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Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekci & Erdem Demircioğlu Turksat AS 10 September 2008 Prague, Czech Republic Agenda Short company introduction Turksat s satellite design and R&D goals Outline Turksat s satellite design

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Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekci & Erdem Demircioğlu Turksat AS 10 September 2008 Prague, Czech Republic Agenda Short company introduction Turksat s satellite design and R&D goals Outline Turksat s satellite design activities Cooperation and partnership opportunities via FP7 2 Company: Turksat AS Turksat Satellite Communication Cable TV and Operation AS Publicly owned satellite operator since 1994 Divisions Satellite Operations Cable TV & Internet e Government Satellite Design and R&D Imaging (Turksat Globe) Over 500 employees 3 Satellite Operations Satellite Location Launch EOL Türksat 1C Eurasiasat Türksat 3A Cable TV & Internet Over subscribers High speed internet Digital TV I/F ready 5 e Government Firms Government Institutes Banks Information Service Payment Outside World Internet e-government Gateway Digital Cable TV Call Center Citizens Companies Mobile Platforms 6 Turksat Globe: Current & Future Satellites Partnering with Digital Globe (USA) QuickBird 2 Quick Bird 2 World Viev 1 World Viev 2 World View 1 World View 2 GEO Communication Satellite Design 8 Satellite Design and R&D Goals Short Term Goals Establish a strong systems engineering capability in communication satellite systems design Establish application software development capability in communication satellite systems design Gain satellite system assembly, integration, and test (AIT) capability through certification Intermediate Term Goals Establish capability in communication satellite subsystems integrated design Participate in R&D projects Long Term Goals Develop a prime contractor capability in communication satellite systems design and manufacture Organizational and Infrastructure Goals Establish the organizational structure o Management o Process o Technical Recruit a Project Managers Identify and obtaining required consulting services Identify and acquiring required resources (human/financial) Develop R&D infrastructure Plan and build necessary facilities o Office space o Labs o Clean rooms 9 AIT Center Turksat is cooperating with other agencies in Turkey to build a satellite AIT Center It will be used for assembly, integration, and testing of communication, observation, and scientific satellites 10 Design Team Group of Turksat engineers trained by Thales Alenia Space in Cannes and Toulouse Specialized in: Data Handling, OBSW and AOCS Mission and System Analysis Thermal Control Electrical Power Payload and TCR Structure and Propulsion 11 Satellite Design PDR A level satellite design is performed by TAS support Based on Spacebus 4000 architecture Successfully completed in May General Specs GEO Communication Satellite Launch at 2015 Maneuver life time 15 years Payload 16 transponders Ku band 4 transponders C Band Structure Central tube based Max. launch mass: 2700 kg Propulsion Chemical unified propulsion sys. LAE & 16 reaction control thrusters 13 General Specs (contd.) Thermal Control Surface Mount Heat Pipes Conductive TWTA Attitude Control Zero momentum Reaction Wheel approach StarTracker & Gyro based AOCS Power Management Li Ion Battery 4solar panels Data Handling & OBSW Leon or ERC B RTOS (COTS) 14 Coverage Area SATSOFT WEST Theta*sin(phi) in Degrees TURKEY EAST Theta*cos(phi) in Degrees 15 Payload Performance Requirements EIRP Performance Requirements for BSS band: 50.5 dbw (West R1 coverage) 52.8 dbw (Turkey coverage) EIRP Performance Requirement for C band: 45 dbw (Turkey coverage) G/T Performance Requirement for BSS band: 3.6 db/k (West R1 coverage) 1.8 db/k (East R1 coverage) G/T Performance Requirements for C band: 1 db/k (Turkey coverage) 16 Payload Block Diagram Ku-band Payload C-band Payload 17 TCR Block Diagram 18 Structure Overview SB like structure approach Primary structure Central tube w/adaptor ring Shear webs Main structure Panels and webs to carry internal equipment Secondary structure Support structure for the external equipment 19 GTO Configuration 20 Main Dimensions 21 Launcher Envelope 22 CM North Panel Layout Ku band TWT 8 Ch Ku band OMUX EPC and CAMP SADM Shear web 23 CM South Panel Layout TCR C band TWT Heat pipe network 4 Ch C band OMUX Switches 24 SM South and North Panels BCRB Heat Pipe Network SMU GYRO PCU PFLDIU Li-Ion Battery 25 EPS Block Diagram AOCSP = Attitude and Orbit Control System Pcb SADM = Solar Array and Drive Mechanism BCR = Battery Charge Regulator BCRB = Battery Connection Relay Box BDR = Battery Discharge Regulator CVICP = power ConVerter data bus Insulation and Core Pcb DHP = Distribution and Heater Pcb FSMP = Full Step Motor Pcb HPDP = High Power Distribution Pcb LMU = Li-Ion Management Unit (Li-Ion batteries) MAP = Matrix Acquisition and Command Pcb PCU = Power conditionning Unit P/F = Platform P/L = Payload PFLDIU = P/F and P/L Distribution and Interface Unit PROP = PROpulsion electronic Pcb PYP = Pyrotechnic Pcb SMU = Satellite Management Unit STE = Satellite Test Equipment 26 Tanks Layout MMH Tank MON Tank Pressurant (He) Tank Main Engine 27 Data Handling Hardware Block Diagram 28 OBSW Architecture AOCS SW Battery Management SW PLATFORM SERVICES (Telecommand, Telemetry, Failure Detection and etc.) Thermal Management SW APPLICATION SW REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEM (COTS, OUTSOURCED or IN-HOUSE solutions) PROCESSOR (ERC32 or LEON) HW DRIVERS HARDWARE INTERFACES (OBDH, 1553B Data Bus Interfaces) ON BOARD SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE OPERATING SYSTEM 29 AOCS Harware Block Diagram SODERN: 3 axis meas. in inertial frame. 1 Nominal+1 Redundant TNO/TPD: 4 cells 2 axes. Internally Redundant 1 Nominal+1 Redundant HONEYWELL: 3 axis meas. in inertial frame. 1 Nominal+1 Redundant STR1 STR2 CSS1 CSS2 GYRO1 GYRO PROP PCB CCU CSS Electronics AOCSP PCB UPS RW1 RW2 RW3 RW4 TELDIX: 12 Nms each. 3 Nominal+1 Redundant 30 System Level Design Work Performed Mission analysis Propellant budget Mechanical layout Thermal analysis Link budget analysis Power budget Battery sizing Solar array sizing Pointing Budget... 31 Cooperation and Partnership via FP7 We are in the process of establishing: A strong infrastructure with satellite AIT R&D infrastructure: labs & clean rooms We are capable of communication satellite design A strong technical team Plans for growth Ideas for potential projects: General: Ready to offer engineering work GMES ComSat applications Electric propulsion projects 32 Thank You 33
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