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  the best way to be more confdent   is to be more competent at what you do   I realize there are many people that   think you just need to visualize   yoursel being confdent and step inside   it but then you'll just be a pompous ass   and that really isn't a good idea to   become more confdent you have to stop   thinking aboutyour mistakes and look at   what you actually accomplished i you   l  ook at i you spell two out o ten   words correctly and you look at the   eight you eel incompetent but i you go   I got these two perect you eel more   confdent and the trick is to increase   what youare doing well and ignore the   rest that's how people become more   confdent they have to stop planning to   ail and planning to make mistakes   looking the more you look or where you   can have problems and what cango wrong   the more you will fnd it the more you   start looking at what works the more   you'll fnd it and the better you'll    eel I think the best way to have to   eel good about yoursel is to do the   right thing or the right reason   somebody drops a bag o groceries and   you help them pick it up so other people   will see how cool you are you never   really eel good about yoursel but i    you help them pick it up because it's   the right thing to do you'll always eel   good about yoursel    same action one gives you confdence and   the other puts all o your sel-  worth in   the hands o people that you have no   idea what they're thinking most people   know what the right thing to do is they    just can't bring themselves to do it   because they're thinking about it or   the wrong reasons   and you know you know you should you   shouldn't yell atyour kids your brain   tells you aterwards it tells you beore   and you know there are times you should   but i you're yelling at them or the   wrong reason you need to look at   yoursel and go stop it and then you   need to make a better plan about what   you're actually going to do when they   spill their milk and what you're   actually going to do when they jump out   o bed in the middle o the night and   what you're actually going to do when   they come in with dirty pants because i    you don't have choices you can't make   them and when you fnd something that   really works and you visualize yoursel    doing it enough times   comes up you will and then you'll eel   better about yoursel and you'll have   more confdence and it will last and   grow your entire lie cel mai bun mod de a f mai încrezător este să fi mai competentă  în ceea ce aci Examplu; dacă te uiți la pronunţarea   sauscrierea a două din  zece cuvinte în mod corect și te concentrezi la celelalte opt cuvinte care te ace să te simți incompetentă, dar dacă îți schimbi  percepția și-ți spui convinsă; Am aceste două cuvinte perecte te simți mai  încrezătoare !ezi tu trucul este de ați crește ceea ce aci bine și de a i nora restul  Acesta este modul în care oamenii devin mai încrezători trebuie să ne oprim  planifcarea de a eșua și de a ace reșeli cu c#t cauți probleme și ceea ce-ți poate mer e prost, cu c#t o vei ăsi mai multe, cu
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