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  ĐỀ LUYỆN SỐ 8   I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from   1.A. shaped B. experienced C. hired D. laughed 2.   A. respond B. equal C.  prevent D. Impress 3.   a. find b. visit c. with d. worship 4.   a. washed b. looked c. stopped d. Played 5.   A. worked B. cleaned C. asked D. helped I.   Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer (1.25ms).   TELEVISION  Television is the most popular form of entertainment in the American household. People of all ages use this medium to entertain themselves for an average of four hours a day. Thus, television has had a tremendous influence on its viewers , especially children. Scientists now say that children can be adversely affected by constantly watching television. This is due to the fact that they participate less in physical activities, spend less time reading and studying, and see a world of violence that can affect their own feelings of security. 1.   What is the most popular form of entertainment in the American household? 2.   How many hours a day do the American people spend watching television? 3.   Has television had a tremendous influence on its viewers, especially children? 4.   What does the word “ viewers ”  mean? -  Viewers are persons ... 5.   Who can be adversely affected by constantly watching television? II.   Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best completes the 1. These people _____________ in Dak Nong since 2000. A. have lived B. had lived C. lived D. was living 2. There is nothing _____________ than going swimming in hot weather. A. gooder B. good C.  better D. more goodly 3. Auld Lang Syne _____________on New Year’s Eve.   A. sings B. is sung C. sang D. is to sing 4. The teacher said: Who do you live with? A. The teacher asked me who I lived with. B. The teacher asked me who do I live with. C. The teacher asked me who I live with. D. The teacher asked me who did I live with. 5. A tropical storm is called a ___in North and South America when it gets 120 km per hour. A. tornado B. cyclone C. hurricane D. typhoon 6. It’s an interesting film, so I ____________it three times.   A. saw B. had seen C. have already seen D. was to see 7. It’s  over six months since the tidal wave ________ Phuket, Thailand. A. has destroyed B. destroyed C. was destroyed D. destroys 8. You _____________ the exam if you don't study harder. A. will fail B. fail C. failed D. would fail 9. She suggested ____ some candles before there was a typhoon coming. A.  buying B. to buy C.  buy D.  bought 10. We decided _____________ camping at the weekend. A. went B. going C. go D. to go 11. These children, _________parents work late, are taken home by bus. A. whom B. that C. their D. whose 12. York, ___ I visited last year, is a nice old city. A. whom B. which C. who D. that 13. “Do you know the newcomer’s name?” he asked me.   A. He asked me for the newcomer’s name.   B. He asked me if someone knew the newcomer’s name.   C. He asked me if I knew the newcomer’s name.   D. He asked me if I know the newcomer’s name.  14. They_____________ the city by growing flowers along streets.  A.  beauty B.  beautiful C.  beautifully D.  beautify 15. She will save a lot of money_________she uses energy-saving bulbs. A. if B. although C.  but D. unless 16. She wishes she _____________ in the future. A. would be a doctor B. may be a doctor C. will be a doctor D. has been a doctor 17. - I think we should take a shower instead of a bath to save energy . - ___ A. That's a good idea B. You're very nice C. Thanks D. I'm sorry 18. Hung usually _____ soccer with his friends at 5 p.m everyday. A. is playing B.  play C.  played D.  plays 19. We often go to the town _____________ house. A. culturally B. cultural C. culturist D. culture 20. This church_____in the 18 th  century. A. is built B. was built C.  builds D.  built 21.Hurricane Andrew swept through southern Florida_....August 1992 A. from B. since C. on D. in 22. Going by train is much ____________than going by air. A. more cheap B. cheaper C. cheap D. the cheaper 23. The teacher asked me _____________a passage into Vietnamese. A. translating B. translate C. translated D. to translate 24. I finished _____________ the book and went to bed. A. read B. reading C. to read D. to reading 25. While Mr. Pike ______ the piano, his wife was reading magazines in the sitting room. A.  plays B. is playing C. was playing D. had played 26. Ao Dai is the _____________ dress of the Vietnamese women. A. traditional B. tradition C. traditionally D. traditionalize 27. The man sat down on the chair _____________started to tell the story. A. or B.  because C. so D. and 28. My teacher of English, __ a wise man, has greatly influenced my life. A. is B. that is C. who is D. who is he 29. She couldn't get to the meeting in time______ she took the first bus. A.  because B.  but C. and D. Although. 30. They sang and danced………..at the party  A. happy B. happily C. happiness D. happier III.   Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs Câu 37: 1.   The man who you have just met in the hall is a secretary.   2.   Although they are very rich, but they aren’t  happy.   3.   You usually spend your free time playing games, do you?   4.   Jane used to living with her grandparents when she was a child.   5.   If he was taller, he would be able to join the police  IV. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the 1.   My parents will sell the house in the country.=>The house in the country … . 2.   I'm sorry David cannot be in Hue for the festival.=>I wish ................ 3.   If the man doesn't arrive, we will start the conference without him.=>Unless ...... 4.   My boyfriend is now in the hospital. He was injured in the accident.=>My boyfriend, who 5.   “ I'm working in a restaurant she said.=>She said that ...... 6.   “  Don ’ t swim in that river  ”  The man said. => The man asked ………… ..
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