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Company Profile Location Göppinger Str Pforzheim Germany Tel.: Fax: Website: 1 Company Profile Facility since August 2001 Production

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Company Profile Location Göppinger Str Pforzheim Germany Tel.: Fax: Website: 1 Company Profile Facility since August 2001 Production area: 2.800m² / 30,100 sqft Office space: 600m² / 6,500 sqft Production area: 5.900m² / 63,500 sqft Office space: 2.800m² / 30,100 sqft 2 Company Profile The HMP Group, as of 2009 (Machinery, Tools, Service) Established: 1906 Employees: 105 (Component Production, Europe) Established: 2002 Employees: 45 HMP Webco (Joint Venture Component Production, NAFTA) Established: 2007 HMP Asia (Sales and Development for Machinery) Established: 2009 Employees: 5 3 Company Profile : Turnover 27.9 Mio., Employees : Turnover 23,4 Mio., Employees 155 Umsatz in Tsd. EURO Employees Mitarbeiter Turnover (K ) Products Equipment for Net-Shape Forming: Rotary swaging machines Transfer lines Hydraulic axial forming machines Rolling mills Drawing machines Straightening machines After sales service Spare parts 5 Technology: Rotary Swaging 6 Technology: Rotary Swaging 7 Technology: Rotary Swaging, interlinked transfer 8 Technology: Hydraulic Axial Forming 9 Technology: Hydraulic Axial Forming 10 Technology: Rolling, Drawing, Straightening Rolling / straightening /cut-to-length line Ultra-high precision Mill for watch spring wire 11 Technology: Cold Rolling Rod Breakdown Mill, roll size 280 x Technology: Cold Rolling 2-HI/4-HI Reversing Strip Mill 13 Technology: Cold Rolling 4-Stand Tandem Mill with integrated inline annealer for Cu- Ribbon / solar panel applications 14 Technology: Cold Rolling 6-Stand Profile Wire Rolling Mill for hi-strength Wire Rope, Inlet wire Hi Carbon Steel up to Ø 10mm / 1500 MPa, max. 300 m/min 15 Technology: Cold Rolling 6-Stand Reduction Mill for Cu-Mg rod, inlet 30 mm, outlet 7mm, High Speed Railway Trolley wire 16 Technology: Cold Rolling 2-HI Strip Mill. Roll size 450 x Application Samples Cold rolling: Flat Wire Product Flat spring Material Stainless steel Application Windshield wiper blades Magnet Wire PV-Ribbon Copper Copper Winding of transformers, motors, generators Interconnection of Solar Cells Zipper Brass Flat wire for zippers 18 Application Samples Cold rolling: Profile Wire Product Trolley wire Banana profile Filter profiles Card Clothing Material Cu-alloys Stainless steel, precious metals Stainless steel High carbon steels Application Overhead conductor for electrical trains Segments for watch wrist bands Use in paper & pulp centrifuges, oil exploration etc. Use in textile manufacturing Other applications: Piston ring profiles, general profiles for automotive & electronic industries, window profiles, wire rope profiles, eyeglass frame profiles, zipper Y-profiles, HSS for saw blades etc. 19 Application Samples Cold rolling: Strip Rolling Product Shielding Tape Bimetall Coin Blanks Special materials Material Copper Cu-alloys with Ag-Ni inlay Cu-alloy Gold, Silver Ni-Compound Application Shielding of Signal- and Power cables Bimetallic strip as contact material in electronic industry, for relays, switches etc. Blanks for manufacturing of commemorative coins and precious metal coins Basic material for high performance batteries in military applications 20 Application Samples Cold rolling: Reduction Mills Product MI-cable Contactmaterial FCW flux cored welding wire Special materials Material Copper, CrNi steel Silver-tin oxyde Low carbon steel tube, filled with flux powder and laser welded Titanium Tantalum HSS Application Heat resistant cables, heating conductor elements Contact material in electronic industry, very breakable, not possible to draw. Cold rolling with integrated annealing process Flux cored welding wire for high quality joining applications, e.g. naval/submarine, Pipelines etc. Titanium bolts in aeronautics, Tantalum capacitors in cellphones, HSS saw blades 21 Product / Activities Process technology for high end applications: Serial parts production Prototyping Process development Shaping dies Core Technologies: Rotary swaging Axial forming Machining 22 Manufactured Products -Steering shafts -Kardan shaft segments -Drive shafts -Car body structural parts, IHU-preforming -Tubes & shafts for shock absorber -El. Starter shafts -Gear shafts -Diesel engine glow plugs -Seat shafts -Airbag & safety components -others 23 Application Samples Automotive Industry: steering shafts 24 Application Samples Automotive Industry: steering components 25 Application Samples Automotive Industry: drivetrain components 26 Application Samples Automotive Industry: transmission & gear shafts 27 Application Samples Automotive Industry: safety components, airbag cartridges 28 Cost & weight saving Integration of forms, one-piece designs Integral yoke 29 Cost & weight saving Integration of forms, one-piece designs, variable wall thickness Monobloc shafts (integrated ends) 30 Weight reduction Optimized Geometry: component with variable wall strength between 2,5 mm and 7,3 mm 31 Cost & weight saving Integrated Funcionalty by using internal functional surface Helical Ball Guideways 32 Cost & weight saving New workpiece design internal functional surfaces 33 Cost saving Process combinations, for example swanging and hydroforming Reduction by Swaging Expansion by IHU Original tube 34 Cost saving New product technologies Internal expanding Pressed spline (IT 5) 35 Quality Control Certificates DIN ISO 9001: 2000 VDA 6.1 ISO TS Process development Prototype design, development and manufacturing Prozess and Prototype development for serial production, both for internal manufacturing and external customers 37 Shaping dies & tools Design by CAD / CAM Toolmaking for own manufacturing and external customers 38
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