edited by P. Zennaro Università Iuav di Venezia ISBN - PDF

edited by P. Zennaro Università Iuav di Venezia ISBN This publication includes papers, lectures and abstracts presented in the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Colour&Light in Architecture held

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edited by P. Zennaro Università Iuav di Venezia ISBN This publication includes papers, lectures and abstracts presented in the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Colour&Light in Architecture held in Palazzo Badoer, San Polo 2468, Venice, November 2010 organized by the IUAV Research Unit Colore e luce in architettura web Conference: Editor proceedings: Pietro Zennaro Iuav University of Venice, Faculty of Architecture 548 pp., 21x21 cm ISBN Graphic design: Katia Gasparini Assistant in edition: Alessandro Premier copyright 2010 Pietro Zennaro The rights of every author s essays are preserved. Every author is also responsible of the whole content of his paper. This book is a scientific publication, not saleable and printed in limited edition. No article in this book may be reproduced in any form by electronic or mechanical means whitout permission in writing from the author. Every economic use of the content of this book is forbidden. Correct citation: Zennaro, P. (editor), 2010, Colour and Light in Architecture, Knemesi, Verona (Italy). Edited in Italy by Knemesi, Printing: Cierre Gruppo Editoriale -Sommacampagna, VR, Italy-, October 2010 International Conference Colour and Light in Architecture November 2010 Proceedings Pietro Zennaro editor General Chair and Scientific Board Referee: Pietro Zennaro Scientific Iuav Coordinator: Katia Gasparini Organization Coordinator: Alessandro Premier International Advisory Board Kathrin Moore Moore Urban Design, San Francisco, USA Scott McQuire The University of Melbourne, Australia Morpho Papanikolau Sparch, Thessaloniki, Greece José Morales Sánchez Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Seville, Spain Dominique Coulon Ecole d Architecture de Strasbourg, France Jean Luc Capron Université catholique de Louvain, Bruxelles, Belgium Margarida Gamito CIAUD, Lisbon Techical University, Lisbon, Portugal Patrizia Falzone Genua University, Italy Franca Pittaluga Iuav University of Venice, Italy Fabrizio Schiaffonati Milan Polytechnic, Milan, Italy Pietro Zennaro Iuav University of Venice, Italy IUAV Advisory Board Valeria Benacchio Fiorenzo Bertan Gian Camillo Custoza Giulio Dubbini Katia Gasparini Nicola Pegolo Franca Pittaluga Alessandro Premier Giuseppina Scavuzzo 7 INDEX 13 Pietro ZENNARO Preface SESSION 1 - Historical and/or Contemporary Architecture 19 Flavio ZANON Chromatic Experimentations in the Architectural Restoration of the «Palace of Minos» at Knossos 25 Elza TANTCHEVA Colour and Light in the Post-Byzantine Church Architecture in the Town of Arbanassi, Bulgaria 32 Stephen KITE John Ruskin ( ) and Adrian Stokes ( ): Venice and the Architecture of Colour-Form 39 Asghar JAVANI, Zahra JAVANI, Mohammad Reza MOSHKFOROUSH Studying Relationship Between Applications of Light and the Iranians Pattern of Thought (the Iranian Ideology) 47 Sajid-Bin DOZA Terracotta Mosque of Bengal: Making Dialogue with Colour and Light 55 Anastasia BATOVA Light in Typical Architecture 60 Julian RENNIE Silenced by Coloured Light 66 Manuela PISCITELLI Light Patterns 73 Barbara P. JEKOT Colour and Light as Identity and Cultural Diversity - Deliberate Applications of Colour & Light in Varied Environments & Cultures 79 Anna BARBARA Timer Design: Light and Color in the Interaction with Time 86 Ann VERDONCK New Approaches of Modern Living: the Use of Extreme Colourschemes in Interior Environments 92 Justyna TARAJKO-KOWALSKA Red Colour & Light in Architecture 99 Mari FERRING Architectural Polychromy in the 1970 s - from Community Grey to Personal Pink 105 Pierre BONNEFILLE Colour Becomes Texture in Light 8 SESSION 2 - Colour and/or Light Planning and Mapping 115 Susanna BORTOLOTTO, Mauro CECONELLO, Davide SPALLAZZO, Margherita BERTOLDI Urban Conservation and Colour Project: Virtual Reality Supporting Tradition for the Protection of Historic Center of Lomello. 122 Pinuccio SCIOLA, Daniele SPIGA, Manuela SERRA Colore identità: Valorization of the Historic Urban Centre of San Sperate (CA) Sardinia 129 José AGUIAR, João PERNÃO Colour and Participative Process in Urban Requalification. Colour Studies for Social Housing in Portugal 136 Aitziber IRISARRI, Ana TORRES, Ángela GARCÍA Light and Colour in Urban Spaces. The Alhóndiga Plan of Vitoria-Gasteiz 142 Giovanni BRINO From the Colour Plans to the Restoration of Historical Painted Facades. An Introduction to an up-to-date Practical Manual 149 Yves CHARNAY Works of Light Integrated into Architecture Light, Colour and Architectural Expression 154 João PERNÃO The Otherness of White. Elements for a Better Understanding and Use of the Colour White in Architecture 160 Cecilia HÄGGSTRÖM Colour Design Effects on the Visibility of Shape. Exploring Shape Defining Design Concepts in Architectural Theory and Practice 168 Susanne SEITINGER, Anne BEAMISH Designing for the Urban Night: an Interdisciplinary Course on Lighting, Technology and Urban Design 173 Banu MANAV, Rana KUTLU, Mehmet Ş. KÜÇÜKDOĞU The Effects of Color and Light on Space Perception 179 Carmine GAMBARDELLA, Laura CARLOMAGNO Tangible/Intangibile Colour 187 Peter BARRETT Creating Sensory-Sensitive Creative Spaces 193 Rossella MASPOLI Colours and Cultures on Contemporary Public Space Design 199 Kiwamu MAKI Effect of Interaction of Object Color and Lighting Color on a Person s Impression of Interiors 206 Johanna ENGER Dynamic Colours in Dynamic Light 212 Annika KRONQVIST The Influence of the Lighting Environment on Performance and Well-Being in Offices 218 Margaret MAILE PETTY Fluorescent Fields: Electric Lighting and the Rationalization of the Modern Corporate Workplace 9 SESSION 3 - Chromatic and/or Lighting Information 229 Pierre AUBOIRON Yann Kersalé. When Light Reveals the Phenomenological Complexity of a Building 235 Karin FRIDELL ANTER, Ulf KLARÉN SYN-TES: Human Colour and Light Synthesis. Towards a coherent field of knowledge. 241 Enrico DASSORI, Renata MORBIDUCCI Non-destructive Methods for Chromatic Investigation of Building Facades 247 Birgit SCHULZ 24 Hours in the Backyard a Transcript of Urban Light and Colour Observations 251 Simone ARCAGNI Media Architectures and Urban Screens as New Media:Forms, Places and Spectatorship 256 Oliver SCHÜRER A new urban mass medium? 257 Oliver EBERT MEDIA FACADES GO GREEN Sustainable approach and its impact on media content as part of a company s communication strategy 258 Ulrika WÄNSTRÖM LINDH Spatial Interpretations in Relation to Designer Intentions: A Combined Strategies Study in an Auditorium with Variable Lighting 264 Anat LECHNER, Leslie HARRINGTON, Emanuela FRATTINI MAGNUSSON A Meta-Analysis of Color Effectiveness in Designed Environments 271 Emanuela LAURI An Experience to Improve Visual Perception and Information About Urban Colors session 4 - Innovation for Architecture and/or the Environment 281 Isabel VILLAR Are New Light Sources Affecting our Creativity? 285 Monica SÄTER Colour and Light and the Human Area for Visual Comfort 292 Markus REISINGER, Chia-Chun LIU Considerations for Planning Colored Lighting 296 Ru ZARIN, Daniel FALLMAN Ambient Interactive Architecture: Enriching Urban Spaces with Low-cost, Lightweight Interactive Lighting 302 Xavière OLLIER, Vanessa Lehner, Domitille Chavigny Work Together Colorist and Lighting Designer, from the Material to the Immaterial 308 Giovanni TRAVERSO, Paola VIGHY Space Made Light. An innovative Symbiosis of Light and Architecture 314 Anja Margrethe BACHE Large Scale Glazed Concrete Panels. A Dialogue with Architecture 320 Barbara MATUSIAK, Toshiki AOKI, Randi PEDERSEN Light Cone in the Norwegian Office Building, Statoil at Stjørdal 10 Daniel Vazquez-Moliní, Gabriel HERNÁNDEZ RABOSO, María NOMBELA PALOMO, Antonio ALVAREZ FER- 327 NANDEZ-BALBUENA, Teresa GIL, Guillermo ENRÍQUEZ DE SALAMANCA, Juan A. HERRÁEZ, Pilar SEDANO, M. Dolores GAYO New Daylight Damage Calculation Methodology Applied to Museums 335 Paola IACOMUSSI, Giuseppe ROSSI Innovative Optimised Lighting Systems for Works of Art Daniel VAZQUEZ-MOLINÍ, Antonio ALVAREZ FERNANDEZ-BALBUENA, Angel GARCIA BOTELLA, Juan Antonio HERRAEZ, Marian DEL EGIDO, Roberto ONTAÑON 341 Advanced LED Lighting System Applied to Cultural Heritage 349 Maria Cristina MUNARI PROBST, Andreas SCHUELER, Christian ROECKER Bringing Colours to Solar Collectors: a Contribution to an Increased Building Integrability 354 Carla LOBO Ceramic Tiles: A Sustainable Architectural Skin Antonio ALVAREZ FERNANDEZ-BALBUENA, Daniel VAZQUEZ-MOLINÍ, Berta GARCÍA-FERNANDEZ, Lucas 360 GARCÍA-RODRÍGUEZ, Teresa GALÁN-CAÑESTRO Daylight Illumination System By Vertical Transparent Prismatic Lightguide for an Office Building 366 Lone STIDSEN, Poul Henning KIRKEGAARD, Anna Marie FISKER, Jakob SABRA Design Proposal for Pleasurable Light Atmosphere in Hospital Wards paper session - Historical and/or Contemporary Architecture 375 Fiorenzo BERTAN A Small Pavilion for Books 384 Luisa COGORNO, Michela MAZZUCCHELLI Maquettes, drawings, colors in the stained glass windows of Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse 390 Irene DE LA TORRE Architectural ceramics and color: The convent of Santa Clara in Xativa 395 Liesbeth DEKEYSER, Ann VERDONCK, Hilde DE CLERCQ Cimorné plaster: a colourful and luminous cladding 401 Lucilla MANNA Problems concerning the colour in facades and coverings rehabilitation 407 Nanet MATHIASEN Place and Space Architectural Daylight Design in Traditional Housing in Northern and Southern Regions of Europe 414 Milena PETROVA Artistic Lighting of an Architectural-and-Park Complex 420 Franca PITTALUGA Daylight traps for intriguing spaces 426 Michela SCAGLIONE The representation of colours in contemporary architecture: contemporary architects/designers drawings 432 Giuseppina SCAVUZZO Compositions For Chromatic Keyboards. Colour and composition in Le Corbusier s works 439 Juan, SERRA, Jorge LLOPIS, Aitziber IRISARRI Ruskin revisited: material truth and color in contemporary architecture Pietro ZENNARO Towards an Architecture of Chromatic Immateriality paper session - Colour and/or Light Planning and Mapping Antonio ALVAREZ FERNANDEZ-BALBUENA, Daniel VAZQUEZ-MOLINÍ, Berta GARCÍA-FERNANDEZ, Eusebio 453 BERNABEU Antiglare Traffic Signal by Natural Lighting 459 Cristina BOERI A perceptual approach to the urban colour reading 464 Elif HELVACIOĜLU, Nilgün OLGUNTÜRK Colour and wayfinding 469 Giovanna A. MASSARI, Fabio LUCE, Cristina PELLEGATTA Is colour a code? Notes to a design project of a landscape 475 Debora NIERO, Alessandro PREMIER Colour in the Schools 482 Elif ÖZTÜRK, Semiha YILMAZER An Experimental Study on Task Performance in Office Environment Applied with Achromatic and Chromatic Color Scheme 488 Silvia RIZZO Development of intuition skills about light/color relations paper session - Chromatic and/or Lighting Information 495 Alessio CARDACI, Antonella VERSACI Through the eye of the 3D laser scanner: the digital colors of the historic city of Enna 501 Emanuela CHIAVONI The representation of colour and light in architecture through watercolours 506 Katia GASPARINI Colours technology for the urban screens 513 Alessandro ROGORA, Paola LEARDINI Light and color in architecture: a shared experience between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean 519 Michela ROSSI Geometry, shape and colour in design: Reseach notes from historic colour theory paper session - Innovation for Architecture and/or the Environment 529 Fabio G. S. GIUCASTRO Natural light and energy efficiency in built environment. From the traditional Mediterranean house to DSCs. 534 Alessandro PREMIER Color-Shading Software: New Tools for Chromatic Integration Between Shading Systems and Built Environment 540 Melanie YONGE Colour conversations & collaborations with colour tools
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