Düsseldorf, Germany. November 14-17, 2012 and November 14-16, Preferred and Recommended Freight Forwarder of Messe Dusseldorf North America - PDF

Düsseldorf, Germany 14-17, 2012 and 14-16, 2012 Preferred and Recommended Freight Forwarder of Messe Dusseldorf North America International Shipping, Transportation and On-Site Handling Guidelines Rock-It

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Düsseldorf, Germany 14-17, 2012 and 14-16, 2012 Preferred and Recommended Freight Forwarder of Messe Dusseldorf North America International Shipping, Transportation and On-Site Handling Guidelines Rock-It Fairs & Exhibitions 2025 E. Linden Avenue Linden, NJ (USA & Canada) Phone Fax A Division of ROCK-IT Cargo USA LLC. Rock-It Cargo Fairs & Exhibitions It s What We Do! Table of Contents Section Number Description of Contents Located on Page # I. Welcome 1. II. OFFICIAL Recognized Freight Forwarder 1. III. Project Management Team 1. ** Deadline Dates for Air & Ocean Transport 2. IV. Oversized Shipments 3. V. Exhibition Material Originating Overseas 3. VI. Export Crating Requirements 3. VII. LATE/RUSH/Courier Shipments 3. VIII. Coniferous Non-Manufactured Wood Packing Material 4. IX. Documentation Requirements 5. X. On-Site Handling in Düsseldorf 5. XI. Project Managers - On-Site for Duration 5. XII. Transport and On-Site Insurance Coverage 5. XIII. Transportation, Site and Handling Fees 6. XIV. Special Arrangements - EMPTIES NIGHT 6. XV. Terms and Conditions 6. ** Pro-forma Invoice Form Contained Herein ** Quotation Request Form Contained Herein ** Insurance Request Form Contained Herein ** On-Site Map Contained Herein It s Showtime! I. Show Dates: Nov (COMPAMED) and Nov , 2012 (MEDICA) It gives us tremendous pleasure to welcome you to MEDICA and COMPAMED Whether this is your first time exhibiting or you are a seasoned veteran you are embarking on an event that sets the standards for trade shows in your industry. As the leading Fairs & Exhibitions Forwarder in the industry, we have designed our shipping instructions and guidelines in such a way so as to relieve you of as much of the organizational burden as possible with regard to freight related matters, leaving you to concentrate on other priorities. Our service is a dependable, secure and guaranteed one. Follow our guidelines, meet our deadlines and you will have peace of mind knowing that your materials will be delivered to your booth in accordance with either your delivery instruction and/or your designated move in schedule as directed by the organizer. WE WILL GUARANTEE IT! II. OFFICIAL Preferred US Freight Forwarder We are pleased to inform you Messe Düsseldorf North America has appointed Rock-It Cargo as their OFFICIAL PREFFERED US FORWARDER for events taking place in Düsseldorf. We are extremely proud to be recognized by Messe Düsseldorf North America in this official capacity and look forward to providing you with the high level of service and attention you have received from our project management team in the past. III. Rock-It Fairs Management Team 66 YEARS Düsseldorf Experience Our experienced and dedicated team takes great pride in providing you with dependable logistics services that are second to none in the industry. Our staff has contributed significantly to the fairs & exhibitions industry in terms of project management, customer interface and service, follow up and follow through, as well as on-site attendance and attention. Your logistics move will be coordinated and arranged by Bill Langworthy, Vice President of the Trade Show division of Rock-It Fairs and Clint Ard Senior Project Manager for Rock-It Fairs. Bill has 36 years experience in this industry and specializes on trade shows taking place in Düsseldorf. Clint, with 20 years experience in the industry has been the Project Manager for 14 CONSECUTIVE MEDICA SHOWS since Both he and Bill are extremely familiar with the physical handling of freight both in and out of the fairsite. They will be on-site prior to, during and after the show to assist you with any questions or concerns that might arise. They will also coordinate the return of your empties to your booth, as well as the return of your equipment to the U.S. or alternate destination if applicable. Assisting Bill and Clint will be Ron Arwood Project Operations Manager for Rock-It Fairs. Ron with over 10 years of trade show and logistics experience is also extremely familiar with the fairsite in Düsseldorf having handled numerous shows there over the years including past MEDICA and COMPAMED events. NO OTHER US FAIRS & EXHIBITIONS FORWARDER HAS THE COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE WORKING IN DŰSSELDORF THAT THE TEAM ENCOMPASSES. Please feel free to contact anyone one of them for specific questions or concerns you might have with regard to the physical movement of equipment in, on or out of the fairsite. Page 1 Regional Transport Scenarios for Ocean LCL and Airfreight Ocean LCL pickup deadlines Regional Pick Up Date Sail Date ETA Port Rotterdam ETA Düsseldorf Fairground Airfreight pickup deadlines Regional Pick Up Date Flight Date ETA Düsseldorf Airport ETA Düsseldorf Fairground In an effort to provide you with the most economical O/F rates possible we will have one O/F consolidated container the costs of which will be prorated amongst all contributing Exhibitors. Delivery to booth based on your requested dates. Select your region and identify your options 22nd 26th 25th 27th 31st 2nd 9th 20th 30th Upon Request 1st 3rd 5th In an effort to provide you with the most economical O/F rates possible we will have one O/F consolidated container the costs of which will be prorated amongst all contributing Exhibitors. Delivery to booth based on your requested dates. 8th 20th 30th Upon Request In an effort to provide you with the most economical O/F rates possible we will have one O/F consolidated container the costs of which will be prorated amongst all contributing Exhibitors. Delivery to booth based on your requested dates. 8th 20th 30th Upon Request In an effort to provide you with the most economical O/F rates possible we will have one O/F consolidated container the costs of which will be prorated amongst all contributing Exhibitors. Delivery to booth based on your requested dates. 8th 20th 30th Upon Request In an effort to provide you with the most economical O/F rates possible we will have one O/F consolidated container the costs of which will be prorated amongst all contributing Exhibitors. Delivery to booth based on your requested dates. 1st 20th 30th Upon Request Select your region and identify your options Select your region and identify your options Select your region and identify your options Select your region and identify your options 22nd 26th 22nd 26th 22nd 26th 22nd 26th 25th 1st 25th 1st 25th 1st 25th 1st 27th 31st 3rd 27th 31st 3rd 27th 31st 3rd 27th 31st 3rd 2nd 5th 2nd 5th 2nd 5th 2nd 5th **Please Note: Our service is a secure and reliable one however, in the event the exhibitor opts for the last sailing option, ROCK-IT cannot be held responsible for any costs associated with delays that might occur that might effect the arrival date of the shipment to the fair site and in turn your booth. We of course will do all that can to proactively monitor and expedite the shipment however selection of this last sailing options constitutes an acknowledgment by the exhibitor that we would not be held responsible for any related costs. FULL CONTAINER LOAD Exhibitors may require the use of a full container(s) for their equipment destined to the show ROCK-IT Fairs would be pleased to assist you with the planning and logistics associated with the positioning, transporting and unloading of the container at the fairsite and delivery of the equipment to your booth. Exhibitors requiring this service would receive from show ROCK-IT Fairs a logistics schedule that would be designed specifically for their particular move. This also would be applicable for shipments that are considered out of gauge that would require special handling and attention as well. IV. Oversize Shipments Exhibitors may plan on sending equipment that will not fit in conventional steamship line containers. Rock-It Fairs Project Management Team can arrange for specialized over-sized transport throughout the US and in turn through to your booth, which would include all special documentation and DOT arrangements as required by law. V. Exhibition Material/Equipment/Stand Materials Originating Overseas Should your exhibit material originate from a location other than the US, with our extensive worldwide network of offices and agents, Rock-It Fairs will provide you with service from any origin point throughout the world, to your booth and, if applicable after the show, return it to it s point of origin to include all of the return customs clearance procedures in that country of destination. VI. Export Crating Requirements // MARKING Rock-It Fairs offers the broadest range of packing and crating services for international transport to and from international trade shows via ocean or air. Our crating services are arranged by a team of experts with extensive experience in the crating of exhibition equipment related to all fields. From the handling of the most delicate electronic and computer systems to the largest industrial machinery and equipment, every shipment receives the same personal service and attention that makes ROCK-IT Fairs the logical choice should you require export packing. Marking of your crates/cartons should be as follows: Your Company Name MEDICA or COMPAMED 2012 C/o ROCK-IT FAIRS Düsseldorf Fairgrounds Hall# Stand# No.1 (and up) of /Gross Weight of Piece: We strongly suggest that you have the corners of your crates/cartons marked with either bright RED and BLUE spray paint or marking tape. At the conclusion of the show this will assist us in identifying and returning your empties in an expeditious manor. ALL wooden pallets and crates must have an ISPM 15 compliant mark standard for international transport similar to below format. If you have questions about the ISPM 15 requirements, please contact us soonest. VII. LATE/RUSH/COURIER Shipments Sent Direct to Düsseldorf So often, as experience dictates, exhibitors will have late/rush/courier shipments containing replacement parts, small machines, brochures, converters, software, etc that for one reason or another needs to be sent via expedited courier service. We recognize this and certainly understand the need for this. However, we would ask that for shipments that might originate beyond the last airfreight deadline dates as listed in our Instructions, that you consult with us PRIOR TO sending your last minute shipment via express or overnight service only so that we can provide you with specific instructions with regard to completing the courier airway bill, which will ensure the proper clearance and expeditious delivery to your stand at the fairsite. We also will request that you provide us a copy of the airway bill and proforma invoice, as this will allow us to maintain proactive follow up, reporting to you the status of the shipment whilst preparing for its arrival in Düsseldorf. Page 3 VIII. European Union Emergency Measures for Coniferous Non Manufactured Wood Packaging Material The Commission of European Communities has adopted emergency measures requiring the treatment and marking of all new and used coniferous (e.g. pine,, spruce, fir) non-manufactured wood packing material (NMWP) originating in the United States, Canada, China or Japan and departing on or after 1, 2001, to prevent the introduction of the pinewood nematode. For frequently asked questions on NMWP going to the European Union, your questions to or visit or of course feel free to contact our office for additional assistance. It is important that we are advised if your goods contain coniferous NWPM and will require fumigation or heat treatment, allowing us to tailor your shipping schedules accordingly. USDA ENFORCES NEW WOOD PACKAGING IMPORT REQUIREMENTS The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service will enforce new requirements for wood packaging material (e.g., wooden pallets, boxes and crates) imported into the United States from other countries. The new requirements specify that wood packaging material be either heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide and marked with an approved international logo, certifying that the wood packaging material has been appropriately treated. Wood packaging material imported without the international logo beginning July 5, 2006 will require removal and destruction of that portion of the solid wood packing at the cost of the importer/exhibitor or the immediate re-export of that packing. This wood packaging requirement will affect any shipments destined to the show that would, in fact return at the conclusion of the show. The new requirements are based on the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) standards on wood packing materials, which prescribe globally accepted measures to be applied to wood packaging materials to reduce the risk of pest introductions via wood packaging material. The United States is one of 116 member countries adopting the international standards. The enforcement requirements in the United States will be conducted in accordance with the Department of Homeland Security s (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Operational guidelines which will become effective on Sept. 16, Details of the DHS CBP enforcement operation for wood packaging material may be obtained at ROCK-IT WORKING WITH TSA AND HOMELAND SECURITY Rock-It Cargo Fairs & Exhibitions is taking an active role in working with the TSA in Washington, DC in helping to define regulations as they relate to the constant changes as they relate to Homeland Security. Rest assured your shipment will be handled in accordance with the most current Federal Guidelines ensuring the most efficient and expeditious handling of your shipment not just to Dusseldorf but its return as well. Don t take a chance on moving your shipment with a company who simply follows direction Rock-It helps to establish that direction in the best interests of safety and security coupled with the time sensitive need to move your exhibition material without delay. Page 4 IX. Documents Required for Customs Clearance in Düsseldorf All equipment must clear customs in Düsseldorf, whether the clearance is arranged on a temporary or permanent basis. In order to arrange German Customs clearance, we must have a computer generated Proforma Invoice and Packing List outlining description, HTS Codes, and dimensions/weight of your entire shipment. A Proforma Invoice and Packing List, that we developed and approved by German customs, will be provided for your use. (See Attached) X. Handling of Your Exhibit Material On-Site at the Düsseldorf Fairgrounds In conjunction with our on-site partners in Düsseldorf we will clear all exhibition material through German Customs and deliver to the fairgrounds. Upon arrival, we will inventory and store the equipment in our on-site warehouse until the day on which you would like for us to arrange delivery to your booth. We will do so coordinating all labor and equipment necessary, and provide you with labor and or equipment for unpacking, assembling and positioning, if necessary. Once your empty crates/cartons are ready to be removed from your booth, we will arrange to have them picked up and taken to the empty storage facility on-site. At the close of the show, we will arrange for the re-delivery of your empties, re-packing if necessary, arrange for the re-export of your exhibition material to any destination and prepare and complete all necessary export documentation, including cancellation of temporary import bonds. Our US Project Management team will be with you every step of the way, prior to, during and after the show. XI. Rock-It Fairs Project Managers ON-SITE FOR BUILD UP, SHOW AND BREAKDOWN As we have in the past, our Project Management team will be on-site at MEDICA and COMPAMED during the buildup, the show itself and the breakdown. This commitment will bring you peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be looked after during the move in insuring delivery on your designated move in date, equipment and labor assistance as needed and requested, removal of your empty packing material and transport to our designated US storage area, visits during the show to address questions that might arise during the show, for example an interested buyer wanting to know transport costs to their destination and then expediting the return of your empties at the conclusion of the show. Our On-Site map will provide you with the location of our on-site office although as we operate with golf carts on-site, there will be no need for you to look for us as we will visit with you on a daily basis. We do not leave the site until your exhibit material is on its way to the final destination. XII. Transportation and On-Site Insurance Coverage While Rock-It Fairs always maintains the utmost care in handling your cargo, there are inherent risks involved in transportation that may cause losses beyond our control. As you may know, all companies in the logistics industry incorporate in their documents clauses limiting their liability in the event of loss or damage to cargo or consequential loss resulting from negligence, delay, etc. These limitations of liability are standard throughout the industry and are based on various treaties and approved by national transport associations. To effect cargo insurance on all of your future shipments handled by Rock-It Fairs, simply complete the attached Cargo Insurance Request Form and return it to our office. We encourage you to take advantage of our cargo insurance program to ensure your goods are properly protected against the many perils of international transit. Even if you have your own cargo insurance policy, we may be able to provide you with broader coverage and more competitive rates. Page 5 XIII. Transportation and Handling Fees We would be pleased to provide you the costs associated with the transportation, handling and clearance of your exhibit materials to MEDICA and COMPAMED In order to do so, we would ask that you take a moment and complete our Quotation Request Form, which is contained herein. Please fax or the completed form to our office. Please also feel free to visit our website to request your quotation at Please be as precise as possible when completing the form, as the costs will be based on the information that you provide to us. A quotation specifically tailored to your transportation needs and on-site handling requirements will then be prepared and either ed or faxed to you within 24 hours or less for your review. Our proposal will include absolutely all of the charges that would be associated with your move. We also can assure you that there will be absolutely and unconditionally no hidden charges. XIV. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS - HANDLING AND RETURN OF EMPTIES Re-Packing/Re-lifting on night of the Breakdown! Rock-It Fairs places incredible significance on the expeditious return of empties on the night of the breakdown. We will, as we have in the past make special storage arrangements for US exhibitors empty crates and cartons. In doing so, the return of empties at the close of the show on 16 th (for COMPAMED) 17th (for MEDICA) will be immediate, upon our receiving access to the halls by Security and Show Management. We of course are in a position to assist you with your repacking or, in the event you need additional crating/packing materials, we would be pleased to provide you with whatever is necessary. Our Project Management staff will remain on-site in Düsseldorf to oversee the pick up of your packed/crated materials and supervise their delivery to our security terminal. We request strongly that you do not leave your material unattended at your stand until one of our Project Management team arrives to see that it is secure for transport to our security warehouse. We are extremely proud of the immediacy as it relates to just how quickly we arrange the empty return to our exhibitors no one arranges it quicker and gets you on your way home faster than we do! XV. Rock-It Cargo Fairs & Exhibitions Terms and Conditions Rock-It will coordinate the
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