COCOA REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY COMMERCIAL FAÇADE PROGRAM APPLICATION The Cocoa Community Redevelopment Agency (Cocoa RDA) sponsors a Commercial Façade Improvement Program to benefit property owners in the

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COCOA REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY COMMERCIAL FAÇADE PROGRAM APPLICATION The Cocoa Community Redevelopment Agency (Cocoa RDA) sponsors a Commercial Façade Improvement Program to benefit property owners in the RDA Area. Matching grants of up to $5, are available per commercial parcel to qualified owners. Matching grants of $10,000 are available to applicants whose property is located in that portion of the Cocoa Redevelopment Agency within the Cocoa Enterprise Zone. No property located on Brevard Avenue is considered eligible. Applications must be submitted two weeks in advance of each RDA meeting. The Cocoa RDA meets on the first Tuesday of each month. (Please print or type using either blue or black ink). PROPERTY OWNER/APPLICANT NAME: APPLICANT S PHONE NUMBER: MAILING ADDRESS: PROPERTY ADDRESS: BUSINESS NAME: DESCRIPTION OF PLANNED IMPROVEMENTS: TOTAL PROJECT COST: GRANT FUNDS REQUESTED: PLEASE ATTACH THE FOLLOWING: 1. Copy of Deed/Proof of Ownership 2. Copy of City Occupational Business License 3. Color Photographs/Slides of Current Condition 4. Site Survey (required ONLY in the case of landscaping improvements) 5. Estimates/quotes/bids for all costs associated with the project ( Sweat equity hours will not be credited.) 6. Complete, written scope of rehabilitation work 7. Complete, written description of the projects ability to meet the design criteria for funding outlined on the third page of this application 8. Evidence (such as a letter from your banker) of available private funds to pay for the rehabilitation. (The Commercial Façade Program is a reimbursement program in which funds are paid to owners after receipts have been given to the city showing that all contractors and subcontractors have been paid in full.) 9. Proof of insurance coverage (Please ask your insurance agent to send the Accord Form) PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM STIPULATIONS FUNDING: 1. All funding is subject to approval by the Cocoa Redevelopment Agency Board, which will review applications on a monthly basis. 2. The borrower must be the property owner, as evidenced by a deed. 3. Applicants may receive up to $5,000 on a one-to-one (public to private fund) matching basis. Notwithstanding, no grant or grants provided under the Commercial Façade Improvement Program shall be awarded in excess of $5, as applied to any commercial parcel of property during any one (1) year period. The funds will be provided on a reimbursement basis once all work is complete. All receipts and invoices reflecting payment in full for any improvements of qualifying costs and expenses is required for reimbursement. 4. All private funds must be invested, and related work elements completed, prior to the release of grant funds. The property owner will be responsible for any and all debt incurred. 5. All funds provided shall be secured by a Deferred Payment Promissory Note and a mortgage on the property to ensure the maintenance and protection of funded improvements for a five-year period. 6. No repayment is required and all debt is forgiven on a pro-rata annual basis over a five-year period provided no default occurs. 7. Transfer of ownership is allowed, at the sole discretion of the Cocoa RDA, so long as the property buyer agrees to assume and undertake all obligations relating to maintaining or upgrading any funded improvements for the remainder term of the indebtedness and agrees to execute an agreement, to the satisfaction of the Cocoa RDA, acknowledge and assuming any outstanding debt and agreeing to the terms and condition of the grant. NOTE: Multi-family/Single family residential property will not be eligible for the program. DESIGN CRITERIA FOR FUNDING CONSIDERATION: 1. The proposed façade improvements must be conducted on a commercial property located within the Cocoa Redevelopment Area. (Threshold requirement) 2. All criteria, elements, or information requested in the application must be complete. (Threshold requirement) 3. Priority will be given to projects which preserve or restore the historical or heritage elements of the commercial building, site, or Cocoa Redevelopment Area. 4. Priority will be given to visible projects having a major or substantial neighborhood impact (i.e. greater weight will be given to those that incorporate structural modifications as opposed to a paint over. Roof improvements will be considered if the improvements are visible from the public right-of-way). 5. Priority will be given to the projects which address the safety of customers and/or employees at the commercial location. 6. Priority will be given to projects which address the security of customers and/or employees at the commercial location. 7. Priority will be given to projects which address the convenience of employees and/or customers at the commercial location. 8. Priority will be given to projects which will prevent, diminish or eliminate a blighted condition. 9. Priority will be given to projects that reflect a greater proportion of private funds to be utilized over those funds being provided under the Cocoa Façade Improvement Program. 10. Priority will be given to partner projects which will cause the upgrade and structural improvements to two or more properties simultaneously. ELIGIBLE EXPENSES: 1. Exterior improvements that are visible from the public right-of-way and are intended to preserve and protect the structural integrity of the commercial building;. 2. Lighting; 3. Landscape Improvements; 4. Awnings; 5. Signage; 6. Painting of other coatings or similar application. APPLICATION PROCESS: Pre-Application Counseling Date: 1. Applicant shall submit completed application packets, in accordance with the minimum requirements contained herein, to the City of Cocoa Office of Economic Development. 2. All application packets must be received by the Office of Economic Development at least two (2) weeks before the Cocoa RDA meeting, otherwise the application will be reviewed at the following meeting (approximately one (1) month later). 3. All applications will be reviewed upon receipt by the Office of Economic Development. Any application which does not contain all of the minimum required elements and/or information shall be returned to the Applicant for completion and re-submittal. 4. All completed applications shall be ranked by the Office of Economic Development in accordance with the commercial façade improvement s guidelines. 5. All completed and ranked applications shall be scheduled for consideration by the Cocoa RDA. 6. Applicants should be present and prepared to discuss their project and request in detail. Note: No improvements are to begin prior to RDA Board approval. Improvements started before the board approval will not be funded. The undersigned understand the criteria required for grant request approval. Signature of Applicant/Owner Date COCOA REDEVELOPMENT AREA DESIGN CRITERIA REVIEW FORM On an attached sheet(s), please provide the following information in as concise a manner as possible. THIS FORM IS TO BE COMPLETED BY A STAFF MEMBER 1. Historical and/or heritage elements preserved or restored 2. Neighborhood impact assessment 3. Safety based improvements for employees and/or customers 4. Convenience based improvements for employees and/or customers 5. Security based improvements for employees and/or customers 6. Eliminates, prevents or diminishes a blighting condition 7. Provides 50% more private funding than the public funding being requested of the redevelopment agency 8. Upgrades two or more properties simultaneously 9. The property location is within the Cocoa RDA area 10. The application is complete Total
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