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Cisco Unified Datacenter A Policy driven Datacenter Oliver Müller Mai 2015 Why Have We Seen Such Momentum UCS Value Proposition Data Center Silos Virtualization New Emerging Applications

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Cisco Unified Datacenter A Policy driven Datacenter Oliver Müller Mai 2015 Why Have We Seen Such Momentum UCS Value Proposition Data Center Silos Virtualization New Emerging Applications Legacy Apps Web Apps Priv ate HYBRID Public Collaboration Apps Dev./Test Sandboxes Business Critical Apps Desktop Virtualization Big Data & Business Analytics Mobile Applications Social Media Applications Back End Consumer Applications Cisco Unified Computing System 41k+ Unique UCS Customers $3B+ #1 Americas Market Share in x86 Blades, #2 Worldwide, #2 in Switzerland 1 Data Center Annualized Revenue Run Rate Top 5 Server Vendor 1 85% Of all Fortune 500 Customers Have Invested in UCS 3,850+ UCS Channel Partners 750 Swiss UCS Customers 2 Source: 1 IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, 2014Q4, Source: 2 As of Cisco Q1FY15 earnings results March 2015, Vendor Revenue Share Cisco Innovation Powers Fast IT Fast IT Virtualization Automation Orchestration Compute Network Storage Security 2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 4 Cisco Innovation Powers Fast IT Fast IT Application Centric Infrastructure UCS Director 2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. UCS Compute 2009: Industry s First Application Centric Infrastructure Nexus Network & APIC 2013: ACI for the Data Center Security Fabric UCS Integrated Infrastructure Storage Solutions 2014: Leading a New Market Category Cisco Confidential 5 Cisco UCS 2.0: Powering Applications at Every Scale Fourth Generation UCS Servers UCS Management Innovation Core Data Center Workloads UCS M-Series Modular Servers UCS Mini UCS C3160 Edge-Scale Com puting Cloud-Scale Com puting 2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Compute Network Storage Virtualization Management and Automation Cisco Confidential 6 A Cisco UCS Overview Unifying Compute, Network, Storage Access, and Virtualization UCS Fabric Interconnects Low-latency, 10-Gbps unif ied f abric supports IP, storage, and management network connectiv ity Cisco UCS Blade Server Chassis Flexible bay conf igurations Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Cards Extension of f abric interconnect ports directly to v irtual machines, operating sy stems, and hy perv isors Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers Versatile and expandable with world-record-setting perf ormance Incremental deploy ment model Cisco UCS Manager Embedded in UCS Fabric Interconnects Integrated, unif ied management Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers Range of serv er options to support a broad range of workloads Highest density memory conf iguration of any half-width blade serv er World-record-setting perf ormance Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus Fabric Extenders Scalability without the need to add management points Blade and rack-mount f orm f actors Intel x86 Architecture compatible with any existing infrastructure Unified Fabric s SingleConnect Technology Provides an Efficient Foundation for Growth SINGLECONNECT TECHNOLOGY Traditional Cisco Unified Fabric One connection type for all protocols SAN A ETH 1 ETH 2 SAN B Wire once then manage through software Direct SAN access Auto-discovery & self-integrating components: network and compute Automated I/O bandwidth allocation 10 GE Ethernet FCOE Fibre Channel over Ethernet (LAN/SAN/Management) Efficient capacity scaling As you scale, simplified architecture reduces cost and facilitates growth Unified Management Superior Programmability, Scalability, and Automation for Big Data Deployments Traditional UCS Manager Service Profile RAID settings Disk scrub actions Number of vhbas HBA WWN assignments FC Boot Parameters HBA firmware FC Fabric assignments for HBAs Number of vnics PXE settings NIC firmware Advanced feature settings QoS settings Border port assignment per vnic NIC Transmit/Receive Rate Limiting VLAN assignments for NICs VLAN tagging config for NICs Number of vnics PXE settings NIC firmware Advanced feature settings RemoteKVM IP settings Call Home behavior Remote KVM firmware Server UUID Serial over LAN settings Boot order IPMI settings BIOS scrub actions BIOS firmware BIOS Settings SAN LAN NIC MACs HBA WWNs Server UUID VLAN Assignments VLAN Tagging FC Fabrics Assignments FC Boot Parameters Number of vnics Boot order PXE settings IPMI Settings Number of vhbas QoS Call Home Template Association Org & Sub Org Assoc. Server Pool Association Statistic Thresholds BIOS scrub actions Disk scrub actions BIOS firmware Adapter firmware BMC firmware RAID settings Advanced NIC settings Serial over LAN settings BIOS Settings SAN LAN Abstraction of all configuration and identity information into a service profile speeds deployment, reduces errors, lowers co sts Deliver FAST IT Storage Netw ork Adm Server Admins Complex IT Processes to Deploy Application Resources Challenges: Manual processes Complex handoffs between teams and domains Static resource allocation Business Application Requirements Setup Servers Create Storage Resources (LUNs and Volumes) Bare metal Provisioning Create VLAN Configure Servers Add VLAN to Service Profile Business Outcome: Days/weeks/months to deploy IT services High operational cost IT Planning Define Cost Models Add Users and Groups Approvals Create VLANs Create Network Policies Update Trunks Create UCS Service Profiles Configure SAN Zoning Rigid silos Infrastructure inefficiency and under utilization Create IP space Map NetApp LUN Create vfilers Create Storage Policy Add vfilers to Group UCS Blade Power On Intelligent Orchestration Step One Infrastructure Automation Consolidate, standardize, virtualize For IT operations/administrators Delivers: IT efficiency, reduced costs Step Two Full Cloud Automated Private, Public, and Hybrid Application + Infrastructure across wide range of business services Designed for End Users Delivers organizational speed, flexibility and agility across entire organization Public Private Virtual Private SaaS Application Centric Infrastructure Netw ork SME Security SME Application SME APIC Physical Networking Nexus 7K Hypervisors and Virtual Networking Compute L4 L7 Services Storage Multi DC WAN and Cloud Nexus 2K Integrated WAN Edge 1 Subject Matter Expert Define Policies 2 Policies Used To Create Application Netw ork Profile Templates 3 Automated policy configuration across the infrastructure 4 Life cycle management for day 1, day 2 operations Rapid Deployment of Applications with Scale, Security and Full Visibility
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