetrlmu Foundation c Major eredit card (see below) tr Electronic transfer (instructions will be sent) Er Multiyear pledge (see bottom of the page) Tbank You! GÍyc o lirc re MyWMU.eoa/tfyG ft Tclcglolc: 2ó93ttt700 Pri t i dividual's fi ll rroc This gift is ûnre$eisted or _ desifn*ea to rhe follofring: puarûa ne ot ceparu N t, Gollege, aoadehrc progran, or otüer ñ trd to urhich this gifr is desigpated fl vrse Credit CardPryment Please charge mygiêto (oheck one) E u ætc* fj Ð n o E I have enclosed a matching gift form from my employer or my Enuse's ee Plq/er. o Please send informdion aboutjoining the Presid at's Circle of majordonon ûo IVMU. o I have included WMU in my will or esüats plan E Please send info'rmation on how to inclr de WMU in ny estate plan. expiretio daf accè t CCV# (3dgit seorþ code) hfern tl r lltr bc lnddrd co trûú.f É Ge plõ Pleese con pkt if mking e multiyeer plcdge to Tgestern MichÍgen University I would like to make a multiyearpledge of ( ùo be paid over _ yers in the annount of peryear. ïhis giftwill be paid via: t Check made payable ta!&te VMU Foandatíon U Major credit card (see credit eard payme,nt) U Electronic transfer (instmctions wilt be sent) U I would like a reminder s ntto me &ning the monfh ^f U I do notaeedaremindersentûome. Please mail the entire forn to: IVestern Michigan Universþ Foundation, Gift Proce*sing, Kalamazoo, MI4900g5403 Importrnt tt strtemcnt lyc ectnowlcdgc thrt you rlii ot r cc ye üy gtxrdr or ærï ccs in return for your co rtr bûtlon' ercept for g fß de ls[úcd to intereolþbtc úhlctícs. Ple*e comult your trr tdvi or reprding giftr to rtblctlcs. EL SCHOLARSHIP: Medallion Scholars: Alyssa Murray: Alyssa entered her junior year at Western last fall. She is studying Biomedical Sciences with minors in music and chemistry. She is continuing to pursue a PrePhysician Assistant path. Alyssa obtained her Competency Evaluated Nursing Assistant certification over the Su mmer and is pursuing healthca re experience in a clinical setting. ln addition, Alyssa is the first student participant in the Borgess Resounding Spirit Choir, conducted by a music graduate student for doctors, nurses, Allied Health professionals, and other hospítal staff. She has been continually performing with this group th roughout the Fall and is working on expanding musical opportunities for medical professionals as part of her honors thesis. Alyssa also continues to work as one of the primary student coordinators of the 2011 Medallion Class project called Tutor Time at the youth Development Center on Crosstown Parkway. Garrett Gagnon: t media Arts which I am My name is Garrett Gagnon. I am a sophomore at Western, and I am studying Vocal Performance in the School of Music. Last year, I started in Mechanical Engineering, but after a while thinking about it, I decided to audition for the School of Music. I now love what I study, and this includes my minors as well, which are Spanish and Multi Technology. I am continuing my participation with my a cappella group, the Broncords, of now a music director. After Western, there are a number of opportunities that I could have, which include graduate studies or internships to lead to larger job opportunities. With the variety of study areas I am currently involved with, I am excited to see what will become more prominent ti my life as I go through college. Multimedia Arts Technology will possibly become a major as of Fall 2014, and I would have to make the decision to stay where I am or take that on as a major. Whatever I may choose, I love doing everything I am involved with currentty. Ana Del Rocio Morales: Ana Morales has certainly been making the best of her first year at WMU. As a Theater Technology and Design Production major she spends four days a week building the sets and making the costumes. Ana works in the box office, which gives her the opportunity to learn about the Arts Management side of theater. On top of that, she is also in the process of completing her Emerging Leaders Certificate and on occasion volunteers at Drive Safe Kalamazoo. Whenever possible, Ana is getting involved with theater workshops. So far she has attended a Photoshop workshop with awardnominated Rafael Jaen and a foam carving workshop by Scott Gurewitz. She will be taking a puppet manipulation workshop next semester with Jason Potgieter, Puppet Director of King Stag and member of the Handspring Co. which made the puppets for the Broadway play, Warhorse. lf offered, she also plans on participating in a weeklong tailoring workshop. This year has been incredibly busy for Ana and she is very grateful for the opportunities that Western continues to provide her. 6 Medallion Scholars Luncheon E April 4,2014 A luncheon to honor the Emeriti Council's three Medallion Scholars was held at downtown Kalamazoo's Park Club on April 4. Attending were scholars Alyssa Murphy, Garrett Gagnon, and Ana Morales along with Council members Judith Halseth, Hal Ray (not pictured), Emily Hoffman, Sandra Edwards, and Larry Schlack. lt was an opportunity to relax together, get better acquainted and hear from the Scholars how the past academic year had gone and what their immediate plans for the coming year are. Nobody went home hungry. pictured here are : Table Back: Ana Morales, Garrett Gagnon, Alyssa Murray Table Right End: Larry Schlack Table Front Right: Judith Halseth Table Front Left: Emily Hoffman Table Left End: Sandra Edwards Left: Ana Del Rocio Morales Center: Garrett Gagnon Right: Alyssa Murray E EmeritiCouncitWebsite: Please check the website, news of the Emeriti Council. Previous issues of Emeriti News and minutes of meetings can be viewed there, along with information about coming activities. The Council ijnow publishing a color copy of the newsletter on the web site. David Peterson is responsible for keeping the website updated. 7 E ANNOUNCEMENTS: Emeriti Council Election Update: The 141 ballots have been counted, and we welcome Joyce Zastrow, John Geisler, and Garrard Macleod to the Emeriti Councíl! Garrard was appointed in January to fill a vacancy, so now he's an officiallyelected member. The four members who just completed a twoyear term and have been reelected for a second twoyear term include Emily Hoffman, John Houdek, David Peterson, and Hal Ray. We're glad you wíll continue your service to the Emeriti Council. Ongoing members who will begin the second year of their twoyear term Brogowicz, Sandra Edwards, Bruce Haight, pat Lemanski, and Larry Schlack. way out, after four yearsgus Gianakaris and Judy Halseth. include Andy And on their The Emeriti Council met Tuesday, May 13, in the Heinig Emeriti Lounge, Walwood Hall. The agenda included choosing Emeriti Council officers for the coming yêar. eegínning July 1, 2014, there will be CoChairs, Sandra Edwards and David Petersoñ. iìemainiñg as õecráary is Emily Hoffman; Treasurer and Newsletter Editor again will be Larry Schlack. PROVOST'S NEWSLETTER The latest edition of Updates in Academic Affairs, formerly PRtstM, the newsretter published by the Office of the Provost, is now online. Past editions are archived on the provost's home page at http ://wm ich. ed u/provosuu pdates/2o ph p KUDOS AND FAREWELL Thanks from all emeriti are due to two retiring members of the Council. Judith Halseth is leaving the Council after two 2year terms. She was elected in 2010 and was immediately chosen as secretary and newsletter editor. Beginning her second term ín 2012 she was immediately elected chair. All who have wõrked with Judith can testify to her thoroughness and sprit of good will in all positions she's filled on the Council. C.J. (Gus) Gianakaris has similarly served two terms on the council. His first term was in soon after his retirement. His second tour of duty as he calls it was He served as vice chair and as Wednesday ll coordinator and BreakFest organizer during All who have worked with Gus can testify to his unflappability and sense of goodwill in the face of unending details of all the positions he's held. Both will be missed by the Council. (I 8 ANNUAL EMERITI BREAK.FEST \ryednesday, AUGUST 13, 2014 FETZER CENTER,WMU Bring your spouse or guest to meet with friends and former colleagues æ the BREAK.EEST sponsored byyour &neriti Council. 8:30 C,offee, Juice, and Conversation 9:00 Breakfast 10:00 Speaker Dr. Marilyn Schladr, hesident I(alamazoo Valley Community College 'Heafth Focused Campuso The buffet includes cheddar cheese eggs, pancakes, sausage, freshl, cut fruit, breakfast potatoes, assorted pasties, and, beverages, includes gluten free fare. Join old friends and eqjoy good food and conversation! See you there! Fill ort thc form bclow and mail ir with a chc&. for $ per pen on. ************************************************************************ Please return this form with your check made out to WMU by August 6,2014to: Nancy þksterhouse Ofïice ofthe President Westem Mchigan University 1903 W. MichiganAvenue Kalamazoo,Ml 4W85202 Number of Reservations Total amount enclosed $_ *Please call (269) with any dietary restrictions or needs. 9
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