Department of Veterans Affairs EEO Case No. 200P-0691-2009102570

According to the EEO Counselors Report, your claim is: whether, on the bases of race (African American), Color (Black), Sex (Male), and Sexual Orientation (Gay), you were subjected to a hostile work environment as evinced by a number of incidents that occurred from approximately February 2008 to March 24, 2009. Upon making an initial review of your complaint, we found that some matters required clarification… In addition, our review disclosed that you had provided two letters during the informal complaint process: one dated March 24, 2009, subject: Formal Complaint of Fraud, Waste and Abuse,” and the other dated April 13, 2009, subject: EEO Complaint based on race, color, sex, and sexual orientation… You explained that you had deliberately omitted sexual orientation as a basis because you understood that it was not covered by Title VII.”

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