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Department of Material and Commodity Wydział Technologii Sciences Materiałowych And Textile Metrology i Wzornictwa Tekstyliów

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Department of Material and Commodity Wydział Technologii Sciences Materiałowych And Textile Metrology i Wzornictwa Tekstyliów Lodz University of Technology The only technical university in the Lodz region As the first and only one in Poland and one of the 23 universities in Europe have a prestigious certificate of quality education ECTS Label awarded by the European Commission 4 th 9 th among 23 technical universities in Poland among 90 academic universities in Poland according to Rzeczpospolita and Perspektywy ) Branches of study Textile Engineering Pattern Designing Material Engineering Education Of Technology And Information Engineering Health And Safety At Work * Commodity Science * * interfaculty Specializations I st grade (BSc and Bachelor) Mechanical Textile Engineering Chemical Textile Engineering Science of Commodities and Textile Marketing Clothing Technology Textile Architecture Architecture of clothing Visual communication and printing techniques Safety and Hygiene at Work Polymer Materials Engineering Textile Biomaterials Engineering Specializations II nd grade (MA) Innovative technologies in Textile Engineering Engineering of Textile Designing Clothing Technology Engineering of quality and humanoecology of textiles Architecture of textiles Informatic Technologies Engineering of polymer composite materials Lodz University of Technology Autex Reserch Journal Edytorial Board: Editor-in-Chief: prof. Katarzyna Grabowska Deputy / Managing Editor: Ph.D. Izabella Ciesielska-Wróbel Editor: D.Sc. Maciej Bogun Administrative assistance: M.Sc. Eng. Paulina Król No in Volume articles in the last calendar year Volumes from Department of Material and Commodity Sciences And Textile Metrology - Staff Supervisor Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Izabella Krucińska The team of polymer chemistry D.Sc. Eng. Dawid Stawski The team of material and commodity and textile metrology Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Izabella Krucińska The team of fibres, yarns and nonwovens forming D.Sc. Eng. Maciej Boguń Department of Material and Commodity Sciences And Textile Metrology - Staff Professors: 6 Adiuncts / lecturers: 23 Didactic staff: 2 Technical staff: 7 Secretarial and office staff projects: 6 PhD studens: Scientific areas 1. Materials and Textile Metrology 2. Construction and Technology of Nonwovens 3. Fiber s Physics 4. Product Innovation 5. Commodity and Marketing of Textiles 6. Surface Engineering Laboratories Research Laboratory LAB-TEX : Laboratory studies of electrical properties,mechanical properties, comfort tests, biophysical properties,thermal resistance Laboratory of X-ray: XRD/WAXS, SAXS Microscopy laboratory: SEM, SEM/EDS, AFM, fluorescent, polarizing and optical microscope, Abbe refractometer, monochromator, Krüss DSA 100 contact angle set Laboratory of surface engineering: Europlasam plasmatron CD400 PLC type Laboratory of spectrophotometry: UV-Uis-NIR, FTIR Laboratory of porosimetry: porosimeter absorption ASAP 2020, mercury porosimeter AUTOPORE 9500 Laboratory studies of electrical properties of polymer: Keithley electrometer, resistance test set, set for testing the time-decay of electrostatic charge, Feutron climatic chamber, Zestasizer Nano analyzer Laboratory evaluation of the aging of polymer: chamber for testing resistance to QUV and Q-SUN radiation Laboratories Laboratory studies of biophysical properties of textiles and other products of polymer: sorpcjometr, apparatus for testing the physiological properties with air-conditioning chamber, tensiometer, waterproofness tests set, air permeability set, Kawabata Evaluation System, system for the evaluation of user comfort FAST, chamber with a manikin to analyze the biophysical properties of clothing, thermal manikin (also infant), thermal imaging chamber, Bundesmann s apparatus Laboratory studies filtration properties of polymer Grimm flame photometer, Lorenz FMP03 Laboratory evaluation of the flammability of polymer: textile flammability, flame propagation, the LOI index, heat transfer through the material treated with the flame - HTI index, heat transfer through the material on radiation exposure - TF and RHTI index Laboratory of mechanical tests Laboratory of Yarn Metrology Chemical laboratory: gel chromatograph (4 detectors), Perkin Elemer TGA thermobalance, Perkin-Elmer DSC 7, DTMA, Knauer membrane osmometer Laboratories Technological laboratory: yarn, composite, polymer materials, electrospinning, nonwovens, foils, melt-blown, laboratory scale line for fibers spinning 3D printing and textile digital pritning laboratory European Projects MODSIMTex - Development of a rapid configuration system for textile production machines by means of the simulation of the physical behaviour of precision textile structures ProeTEX - Protective and monitoring textiles for the human body. DIGITEX - Digital programmed jetting of fluids for multifunctional protective textiles. LIDWINE - Multifunctionalized medical textiles for wound (e.g. decubitus) prevention and simulation of wound healing. INTELTEX - Intelligent multi-reactive textiles integrating nano-filler based on CPC-fibres. CLEVERTEX - Developmnet of a strategic master plan for the transformation of the traditional textile and clothing into a knowledge driven industrial sector by ph 7 ph Structural Projects FORESIGHT - Modern technologies for textile chance for Polish OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME OF INNOVATIVE ECONOMY BIOMASS - The use of biomass for the production of polymeric materials environmentally friendly OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME OF INNOVATIVE ECONOMY Structure development research techniques and technology textile and clothing industry OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME OF INNOVATIVE ECONOMY POIG /08-00 BIOGRATEX - Biodegradable fibrous products ph 7 ph National Projects ALGINIANS - interdisciplinary project, realised in three specialised research teams, which resulted in three new generation multifunctional nonwoven wound dressing materials and prototypes of multi-layer hybrid composite materials INFANT Optimization of the structure of protective clothing for infants born prematurely using original tools supporting the design process Research on a new generation of scaffolds (scaffolds) with the modified nano-and micro-fibrillar collagen of stem cells in terms of repair of the Central Nervous System Modern protect the personal emergency KSRG based on the needs of end-users Personalization of sportswear through its textronizations with the assessment of efficiency of the organism The use of graphene for textile printing ph 7 ph National Projects Biodegradable hybrid structure of hyaluronic acid obtained by electro-containing active modifiers The alginate fibers modified with carbon nanostructures as a precursor for the preparation of fibrous carbon materials Preparation of fiber composite materials based on modified ceramic fibers nanoadditives copolymer of glycolide and L-lactide and polyvinyl alcohol ph 7 ph Prizes and awards Silver Medal on Geneva Invention Special prize by First Institute Inventors and Researchers I.R. IRAN Presidium of the Łódź Branch of Polish Science Academy (PAN) for D.Sc. Maciej Boguń LODZ EUREKA for outstanding achievements in the field of modern textile Gold Medal Brussels Eureka Gold Medal by Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports in Romania Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for International Achievement The inventive Silver Medal Brussels Innowa Gold Medal Brussels Innowa Twice Polityka Awards for D.Sc. Maciej Boguń Department of Material and Commodity Sciences and Textile Metrology Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design Welcome!
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