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Curriculum Vitae nikos dimitrakas Kruthornsvägen 50A SE Sollentuna STOCKHOLM SWEDEN Date of birth: Marital status: married Telephone: +46-(0) website:

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Curriculum Vitae nikos dimitrakas Kruthornsvägen 50A SE Sollentuna STOCKHOLM SWEDEN Date of birth: Marital status: married Telephone: +46-(0) website: Employments etc Restaurant Kamarina in Stockholm (part-time) Department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University & Royal Institute of Technology (part-time until April 2002, full-time from May 2002). (Teaching, research and development within the field of Information Systems) 2000 President of Lappkärsbergets Områdesförening (local tenant association). This also included editing the local newspaper and designing and maintaining the association website Web-master for Stockholms Studenthyresgästers Förening (student tenant association in Stockholm) Development and maintenance of the website Development and maintenance of the website Development and maintenance of the website Development and maintenance of the website Member of the snooker committee of Sweden that coordinates the official snooker activities in Sweden Board member of the Swedish Billiards Association IT developer for Information Tools Scandinavia School of Information and Communication Technology, Royal Institute of Technology. (Continuation of the previous employment but at a new department due to organizational restructuring) Languages English (fluently) Swedish (fluently) Greek (mother tongue) Page 1 of 7 Education High-school Specialization: Computer Science 1994 First Certificate in English Swedish at the Department of Nordic languages, Stockholm University Master s program in computer and systems sciences at the Department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University Other courses at Stockholm University (minors): Astronomy, Meteorology, Environmental welfare, Ecology, Etology, Oceanography, University pedagogy Complementary courses within computer science including computer game development courses. References Paul Johannesson, professor at the Department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University, telephone: +46-(0) , Juan Garay, CEO of Information Tools Scandinavia, telephone: +46-(0) , Knowledge within IT Language/ Tool/ Technology Taken course Description of my relation to the subject. Basic Yes Have worked with in the 1980 s and 1990's. Pascal Yes Tutor Java Yes I have worked with Java in several projects, and am also teaching courses that include/require java. I have worked with JavaBeans, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Enterprise JavaBeans and Java script, as well as JDBC and SQLj. C Yes Worked with in spare time. Lisp Yes Prolog Yes Predicate logic programming and AI programming. SQL Yes Teaching. Have worked with SQL since the early 1990's. html Yes Several web design projects and some teaching. ASP Teaching (database functionality mostly). PHP Used during free time. XML Work with in several projects and teach about XML mainly as a data storage format (also RDF/RDFS). I also work with DTD and XML Schema. I also teach XML query languages such as XQuery and XML-SQL (SQL2003c) UML Yes Use it in many projects and courses. Perl Used it as a hobby for text manipulation and networking. Page 2 of 7 OZ Have built small applications mostly for text manipulation and computational linguistic purposes. Action Script Yes Used it in Flash MX for developing a game prototype. XQuery/XPath I teach a course that includes XML and XML Query languages. Delphi Yes Developed systems and taught. JBuilder Developed systems and taught. WebSphere Studio Have used for managing projects. Also used it in some courses. DB2 Yes Use it for some courses and some projects. Also teach about its capabilities to manage text documents, XML documents, and multimedia files. Jasmine Yes Teaching. Both the database management and the built-in ODQL. Rational Rose Yes Teaching and using it for modeling. ArgoUML Have used it for modeling and have also developed a plugin for it (in Java). MS Access Yes Teaching and using it for development of smaller systems. MS Office Use daily Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Have also worked with Visual Basic in Excel. Oracle Used it for my master s thesis work. Database Multimedia Fusion Yes Used it to develop a game during a course. Tutoring. Macromedia Flash and Action Script Yes Used it to develop a game prototype for a course in computer game development. Blender Yes Used it to develop a small game environment during a course. JBoss Yes Use it in a course I teach about Enterprise JavaBeans and generally component-based development. Have also used it to deploy several systems using servlets, JSPs, EJBs and web services (using AXIS). XQuisitor Use it in a course I teach The Semantic Web Taught a course about the Semantic Web. The focus is on RDF and RDFS. Web Services Have been involved in a project about the Web Services architecture and other aspects of the same framework. Involved in development and deployment of web services and J2EE. Search Engine Technologies ebxml Yes Taught a course about text indexing and retrieval, which also covers search engine technologies and search engine optimization of web sites. Have been involved in a project implementing parts of the ebxml framework. Page 3 of 7 Other tools and technologies I use and have used for my work include: Stockholm Netscape Enterprise Server with Websphere Application Server and ChiliASP. iplanet/sun Server. Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Photoshop and Micrografix Picture Publisher/iGrafx Professional. NetBeans/Forte for Java for Java application development. Macromedia Dreamweaver for web design. A number of communication tools such as FirstClass, NetMeeting, ICQ, IRCclients, FTP servers and clients, and Web-browsers Some multimedia tools for image, audio and video management and manipulation. Tailored made applications, i.e. DSVs information system DAISY. Nero Wave Editor and CoolEdit for audio editing. Nero Vision Express and Ulead MovieFactory for VCD and DVD authoring. Ulead VideoStudio, MedianSoft Joiner-Converter, Xilisoft DVD Ripper and WinFast PVR for video capturing and editing. Posadis DNS server. Configuration of simple routers for security (password-based and MAC-based), IP-address mapping, DMZ, etc. Research Projects Here is a list of all the research projects that I have been involved in during the years: o IbisSoft / Process Broker Process orientation supported by temporal databases. o KOMDAT/Anamnes Making personal medical history data available to patients electronically. o Open ebxml Laboratory Interoperability using ebxml. o FOI o Serviam Modeling military operation knowledge for simulation purposes. Web services. Page 4 of 7 Development projects Stockholm Here is a list of some smaller development projects that I have been involved in during the past years: o Rififi Club (1993) Development of an application for managing the members of the Rififi Club (this is the fan club of a Greek music band). The entire application was built in Microsoft Access for Windows 3.1. o Anamnes/Komdat (1999) Development of a web-based application prototype with personal healthcare information for patients. This was implemented using JSP, servlets and a relational database on a Windows-Netscape Server-Websphere-DB2 platform. o ITea (1999) Development of a web store using JSP, servlets and a relational database on a Windows-Netscape Server-Websphere-DB2 platform. o TBS (2000) Development of an online booking system (for teachers and students) using JSP, servlets and a relational database on a Windows-Netscape Server-Websphere-DB2 platform. o Veckobrev (2002) Development of a prototype (within the Open ebxml Laboratory project) to illustrate process-orientation. The veckobrev system (weekly letter system) lets parents, class teachers, subject teachers and the school principal compose, publish, comment and archive weekly progress reports for the students of a school. This was implemented using JSP, servlets and a relational database on a Windows-Tomcat-Microsoft Access platform. o (2002) Development of a personal website using JSP, servlets, and a relational database on a Windows-iPlanet/Sun Server-Microsoft Access platform. o Jane (2003) Development of a game prototype using Multimedia Fusion. Page 5 of 7 o ITea New (2004) Development of a new version of the ITea web store using JSP, servlets, EJB, a relational database, an XML database, Web Services,.NET and Java on a platform consisting of Windows- JBoss-Axis-DB2-Oracle (server) and Java (client). o IS.DSV.SU.SE ( ) Development of the Information Systems Laboratory web site using ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server (deployed on IIS on Windows). o (2005) Development of a website for Dimitris Dimitrakas (my father) using JSP on a Windows-JBoss platform. This project involved multimedia editing with tools like Adobe PhotoShop, Ulead VideoStudio and Nero Wave Editor. o (2005) Development of a website for dance performer and teacher Bushra. Special attention was paid to search engine optimization since the oriental dance business is very competitive in Sweden. o Resilients ( ) Development of a Microsoft Access application for use in a research project within Applied Environmental Science. o (2007) Development of a website for Kungsholmens Biljardklubb (a non-profit snooker association). The site is based on JBoss and MySQL with EJBs, servlets and JSPs. o The Mobile Teacher ( ) Mobile platform for tutoring including web and mobile interfaces. Development with MS SQL Server, JBoss, EJBs, servlets, JSP, JSTL, XHTML, XML. o Information Tools (2009-) Development of a couple of web based systems for dynamic report generation in html and pdf format including dynamically generated diagrams. Development with MySQL, JBoss, EJBs, JSP, JSTL, itext, jfreechart, CSS. This also includes a web based interface for management and configuration. Page 6 of 7 I am mostly working in Windows environments, but I have also worked with UNIX (Solaris/Digital Unix/Linux) and DOS. I am also knowledgeable about computer hardware and computer networking. I have built several personal computers and configured private networks and virtual private networks. My field of expertise is Information Systems and more specifically database modeling and implementation (not only relational databases), as well as dynamic web-application development (primarily using Java servlets, JSP and Enterprise JavaBeans, as well as ASP and ASP.NET). I have followed the development of the Internet and I have used many of the Internet related technologies from simple HTML to the latest trends with Web Services and the Semantic Web. I am currently trying to expand my knowledge in the field of computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and computer game development; three areas that are closely related to each other and to information systems and the Internet. My master's thesis Developing a general model for historical databases covers the area of temporal databases, which has a certain impact on the logical and physical design of databases. These aspects of database design are also very closely related to the field of multimedia databases. This is a field that I have been involved in within the context of a course in database design. XML as data storage and XML Query Languages have also been subjects of interest in the past few years. I find the XML functionality introduced in the SQL2003c standard very exciting and I enjoy working both with XQuery/XPath as well as the XML UDFs included in SQL. More detailed information about courses I teach and projects I am involved in is available at where my master's thesis is also available. A collection of teaching material that I have produced (tutorials, lectures) can be found at Page 7 of 7
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