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& year in REViEw Edited by Miranda Alliance Graphic Design Catarina Morais Printed by M.R. Artes Gráficas The Miranda Alliance is a network of law firms and law offices that brings together around 250

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& year in REViEw Edited by Miranda Alliance Graphic Design Catarina Morais Printed by M.R. Artes Gráficas The Miranda Alliance is a network of law firms and law offices that brings together around 250 lawyers, spread across 5 continents, with members in 15 jurisdictions: Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cameroon (correspondent office), Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of the Congo (correspondent office), Equatorial Guinea, France, Gabon (correspondent office), Guinea-Bissau, Macau (China), Mozambique, Republic of the Congo (correspondent office), São Tomé and Príncipe and Timor-Leste, and with liaison offices in the UK (London) and USA (Houston). The Miranda Alliance aims to offer clients a combination of truly international skills and expertise with unparalleled local knowledge and counseling. We want not only to satisfy clients legal needs, but also to provide an in-depth understanding of business and industry in each jurisdiction. Please feel free to visit: Agostinho Pereira de Miranda & Rui Amendoeira Opening remarks Law firms only exist because clients exist. Large law firms only exist if they are able to simultaneously handle many clients and matters. Successful large law firms or legal networks, however, only exist and persevere if they are open to clients and, as the world changes, to its new challenges. This is how we like to see ourselves but who better than you, to judge this for us. The sole purpose of Miranda Alliance s Year In Review : to unveil who we truly are. Not as a pitch, or a sermon preached from a soapbox. We hope you enjoy reading and interacting with it. Complement Each year we find ourselves with the task of finding a fresh theme for our Year in Review. Every year brings the same challenge, prompting a healthy dose of internal soul searching as we seek to encapsulate who we are, what differentiates us, and to highlight the many creative ways in which our clients have relied on our support over the previous twelve months. However this time round things proved simple. We just looked at the fundamentals of what it is our clients ask us to do, day-in day-out. They ask us to complement their own capabilities. Companies, law firms, NGOs and individuals rely on our expertise, international standards and multijurisdictional experience as they develop and expand their own activities. And we complement our clients know-how by working diligently, patiently and often long hours identifying the applicable legal regimes, drafting robust clauses, fighting relentlessly on their behalf in courts and tribunals, or equally hard to avoid disputes arising in the first place. This is our theme. But a desire to complement can only be achieved if we: know and understand our clients business, priorities and culture; and give our lawyers the freedom to think differently and to innovate. And a complementary relationship is a two-way process, so this year we also want to turn the tables on our clients and friends. As well as highlighting the initiatives we have embarked upon this past year we want to test your knowledge of the Miranda Alliance and for you to tell us how we can better complement your legal needs. Through this Year in Review we hope to learn as much about you as you learn about us. Enjoy! Circling Around you and your business A 360 degree PRActicE The Miranda Alliance members provided a full range of legal services over the last year, covering all areas of practice. From arbitration to tax, from M&A to public procurement, we advised clients on all aspects of their legal needs. Whenever necessary, we created teams of experts from different practice areas; to make sure we covered the project from all angles. 360 a magic number? We don t believe in magic. We believe in hard work. But there is a number that has an enormous impact on what we do: 360 the degrees of a circle. From the exploration of pre-salt oil and gas thousands of metres below our feet to the use of satellites miles above our heads, whether you look up or down, our members help clients achieve their business goals. Over 2013, our 360 degree practice covered you, your business, and all of our clients legal needs: Administrative & Public Procurement Banking & Finance Construction & Public Works Corporate & Commercial Energy & Utilities Intellectual Property Labour & Employment Litigation & Arbitration Mergers & Acquisitions Oil & Gas Project Finance & PPP Real Estate Tax CirCling A 360 degree clients Statistics are not always the best tool to measure the range, quality or insight of a law firm or a network of law firms. Numbers, however, can describe the international profile of our clients. In our 360 degree global village, last year we acted for clients from more than 70 countries, all continents and sub-continents, irrespective of their size, GDP, language or currency. Regardless of where they come from or what business sector they operate in, our clients count on us to help add value to their business. When you see a major real estate development in Angola, new products being distributed in your local grocery store in Gabon, the news that large scale oil and gas projects are being developed in Mozambique, a first class hotel chain announces it is to open in Equatorial Guinea, or that a recording label will be signing the latest winner of Portugal s top TV talent program, the hidden element is the Miranda Alliance. All are examples of work we have done during the last year. All are vital to countries economies or familiar to their entire population. We are 360 degrees around your life and your community, from when you work to where you watch TV. Among others, we have advised clients in the following industries. Aviation & Defence Manufacturing Transport & Infrastructure Financial Institutions Mining & Natural Resources Utilities & Energy Food & Beverage Logistics & Distribution Oil & Gas Ports & Shipping Hotels & Leisure Technology, Media & Telecoms Circling 360 degree relationships We visit our clients and our clients visit us, every week of the year. Sometimes it s to plan business developments often it s in response to them. There s clearly more to building a relationship than merely reacting to events as they unfold. We want our clients to understand the legal changes that affect their business before they even occur. So we sent out our newspaper updates and e-bulletins across the year. Clients will also have learnt about the impact of legal developments through the more than 400 mentions of the Miranda Alliance in the international business media, or the more than 120 TV appearances. Our partners and associates have given presentations in over 300 conferences, seminars and client briefings around the world. We tried to be with you when you watched the news, attended a conference, or simply checked your mailbox, because we believe in 360 degree relationships. No relationship is complete without the most important features of all: feedback and constant improvement. This is the beginning and end of our magic circle. Client feedback on the service delivered helps us to better refine our skills, approach and know-how, leading to constant improvement in the services we provide. It s a formula for success whatever edition of the Year in Review. Work hard, never stand still and always look at things in a dynamic way. That s our kind of 360 magic. Circling your needs COlOUr me good Colour in the percentages of each area of legal support you need in slices of the circle. Use different colours for each area and include them all in the key. Ask your colleagues to do the same (in their own Year in Review of course) and then discuss how you might improve the way in which you can fill the gaps in your collective legal needs. 5% Mergers & Acquisitions Project Finance & PPP Energy & Utilities Real Estate Banking & Finance Litigation & Arbitration Corporate & Commercial Labour & Employment Construction & Public Works Intellectual Property Oil & Gas Administrative & Public Procurement Energy & Utilities Tax p.s. here s an idea, make an exhibition of the circles you and your colleagues colour in. If it looks like an art installation and you don t know what to call it, try Legal Expressionism Constant Improvement Flying Circle A desire for feedback and constant improvement is not exclusive to Miranda Alliance members. It should be a part of you, your business and your relationships. But feedback is often subtle and may even get lost in a mass of s, phone conversations or text messages. So, starting with your colleagues, here s a way to make it more open,(environmentally) friendly and fun. Fill in the blanks below, rip out this page and fold it into a paper plane you know how to make a paper plane then launch it in the direction of the relevant recipient. Dear In relation to your feedback is important to my 360 degree constant improvement circle and, therefore, I would very much appreciate if you could send me any comments. Please write below and return the same way. Thank you FEEDBACK: Signature Recognition Internal and external, it never happens by chance thanks FoR the REcognition The best praise is always when your clients say good things about the work you do. But it s definitely nice when your peers also think you re doing a good job. And this past year has seen the Miranda Alliance win a lot of praise. As well as Miranda Alliance members being ranked as Leading firms nationally, and a number of our lawyers ranked as leaders in their own practice areas by the major international legal directories, we were also ranked as Leading Africa-wide for Projects & Energy and Corporate/Commercial in Chambers Global. In addition, member firms were ranked among The Lawyer s Africa Elite. We were named among the Top 50 Most Innovative Law Firms by the Financial Times, shortlisted for the European Law Firm of the Year in the British Legal Awards and shortlisted for the International Law Firm of the Year by the African Legal Awards. Miranda was also the first Portuguese law firm recipient of a Business Internationalisation Award by the UK Government in recognition of its long-term investment in the country. The first ever law firm to do so. recognition But such success is not just the product of the Miranda Alliance lawyers alone, there is a significant team of dedicated professionals that support and help drive forward the client-facing work we do. In recognition of the contribution that all of the firm s staff make, the Miranda Awards last year rightly recognised the work of those (lawyers and staff) whose work best embodied Miranda s core values: Innovation Integrity Quality Cristina Pires,who leads the Knowledge Management team. Joana Custóias, who now leads the Timor-Leste office. Manuela Azevedo, who manages all international travel and ensures the punctuality of the firm s lawyers wherever in the world our clients take us. recognition To the top We value talent. We value effort. We value commitment. All these qualities are key to complementing our clients legal needs. We also believe in promoting talent, effort and commitment. All of which are again key to exceeding our clients expectations. More than simple statements, effective January 2013 Miranda announced three new partners: Margarida Maia, Tânia Cascais and Nuno Cabeçadas. All were previously Senior Associates with the firm and each appointment reinforces the very strong focus on international know-how and transactions. As Rui Amendoeira, Miranda s Managing Partner, said at the time of the announcement Creating an organisation that rewards merit and commitment has always been a guiding principle of the firm. Margarida, Tânia and Nuno are all extremely skilled professionals in their respective fields who have resoundingly proven that they deserve to become Partners, based not only on the results they have achieved over the last few years but on their professional careers as a whole. recognition A n A Ana Margarida Maia graduated from the Lisbon University Law School before completing a postgraduate degree in Tax Law from ISG in Portugal. She joined Miranda in 1998 and her practice focuses on foreign investment and corporate law. t  i n Tânia Cascais graduated from the Lisbon University Law School from where she earned postgraduate degrees in Intellectual Property and International Contracts. She joined Miranda in 2001 and her practice focuses on corporate law, mineral resources and arbitration. A n u o n Nuno Cabeçadas graduated from the Coimbra University Law School. His practice focuses on issues related to the energy, mining, banking and financial services sectors including M&A transactions. He joined Miranda in 2002 and worked with the Miranda Alliance Mozambican office between , spending six years in Maputo. Each of these new Miranda Partners is a very talented professional. Each has spent over a decade with the firm developing their practice and extending their international understanding. Each is committed to building strong, deep, relationships with their clients and colleagues alike. recognition alignment test complete the following chart and test whether we share the same mindset you Us Law firms should be proactive Legal advice must add value to the client s business Using legal jargon is the best way to communicate with clients Integrity should be a value exclusive to clients Law firm billing should be detailed and transparent All clients are important and should be treated with the same level of quality Legal services should always take into account the nature of the clients business Law firms should strive to meet international standards Being familiar with the local context is an essential part of legal advice in international transactions Only big business should be involved in CSR initiatives and community projects Legal advice consists in stating the law A focus on the client s real needs and not that of the lawyer is key to successful legal advice new partners Please complete the names of the Miranda Partners that were elected in 2013 A_a Ma_ga da M a _u Ca ç_d_s Tâ a Ca_ c_ is Expanding Where, when and how we are reaching further getting closer We believe that the only way to gain real local market understanding, is to be there on the ground. This is why over the last year, we have extended our reach to new countries and to new centres. In the summer of 2013 we added Cameroon-based Abeng Law Firm to the Miranda Alliance. One of the country s longest-established, best known and most innovative firms it is headquartered in the main business centre, Douala. The addition of the twelve-lawyer team, extending our Francophone forestry, mining and oil and gas practices, enables us to capitalise on Abeng s leading trade and investment, commercial (including OHADA), disputes and compliance expertise. We have also drilled deeper into the markets in which we already operate. In many countries, member firms now have offices in both the administrative and main commercial centres to better connect clients legal, regulatory and business needs. Over 2013, Miranda Alliance members have moved to new offices in: Kinshasa, Kolwesi and Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo Malabo in Equatorial Guinea Libreville in Gabon expanding New facilities make for more spacious, more efficient, more comfortable, more productive, working environments for our lawyers and clients. But making improvements is not enough. Deeper knowledge through an extended local network brings significant business advantages. We want to be where our clients need us, have their operations and where proximity can make a difference to the provision of legal services. Last year, more than ever, these requirements came together in relation to one particular city: Pemba in Mozambique Anyone familiar with the recent developments in Mozambique will know that Pemba is now the focal point for many multinational investors and where international investment is growing on a daily basis, along with the need for premium local legal services. expanding Our clients choose the Miranda Alliance because we truly understand the reality of doing business in the countries in which we have members; it s why many clients now use us as their own eyes and ears on the ground. We extend their understanding of the sub- Saharan Africa and emerging markets and where our lawyers have the necessary experience dealing with the courts and authorities to best facilitate their investments. But knowledge runs many ways. So we have created multidisciplinary teams that extend across countries and continents to better share practice and industry expertise. Last year Miranda Alliance lawyers also spent more time on secondment in each other s offices to better understand local differences and to ensure that clients crossborder transactions flow more easily. By using the most modern knowledge and management tools we are able to work efficiently regardless of the time zone or location. And by ensuring that the Miranda Alliance also reaches to Europe and US we bring all of this local knowledge to our clients own doorstep. Only by getting closer are we are able to truly understand what motivates their business goals and to ensure that they achieve them. Over 2013 we have come closer than ever. expanding time killer Even the person with the most stressful job has some free time which includes you. On this page stick a photo of yourself at your desk working. Look at it and see what you might change. From the way you are dressed to the way you ve organised your desk (law reports, stapler, postits, etc), even how you smile, there is always something that can be improved. Start making a difference at your own desk. photo photo TAG YOUR NEEDS There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all perfect solution for legal services. As a rule, we believe that legal services must fit each client s needs and expectations and do so cost-efficiently. Often what disappoints clients most about the law firms they use, is the gap between what they want and what they receive, sometimes it is due to approach, attitude, style or simply price not the substance of the advice. Use this page to start organising your ideas about what you value most in the delivery of legal services. Use hashtags to keep it simple, accurate and straight to the point, just like we think legal advice should be: # # # Facts Data to complement your understanding ANGOLA Area 1,246,700 km² Population 20.8 million Capital Luanda Currency Kwanza (Kz) Official language Portuguese Year of independence 1975 Miranda Alliance Member Fátima Freitas Advogados Offices Luanda, Lobito, Cabinda, Talatona MOZAMBIQUE A network with a reach information on the countries covered by the Miranda Alliance member firms last year: Area 801,590 km2 Population 25.2 million Capital Maputo Currency Mozambican metical (MZN) Official language Portuguese Year of independence 1975 Miranda Alliance Member Pimenta, Dionísio e Associados Offices Maputo, Pemba facts PORTUGAL EQUATORIAL GUINEA Area 92,212 km2 Population 10.5 million Capital Lisbon Currency Euro (EUR) Official language Portuguese Year of independence 1143 Miranda Alliance Member Miranda Correia Amendoeira & Associados RL Offices Lisbon, Oporto Area 28,050 km2 Population 757,000 Capital Malabo Currency Central African CFA franc (XAF) Official language Spanish Year of independence 1968 Miranda Alliance Member Solege, Limitada Offices: Malabo GUINEA-BISSAU SÃO TOMÉ and PRÍNCIPE Area 36,125 km2 Population 1.66 million Capital Bissau Currency West African CFA franc (XOF) Official language Portuguese Year of independence 1974 Miranda Alliance Member GB Legal Offices Bissau Area 1,001 km2 Population 193,000 Capital São Tomé Currency Dobra (STD) Official language Portuguese Year of independence 1975 Miranda Alliance Member STP Counsel Offices São Tomé facts TIMOR-LESTE CAPE VERDE Area 14,874 km2 Population 1.17 million Capital Díli Currency United States dollar (USD) Official language Po
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