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Crayongießen Book of Symbols HOW TO USE 1. COLLECT BROKEN CRAYON PIECES 2. PEEL OFF ALL PAPER 3. LIGHT A CANDLE 4. PLACE TWO SMALL PIECES OF CRAYON IN A METAL SOUP SPOON 5. HOLD SPOON OVER CANDLE FLAME UNTIL CRAYONS MELT 6. POUR MELTED CRAYONS INTO A CONTAINER FILLED WITH WATER 7. FISH OUT THE SOLIDIFIED CRAYON CASTING; DISCARD LOOSE BITS 8. LOOK AT CRAYON CASTING UNTIL FORMS APPEAR; SOMETIMES IN TAKES SOME TIME! 9. REFER TO GUIDE FOR SYMBOLIC MEANING A Air Remote, aloof, cool energy. Use mind to address emotion with detachment. Airplane - Luck in competition, rise in position Alien Facing or embodying an obscure godlike power Anchor constant cloudiness Antlers - gentleness, unconditional love Anvil Be careful with your job Apple - Your trust will be broken Arm Industrious person Ax Disappointment in love B Bag Burdens Ball Positive gains from working with others Basket Find new love Bear raw power Bee Ideas about marriage Beetle - pleasant experiences in love Bell - inheritance, good news Bird - good luck on its way Boat - good luck in your intentions, plans Bones situation requiring emotional fortitude Boot challenging situation, moves are afoot! Bowling pin - be careful in business Bomb - you will escape danger Bottle - happy times ahead Boxing Gloves interpersonal challenge Bridge - you will form new ties Broom - conflict or a small argument Bubbles Taking things too lightly C Cake - celebrations ahead Candlestick - seeing the light, sudden understanding Camel - new duties Car a promising venture or enterprise Castle You are dreaming big Chalice - your future will be happy Chrysanthemum - someone needs your help Church - you will start a household soon Cliffs - much work ahead Clover - satisfaction Cow - cure from sickness, healing Crab be aware of cyclical patterns of change. Cradle you will take part in a new project. Cross - an ending, perhaps a death, within your circle Crown - you will gain a position of authority. D Dagger - you will be victorious Dancer - don't take life so seriously Deer Dispute or quarrel, inadvertent cause of distress upon someone you care about Duck Adaptability and resilience in the face of challenge are key Dragon Next year will be lucky Drill - warning to stop frittering away your time and energy in meaningless activities. E Eagle - there will be progress in your job Ears Pay attention to life balance Egg your family will grow Elephant you have good powers of comprehension Engagement ring you'll be engaged OR adventures ahead Eyeglasses - you will live to be old F Face You should confront immediate fears Falcon - Someone is jealous of you Feather A change within your home Feet You will feel expose Fern Unfolding and revealing new growth. Field desire for inner peace and solitude Fighting everyday struggle, continuous problems, work place tension Fish in or out of your element Fist - you feel that you have been pushed back Flag waving - heart and thoughts are in different places Flowers - new friendships will develop Fork - quarrels and arguments Frog - you will win a lottery Fountain - deep love for everyone Funnel - protect your strength G Gallows - Be on the look out for false friends Garden - New love for your chosen path Gate - You'll move to a new home Glasses You will live to be old Goose loyalty and fellowship are strong this year Gloves A challenge ahead Gum - You are unable to express yourself effectively. Or you are experiencing some indecision, powerlessness, or frustration. Guitar - secret longings H Hammer Hard work needed in getting your point across Hare - Hang onto your luck Hat - good news for your work Headstand going out of your way for others Heart Someone has a hold on you Hedgehog - People are envious of you Horseshoe - Good business Hook - Obstacles will come into your path House - Your ventures will go well I Icicle You will be faced with unattainable beauty Island feelings of isolation this year K Kelp Emotional distress Key - Let others keep their secrets Kissing a strong, unfulfilled desire L Ladder - Advancement in your job Ladder broken - Make decisions faster Lamppost - Don't give up on your goals Lantern Follow your instincts Laughter Don t take things too lightly M Messenger with letter - You will receive good news soon. Mouse - A secret love Moon - You may expect honor Mug - Luck and health Mushrooms - Successful government Mushroom cloud Fears of losing self-control J Jaws You don t have to take on everything. Jug unpleasantness N Nail - better times coming Nose Be careful not to accumulate too much waste and excess O R Ocean Daunting but great tasks ahead Ogre Inner fears rise up Orange A challenge that requires extra strength Owl someone is trying to look out for you P Pail - Satisfaction with your relationships with others Palm tree - A long-cherished wish will be fulfilled Pancake feeling of inertia Pants - You will be ridiculed. Pear It s okay to indulge Phlegm Feeling stuck. Pig - luck in games and prosperity is on its was Pipe - Be careful, there is danger ahead Pistol - You will cheat in love Plate - You'll have opportunity to be generous Plow - You must work harder at your job Poo Lucky sign Poppy Sleep, peace, delusion Pumpkin You are looking for change in the wrong places Puzzle piece Find your keystone Ram money windfall Reef Embrace your part in the larger entity or group Rooster - be careful of fire Ring - wedding or engagement Ring broken separation S Sailboat - good advancement in your job Saw - An advantageous separation Scales - Success in business Scissors - important decisions on the way Seeds/ seedpod fertility, baby in the future or a nurturing of ideas, creative prowess Shoe - There will be a lot of running around Sled - Make your relationships fit your needs Snail Self-sufficiency, continuity, changes that are the result of all that has gone before Snake - people are envious of your success Spaceship Yearning for wonder Q Quail Work on relations within your family. Quilt Pay special attention to what holds everything together Quiver People will start to notice you romantically Spider - your luck hangs on a silken thread Spoon - people are talking about you Star luck Standing Make your feelings known Stairs - new assignments are waiting Stork - you will travel Swing - make up your mind Sword - big change ahead V Veins a challenge will test your character Vertebrae Shelter your vulnerabilities Vomit a disagreement Volcano an impending release of pent up energy Vulture Don t leave a trail behind you T Table - soon you will be invited to a party Tail Aspects of the past are still lingering Tassels spiritual transition Top hat - serious issues lie ahead Tower - have more courage Tumor Rid yourself of excesses Train - departure of a friend Tree - growth in your capabilities Triangle - finances improve Trumpet - you will soon gain public office U Umbrella - don't grieve about the past Undead You have fears of what you don t like within yourself Underwear - be hopeful, and avoid unpleasantness Unicorn high ideals; one-sided viewpoint Urn feelings of exhaustion W Wall - your perseverance will pay off Water Allow yourself to accept what comes and adapt to its shape Wheel - big changes coming Wreath - reconciliation in your circle of friends XYZ Yam Focus on basic needs Zipper Things pulling together as a result of all the prior preparations Reds: Color Symbolism Chart Cadmium Red Light - Excitement, energy, heat, Cadmium Red Medium - passion, love, desire Crimson red pain, passion, torment Blood Red - aggression, danger, blood Brick Red - war, violence Neon Pink overstimulation, racing impulses Baby Pink - caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm Red Purple - cruelty, arrogance Oranges: Orange Red - fire, speed, strength, power Cadmium Orange vibrant, demanding of attention Pale Orange enthusiasm, warmth Yellow Orange philosophy, imagination Neutrals / Whites: Dark Beige / Tan - unification. Ivory - quiet and pleasantness. Pink Beige - calm and simplicity. White Beige vulnerability, immaturity, nudity Brown stability Peach euphoria Gray intelligence, modesty, dignity, maturity White precision Black mystery, depth, underground Yellows: Cadmium Yellow Medium - joy, happiness, hope Cadmium yellow light - youth, play Naples Yellow - optimism, idealism Yellow Ochre - friendship Pale Yellow cowardice, shyness Yellow brown - jealousy, covetousness, deceit, illness Bile yellow - hazard Greens: Kryptonite Green insanity, unnatural excitement Emerald Green renewal, youth, spring, generosity, fertility, Dark Green jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune Sap Green - vigor Turquoise magic Light turquoise feminine appeal Teal sophistication Aquamarine water Blues: Sky blue Peace, tranquility White Blue - technology, depression Dark Blue Green stable, calm Cobalt Blue conservatism, security, cleanliness Ultramarine Blue order, loyalty Purples: Ultramarine Purple mysterious, transformation, Dark Purple - mourning Lavender desire for peace Metallics: Gold - pride, money, fraud Copper home, preciousness Bronze - power Silver calm Copyright Devon Midori Hale 2013
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