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  PHÒNG GD&ĐT TAM ĐẢO-----------------(Đề thi có 02 trang) ĐỀ THI TH T! #N $INH %O 'P 0 THPTN*M 20+-20,Mn. Ti/ng AnhThi gian 13 4i. +0 5h6t7 8hng 89 thi gian gia: ;ềI< =h::>? th? @:r that ha> th? Bn?r1in? 5art 5r:n:Bnc? iC?r?nt1 Er:3 th?r?>t< <05t 1. A. st B dent B. st B dy C. st B dio D. st B pid2. A. dicta ti:n  B. ques ti:n  C. founda ti:n  D. ac ti:n 3. A. s a d B. m a n C. f  a n D. c a r 4. A. end ?  B. want ?  C. complet ?  D. finish ?II< =h::>? th? 4?>t :5ti:n t: c:351?t? ?ach >?nt?nc?< 2<F5t> 5. They used  in the countryside. A. to li!in B. li!in C. to li!e D. li!e#. $hat should we do to reduce the le!el of en!ironmental % A. pollution B. pollute C. polluted D. pollutin &. '  (ohn since he mo!ed to our nei h)orhood. A. *new B. has *nown C. ha!e *nown D. *now+. They ha!en,t finished the pro-ect % A. ha!en,t they B. ha!e theyC. do they D. don,t they/. $e listened  while the e0aminer a!e us the directions. A. attention B. attenti!ely C. attenti!e D. attenti!eness1. e as*ed me % A. where did ' li!e B. where ' li!edC. where do ' li!e D. where ' li!e11. The police told him  his car at the entrance to the hospital. A. not par* B. don,t par* C. not to par* D. don,t to par*12. ',!e loo*ed  my )oo* e!erywhere )ut ' can,t find it. A. for B. after C. at D. in13. This department store  three years a o. A. )uilt B. was )uilt C. )uilds D. is )uilt14. (oe has three sisters. e wishes he  a )rother. A. ha!e B. will ha!e C. has D. had III< =h::>? th? :5ti:n that n??> c:rr?cting in ?ach >?nt?nc?< <05t 15. How  lon have  you know  your teacher % A B C D1#. ' have had  a wonderful   times  in o Chi inh City . A B C D1&. $hat would  happen if   the temperature  is warmer % A B C D1+. Da at where is located  on i hland is  famous for  mild climate . A B C D I%< ?a th? t?t th?n ch::>? th? 4?>t :5ti:n> t: c:351?t? th? >tat?3?nt>< <05t ost of the people who li*e films are only interested in the leadin actor or actress when they en-oy a film.'t seems to them that only the actors or actresses ha!e made the film successful. They always payattention to their appearance performance and fashion. There are many film !iewers who ha!e noawareness of the other people,s wor* to ma*e a film. A finished film is actually the result of thecolla)oration of many people and the most important amon them are the scriptwriter thecinemato rapher the film editor the actor and the director. specially in some thrillin scenes the rolesof stuntmen are !ery important. They are always in dan er when they are actin 6 some of them are e!en)adly hurt or dead. But what a pity many film !iewers rarely appreciate their wor*.1/. To many film !iewers . A. the director is the most importantB. no one is more important than the leadin actor or actressC. the stuntmen play the most important roleD. the most important person is the cinemato rapher   2. any film !iewers always pay attention to . A. the director,s name and appearanceB. the pictures ta*en )y the cinemato rapher C. the leadin actors, or actresses, familyD. the actors, and actresses, appearance performance and fashion21. The wor* of stuntmen is . A. secure B. dan erous C. interestin D. thrilled22. A finished film is the result of the colla)oration of . A. many people B. the actors C. the actresses D. the director  %< =h::>? th? 4?>t :5ti:n> t: c:351?t? th? t?t <05t  A new study shows that women can reduce their chances of de!elopin heart disease 718   -o in for a)out three hours e!ery wee*. The researchers at ar!ard edical 9ni!ersity in Boston ha!e -ust reported the results of the study on the :ew n land (ournal of edicine. The study is the first toshow the effecti!eness of -o in in the de!elopin of heart disease in women. ;nly 728  earlier studies ha!e e0amined the effects of -o in on the heart )ut nearly all ha!e )een done on men. Thenew study in!ol!es more than &2 women )etween the 738 of forty and si0ty<fi!e durin aperiod of ei ht years. The researchers ha!e found that women 748 -o at least three hours awee* ha!e a thirty to forty percent lower chance of ownin a heart attac* than those who do not.23. A. )y B. to C. of D. in24. A. a little B. a few C. many D. much25. A. a e B. years C. years old D. a es2#. A. who B. which C. how D. those %I< !>? th? c:rr?ct E:r3 :E th? @:r> in =APITA' t: c:351?t? ?ach >?nt?nc?< <05t 2&. is parents were  that he failed the final e0aminations. D'=A>>;':T2+. ?ou should listen to the teacher . CA@2/. e is a famous  in the world. =C':C3. ary has made a ood  on this matter. DC'D %II< =:351?t? th? >?nt?nc?> in >Bch a @a that th? r?3ain Bnchang? Er:3 th?:rigina1 :n?>< <05t 31. ' was !ery sleepy )ut ' still wanted to watch the foot)all match on T. Althou h  32. Do you *now what the time is ary% as*ed (ohn.(ohn as*ed  33. The teacher is introducin a new ame. A new  34. ' ha!en,t )een in this !illa e since ay.The last time   %III< rit? a 5a>>ag?< <F5t 'n 1<12 words present a writin passa e on the )enefits of the ace )oo* in school life.
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