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Dobrodošli, Welcome! Association of Slovenian Adult Education Centres and member organizations Partners from Sweden Visiting ZLUS, member organizations and Slovenian Institute for Adult Education

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Dobrodošli, Welcome! Association of Slovenian Adult Education Centres and member organizations Partners from Sweden Visiting ZLUS, member organizations and Slovenian Institute for Adult Education August 2009 Establishment of the Association established in 1959 by folk high schools; as non-governmental and non-profit organization; it has 30 member organizations at the moment; membership was and still is voluntary; member organizations are from all over country Tradition in development ZLUS - the first umbrella organization in Slovenia for research and development of adult education: starting work different national institutions were established, like: SIAE, NEC, NIVET; First literacy programmes were developed; Basics for further development of higher educational programmes were settled; Primary education programme for adults was developed; The new system of training and examination of language knowledge was developed; Other general and specialised programmes for adults were developed: consumer training, school for parents; Different study and didactical materials were developed. Brief History first public institutions for adult education were established in 1921 and further; there mission was to organize general and cultural education; they were organized in every bigger urban centre and towns. Basics - ZLUS 1. STAFF: 2 professionals - full time 8 - experts under the contract 2. BUDGGET 2008: TOTAL % Membership fee % Ministry of Education and sport (projects) % Other projects % Workshops, conferences % 3. PROGRAM: 7 permanent working spheres of action 22 tasks 3-4 projects annually (international, developing new programmes, ) Goals and tasks Promotion of the LLL and adult education; Increasing the membership; Improvement of the communication system (ICT); Local and regional partnerships; Improvement of the quality in educational programmes. Benefits for the Association Goals and tasks Benefits for the national system Effective integration into national education system and also into European adult education and lifelong learning process; Implementation of some new approaches in adult education co-financed by Ministry of education and sport; Cooperation with partner organizations in various projects on international level. Changes in the Adult Education financing system in Slovenia in Adult education market was established 2. Adult learning providers (public and private) are financed by public and market funds 3. Adult Education Centers are co-financed in 50 % by public money; 4. The state provides: Public tenders for co-financing adult education; Decisions of the programmes and activities for adult education location concessions. 5. Since 2004 the state has been financing around % of projects and activities through ESF public money for adult education The network of adult education providers was consolidated Association of Slovenian Adult Education Centres (1959) - including 79 organisations in the past, 30 now; Association of Adult Education Organisations of Secondary Schools (1997) - including 50 schools and individuals in present time; Association of Private Educational Institutions (1997) - including around 30 organisations. Associations of providers are co-financed through the Mentorship School Network via certain project tasks! Present position of Adult Education Centers in Slovenia Unclear/not defined position in the educational system in Slovenia Unstable financing for public institutions as Adult Education Centers Provide more than 70% of the national priority programmes and activities of social interest in the field of adult education 20-90% of their programmes are financed by ESF projects Member organizations non-profit public organizations for adult education established by local authorities (municipalities) 33 Adult Education Centers in Slovenia 30 members of the umbrella organization average budget per year member organizations are partners in more than 300 national and EU projects 7-10 employees Acting localy different programmes 2500 participants per year Co-financing by the local authorities 4,4% Adult Education Centre adult education and cultural centre Holistic approach: information, guidance and counselling, educational programmes, results valuation Involved in international projects and co-operation Quality Programmes Formal (school) education (primary school for adults, secondary school, vocational and technical programmes, post-secondary and higher vocational programmes); general education (free time, healthy living, study circles, ecology); functional literacy programmes for adults; professional education and training (foreign languages, computers); information and guidance on local level (special centers). Law obligations Adult Education Centres Vision and Mission Vision Fast and flexible adjustment to the learning demands of adults and supply in the local environment Ensuring accessibility to education to all adults different target groups Connecting and integrating activities to the national and regional projects related to adult education Development, quality and common standards International cooperation and networking Thank you for your attention!
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