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E UROPEAN C URRICULUM V ITAE F ORMAT PERSONAL INFORMATION Name GIOVANNI BIONDI Telephone Fax Nationality Italian Date of birth 27 SEPTEMBER 1951 WORK EXPERIENCE Dates (from to) Full-time teacher from 1/10/1971. From 1976 to 1979 teaching assistant at the University of Florence In 1979 he won the post of head teacher. From 10/09/1979 head teacher holder of the Direzione Didattica (Education Office) no. 7 in Florence In 1980, he joined the first Board of Directors of the Library for Pedagogical Documentation (BDP) in Florence From 1980 to 1982, data processing manager of the BDP From 29/09/1990, with Ministerial Decree no. 1907, he was nominated Secretary General of the BDP. From 1992 to 2000 he was Director of the BDP. On 15/6/2001 he became Director General of INDIRE (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research which follows the development of new technologies in Italian schools, amongst other things). Mandate renewed on 8 September 2002 for a further three years Mandate renewed from 18 November 2005 to 17 November 2008 From 5/12/2007 with Decision of the Board of Commissioners 44/07, nominated Director General ex INDIRE as of 30/6/2008 Mandate renewed on 31/12/2008 with Decision of the Board of Commissioners 11/08 of 9/5/08 Mandate renewed on 30/6/2009 with Decision of the Board of Commissioners 43/08 of 19/12/08 (resigned on 31/3/2009 to take up position as Department Head at the MIUR in Rome From 1995 to 2006 Director of the Socrates National Agency. From January 2007 to 30/03/2009 Director General of the new EC Lifelong Learning Programme From 1985 Head of the Italian Eurydice Unit of the European Union From May to December 2003 he became Chairman of the Steering Committee of European Schoolnet (23 European Ministries of Education). On 3 December 2013 in Helsinki re-elected Chairman of the Steering Committee of European Schoolnet (30 European Ministries of Education) subsequently re-elected again until Lecturer at four Italian Universities: From the Academic Year 2001/2002 to the A.Y. 2002/2003 Teacher of Education in Documentation at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano From the A.Y. 2002/2003 to the A.Y. 2003/2004 Lecturer for the MA in Educational Innovation at the University of Udine From the A.Y. 2003/2004 to the A.Y. 2004/2005 Teacher of Didactic and Educational Technology at the SSIS Veneto, Ca Foscari University of Venice From the A.Y. 2003/2004 to the A.Y. 2009/2010 Teacher of Multimedia and Distance Learning at the LUMSA private university in Rome June 2004 working at the University of Santander (Spain). Internet Course entitled la Educación primaria. Aprendizajes en el aula. From April to June 2007 lecturer for the MA at the IUL (Italian University Line) A.Y.2008/ / / / /2016 lecturer for the Degree Course in Educational Interaction Methods and Techniques, teacher of Multimedia Research Methods - IUL (Italian University Line) Assistant lecturer for the post-graduate course on IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) at the University of Florence MIUR Rome - From 01/04/2009 to 14/5/2013 Department Head for the Programming and Management of Human, Financial and Instrumental Resources A Prime Minister's Decree of 3 August 2012 nominated him Extraordinary Commissioner of INDIRE in Florence as of 1 September 2012 until 28 February 2013, extended by a further PMD of 27/3/13. Honorary and unremunerated position With Ministerial Decree file no. 307 of 23/04/2013 he was nominated President of INDIRE, as of 15/5/2013. Name and address of employer Type of firm or sector INDIRE (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research) Research Institute Type of job President Main tasks and responsibilities Overseeing the general progress of the Institute and promoting development of its activities. EDUCATION AND TRAINING Dates (from to) In 1975, graduated from the University of Florence in Modern History with full marks and honours. From 1975 to 1977 he worked at the University of Florence as teaching assistant in the historical research sector From 1978 he began to use computers dealing with quantitative history, at the CNUCE in Pisa. Performed analyses on Lorraine-era registers of properties in Tuscany from the end of the 1700s. Publications in specialist historical journals. Specialization courses on basic IT and data communication (main training courses taken and skills acquired) - Course on the Control and Management of Information Projects (IBM - Rome 1980) - Course on advanced APL language (IBM Rome 1983) - Course on PL/1 language (Florence 1984) - Course on VM/CMS operating system (Florence ) - Course for data processing managers (IBM 1984) Course on new servers: the Justel server (Paris - Ministry of National Education) - Course on TCP/IP data transmission protocol (Elea-Olivetti 1994) - Course on Networks for Research (University of Florence-1994) Dates (from to) In 1995, with a group of inspectors from the Ministry of Public Education, took part in a two-week training course at ETS (Educational Testing Service) in Princeton USA - UNIX Architecture Course (Elea-Olivetti 1996) - UNIX Basics Course (Elea-Olivetti 1996) - C Language (Elea-Olivetti 1996) - Basics and programming of Visual Basic 5.0 (Elea-Olivetti 1997) - Development of applications with Access (Elea-Olivetti 1997) IT and data communication (main training courses taken and skills acquired) - Course on STAIRS: Information Retrieval System (IBM-Florence ) - Course of training in CDS/ISIS for the planning and management of data banks of variable structure, of the document type, mainframe version operating system os/vs1-cics (Pisa- Scuola Normale Superiore 1982) - Course on the automation of documentation: IRS data bank language and structure (UNESCO-Paris 1985) - Course on CDS/ISIS, MS-DOS version (UNESCO-Paris 1985) - Course on CDS/ISIS, MVS-CICS version (UNESCO-Paris 1986) - Course on ISIS-VM-CMS (Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa- 1987) - Course on CDS/ISIS, MS-DOS version (UNESCO-Paris 1987) - Course on Pascal language ISIS (UNESCO-Paris 1987) - Course on Prestel-Teletel (SIP-Rome 1989) - Course on Internet protocols (Olivetti-University of Florence 1995) In 1997, took part in two weeks of training at ETS on the building of tests, and on the NAEP PERSONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Acquired during life and career, but not necessarily recognized and certified by official diplomas MOTHER TONGUE ITALIAN OTHER LANGUAGES Reading Writing Oral expression ENGLISH level: good. level: good. level: good. Relational skills and competences - From 1988 to 1995 Italian representative of the Council of Europe's EUDISED Project - Until 1994, Head of PETRA III Project Resource Centre - Italian liaison person for the European Agency for Special Needs (Denmark-EU) - From 1996, member of the EUN Steering Committee - From 1998 to 1999 Chairman of the Editorial Board of EUN (17 European countries represented) - Lecturer at four Italian Universities - In 1998, 1999 and 2001 Net Days Liaison Person for Italy - Member of numerous commissions and working groups of the Ministry of Public Education: 1. In 2015, nominated by INVALSI as participant in the Conference for functional coordination of the National Evaluation System Nominated by the MIUR (department of education) member of the startup team to implement the National Evaluation System Member of the scientific committee and the technical operation team to carry out training for primary school teachers lacking the requisites to teach English Scientific Committee Member for the school Città Pestalozzi Member of the joint study committee - CCNL- area V School Leaders of 11/4/2006-art. 21, c Member of the national technical team for a Basic Learning Project Liaison Person for Italy for a team of Teachers and Trainers 8. January Member of the Scientific Committee of the E- Learning Expo Member of the group Progetto Formazione Linguistica Technical Committee Member for a Project to develop initiatives to support the start-up of primary school reform National Committee Member of the OECD s PISA Project (Programme of International Student Assessment) Member of a working group to develop a project for linguistic training and didactic procedures for teachers of English involved in reform processes Member of a working group to develop an integrated project for linguistic training and didactic procedures, including e-learning for teachers of English involved in reform processes, particularly at nursery and primary schools Member of a Scientific Committee responsible for examining and selecting material to be published in the magazines Annali dell Istruzione and Quaderni degli annali dell Istruzione Member of a working group for the coordination and realization of a pilot project for teacher training and to improve the quality of learning processes Member of a standing committee for the definition of training aims and objectives and the retraining of school staff Member of a working group for the creation of a web portal Member of a joint scientific committee monitoring autonomy Member of a regional research group monitoring autonomy 1999/ Member of a joint scientific committee IRRSAE- CEDE experimental national monitoring Member of a management committee for an experimental project to set up a nationwide system to disseminate information on drugs Member of a technical-administrative support team for school autonomy - Member of Scientific Committees for sector periodicals ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Project Manager of the data processing service of the BDP Director of the BDP - Head of the Italian Eurydice Unit ( ) - Director of the Socrates National Agency ( ) - Project Manager on the following projects: - Trends (4 th EU Framework Programme for research. Data communication networks for training) - Multimedia Project (WP 12 Virtual Library) - Comeniusspace (EU-European SchoolNet) - ETB (5 th Framework Programme for research) - Organized a Convention for Ministries of Education on the convergence of curricula (Florence 1999) - CELEBRATE Project (EUN EU) - From 1995 to 1999, Project Manager of the EU's ORTELIUS project and coordinator of the works (Olivetti and the University of Florence) to construct data banks on higher education in Europe - Organization of the international convention entitled la scuola Florence Organization of the international OECD convention New Millennium Learners Florence Numerous other initiatives when Department Head at the Ministry in such as Quando lo spazio insegna, etc. - Numerous other initiatives when President of INDIRE in 2013, such as the ITS study seminar Strumenti di Innovation - un metodo di valutation and the international festival on digital texts Trame Digitali Possibili del XXI Secolo held in Lucca from 6-7 December 2013, and many more. - Since November 2014, he has been among the signatoriesfounders of the Avanguardie Educative movement whose aim is to promote innovations from the point of view of spaces, time and teaching procedures to modernize the lecture-based model that schools currently use. The movement is centred around the cultural manifesto which he helped draw up as President of INDIRE TECHNICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Lecturer at the Catholic University of Milan in LOGO Language (1980) From 1980 to 1990 Head of the Data Processing Service of the BDP and as such, responsible for projects and developments carried out in this sector by the Institute. In particular, from a data processing-it point of view: the Italian Pedagogical Documentation network, the Scuola-Tel service (CM 70 of 1989) and more recently GOLD (2000) In 1984, for the Mountain Community of Mugello, he helped computerize the library services of its 15 Municipalities In 1986, for the Municipality of Florence, he created software to manage welfare benefits for all the local USL health units In 1996, he arranged for the automation of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York FO Project for in-service training of teachers dealing with objective functions (with 48,000 teachers taking part) PuntoEdu Project (A.Y ) for 62,000 newly-recruited teachers PuntoEdu : For-Tic (training in new school technologies) 206,000 teachers; Testing (reserved for 250 schools involved in testing the Reform (4.230 teachers); New recruits (3,000 teachers); The most extensive e-learning project in Europe PuntoEdu Dirigenti : reserved for 1,500 school leaders PuntoEdu Studenti : reserved for senior secondary school students Driving licence PuntoEdu Europe: in collaboration with five other EU countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Greece and Germany) B ANNEXES List of publications Pursuant to Law No. 675/96 I hereby consent to the processing of the personal data contained herein. The undersigned hereby declares under his personal responsibility, that all the information contained in this document corresponds to the truth, and the undersigned is also aware that any untruthful declarations are subject to criminal penalties, pursuant to Art.76 of Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000 and successive modifications. Florence, 5 May 2016 Giovanni Biondi LIST OF PUBBLICATIONS 1. G. Biondi, Appunti di lavoro per la creazione degli archivi, in Studi e documenti degli Annali della Pubblica Istruzione, n.7, G. Biondi, Documentazione pedagogica: un sistema integrato IRRSAE-BDP, in Scuola e Professionalità, n.8-9, Giunti editore, Firenze, G. Biondi, Prospettiva della documentazione educativa, in Bibliografia Italiana sull'educazione degli adulti, Università di Firenze, Firenze, G. Biondi, voi siete la primavera d Italia L ideologia fascista nel mondo della scuola , Paravia, Torino, G. Biondi, Storia sociale di un paese, Vallecchi, Firenze, G. 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Biondi, Sistemi di documentazione automatizzati, in Progettare un servizio di informazione, Franco Angeli, Milano, 1993, ISBN G. Biondi, Banche dati on line e CD-ROM per la scuola in Europa, in Educazione Comparata, a. 4, n. 13, G. Biondi, Un sistema telematico per la scuola, in La Scuola si Aggiorna, Nuova ERI edizioni RAI, G. Biondi, La documentazione educativa, in La tecnologia della informazione in Italia. Rapporto 1994, A. Pellicani editore, Roma, G. Biondi, Documentare l attività didattica, in Quadrante Scolastico, a. 18, n. 63, dicembre G. Biondi, L adattamento italiano del MMPI-2 al vaglio del Test-Retest con bilingui, in Bollettino di Psicologia Applicata, a. 41, n. 211, luglio-settembre G. Biondi, Servizi on line per l orientamento scolastico e professionale, caratteri originali di un fenomeno in rapida evoluzione, in Università e Scuola, a. 2, n. 1, G. 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