CITROËN ALERT ZONES 1. INSTALLING ING THE FILE ON THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM Once you have downloaded the Alert Zones file from the CITROËN website you must install it on your emyway navigation system (which

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CITROËN ALERT ZONES 1. INSTALLING ING THE FILE ON THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM Once you have downloaded the Alert Zones file from the CITROËN website you must install it on your emyway navigation system (which contains the Europe digital mapping system required to guide you). To install your Alert Zones file on your emyway use a blank USB stick (to avoid any potential recognition issues with the medium). After inserting the blank USB stick into the computer, select file (.exe): 1. Click on Exécuter (Run) or Ouvrir (Open), and this will call up a Self-extracting Archive window on your computer s screen (see example on RH side). 2. Click on the button right of Extract to in order to select the USB stick or folder you wish the data to be copied onto. 3. Click on Start. To check that the copy has been successful, you may check the USB stick for the presence of the: - MAPPE folder (and subfolders) - UPG folder - POI_VER.POI file Once the data has been successfully copied you may remove the data medium from your computer and return to your vehicle to install the Alert Zones file on your emyway navigation system. August To install the Alert Zones file in your navigation system, you should connect the USB stick to the corresponding port which is located: - Manual gearbox: in front of the gearshift lever, - Robotised gearbox: in the stowage compartment closed by a sliding panel. Your emyway will automatically detect the USB stick inserted and display the message opposite. Confirm start-up of the updating process by clicking OUI (Yes). When the update is complete, a message tells you that the Alert Zones file has been successfully installed on your emyway. You may then eject the USB stick used for updating. August 2. CONFIGURING RADAR WARNINGS ON THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM To configure warnings on your emyway, press the NAV key: - Then Map management - Then Map details - And Transports et automobile Tick the Risk areas checkbox, and confirm with OK. August You should then configure the audio and visual warnings when approaching radars. To do this, press the NAV key: - Select Options - And then Set parameters for risk areas Upon approaching a high-risk area, you may choose the type of warning: - Visual warning - Audio warning with a 15 to 45 seconds notice for the announcement - Warning in guidance mode which tells you the authorised speed limit and gives you a visual warning should you run in excess (in countries where this is permitted). Alert with guidance In countries where radar information is permitted, when guiding you, the system is able to select only those fixed speed cameras that are on your route --- You are notified of the permitted speed limit Should you exceed the allowed speed limit, the circle around the speed limit sign flashes red. For other types of high-risk area, display is the same in guided and non guided mode. August These are the Citroën Alert Zone pictograms : Fixed speed camera*: Alert without guidance Without guidance (no destination), the navigation system warns you of the presence of Citroën Alert Zones* in the area near the vehicle *Depending on the country s legislation, information about fixed speed cameras and traffic light cameras may be prohibited; if this is the case, then only information about high-risk areas will be displayed. Traffic light camera*: Entering a high-risk area*: Example of a radar warning in non-guidance mode: your emyway warns that you are approaching a fixed radar by displaying the icon opposite in map mode, in addition to the audio warning (if you have selected the latter). August
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