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EMA Alkatrészlista Tűzhely, főzőlap 2250 PNC ELC Márkanév Modell Piac AEG Electrolux 7800KF-MN 69F BE - CZ - DE - EE - ES - FI - LT - LV - NL - PT - RU - UA Elektromos, indukciós Distriparts

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EMA Alkatrészlista Tűzhely, főzőlap 2250 PNC ELC Márkanév Modell Piac AEG Electrolux 7800KF-MN 69F BE - CZ - DE - EE - ES - FI - LT - LV - NL - PT - RU - UA Elektromos, indukciós Distriparts Deutschland GmbH Publikáció szám Muggenhofer Straße D Nürnberg 2009/0/28 Germany DGT Fax +49 (0) Electrolux NDGTMG4029 Electrolux - - Robbantott ábra szám: NDGTMG4029 N Mátrix PNC ELC Gyárt. Idő Modell A KF-MN 69F Poz. Anyagszám Mátrix Megnevezés A Üveglap kerettel,69f A Indukció,főzőlap,D A Felszerelés,erőegység A Felszerelés,szellőztető motor,hűtő A Konfigurált elektronika A Elektronika,beadagolás,dupla,L+R A Talapzat,keret,elektronika,HIC UI A Burkolat,sorkapocs,G A Cavar,rögzítés,Elektronika fedél,4x4 PZ A Felszerelés,hálózati,elektronika A Tömítés,ragasztó,üvegkerámia,6x2x2900mm A Rögzítő rugó,munkalap A Kábel,kijelző- és kapcsoló modul,szûrõ,x A Hálózati kábel,gumi,4x2, A Használati utasítás,7800kf DE,EN,EL A Használati utasítás,7800kf SV,FI,RU A Használati utasítás,7800kf FR,PT,ES A Használati utasítás,7800kf DA,NO Electrolux - 2 - Operative Equipment Overview Electrolux - - EN X/ E THE ITEM(s) SHOWN IN THIS DRAWING MUST NOT CONTAIN FORMALDEHYDE, CADMIUM, MERCURY, ASBESTOS ORPBB/PBDO. X/ X/ 2 N2 Induktionsmodul induction module E D THIS DRAWING CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATIONS. IT'S PROPERTY OF ELECTROLUX WITHOUT WHOSE PERMISSION IT MAY NOT BE COPIED, SHOWN OR HANDED TO A THIRD PARTY OR OTHERWISE USED, AND IT IS TO BE RETURNED PROMPTLY UPON REQUEST TO ELECTROLUX WHICH IS RESPONIBLE FOR THE DRAWING. Filterplatine filter board X7 X2 2 2 X9 links / left 2 X4 X9 X0 X2 Leistungsplatine / power board 4 4 X8 X6 X0 X5 X 2 2 X0 Leistungsplatine / power board X6 X X X5 X8 X X9 X2 rechts / right X7 X4 X7 M X 2 X2 X4 X X5 PE X4 X7 pol Bedienplatine rechts user interface right Bedienplatine links user interface left 0pol D C CRITICAL DIMENSIONS WHICH MUST BE UNDER CAPABILITY SAFETY RISKS [2]! : VISIBLE SURFACES DRAFT ANGLES (NOT SHOWN): 00 00'00 R L R L R L R L Spulenträger / coil carrier see respective wiring diagram hob cpl. siehe entprechenden Verdrahtungsplan Mulde komplett C B X/ 4 X/ 5 X/ PE B THEORETICAL FLAT AREA DEVELOPED FLAT AREA Lüfter fan Filterplatine filter board A GENERAL TOLERANCES ANGLES : ±--* LENGTHS AND DIAMETERS: 8 mm. : ± mm. : ±--- 80 mm. : ±--- A4 Electrolux 9 Leistungsplatine power board links left 8 2 Leistungsplatine power board 4 7 rechts right A ZUST DESIGN DGT first edition OWNER DRN DGR-PE_PD 4 CHD APPR MODIFICATIONS DATE Weiß Weiß DESIGN TITLE TITEL Weiß DGT SIGNATURE REQUEST DATE USERS EUROPEAN METHOD circuit diagram induction G4 (split) Schaltplan Induktion G4 (split) NUMBER SHEET REV 0(0) 2 A A SERVICE MANUAL HOBS Electrolux Distriparts Muggenhofer Straße 5 D Nürnberg Germany Publ.-Nr EN Repair-Instruction for induction hobs Fax +49 (0) DGS-TDS-N Ausgabe: DGS-TDS-N EN General Information These instructions serve the repairing of autarkic cooking hobs and cooking hobs in combination with an oven with or 4 inductions cooking zones respectively of the type E.G.O.. Also includes hobs with 2 induction zones (Domino, Mixed, Mixed gas) and the Frontline appliance series. Please search for the corresponding alarm symptom and then go through the alarm remedy measures from top to bottom. Information concerning the replacement of parts is to be found in the corresponding replacement instructions or are included with the spare parts. All work is only to be carried out on the induction modules and the heating elements are only to be carried out after they have been disconnected.. Leak current A leak current of 5mA is normal and is therefore much higher than with other appliances..2 Standby The Standby power consumption amounts to W (Induction plus user interface in the autonomous, exception Frontline up to 2W). The µprocessor for the measuring of the coil temperature is deactivated in standby, i.e. should the cooking hob be heated up to hot pan being on the zone, no heating display H is displayed when switched off. In this condition, the ventilator is also not switched on by external heating. DGS-TDS EN. Block Diagram/Hob elements Coils incl. Temperature sensors. Cover plate Touch control w. carrier Coil carrier Cooling fan Induction module w. plastic housing incl. mains terminal Power mod. Left PowerMod. Right Filter pcb DGS-TDS EN 2 Alarm Symptoms 2. Appliance not functioning at all, cannot be switched on References e.g. () refer to the illustrations in Chapter 2.8 Alarm Symptom Cooking Hob Display Possible Alarm Cause House fuse triggered None Incorrect connection at the power connection terminal. Final induction phase defect. Cooking field cannot be switched on. Normally no pips approx. 4 sec. after mains voltage is applied respectively no quick flashing up of the display in the cooking zone with not selfsufficient cooking zones or front line appliances. Every 5-0 sec beep of touch control Only Frontline appliances: cooking zone can not be activated. Display fully on for more than 5 sec. None None All indications ON Electronic system no longer reacts No mains voltage or incorrect connection ( phase missing - no control voltage; N not connected to terminal 4 and 5 not connected) No 5VDC betw. Pin + of the Bus for the Touch Control Connector of the cable to the Touch Control / Display not inserted. Fuse strip conductor burnt out and/or final induction phase defect Touch control/display defect. N not connected to terminal 4 or 5. Flat band cable between user interface and glass (touch keyboard) not plugged correctly. Alarm Remedying () Test the pin assignment and 20VAC between N and the phases on the supply line. See chapter Testing Power Component Disconnect the appliance from the mains using the house fuse, reactivate after approx. 0 sec.. () Test the pin assignment and 20VAC between 4 N and the 2 phases on supply line terminals and 2. Both of the N s should be connected to terminals 4 + 5, if appr. jumper. (2) Test + 5VDC on the underside of the cooking field (corresponds with the external lines of the bus between filter and Touch Control), if not applied, replace the Filterboard. Caution: this is difficult to test from underneath using normal test probes! () Test connector at the filter and Touch Control. Reapply the mains voltage. See chapter Check power section' If 5VDC exist and power component already replaced: replace Touch Control, ensure that the Touch Control is applied to the glass. () Test the pin assignment and 20VAC between 4 N and the 2 phases on supply line terminals and 2. Both of the N s should be connected to terminals 4 + 5, if appr. jumper. Check line for seat and correct position (contact direction), see capter References Frontline DGS-TDS EN 2.2 Individual cooking zones do not work (partially) or work incorrectly or cannot be used Alarm Symptom Pan does not heat up. Display F with 2 hobs with all pots (also hob with hob models) Cooking Hob Display Normal cooking phase Flashing F Flashing F No power on all hobs Normal cooking phase Individual buttons cannot be used or cannot always be used. Cooking hob power too low or not provided for a longer duration. H in display when cooking hob and oven cold and switched off. Normal cooking phase H Possible Alarm Cause Pan in the border area of the pan detection and only works with low power Pan not detected. Coil not correctly connected. Distance between coil and glass ceramic too large. phase missing ; only possible with induction SW.Ver Demo mode activated. Touch Control defect. Incorrectly installed, exhaust not possible to the front. Unsuitable pots (bottom bent) Induction coil is not applied to the glass ceramic Fan does not start. Temperature sensor defect. Alarm Remedying Use different pot or this pot on a smaller hob. See Chapter 4 Pot Detection Information Check whether the pots or pans are suitable for induction. See 4 Pot Detection Information Check whether the coil lines are connected and the torque has been adhered to. Check whether the coil is applied to the glass ceramic and whether the glass was pushed was pushed down when screwing in position. () Test the pin assignment and 20VAC between 4 N and the 2 phases on supply line terminals and 2. Both of the N s should be connected to terminals 4 + 5, if appr. jumper. Should the above not succeed, replace the affected power component.. See Chapter 5.2 ) See Chapter 5. Touch Control Autarkic Cooking Hobs Information.. 2) Should this not help, replace Touch Control. (4) Change installation situation. See Chapter 4 Pot Detection Information Check whether the glass ceramic was pushed down when being screwed in position and the coil has been correctly positioned. ) When setting a cooking phase 0, the fan runs at a slow speed. If not, check the fan for foreign bodies, remove these where appropriate. 2) If necessary, replace fan. ) Should this not succeed, replace power component. Replace corresponding coil with temperature sensor. Also see Instructions E4. DGS-TDS EN 2. Alarm message E When the appliance is switched on, E / xx Alarm Number is displayed in the timer display. With Frontline the display of the front zone indicates the error number when switching on. The affected zones are subsequently displayed with an E in the cooking phase display and are thereby disabled. The other zones can still be used. example (left touch control / right indication in the cooking zone): ) Display alarm number after switching on for 0 sec. E 5 Alarm number 2) 2 zones are disabled. 0 E E 0 Alarm Symptom Alarm display in the Touch Control display. Display in the Cooking Hob Timer E0 E Possible Alarm Cause Incorrect configuration on the Filterboard. Under voltage or over voltage, is only displayed for 0 sec. after voltage has been applied. Alarm Remedying Disconnect cooking hob from mains, wait 0 sec and reconnect the mains supply. Should alarm still be displayed, replace filterboard.. ) Disconnect cooking hobs from the mains, wait 0 sec. and reconnect the mains. 2) Should alarm still be displayed, test L against N (4), test L2 against N (5) at the mains connection (). ) If OK, see See Chapter Testing Power Component E4 Coil temperature sensor defect or not correctly connected. ) (5)Inspecting the contacts on the power component. Is the connector inserted? 2) The resistance at room temperature (25 C) amounts to 000 Ohm. This corresponds to approx.. Ohm per + C deviation. If not in this range, replace affected coil including temperature sensor. ) Should above not succeed, replace power component concerned. DGS-TDS EN Alarm Symptom Alarm display in the Touch Control Display in the Cooking Field Timer Possible Alarm Causes Alarm Remedying E5 phase missing ) Check the house fuse. 2) Check the pin assignment, () test L against N (4), test L2 against N (5) ) If ok, see Chapter. E6 E7 E8 E9 Communication interference between filter and power component. or temp. Sensor is defective/missing Note: a norm requirement with regard to new powerboards results in the power supply for the electronics on the powerboard being deactivated in the case of a missing or incorrect temp. sensor value. Alarm Temperature sensor heat sink power component Communication interference betw. filter and Touch Control. Central line at RAST2.5 connector / line defect. Incorrect configuration for the Touch Control on the Filter board. ) (5)Checking of the contact with the power element. Is the temp. Sensor connector locked in place or the dummy connector ( zone appliances, no coil connected) inserted? 2) The resistance at room temperature (25 C) is 000 Ohm.A deviation of + C corresponds to approx. +. Ohm Replace the corresponding coil incl. Temperature sensor if not in this zone. ) Check the cables between the two boards. (6), Reinsert connector. Or replace cable. 2) Should all of the zones on the cooking hob be affected (Display E in the cooking phase display), replace filter board. ) Should the above not succeed, replace power component. Replace affected power component. ) () Inspect connector at filter and the Touch Control. Replace cable or filter and Touch Control. Reconnect mains voltage. 2) Should above not succeed, replace Touch Control. ) Should above not succeed, replace Filter board. Disconnect cooking field from the mains. Wait 0 sec. and reconnect to the mains voltage. Should alarm still be displayed, replace Filter board. DGS-TDS EN 2.4 Other alarm symptoms Alarm symptoms Display Possible Alarm Cause Buzzer defect Touch control defect. Individual display Defective display elements do not elements illuminate or do not do so continuously. Alarm Remedying Replace Touch Control. Replace Touch Control. Penetrating aromas from the hob when warm. Coils subjected to a manufacturing defect. The aroma is non-toxic. Replace the affected coils. These also have a slight arom when cold. Clean the glass and aluminium sheet. Pots cause noises Unsuitable pots. See Chapter 4 Pot Detection Information. Normal sound level Interference noises result from the high working frequency of the induction. This can vary from pan to pan. When measured in operation pursuant to EN605 - pursuant to EN60704 with 4 pots 47dBA. A pot with boiling water has approx dBA. 2.5 Cooking zone with electric heating element not functioningt Alarm symptoms Cooking zone not functioning. Possible Alarm Cause Alarm Remedying No phase 2 power voltage () Check the pin configuration and or wrong connection 20V AC between N (4) and the phases Electric heating element defect Relay defective If the above should not succeed. at terminals and 2. (7) Check whether the electric heating element is open between the connections or whther it has short-circuited. Replace the heating element if defective. 8) Check whether the rely is defective and whether no voltage is applied to the electric heating element. Also refer to the circuit diagram. Replace the filter module with the relay DGS-TDS EN () (7) (8) 2.5. Electric heating element relay instructions Refer to the wiring diagram xxx. The electric heating element is pulsed on relay board HOC2000 in the cooker. Phase commutation with the cooker/hob combination, refer to Chapter 2.6, special error images for the cooker/hob combination. 2.6 Special error images for the cooker/hob combination Peculiarities: Output L2 is not continuous and is only connected through when the right zone is switched through (D7 / D9, Details, refer to the wiring diagram). The display in the hob is supplied with 5V DC from the induction module. The electronic hob control in the cooker is supplied with 5V DC from the HOC2000 powerboard in the cooker. Mixed with the electric heating element: with the cooker/hob combination, the phases are normally connected to the L left cooking zone L2 right cooking zone The induction module (front left and right cooking zones) are however connected to the continuous phase L. Therear right electric heating element zone is always connected to L2. L2 is only available however of one of the right cooking zones is switched on. In order to avoid an overloading of L, the rear left zone is therefore operated with L (D29) or L2 (D7) if the front right zone is switched on. The phase commutation is executed with the assistance of relays K50 and K504 A safety conductor strip (9) conductor strip of the K50 which can trigger a relay in case of an error occurring (e.g. contact stuck together). The output of the 20mm induction cooking zone is set to P if none of the right zones are switched on and the rear left zone is fully switched on, without this display being released. DGS-TDS EN (9) 2.6. No display or error display on the cooking zone display on the cooker Alarm symptoms Display Possible Alarm Cause Alarm Remedying Error display E . E if the display exists. When voltage is applied, the hob display illuminates briefly. But: no display at the cooker, no display at the hob, no output at the induction zones. hob control in the cooker defective. Errors in the cooking zone display in the cooker concern the hob. I.e. the same error number is displayed as in the hob display. For error displays, refer to Chapter 2.. Error display E . Additional instructions and tips concerning cooker problems are to be found in the Competence Service Manual Doc. No. xxx. DGS-TDS EN Cooking zone at the cooker okay, no display at the hob or no output. Alarm symptoms Display Possible Alarm Cause Alarm Remedying The diplay in the hob does not illuminate when voltage is connected. None. Output connector not inserted.. Check the connector (0) and the cable, check that it is correctly engaged. Cooker display okay. But: no cooking stage display at the hob, no output at the induction zones. No cooker output. Check pin D5 at the output connector to determine whether 20V AC voltage is Communication connector not inserted or line damaged. No 5V DC betweem Pin + of the display bus connected. ) Checking the connection between cooker / hob (). 2) Hereby also explicitly check the entrance point of the cable at the hob for damage (4). ) Check the seat of the connector at the display in the hob (2) to the induction module or () to the cooker / external user interface, ditto induction module. (2) check 5V DC Pin + on the underside of the hob. (corresponds to the our lines of the bus line from the filter to the display), if not connected, replace the filterboard. Caution: it is difficult to measure this from below with normal test probe! When voltage is applied, the hob display illuminates briefly. Display at cooker is okay. But: no output at the induction zones Display defect Replace display See normal diagnosis chapter 2.2, individual induction cooking zones do not (temporarily) work or incorrectly or cannot be operated or see 2. chapter error display E DGS-TDS EN () (0) (2) () (4) Display in the hob (4) 4 hobs dep. In comb. With cooker external user Interface 2.7 Unknown display For details, refer to the cooking field instruction manual Symbol Comment. Intermediate cooking levels ( 4. ) - Induction zone switched off because of over temperature at the coil sensor (empty pot) A Fast heating up function ( Ankochstoss ) E Alarm display siehe 2. Alarm message E F Pot detection no pot detected H Residual heat indication L Lock Function or key lock P Power (booster) function for induction Keeping warm DGS-TDS EN 2.8 Control Point Illustrations (2) Pin, Terminal () (5) () (4) Min. 5 mm Air - inlet Min. 20mm Oven Remark: if there is no ventilation gap in the front it s still possible to operate the hob. Only with longer useage ( 5 min. ) the performance will drop. For Mixed hob this is e.g. 20%, for full induction hobs it s higher. DGS-TDS EN 2.9 Images control point for 2 zones / Mixed Induction () (5) (7) (6) () Attention: mains connection for Domino is directly on filter pcb. () Domino () (2) DGS-TDS EN Testing Power Component. When alarm messages and disabled zones exist ( E in cooking phase display), please make a note of the power component which is affected. 2. (7) Check whether the lead from the filter board is connected, also check the bus lines (6) µprocessors filter to power component.. If (8) IGBT has become shorted, this normally means that the IGBT housing is damaged. Replace power component 4. (8) Measure resistance at the IGBTs Pin-Pin2 or Pin2-Pin 50kOhm Okay 50Ohm power component defect & replace Only replace the affected power component and (9) insert 20A fuse, completely separate the fuse strip conductor. S2 = right power component S = left power component 5. By a short-circuit and destroyed power component, it is imperative that the coil lines be inspected for signs of damage. 6. Also replace the filterboard should the replacement of the power component not succeed. (6) (9) (7) (7) (6) (8) 8 St. IGBT Pin 2 DGS-TDS EN 4 Pot Detection Information Suitable pot materials: Steel enamel Stainless steel (with magnet. bottom) Aluminium (with magne
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