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CONTENTS Cloze Test Cümle Tamamlama Okuma Parçası Karşılıklı Konuşma Anlamca Yakın Verilen Durum Parça Tamamlama Çeviri Anlamı

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CONTENTS Cloze Test Cümle Tamamlama Okuma Parçası Karşılıklı Konuşma Anlamca Yakın Verilen Durum Parça Tamamlama Çeviri Anlamı Bozan Answer Key cloze test New year celebrations date as far back as 2000 BC in Mesopotamia. Yet, the actual date (16) ---- a number of times. There was always a problem because New Year (17) ---- by the movements of the Sun and Moon which allowed room for error. To cut a long story short, it wasn t until 1582, (18) ---- the calendar we use today was (19) ----, that January 1 st became New Year s Day in most cultures. Some cultures, (20) ----, celebrate the New Year at various times, according to their calendar and religious traditions A) is changing B) has changed C) changes D) will change E) would have changed A) calculated B) calculates C) was calculated D) is calculated E) will be calculated A) that B) which C) whose D) when E) why The use of the wheel was widespread in ancient times, but it did have limitations. The resistance to the motion of a wheel can (16) ---- tremendously depending on the surface (17) ---- it is travelling. A rough road is (18) ---- harder to roll over than a smooth one. The Romans were aware of this and developed a massive network of paved roads. While this (19) ---- the first time in history that roads were improved to facilitate the wheel, it certainly wasn t the last. In the United States in the 1890s, cyclists successfully lobbied for improvements in roads nationwide (20) ---- cycling was the nation s most popular sport at the time A) distinguish B) vary C) grasp D) launch E) exhibit A) that B) of whose C) on which D) in whom E) which A) much B) a lot of C) many D) too E) both 4. A) paused B) introduced C) abolished D) provoked E) misused 9. A) will be B) may have been C) would have been D) needn t have been E) had been 5. A) besides B) hence C) as a result D) in contrast to E) however 10. A) unlike B) if C) nevertheless D) owing to E) as 5 cloze test The Sprinkler Sprinkled is an 1895 French silent film that contains the earliest known (16) ---- of comedy and the first film (17) ---- a fictional story. It s about a practical joke (18) ---- a boy torments a gardener by stepping (19) ---- his garden hose, cutting off its water supply. When the gardener begins examining the nozzle, the boy (20) ---- his foot, and the man is sprayed in the face A) correction B) altitude C) instance D) fracture E) sacrifice A) portrayed B) being portrayed C) by portraying D) to portraying E) to portray A) in which B) what C) whom D) to which E) of whose Treating allergies and asthma falls into three basic categories. Avoidance therapy involves determining (16) ---- things act as triggers of an attack. Once triggers (17) ----, the first step in treatment is to (18) ---- as much contact with them as possible. The second one is drug therapy. Asthmatic patients may take anti-inflammatory medications (19) ---- allergy sufferers may use medications such as antihistamines to lessen the severity of their symptoms. The third treatment option is immunotherapy (20) ---- small amounts of allergens are injected into the body in an effort to build up a tolerance to the offending substances A) what B) which one C) how long D) whoever E) that A) are identified B) identify C) are identifying D) have identified E) will be identified A) justify B) avoid C) deceive D) explode E) exterminate 14. A) to B) on C) of D) by E) in 19. A) as if B) no matter C) even if D) on account of E) while 15. A) expands B) lifts C) commits D) regards E) describes 20. A) for whose B) that C) in which D) whom E) when 6 Exercise is necessary for good health, and thirty minutes of (16) ---- activity every day is a must. Fortunately, there are (17) ---- activities that don t require special equipment. (18) ----, you can increase the number of calories you burn simply (19) ---- the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car a bit further and walking the extra (20) cloze test 71. A) lethal B) ironic C) stingy D) internal E) moderate A) a lot B) a little C) plenty of D) a few of E) both A) However B) For example C) Nevertheless D) In addition to E) Due to 74. A) by taking B) taken C) take D) takes E) to taking 75. A) information B) competence C) suffering D) distance E) attention 12 cümle tamamlama 76. The journey to Greece was such a pleasant experience There have been endless arguments about the creation of the universe A) when we have seen those amazing historical places B) and which is said to be the birthplace of philosophy C) that it will run for a duration of one month starting from July D) so we have no intention of going there one more time E) that we were thinking of going there again 77. The south coast of Turkey, because of its climate and historical sites, A) the perfect place for some fine coastal and inland walking B) is becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists from Europe C) and one can find approximately 600 old Greek and Roman ruins, mostly well-preserved D) was numerous reminders of the strategic importance of this coast E) that it is the best in Europe with crystalclear water and beautiful bays to explore A) when it was a concept that astronomers ignored B) but there are some other scientific theories apart from the big bang theory C) as we know how the sun, the moon and other planets came into existence D) ever since man was created E) after some scientists came up with the big bang theory 79. When exposed to the sun, A) so I typically get rashes on my chest, back and shoulders B) a suntan is not a sign of good health C) as your skin reacts by producing melanin as a way to protect itself D) skin cancers take many years to appear E) the skin goes brown to protect itself from the sun s dangerous rays 13 cümle tamamlama , none of whom were capable of describing what exactly had happened. A) The police questioned all the eyewitnesses B) The eye-witnesses gave a clear explanation of the burglary C) There were several explanations as to how the accident took place D) The witness contradicted with himself and therefore his testimony wasn t taken into account E) The police are trying to question as many people as possible , she must have been on a really strict diet. A) If Jane has lost so much weight so rapidly B) Only when my sister wants to look fitter and thinner C) No matter how much dessert my little sister consumes D) Although my roommate looks well as she is E) Unless Susan starts to eat less fattening food 81. According to the World Health Organization, ----, this could be a cause for quarantine. A) mobile phone radiation and health concerns have been raised B) when one out of three people in developing countries uses vitamins C) if there were an outbreak of any of the six most dangerous diseases D) unless they had been taken at once E) because it will be the second most debilitating disease in the world probably because they are getting fatter and leading inactive lifestyles. A) High blood levels of glucose can cause several problems B) More people are suffering from diabetes these days C) Medications to treat diabetes include insulin and glucose-lowering pills D) Strict control of blood sugar and blood pressure levels helps reduce the risk of kidney disease E) Blood sugar levels must be kept as close to normal as possible through insulin injections and control of diet because it showed that you had enough money to eat well. A) Overweight people today usually eat less food than their normal weight counterparts B) People give more importance to their physical appearance than they used to C) Many people try to save up some of their salary every month D) None of us would want to be in debt even if we desperately needed it E) Being overweight was at one time a symbol of wealth 85. The basic idea behind refrigeration is to slow down the activity of bacteria A) so that it takes longer for the bacteria to spoil the food B) therefore we will throw out our leftovers instead of saving them for another meal C) which was the only way to preserve meat D) and that iced beverages in the summer were a real luxury E) that are two of the most common forms of food preservation 14 cümle tamamlama that you have no interest in other people or what they are saying. A) As soon as you folded your arms B) In spite of the fact that you have crossed your legs C) By folding your arms over your chest D) Arms folded over your chest say E) If you don t like my crossing legs 192. The woman has told her husband that she feels lonely and angry A) because they used to have a smoother relationship B) why they can t hang out together more often C) that is known to have a damaging effect on the relationship D) as soon as he said he really didn t care E) when he spends more time with his friends 189. Spices helped preserve food at a time A) when there are no refrigerators B) now that new fridges have been introduced C) when refrigeration did not exist D) if they would need a fridge E) whether or not they have bought a fridge when she gets into a fight with her classmates. A) Although Jasmine feels rather sad B) Jasmine feels a lot of pressure C) Having expressed her feelings about Jasmine D) I wish Jasmine could have spoken her mind E) Jasmine was hurt very badly However, most are killed by lack of food or their natural enemies. A) The puma or mountain lion is a rather large cat B) Like smaller cats, pumas cannot roar C) Female cheetahs give birth to four to five cubs at a time D) According to legend, all the animals once looked the same E) The puma are widely spread in North, Central and South America 194. If you are introduced to someone with the same name as a famous actor, A) whose films you have seen before B) you ll probably remember it easily C) which means you ll have a great time D) he would try to change your mind E) you could have asked for his autograph because their best friends don t want to be friends with them anymore. A) Krystal and Jennifer are both sad B) Whoever wants to see Krystal and Jennifer C) Krystal and Jennifer were both told D) If Krystal and Jennifer want to talk E) As soon as Krystal and Jennifer make a deal 195. Niger is the leading producer and exporter of uranium in the world, A) but it does not have many other natural resources B) even though it is said to earn a hugeamount of money C) whereas its neighbour was short of uranium D) when it was the wealthiest nation in the entire continent E) once it has ended the conflicts between the two groups 32 OKUMA PARÇASI Members of the flatfish family, sand dabs and flounders, have an evolutionary advantage over many colourfully decorated ocean neighbours in that they are able to adapt their body coloration to different environments. These aquatic chameleons have flattened bodies that are well-suited to life along the ocean floor in the shallower areas of the continental shelf that they inhabit. They also have remarkably sensitive colour vision that registers the smallest changes on the sea bottom and in the sea life around them. Information about the coloration of the environment is carried through the nervous system to chromatophores, which are pigmentcarrying skin cells. These chromatophores are able to accurately reproduce not only the colours but also the texture of the ocean floor. Each time that a sand dab or flounder finds itself in a new environment, the pattern on the body of the fish adapts to fit in with the colour and texture around it According to the passage, sand dabs and flounders A) live in shells in shallower areas B) change colour to match what surrounds them C) do not enter different environments D) swim on their own not in groups E) bury themselves under the ocean floor when they feel threatened 197. We learn from the passage that sand dabs A) are overly sensitive to light B) unlike flounders are not able to flatten their bodies C) move to new environments when they are in danger D) can live only in the deepest part of the ocean E) are in the same family as flounders 198. The passage is largely about A) why sand dabs and flounders have chromatophores B) what makes sand dabs and flounders similar to the flatfish family C) the difference between the sand dabs and flounders D) how two members of the flatfish family adapt to their environment E) the ocean floor and its inhabitants 33 OKUMA PARÇASI Islands are geographical formations that are completely surrounded by water, yet many islands are covered with a rich assortment of plant life. It may seem surprising that so much plant life exists on many islands, yet there are surprisingly simple explanations as to how the vegetation has been able to establish itself there. Some islands were formerly attached to larger bodies of land, while others were created on their own. Islands that were created when flooding or rising water levels cut them off from their neighbours often still have the plant life that they had before they were cut off. In cases where islands formed out of the ocean, they may have plant life from neighbouring lands even though they were never actually attached to the neighbouring lands. Winds carry many seeds to islands. Birds also carry seeds to islands and can serve as the transportation system to spread seeds from place to place The aim of the passage is to A) help us to understand how islands are created on their own B) explain how plant life is possible on islands C) show the importance of birds on plant life D) educate people on how islands are formed E) show that it is not easy to find different kinds of plant life on islands 200. We can conclude from the passage that islands that were formerly attached to larger bodies of land A) continue to support the plant life they used to have B) are frequently flooded by the rising water of the ocean C) have a rich plant life but don t have different variety of animal life D) are in danger of losing their plant and animal life E) have different plant life than they had before they were cut off 201. It is clear from the passage that A) most islands were attached to larger bodies of lands at one time B) islands formed out of the ocean have hardly any plant life C) because of the strong winds, most islands lack plant life D) birds have an important role in the formation of plant life on islands E) many islands host ecologically unique plant and animal species 34 OKUMA PARÇASI Lance Armstrong, one of the greatest cyclists in the history of sports, won ten titles in For the first time in cycling history, a US team was ranked among the top five in the world. The next three years saw him grow as a professional cyclist. In October 1996, Armstrong was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. It had spread to his lungs and brain. He began an aggressive form of chemotherapy that left him weakened, but a deep resolve and the support of his family and fans helped him survive. Exactly seventeen months later he returned to competition. Armstrong described his bout with cancer as a special wake-up call. He set up a foundation within months of his diagnosis. This international, non-profit foundation was established to benefit cancer research and promote awareness and early detection According to the passage, when Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer, A) he decided to give up his sports career B) he hadn t become a professional cyclist yet C) his family forced him to quit cycling D) his fans founded an international cancer research centre E) he received a lot of back-up from his family and fans 415. As stated in the passage, Lance Armstrong s foundation A) has found a cure for skin cancer B) aims to increase cancer awareness C) was set up seventeen months after his diagnosis D) was closed down when his cancer was healed E) is against using aggressive forms of chemotherapy 417. As we learn from the passage, it was 1993 when A) Lance Armstrong took up cycling B) international cycling events began C) a US cycling team first got into the first five D) Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer E) Lance Armstrong established his nonprofit foundation 106 OKUMA PARÇASI Elastin is a protein in our body found in the walls of our arteries, in our lungs, intestines and even our skin. As the name suggests elastin gives our organs, elasticity. Working in partnership with collagen, elastin allows the body organs to stretch and relax. Thus, while collagen provides rigidity, elastin allows the blood vessels and heart tissues, for example, to stretch and then revert to their original positions. Amazingly, the body does not make elastin after the age of twelve or thirteen. So if elastin is damaged, our body tissues lose their elasticity, never to be replaced. Elastin can be damaged by various factors such as smoking, stress and hormones. Loss of elastin is considered a sign of ageing. Over a period of time, as elastin is lost, several organs in the body cannot function with the same efficiency According to the passage, our body stops producing elastin after a certain age, A) because the foods we eat change tremendously B) so once elasticity is damaged, it is permanent C) so older people need to do less exercise D) but fortunately new drugs can reactivate it E) but it begins to produce more collagen 418. We understand from the passage that smoking, stress and hormones A) can reduce the elasticity of our organs B) are not related to our bodily functions C) can cause the efficiency of some organs to improve D) may decrease the rigidity of our tissues E) are no longer a threat to intestines 420. As stated in the passage, elastin and collagen A) give our organs rigidity B) allow the body organs to work fast C) are not produced after the age of thirteen D) have two opposite functions E) can only be found in our arteries 107 KARŞILIKLI KONUŞMA 421. Susan : - How would you like to go down to the park this afternoon? Brian : - To the park? What s going on there? Would we just be walking around? Susan : Brian : - Okay, although I am not interested in those sorts of things, it could be interesting Peter : - Are you ready for the exam tomorrow? Tim : - Tomorrow? I thought the exam was next week. Peter : Tim : - Yes, but when she said Wednesday, I thought she meant Wednesday of next week, not tomorrow. A) I guess I ll probably spend most of my time looking at jewellery. B) I don t know. I just want to relax and enjoy myself. C) There s a wonderful arts and crafts fair going on. We won t be able to relax, but we can visit a great arts and crafts fair. D) Well, you tell me. You know these sorts of things better than me. E) There was a fair. Don t you know? You should have seen it as it was wonderful Janet : - I prefer living in newer dorms as everything is more up-to-date. Mary : Janet : - Why is that? Do you think they are better than newer ones? Mary : - What I like about them is that they are much closer to the centre of campus. A) I don t. I would rather stay in one of the older dorms. B) Me, too. Also, they are much cheaper, aren t they? C) Really? I don t feel the same. D) Well, older dorms can be as expensive as newer ones. E) But don t you think that they look like a hotel? A) Of course not. I m sure that it is next week. B) Well, the teacher talked to us yesterday and said that it was put off. C) You are wrong as usual. You should check the timetable more frequently. D) No, it s tomorrow. The teacher said today that the exam was on Wednesday and that s tomorrow. E) It was next week, but we decided to have it earlier Roger : - Do you know where I can get a bike? It doesn t have to be a new one, but it does have to be rather cheap. Ted : - Why do you need it? Roger : - The apartment that I have found is a little bit far from school, so I have to find some transportation. Ted : A) That sounds great. Let s go there now, shall we? B) My problem is that I can t afford a really new, expensive bicycle. C) You happen to be lucky today. I have a friend who wants to sell his old bike as he has just bought a new one. D) As fa
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