DNV-Gødstrup Emergency hospital of the future for 300,000 residents of Central and West Jutland - PDF

DNV-Gødstrup Emergency hospital of the future for 300,000 residents of Central and West Jutland Architecture Vision Facts DNV-Gødstrup, Project secretariat Regional Hospital West Jutland 28 September 2011

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DNV-Gødstrup Emergency hospital of the future for 300,000 residents of Central and West Jutland Architecture Vision Facts DNV-Gødstrup, Project secretariat Regional Hospital West Jutland 28 September 2011 Rev. April 2013 The thinking behind the architecture - A heavy base and light layers - The edge of the base facing out into the landscape is broken up into north south facing fingers, radiating into the terrain, bringing the landscape right up to the foyer all the way along. Page 2 - The hospital seen in its entirety from above. - DNV-Gødstrup, pictured here in the midst of the surrounding countryside with far-reaching skies. - To the south is the acute face of the hospital with the A&E department, the arrival of non-referred patients and heliport. The staff will also arrive from this side. - The hospital s primary elective arrival will be from the north, whether arriving from the west via the bypass, from the town to the east or from the railway station Page 4 - The floor layout makes the delineations clear. Future activity and area Patients 284,228 Somatic admissions 47,960 Somatic bed days 141,603 Outpatient visits 384,054 Diagnostic imaging 292,753 Operations 43,543 Psychiatric admissions 1,245 Psychiatric bed days 31,562 Somatic 130,000 m 2 Psychiatry 17,000 m 2 In total 147,000 m 2 Page 5 - The winning bid for the future main entrance Vision for DNV-Gødstrup The patients hospital Through its organisation and planning of processes, the hospital provides consistent, safe continuity of care, with patients experiencing a high level of professional quality. In addition, the hospital is easy to navigate and accessible to patients, relatives and staff. Efficient and competitive The hospital achieves excellent results, benefiting users and patients by operating as an attractive, efficient business capable of recruiting and retaining qualified, skilled employees. The hospital s culture, new ways of working and choice of physical and technological solutions support flexibility, proximity and Page 6 cooperation intersectorally and with patients before and during their stay. - The open foyer at the heart of the hospital Quality consciousness As a regional hospital, the hospital aims to be the preferred teaching and research hospital in Denmark, where innovation, quality development, research and education go hand in hand with the patient treatment. The hospital shares knowledge with the outside world. A nice place to be The hospital ensures the well-being of its patients and employees through its evidence-based design, healing architecture and sustainable solutions. Page 7 Overarching time schedule Stage 1 104,000 m² Mid-2012 Sub-project 1A (Site development) September st sod cut/construction commences stage 1 Mid-2013 Sub-project 2 (Supply lines) Early 2014 Sub-project 3 (Piling) Early 2014 Sub-project 1B (Site huts) Late 2014 Sub-project 4 (Carcass) Late 2014 Sub-project 5 (Building envelope) Early 2015 Sub-project 6 10 (Fittings and installations) Early 2017 Commissioning Stage 2 (psychiatry) 14,800 m² Early 2013 Open architectural competition Early 2017 Construction commences Late 2018 Commissioning Stage 3 34,000 m² Late 2015 Construction commences 2019 Commissioning Page 8 Sustainability The local Agenda 21 Action Plan 2011 is the common platform for work relating to sustainable development in Central Denmark Region. The Action Plan provides a picture of the Region s efforts with regard to effective action on sustainable development action that will demand both cooperation and innovation in the years ahead. Sustainability, low energy consumption and low environmental impact must therefore be an integral part of the planning of DNV-Gødstrup. The building is to be built to Low Energy Class 2020 and with the flexible energy supplies of the future. A wind turbine has already been erected on the building site. It will provide power for the site huts during the construction of the new hospital, and paves the way for a major focus on green energy and innovative solutions that benefit the environment. - Aerial photo of the future plot, August 2011 Page 9 Innovationstalden (the innovation barn) We want to strengthen preparations for the construction of a future workplace that supports excellent patient care and offers a good working environment for employees. We have therefore established testing and development premises in a former barn in the grounds of the future hospital in Gødstrup. The barn is 800 m 2 and provides excellent opportunities to work with full-scale models of rooms and wards/sections of wards and to test products, etc. See photos of the Innovationstalden here: - Building plot, 8th november 2013 Page 10 Page 11 For further information, please contact The Project Secretariat of DNV-Gødstrup Regional Hospital West Jutland Herning Regional Hospital, Building 08 Gl. Landevej 61 DK-7400 Herning Denmark Tel View from patient terrace Page 12 The Project Secretariat of DNV-Gødstrup
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