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CLASSÉ AUDIO CAV-75 MULTI-CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIER CAV-75 OWNER'S MANUAL CLASSÉ DESIGN PHILOSOPHY 1. REPEATED LISTENING DESIGN SESSIONS: Fine tuning of sound by exchanging and mixing of parts (transistors, capacitors, wiring, PCB boards etc.), and adjusting many specific operating voltages within proper engineering ranges, producing an overall sonic recipe giving the most natural harmonic realism of music typical of instruments in a live performance. 2. UPGRADABLE SINGLE CIRCUIT DESIGNS: All Classé products (all preamps and all amps) share exactly the same circuit (excluding moving coil and moving magnet phono circuits). This means all amplifiers and all high level circuits of the preamps are the same. The same circuit is tailored to different power levels etc. Differences between less expensive models and more expensive models are parts quality and compliment, power supply extravagance and the amount of filtering etc., as well as features and packaging. This means that for years Classé has been constantly fine tuning and upgrading this circuit and its application, thus reaching a very high level of understanding and musical achievement which benefits all models - least expensive, most expensive, preamps and amplifiers alike. 3. EXTREME LONG LIFE IN REAL WORLD CONDITIONS: Choosing the best attainable quality parts and materials combined with the advantages of the two above-mentioned areas provides Classé owners with years of proven trouble free reliability and musical enjoyment. -2- CAV-75 OWNER'S MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS UNPACKING & SET-UP... 4 GENERAL CONNECTIONS AND OPERATIONS... 5 CONNECTIONS AND DIAGRAMS... 7 WARRANTY SPECIFICATIONS WARRANTY REGISTRATION UNPACKING & SET-UP Your Classé CAV-75 multi-channel power amplifier is packed in high density, semi-rigid foam placed in a special cardboard box. To remove the unit, open and spread all the top flaps of the box and by its sides, lift out the entire unit and put it on a large flat surface. Take it out of the plastic bag and inspect the unit for any concealed damage. Apart from this owner's manual, please ensure the following have also been included: 1) Detachable linecord. 2) Allen key for top plate. Please report any damage or missing parts to your dealer as soon as possible. Place the CAV-75 at or near its final set-up position, allowing 8 inches at the rear for tightening the speaker output connectors. For optimum sonic performance, we recommend the optional CLASSÉ REFERENCE A.C. LINECORD. Consult your dealer regarding this accessory. The power transformer in the CAV-75 is located at the front-left of the unit. Ideally, a few feet should separate this area from components which potentially could pick up hum. These include preamplifiers, turntables, and interconnect cables. In terms of providing adequate airspace for cooling, a good rule of thumb is to allow 6 inches above and 3 inches on each side of the unit. Check the Serial Number sticker on the back of the unit for the correct operating voltage. The CAV-75 has one line fuse (external), the rating of which should be as follows: LINE VOLTAGE FUSE RATING 100 or 120 V.A.C. 5 AMP SLOW BLOW 125 or 250 volts 220 or 240 V.A.C. 3 AMP SLOW BLOW 250 volts 4 - - INTERNAL RAIL FUSES: The CAV-75 is designed with each channel protected by one pair of internal fuses for positive and negative rails (see fig-1 page 7) 4 AMP FAST BLOW 125 volts GENERAL CONNECTIONS AND OPERATION: A.C. LINE Insert the linecord into the A.C. receptacle on the rear of the unit. CAUTION: SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS DISCONNECT AC LINE CABLE WHILE MAKING ALL CONNECTIONS. FLOATING THE GROUND , OR DEFEATING THE GROUND ON A 3-PRONG LINECORD MAY CREATE A SHOCK HAZARD. CONNECT ALL INTERCONNECT CABLES BETWEEN THE ELECTRONICS BEFORE CONNECTING THE A.C. LINECORDS TO THE WALL OUTLETS. THIS WILL REDUCE THE POTENTIAL SHOCK HAZARD. SEE ALSO THE WARRANTY SECTION OF THIS OWNER'S MANUAL. NORMAL OPERATION: Input and output connectors for each channel are clearly grouped and marked on the back of the amplifier. (Units are preset at the factory for NORMAL.) See fig.3a,3b for typical connections of the CAV-75. Use only high quality interconnect and loudspeaker cables, and make all connections tight. If the input plugs are loose, remove them and pinch down the ground leaves slightly with pliers. Observe correct phasing of the loudspeaker connections, and tighten. BRIDGED OPERATION: 5 - - The six (6) channels of the CAV-75 are divided into three (3) groups. These groups can be operated and configured independently _ Channel-1 with Channel-2, Channel-3 with Channel-4, and Channel-5 with Channel-6. When in bridged mode, the inputs of CH-1, CH-3 and CH-5 are used respectively (as marked above the jacks). The unused inputs of CH-2, CH-4 and CH-6 are automatically disconnected when configured in bridged mode. The following steps should be performed to switch between NORMAL and BRIDGED modes. 1) Turn OFF the unit and remove all connections, including the AC linecord. 2) Remove top cover with the Allen key supplied. 3) Locate the input board(s) of channels to be switched. (see fig.1 page 7) 4) Locate and set jumpers to the desired operation mode. (see fig.2a,2b page 8) 5) Replace and secure the top cover. 6) Reconnect all cables. Make sure the input and output connections are according to the operating mode. (see fig.3a&3b page 9) Please read through the previous normal section for general notes on securing good connections, and safety tips. CAUTION: Please remember that the negative output connection of a bridged amplifier is NOT a ground. Do not use a common ground or switchbox set-up. Do not use with electronic crossovers which have a common ground. REMOTE CONTROL: (optional) With a simple connection from the receiver box to the remote jack at the back of the amplifier, (see Fig.2 page 8) the power amplifier can be turned ON/OFF from a distance (or from another room) 7 - - 8 - - 9 - - CLASSÉ CAV-75 LIMITED FACTORY WARRANTY (North America only). IMPORTANT: Warranty registration, and a copy of the Authorized Dealer Bill of Sale must be received at the Classé Audio factory (address: page 14) within thirty (30) days of purchase by the original retail purchaser in order to validate these warranty. FIVE YEAR WARRANTY (all parties) Classé Audio, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship to the original retail purchaser for a period of FIVE YEARS from date of manufacture, provided that any claim in virtue of this warranty be made in writing within such period. This warranty may not be transferred to any subsequent owner unless the following conditions have been met: the product will be re-sold through an authorized Classé Audio dealer, who will be responsible for contacting Classé with all specifics (name of new owner, address of new owner, serial number of the product) of the subsequent sale. If the subsequent owner has purchased the product through an authorized Classé Audio dealer, and all of the above conditions have been met, the new owner will have the benefit of any remaining coverage from the original five year period. In order to initiate service of any kind, it is necessary to OBTAIN PRIOR FACTORY AUTHORIZATION, AND SHIP THE UNIT PREPAID TO THE CLASSÉ FACTORY. Units coming from the USA should be shipped directly to our CUSTOMS BROKER: STARBER FRITZ INTERNATIONAL, C/O CLASSÉ AUDIO, HIGHWAY 114 EAST, NORTON, VERMONT, USA. The warranty shall be void and of no effect in the event of any of the following: 1) Operation not in accordance with this manual. 2) Accident, abuse, tampering, or unauthorized modification, as determined by Classé Audio Inc. 3) Removal, defacing, or falsifying the serial number plate. 4) Shipping without the complete factory packaging. 5) Transfer or sale of this amplifier by the original owner. 6) Non-compliance with any of the other conditions hereof. CLASSÉ AUDIO INC. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING FROM OR RELATING TO THE SET-UP, OPERATION, FAILURE, TROUBLESHOOTING, OR REPAIR OF THE AMPLIFIER AND/OR ANY OTHER EQUIPMENT USED THEREWITH. THIS WARRANTY, ALL CLAIMS MADE IN VIRTUE HEREOF, AND ALL ISSUES RELATING TO ANY SUCH CLAIM SHALL BE GOVERNED BY THE LAWS OF THE PROVINCE OF QUÉBEC CAV-75 FEATURES: CLASSÉ CAV-75 MULTI-CHANNEL 6-CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIER FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS SHEET 6-Channel Power amplifier 75 watts/channel, switching capability for different channel configurations. Custom Classé internal heat sinks, thick curved faceplate with sculpted one piece handles. Available in both Satin Black, and Soft Shadow Silver finishes. CAV-75 SPECIFICATIONS: Frequency Response: Sensitivity: Input Impedance: Output Impedance: S/N Ratio: 20 Hz to 20 KHz =/- 0.1 db 0.85 Volt in for rated output 75 Kohms 0.15 Ohm THD+N: 0.004% Gain: Maximum power and Channel configuration More than 135 db 29 db With 8 Ohms load Six (6) Channels 75 Watts x Five (5) Channels Four (4) Channels Three (3) Channels Power consumption: 150 Watts x 1 (bridged) 75 Watts x Watts x 2 (bridged) 75 Watts x Watts x 3 (bridged) 75 Watts Dimensions: Gross: 10 1/4 x 21 x 19 Net: 5 1/2 x 19 x 15 Weight: Gross: 45 lbs. Net: 40 lbs. -13- WARRANTY REGISTRATION You must fill out and return the form below, along with a copy of the authorized dealer bill of sale, to the factory within thirty (30) days of purchase. This will allow us to provide expedient service, information regarding updates and new products, and validate the Classé warranty. CAV-75 SERIAL NUMBER PURCHASE DATE AUTHORIZED DEALER PURCHASER'S NAME STREET ADDRESS CITY STATE/PROV. COUNTRY ZIP/POSTAL CODE I BECAME AWARE OF THIS PRODUCT BY: (DEALER, MAGAZINE, FRIEND, ETC.) SEND TO: CLASSÉ AUDIO INC. Product Registration 5070 François Cusson Lachine, Quebec, Canada H8T 1B3-14- Notice to all Classé Product owners: Thank you for your purchase of a Classé Audio component. All of us at Classé have taken extreme care to ensure that your purchase will become a prized investment. We are proud to inform you that all Classé Audio components have been officially approved for the European Community CE mark. This means that your Classé product has been subjected to the most rigorous manufacturing and safety tests in the world, and have proven to meet or exceed all European Community CE requirements for unit to unit consistency and consumer safety. All of us at Classé Audio wish you many years of musical enjoyment. As of July 18, 1996, Classé Audio has been granted Certificate No: C401CLA1.MGS, which indicates CE approval for all models of the Classé Audio product line. -15-
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