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A Presentation on E-mail Writing Session: 2018-19 Submitted by: Submitted to: Marshal martin 17BCAN069 Dr. Praveen Bala (Assistant Professor) Ayush sharma 17BCAN068 Department of IT and Ronak Jain 17 BCAN077 CA Kshitiz

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  Submitted by: Marshal martin 17BCAN069Ayushsharma 17BCAN068RonakJain 17 BCAN077KshitizGupta 17BCAN076 APresentation on E-mail Writing Session: 2018-19 Submitted to: Dr. Praveen Bala(Assistant Professor)Department of IT and CA  ã Be concise and to the point. ã Answer all Questions. ã Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. ã Answer swiftly – ( usually Within 24 hrs). ã Do not attach unnecessary files. ã Use proper structure and layout. ã Read the mail before you send it. ã Avoid long sentences.  ã Use bullets point if many points has to be explained. ã When sending large attachments , always “ Zip ” or compress them before sending. ã Make sure your e-mail includes a courteous greeting and closing. Helps to make your e-mail not seem demanding.   Leaving the subject blank – always include a relevant subject. This even applies to mails that you reply to or forward to.  Typing in capital letters – this is considered to be shouting.  Sending emails to the entire Organization that is releventonly to a few staff.  Replying to all , instead of just to the sender.  Sending mail with typing or spelling error.  Use of diffcultto read fonts in an mail.
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