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Edition 49 Year X March 2008 Construyendo LATINOAMÉRICA Management Model Editorial We have a team Many years ago, more precisely in the year 1832, a football player by the name of William Webb Ellis lifted

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Edition 49 Year X March 2008 Construyendo LATINOAMÉRICA Management Model Editorial We have a team Many years ago, more precisely in the year 1832, a football player by the name of William Webb Ellis lifted a ball for the first time during a match, and consequently gave birth to a new sport: Rugby. I am unaware of William s personal history in depth, and I don t think he could have been capable of envisioning at that precise moment what with time would become an important and essential role for anyone wanting to be successful in this sport: Team Spirit. My youth has been profoundly attached to rugby, having been selected captain of a team whose members have been and continue to be my best life friends. Due to Rugby being a sport that demands extreme physical fitness, the course of time and a few lesions lead me to understand that I should take a distance from such strict physical routines and training, and finally leave off playing when I felt I could not longer contribute towards the necessary atmosphere that was required by the team. Without a doubt this was a difficult decision to make, but at the same time it allowed me to be able to intensely sense the profound roots that the team spirit had harvested in my way of seeing and approaching life, even with regards to the tiniest details. Anyone who might have practised any kind of sport seriously is aware of the drive that is felt when training with the mere intention of forcing ones own limits a little further every day. Yelena Iasenbaseba has been an outperforming icon in the eyes of Skanska, precisely because she is a perfect example of this innate need to continue improving, a necessity that is motivated by means of the only and unique desire to prove to ourselves that we can always give a little more. However, rugby mathematics also taught me that 1+1 is more than 2. The individual personalities of a team are not what make it strong, but the sense of standing together to confront the challenges that are undertaken in the lines of defence and attack. Even though the vast variety of abilities and physical requirements required for this game signify an opportunity for individuals of diverse sizes and skills, the key lies in covering every moment of the game jointly as a team, contributing and searching for support within the group itself. Our loosing a match did not happen because we had played poorly, but because we had lacked the joint conviction that we could win. We accounted for more skilled players than any other team, but this was not the ability that was missed at the time of play, simply the attitude. Attitude and passion conveyed within the role of each team member seeking everyone s victory. Attitude and passion, two essential ingredients that should be respectfully transmitted amongst the team members in order to obtain that additional atmosphere, which will convert a defeat into a victory by means of mere belief and faith that everyone will give that bit more of themselves. Life, as approached by any Skanska unit, should become committed towards breathing in this additional atmosphere engulfing an attitude of resolve towards the role each one of us must undertake, understanding that by playing our own part correctly we will help to improve the performance of those who work with us, as likewise a poor personal performance that will lead to diminishing the group s working atmosphere. The members of my team are aware of the fact that individual shine is not what is important, but the sense of pride due to having achieved the target together. I recall the sensation of sprinting across the field with the rugby ball in my hands, stumbling as the result of a tackle, and finding that all my friends were behind me giving their full support. In the same manner, I also remember Aníbal, my first foreman (now deceased) who would remain up until the wee hours of the morning in order to finish that layer of asphalt that was so important to everyone. The difference lies within an attitude, respect, companionship and passion, qualities that in absence tend to absorb the atmosphere of others. The years continue to slip away, and the true spirit that vibrates within the sense of a team has remained engraved in my heart, which does not belong to any individual personality but at the same time is part of everyone s. And, this is the spirit that I seek for each one of the members of my team at this time, those that are dressed in the blue indelible tee-shirts. Strive Ahead! Hernán Morano President & CEO » Nº49 Construyendo Latinoamérica Nº 49 March 2008» Contain Discover Skanska Net Visit our intranet s and web s pages!» 05» 08» 10» 14» Argentina The Catriel Plant in the Far West We will now introduce you to the team from Western Catriel Service, where Skanska has been a strong presence for almost 25 years. Management Model Launching of the Great Boss Programme Skanska s global business strategy is unique: to have the best people in the market to develop their operations... Project REPAR Propylene Production Unit Curitiba es la capital y centro económico del estado de Paraná, Brasil, y luego de San Pablo y Río de Janeiro es el tercer municipio con mejor infraestructura del país... Regionales Un equipo al servicio de la Región Curitiba is the Capital City and economic heart of the State of Paraná, Brazil, and after San Pablo and Río de Janeiro, it stands as the third municipality with the best infrastructure across the country... Diversity Jimena: Is an example of commitment towards training and self-improvement As from Comodoro Rivadavia (Southern Argentina), Jimena tells us about the major challenges she faces at Skanska... Construyendo LATINOAMÉRICA Construyendo Latinoamérica is Publisher for Latin America Communications Area. Av. Libertador 2442, 5 floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Construyendo Latinoamérica Nº 49 March Argentina Corcobo Norte: A project moving forward, free from accidents Group of collaborators from Corcobo Norte Project With a total of hours worked free from accidents, the construction of the plant located in the Province of Mendoza is under way. Our team has been hired by Petroandina Ltd. to undertake the construction of an oil receiving plant at the Corcobo Norte oil field Province of Mendoza--, and the pumping phase, through the new oil pipe line that will connect it with the receiving plant at YPF Repsol s terminal station in Puesto Hernández, Province of Neuquén. The project, which started in July of 2007, has been carried out by an interdisciplinary team of engineers, divided into three different areas. Those who work at the Plants are managed and led by José Luis Abraham, whereas the interconnecting oil pipe line is under the responsibility of Renato Belucci José Luis and Renato are both Project Managers. The total overall cost for the project amounts to USD 28 M, with a deadline set at 240 calendar days. The start-off is estimated for the end of March. Works have been carried out with a total hours worked free from accidents. The construction of the Corcobo Norte Plant comprises mainly the building of two 500m3 hydrocarbonstorage tanks, as well as the area facilities destined to pumping, the Generator Station, the Control Room Building and the Plant s Fire Extinguishing System, among others. At the highest peak of work load, we will rely on a team of 225 collaborators on site. With reference to the average progress of the plant, it has already exceeded 60% of the total work. Among the main tasks to be performed in Puesto Hernández stand the revamping of the existing facilities (Repsol/YPF), the construction of new facilities, the mounting of furnaces, pumps, filters, Lact and Rejection Unit, and the expansion of the substation and of the fire network. The maximum number of collaborators, considering our company s available staff and hired personnel, amounts to 150, coming from various fields of expertise, with a total of 44,600 hours worked free from accidents so far. This is another clear example of a management model in which the value ascribed to safety is key to the development of our business... Congratulations on your outstanding performance, team!. 4 Construyendo Latinoamérica Nº 49 March 2008 The Catriel Plant in the Far West We will now introduce you to the team from Western Catriel Service, where Skanska has been a strong presence for almost 25 years. Group of collaborators from the Western Catriel Service Catriel Catriel, city in the Province of Rio Negro, located in the South of Argentina, has been home to our company for 24 years. We are specifically working at Km 54 of route 7, performing maintenance tasks to OTP (Oil Treatment Plant) surface operations facilities. An Oil Treatment Plant and a Saltwater Injection Plant stand among our client s facilities, with 140 oil wells and 60 injectors where thirty-six Skanska collaborators deliver their services. They perform production and maintenance tasks, OTP and chemicals operations. The service sites have different facilities and amenities, such as kitchen, diningroom, changing rooms, vehicle repair shops, power, chemicals and production workstations, a table-tennis room, and an exclusive room for training sessions. All of these amenities aim at creating working conditions that may foster a healthy and amicable work environment. We do know from their first-hand experience, that this goal has been achieved. Jorge Balastegui, leader of this team, shares with us some insights on this group and their work, We have created a very good and kind-hearted team. I would call it a second family. Everything we do entails great effort, and since we ve known each other for a while now, we can actually work with absolute synergy. Jorge has been the Leader of the Western Catriel Service for ten years, and he is proud to be so, just like a true Skanska Doer. Construyendo Latinoamérica Nº 49 March Caribbean Region The perfect combination of two strengths, joined by a gas pipe line in Puerto Rico Skanska LA, in its first alliance with another Business Unit, was chosen with Skanska USA Building to undertake the construction of a gas pipe line in Puerto Rico. This assignment results from the combination of the two Business Units strengths: on one side, Skanska USA Building s presence and local know-how; on the other hand, Skanska LA s technical experience. This gas pipe line will be 67 kilometres long, 20 inches wide, and will be developed within an estimated timeline of 393 days. It will be built for our new client Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), a state-owned energy company. The pipe line will transport natural gas from the EcoEléctrica terminal, in Peñuelas, to a plant in Aguirre, South of Puerto Rico. Design, supply, financing, testing and commissioning stand among the tasks included in this project, amounting to a USD 74 M contract 50% Skanska LA and 50% Skanska USA Building. Daniel Maldonado will be the Project Manager, leading 500 collaborators. Congratulations and all the best to this team! 1º Skanska USA leads Green Company ranking United AStates merican magazine Engineering News Record (ENR) issued its first report on Leading Green Contractors, where Skanska ranks among the top leading companies in the United States. The published list is based on the contractors earnings during 2006, resulting from the projects recorded or rated by means of surveys provided by third parties with environmental or sustainable development goals. 6 Construyendo Latinoamérica Nº 49 March 2008 Brazil QSMS Informa: A new way of communicating Since last year, Reduc s collaborators have found an innovative way of probing safety, living standards and health. Under the name of QSMS Informa, the Reduc team has been issuing a news bulletin since September of last year; a second issue is already in circulation. This briefing seeks to deepen discussions on safety, and provide guidelines on living standards and health. The idea came up after the client remarked that despite an intense job on accident prevention, Skanska could still render more visibility and dissemination to its good practices in SEH, explained Henri Von Buren, Safety, Environment and Health Manager. Thus, with the help of young professional Ricardo Pedroso, they started to record and describe main events in the project, and texts began to take form, resulting in a by-monthly publication and QSMS articles. We re getting lots of suggestions and articles. We are also publishing photographs of employees who adequately complete the All card in order to further enhance commitment to safety, concluded Ricardo. 400 days free from accidents in Macaé The project s personnel are gathering the fruits from their commitment to safety. Macaé s Team is celebrating 400 days free from accidents in the City of Rio de Janeiro. This project employs over 420 people embarked in different Petrobrás production platforms. As the result of this achievement, the loading team at platform PCH-2 (Cherne 2) received from Petrobrás a diploma and official congratulations on their commendable performance. It is indeed a key outcome derived from the joint efforts of our collaborators, ensured Miguel Heredia, Base Macaé s Administrative Manager, who also explained that all personnel must follow rigorous safety guidelines, given the high level of environmental hazard. This city, responsible for five per cent of Brazil s oil production, produces around 1 million oil barrels per day. The fact of reaching this production rate shows Skanska is further developing its expertise in their technical and operations areas, meeting the client s expectations and preserving the entire team s physical integrity, Miguel concluded proudly. Construyendo Latinoamérica Nº 49 March Management Model Management Model, Launching of the Great Boss Programme Skanska s global business strategy is unique: to have the best people in the market to develop their operations. How to achieve this goal? Through the Great Boss Management Programme. Skanska carries out business in each of its Units, honouring high quality and safety standards, with evermore challenging goals Five Zeros- and an ever-present disposition to excellence that fosters tenacity and a winning mindset. The Great Boss s role is fundamental to get far along this road, which calls for a great amount of commitment and professionalism. Firstly, it is vital to make sure one accounts for the right team to work with: the right people at the right place. Then the management s responsibility will lie in developing and maintaining this team. Skanska LA has Human Resources management tools for this, such as the Talent Review process, or the development and training activities, amongst others. The Great Boss Programme, launched recently in the region, is another clear example of Skanska s cultural alignment. Therefore, what are we specifically referring to when we speak of a Great Boss? We refer to a true leader, who may manage individuality, inspire a sense of teamwork in every collaborator, and encourage them to grow and develop within the company, without the misconception of them being their own competitors. Only a true leader understands that assuming responsibility towards team management implies listening, dedication, commitment and a true calling. Synthesizing, in order to consolidate our position in the markets we operate, we need to account for the best talents in the industry, and we believe the Great Boss strategy is the approach through which to achieve this. A Great Boss seeks to develop a leadership model that may allow us to attract, retain and develop the best experts, enabling us to translate talent into performance, and bringing about cultural change throughout the organization. This year, as part of the initiative by the Executive Management Team (EMT), Skanska LA is launching a comprehensive programme conceived to strengthen the Great Boss model at every level in the organization, through communication, participation and training performance. This programme seeks to boost adherence and commitment from everyone through implementation of Great Boss, as well as the development of associated approaches and practices. The project will be carried out throughout 2008, and will consist of four stages: 1. Develop the programme s architecture 2. Involve every collaborator s participation 3. Generate the leaders commitment 4. Measure full progress made and communicate it accordingly Activities have been designed to be carried out in-person or web-based. They have been segmented according to the needs of the various audiences, taking the Climate Survey as a basis among several other sources. Taking into account the regional nature of our programme and the geographic dispersion of our Business Unit, the pro- 8 Construyendo Latinoamérica Nº 49 March 2008 gramme has a site (, which may also be accessed via intranet (, which creates a web-based environment where all components and instances converge. This portal shows different components and the various proposals created for every specific user profile, as well as the programme s progress. The calendar of events for each region will also be available, and reservations will be submitted on-line. In the next days, we will be starting off with the initial workshops and activities with which this project begins. We will keep you posted on their progress. Through the Great Boss Programme, we will be able to materialize the model together, knowing it will help us turn Skanska into the best workplace ever. Because you yourself bring about this change, we invite you to actively participate in the activities and to send us your ideas and suggestions for improvement throughout the year. Great Boss Program flyer Construyendo Latinoamérica Nº 49 March Project REPAR Propylene Production Unit BraZil Curitiba is the Capital City and economic heart of the State of Paraná, Brazil, and after San Pablo and Río de Janeiro, it stands as the third municipality with the best infrastructure across the country. It is home to a population of almost three million inhabitants. Only 25km away from this Capital City lies Araucaria, the site where Skanska is currently developing in consortium with Engevix the REPAR Propylene Project for Petrobrás, for USD 109M (our share amounting to 70%). The project led by Fernando Freire and Carlos Magno both as Project Managers reporting to Orlando Gavilanes (Head of Operations, Brazil )- consists of the construction of a new Propylene Production Unit within President Getúlio Vargas REPAR Refinery. In order to thoroughly describe the challenge our Business Unit is confronted with, we paid a visit to the site seeking testimonies from their own role players. We hope to transmit the intensity with which each of them referred to the role they play in their team, in midst of an energetic environment with passion for what they do, an environment that describes the Skanska Doer. Fernando, who has been in the The Five Zero Goal is our mainstay to develop this project successfully. Our focus is specifically oriented to safety,... company for over fifteen years, and has been Project Manager in Brazil for the past four years in different sites, briefly describes the extent of Skanska s role in this contract, Even though we are working in consortium with Engevix, who owns 30% of the share, our responsibility implies the construction of a Propylene Unit with capacity for 180,000 tons per year in a period of 740 days, covering the following: detailed engineering, supply, construction and mounting, commissioning and assistance for the plant s start-off. We are already working with a team of 300 collaborators that will amount to 750 during activity peaks, thus meeting the deadlines agreed upon with our client. The Five Zero Goal is our mainstay to develop this project successfully. Our focus is specifically oriented to saf
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