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Against a backdrop of growing urbanisation, cities and territories need to combine operation optimisation and cost reductions. From transport to energy supply, and from waste management to innovating urban

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Against a backdrop of growing urbanisation, cities and territories need to combine operation optimisation and cost reductions. From transport to energy supply, and from waste management to innovating urban services: all segments are involved. Congress (Conférence - Exhibition ) and smart grids serving cities and territories CNIT PARIS LA DEFENSE HALL PIERRE CURIE 24 & 25 SEPTEMBER 2014 Concurrently with The SMARTGRID-SMARTCITY event is held jointly with IBS (Intelligent Building Systems): Find over 2 days all broadband and ultrafast broadband applications, solutions and innovations, smart grids for cities and territories, energy efficiency, and smart buildings. The energy market: Players focus investments on smart grids and smart cities Investments in renewable energy sources (RES) and smart technologies worldwide: 183 billion euro in 'Smart energy technologies, such as smart grids, storage, electric vehicles and efficiency attracted 25 billion in 2013 versus 23.5billion in 2012.' (Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance BNEF) 'Under European Directives, the EU must fit 80% of consumption with smart meters by In France, the estimated overall cost of the process shall be 4-9 billion.' (Source: Xerfi) ' 70% of the global population will live in cities by 2050, and the smart city market should increase fourfold to 1.5 billion by 2020.' (Source: Nikkei BP) 'Weight of the smart grid market: 144 billion by 2015, and only for electrical power distribution systems. According to Brussels, more than 5.5 billion were already invested in approximately 300 European smart grids over the past 10 years.' (Source: Pike Research) The smart city technologies' market will experience a growth of 230% by 2020, The broadband and ultrafast broadband market: An opportunity for all territories France's Ultrafast Broadband Plan ('France Très Haut Débit') initiated by the government in May 2013 assumes that 80% of homes eligible for ultrafast broadband, or approximately 25 million homes, will be equipped with FTTH (Fibre To The Home) by In the 3rd quarter 2013 France had 1.8 million broadband and ultrafast broadband subscribers, including 465,000 subscriptions to FTTH fibre (fibreoptic lines to subscribers' homes). 20 billion will be invested in the deployment of ultrafast broadband in France within ten years. France's Ultrafast Broadband Plan aims at covering 100% of the territory by The Plan will mobilise 20,000 direct jobs for the deployment of new infrastructures over the next 10 years. (Source: France Très Haut Débit) according to a new study by U.S. firm Pike Research. The market should grow from $6.1 to $20.2 billion ( billion) between 2012 and 2020, mainly focusing on three zones: North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. However, the Pike Research study demonstrates that Latin America, Africa and the Middle East will remain marginal markets in the mid-term. Global urban population growth, and mega cities The main cause behind such boom is a growing global urban population which should reach 6.3 billion by 2050 versus 2010, explains the study. Such growth will give rise to mega cities . By 2025, there will be 37 mega cities of more than 10 million people worldwide, including 22 in Asia. A market with good prospects for smart grids and sustainable buildings Some $3,000 billion ( 2,300 billion) are expected to be invested in the development or redevelopment of urban infrastructures between 2010 and 2050, which means as many opportunities for players in the field to offer new transport management systems, solutions for smart grids, or construction of sustainable buildings. About the Congress: + Conférences Over 2 days: A conference programme that will strongly mobilise on themes directly related to current facts in the new Information & Communication Technology market regarding electric smart grids: ICTs in existing electrical grids, communicating meters, ultrafast broadband and territories, and connected cities, namely citizens' expectations and needs, smart city and collaborative governance, multimodal information systems etc. The programme will be developed by a steering committee composed of industry experts; 60 exhibiting companies and workshops presenting the industry's latest innovations in terms of products, services and solutions; Themes intended for visitors Electric vehicles, CleanTech incubator: Ecoinnovation start-ups, smart neighbourhoods, new green business jobs etc.; Advice by industry associations, professional organisations and training centres present in those areas will complete the process; and Synergy with IBS, a show dedicated to performance of service, industrial and collective buildings (5th edition) Visitors' profiles Who visits? Smart grids, smart cities, smart transport, smart metering, smart home A complementary approach to the smart building offer to help companies and communities implement smart technologies for citizens. Qualified, project-holder visitorship Public sector: Local representatives, managers and decision-makers By function Mayors and deputy mayors Local and regional councillors Regional authorities' presidents and vice-presidents Directors and executives of EPCIs* Regional decision-makers (civil servants or contract staff) - Managing & administrative directors - Technical department managers - Town planners, architects, and design firms - Engineers, technicians, and controllers Public service operators under government control * Public inter-municipal co-operation institutions Private sector: Executives, sales managers, and engineers/technicians By function Top management - Chairpersons & CEOs, managing directors, and branch managers Support functions - Sales - R&D - MARCOM - Administrative & purchasing Persons in charge of communities and government agencies as customers Architects, design firm engineers, and economists By segment Construction & civil engineering Roads & public areas Urban planning and regional development Environment, energy Transport & transit Durable mobility Public lighting Water, drainage & waste Education, health, and social issues Institutional, finance, and service By segment IT, telecommunications & ITCs Environment & energy Urban planning Building, civil engineering & construction Transport and mobility Water & waste Safety & security Education & health Public lighting Exhibitors' profiles Who exhibits? BROADBAND Infrastructure operators Cable operators Internet service providers Telecom operators Manufacturers operating on grids built by local authorities Suppliers of broadband and ultrafast solutions and applications (xdsl, FTTx, CPL, satellite, cable, LTE/4G, NFC, fibre, wireless, 5.4 GHz, Mesh, Wimax, convergence platform, IPTV & VOIP, PMT, data centres, cloud computing etc.) SMART METERS (Smart grids, smart metering, erasing) Energy suppliers and producers Telecom operators Transport and distribution system managers Software suppliers Manufacturers of electric equipment & infrastructures Manufacturers of communicating meters Semiconductor manufacturers SMART TRANSPORT SYSTEMS (smart transports) Telecommunication operators & transmission media (CCTV/video protection, radio-frequency transmission, parking information/service/control, parking space finders, and sensors) Dynamic traffic management equipment (AID*, VMS*, delivery management, GPS and traffic management software, real-time locating & information systems, sensors, vehicle counting stations, crowd sourcing, and teletoll/urban toll) Open data and collaborative approach *Automatic Incident Detector systems, Variable Message Signs ELECTRIC VEHICLES (smart cars) Manufacturers of terminals & chargers for electric vehicles Providers of car-sharing solutions/services (company car sharing, dynamic car sharing) REAL ESTATE Financial institutions, banks & insurers Property managers and developers Marketers TRAINING Training organisations, schools & universities Consultancy firms R&D, FUTURE STUDIES Competitiveness centres; green business & green IT research labs INSTITUTIONAL BODIES Professional organisations & associations Authorities Professional groups & networks THEY RELY ON US AT IBS ABB FRANCE ACTIVE3D ADWAVE AERGY AIRICOM / EWON ALERTEO ALLIED TELESIS APILOG AUTOMATION ARC INFORMATIQUE AREAL BAC NET BATI ACTU BATI COM BELIMO BELPARTS BOUYGUES ENERGIE & SERVICES BTIB CAP TECHNOLOGIE CARL SOFT WARE CARLO GAVAZZI CODRA COFELY SERVICES DISTECH CONTROLS DISTRAME ELECTRONIQUE ELEKTRA / CIRCUTOR ENERDIS ENOCEAN ALLIANCE ENOCEAN/BBC FIDELIX FLUDIA FTZ GREEN ALTERNATIVE GREENGEST GTBAT HABITAT ET TECHNOLOGIES HAGER ICONICS IGNES IP SYSTEMS J3E JOHNSON CONTROLS JS AUTOMATION KEP FRANCE KNX LE MONDE DE L'INDUSTRIE LES ECHOS LONMARK LOYTEC M2OCITY MAINTENANCE ET ENTREPRISE METZ CONNECT / BTR NETCOM MICRONISER MIOS MRJ PRESSE QUALITé RéFé- RENCE NETSEENERGY NEWRON OCEA SMART BUILDING PHILIPS PHOENIX PLANON SITE ALPHA PRODUAL REGIN CONTROL REVUE DES COLLECTIVITES LOCALES REXEL FRANCE SAIA-BURGESS SAUTER REGULATION SBA SCHNEIDER SES AUTOMATION SIEMENS SLAT SMART IMPULSE SOCOMEC SOMFY SVDI TECHNI SERVICE INDUSTRIE TECHNILOG TREND - HONEYWELL ECC UBIGREEN USINE NOUVELLE VAISALA OYJ WAGO CONTACT WATTECO WIELAND WONDERWARE ZENNIO AVANCE Y TECNOLOGíA ZIGBEE ALLIANCE *Liste des exposants et partenaires au 30 avril 2014 As an essential addition to the show, a conference programme moderated by top experts will also address many current topics. Theme conferences will address professional and/or industry-oriented topics, such as: Smart grids & smart cities: From smart grids to smart cities - Overview of technologies and experience in France and abroad, - Regulatory news in France - What collaborative convergence & what regulation? - What new roles for local authorities & what benefits for citizen consumers? The key role of ICTs in smart grids - Smart energy: How will information revolutionise our way to consume energy? - Grids and territories: What restrictions and positioning (role) for local authorities? - Smart water networks: smart water applications for better water managements - The position of heating and cooling system in energy transition. MISs (Multimodal Information Systems) - What smart transport systems for durable mobility? - Overview of multimodal platforms helping inform users about available transport solutions. - What about citizens who cross several zones when travelling? Do they need to check each MIS to progress? Examples of local authorities that have opted for opening data sets (an opening to open data) Electric mobility - Integration of electric vehicles in the network: Development opportunities for cities and citizens - Recharging terminals and electric mobility: Durable mobility as a central issue Ultrafast broadband and smart city: - What complementarities between private and public initiatives for a fair digital development between areas? - Regional initiatives boosting ultrafast broadband - France's ultrafast broadband plan: Towards 100% coverage of the territory by Landline and mobile ultrafast broadband plans which generate employment - Connected city: What are citizens' expectations and needs in the residential, service and industry segments - CRM (Citizen Relationship Management): How to meet requirements of increasingly connected citizens? How to exhibit Simple formats (outside packages) Basic shell scheme Bare floor surface (floor marking) PRICE: per sq.m., excluding VAT Fitted stand Modular structure, fitted carpet, 1 furniture allocation of 60 per sq.m. PRICE: per sq.m., excluding VAT Packages (including stand) PLATINUM package Includes a 12-sq.m. Pack stand, 1 electric wiring 1 furniture allocation (basic supply: 60 per sq.m.) 2 contributions at conferences 1 description of your company on the show website 1 logo on the show website 1 banner on the show website 1 logo on paper communication 1 logo on electronic communication 1 ing to pre-registered visitors 1 post-show ing to actual visitors 1,000 free invitation cards File of attendees at your conferences (opt in) Price: 13,900.00, excluding VAT GOLD package Includes a 9-sq.m. Pack stand 1 electric wiring 1 furniture allocation (basic supply: 60 per sq.m.) 1 contribution at conferences 1 description of your company on the show website 1 logo on the show website 600 free invitation cards File of attendees at your conferences (opt in) Price: 9,300.00, excluding VAT SILVER package Includes a 6-sq.m. Pack stand, 1 electric wiring 1 furniture allocation (basic supply: 60 per sq.m.) 1 description of your company on the show website 1 logo on the show website 300 free invitation cards Price: 4,650.00, excluding VAT The SMART GRID-SMART CITY world Public lighting Smart computers Smart Buildings Electric Vehicles* R&D ITCs & Telecom Safety & Security Smart Cities Green Neighbourhoods & Areas Transport & Mobility Energy Control Electric Grids Renewable Energiess Local Authorities Construction Energy Efficiency Mobile Applications *In 2020, the Government banks on 2 million electric vehicles or 5% of the rolling fleet. As a result, more than 400,000 terminals shall be installed on the public highway and more than 4 million at home and workplace. (Source: In partnership with CNIT PARIS LA DEFENSE HALL PIERRE CURIE 24 & 25 SEPTEMBER SITE = 2 COMPLEMENTARY EVENTS Concurrently with the Smartgrid-Smartcity event, visit at the CNIT, Paris la Défense, a 2-day show: 5th edition IF YOU WISH TO EXHIBIT, CONTACT US NOW Show Manager: Guillaume Courcelle Sales Manager: Gaël Lichan Conference Manager: Florence de Courtenay Exhibitors' relations: Sonia Lefebvre Press relations: Marie-Christine Flahault Belval Communication 2 days 15 workshops 18 conferences 150 exhibitors 4,500 visitors An event organised by Infopromotions 15, rue de l abbé Grégoire Paris France Tel : +33(0) Fax : +33(0)
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