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Messe Düsseldorf Group: Chicago Düsseldorf Brno Moscow New Delhi Singapore Shanghai Tokio Messe Düsseldorf North America Chicago Every time Quality first Tom Mitchell President of Messe Düsseldorf North

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Messe Düsseldorf Group: Chicago Düsseldorf Brno Moscow New Delhi Singapore Shanghai Tokio Messe Düsseldorf North America Chicago Every time Quality first Tom Mitchell President of Messe Düsseldorf North America Service: individual. Connection: international. Result: business, global. From the Big Apple, to the City of the Big Shoulders to the world. For over 30 years, Messe Düsseldorf North America (MDNA) has been your local partner for trade fairs in Düsseldorf, Germany, and beyond. As the first German trade fair organization to establish a subsidiary here, Messe Düsseldorf recognized long ago that this dynamic and ever-changing region needed local expertise and attention. From our first small office in New York City to our current operation in Chicago, one of the hubs of the U.S. trade show industry, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to service. If you are exhibiting at one of our trade fairs, we are there for the whole process, from selling the square meters to planning your booth to seeing it through during the show. For visitors and exhibitors alike, we can help you travel there, find a place to sleep, get into the show, and just about anything else that you might need along the way. Our expertise is second to none. Our staff in Chicago has an average of ten years experience in the industry. We speak the language, know the culture, and, most importantly, know the right people to talk to. And this goes for our trade shows as well. Since 1947, Messe Düsseldorf has been operating world-class and industry-leading trade fairs across a wide variety of industries. Over the years we have branched out into all the major markets around the globe, offering platforms for business wherever you need it most. Succeed with us around the world is not just a slogan it s how we do business. So wherever you need to be, you can count on us to be there, too. One call is all it takes. How can we help you today? 02 03 This is not a telephone number. Nor is it a secret code. These are the figures which sum up Messe Düsseldorf s international activities. On location in 127 countries, with 66 agencies abroad and more than 1,500 employees who ensure that trade fairs are perfectly planned and run. This makes Messe Düsseldorf one of the largest and most important providers of successful trade fair events in the world. A trendsetter 23 times over Since the company was founded in 1947, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH has organized more than 4,000 successful events. Even in the early years, the Düsseldorf-based trade fair experts understood how important it is to provide platforms of excellence for markets and industries; these formed the basis of what are now leading trade fairs. Today, 23 of the 50 events that take place in Düsseldorf are the No. 1 events in their respective industries, and are very attractive for exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. In addition to the leading trade fairs that take place in the growth markets of Europe and Asia, these have the potential to become stand-alone events in their own right. An on-location service for this purpose is provided by nine international subsidiary companies and associates who spread the expertise of the Düsseldorf trade fair organizers around the world. As we re already on the subject of numbers, this is one number you shouldn t forget: That s us. Messe Düsseldorf North America. Smurfit-Stone Building, Chicago The first. Do you remember? In the White House, Ronald Reagan governed the U.S. The era of Helmut Kohl had just begun in Germany. It was 1982: the year Messe Düsseldorf began its operations in North America. With its own subsidiary company, it was the first German trade fair company to have a presence in the U.S. The Düsseldorf Trade Shows Inc. started operating in midtown Manhattan and expanded its sphere of action in the strongest economy in the world. Today, the activities of Messe Düsseldorf North America are centrally managed from Chicago. Ten employees focus on a clearly defined core business goal: using the Messe Düsseldorf Group s expertise to pave the way for American companies to enter the world s markets. Different countries, different customs. Trade fair events in Europe or Asia have a different character to events in the U.S. because they are often markets that have grown over a long period of time. While trade fairs in North America take place in conjunction with industry conferences, and therefore focus more on the exchange of information, exhibitions outside the U.S. concentrate more on product presentations, customer development and order generation. Trade fairs are becoming an increasingly valuable part of the overall marketing mix for U.S. companies: in general, budgets for trade fair presentations are higher than those for print advertising U.S. exhibitors and visitors in Düsseldorf ( ) Exhibitors Visitors ,472 10,694 8,592 11,239 26,000 Are you a collector? Then we ll gladly help you to expand your collection. If it is all about gaining new customers and contacts in all continents of the world, for example. This is just one of the benefits of Messe Düsseldorf s network. When we first started operating in North America, we focused on promoting our trade fairs in Düsseldorf. In other words, events where it was guaranteed that exhibitors would meet international customers. We have focused on this goal for a number of decades and have continuously expanded our activities so that our leading trade fairs, such as drupa, K, MEDICA, or interpack, now have their successful equivalents in other parts of the world. As part of this international network, we supply the most important prerequisites necessary for commercial success in new markets: contacts, information, and service. A good quarter. Events run by Messe Düsseldorf not only have an extremely good reputation, but they are also magnets for exhibitors and visitors from across the world. Overseas visitors account for up to 60% of the total number of visitors to our leading trade fairs in the Rhine region. We play an important part in making sure that U.S. companies regard Düsseldorf as a permanent fixture in their trade fair calendars and with great success. A quarter of all North American visitors to German trade fairs learn about innovations in their industry while in Düsseldorf. Our ongoing cooperation with economic associations, chambers of commerce, and government export agencies is proof that our activities pay dividends. Such cooperation enables everyone to expand their expertise in a meaningful way. And who knows what you ll discover during your next visit to a Düsseldorf trade fair? Düsseldorf trade fair Rush hour at lunchtime In downtown Chicago, the morning rush hour begins just as the lunch hour is finishing in Düsseldorf. This is great because it means that we can easily check important questions with our colleagues in the Rhineland over the phone. Just before the end of the day, we call Hong Kong where the team is about to start their day The Messe Düsseldorf Group s worldwide network works around the clock in all the world s time zones. This is great for our customers: they can rest easy knowing that a competent member of staff is always available to handle their wishes for an optimal trade fair presence anywhere in the world, whether in the middle of Europe or in China Messe Düsseldorf Group s service center for the North American market. Messe Düsseldorf Group s worldwide activities are coordinated here and 50 trade fairs, of which 23 are leading, are organized here. Brno Around 480 people are employed in the Central European Exhibition Center in Brno. 06 07 2 1 CET Moscow New Delhi Shanghai Brno Hong Kong 2 1 CET Moscow Messe Düsseldorf has had an official presence in Moscow since Today, this location plays an important role in Messe Düsseldorf s worldwide activities. New Delhi mdj In India, Messe Düsseldorf organizes events for one of the largest markets in Asia. From its Singapore location, Messe Düsseldorf Asia manages the trade fair market for the ASEAN region. Shanghai/ Hong Kong Shanghai is the gateway to the Chinese trade fair market. All our Chinese representative offices are coordinated by our Chinese subsidiary. In Tokyo, Messe Düsseldorf has been helping Japanese exhibitors and visitors to participate in trade fairs across the world since 1994. Take five. Since the 1950s, Take Five has been the signature tune of the jazz world. Messe Düsseldorf has consistently worked on developing five core business areas for more than 50 years. Our clear focus on these particular areas makes all the difference: the best contacts to companies, organizations, and trade associations. Visitors know that they will be provided with expertise at a Düsseldorf trade fair, not just small talk. We have expanded our experience and industry knowledge in order to provide our customers with an optimal platform for their business. These core business areas form the basis of a portfolio for successful trade fair events in Düsseldorf: Machinery and equipment Trade and services Medicine and health Fashion and lifestyle Leisure Over the past few decades, trade fair events that now enjoy a market-leading position in their respective industries have been developed under the umbrella brand name Messe Düsseldorf. Thanks to the perfect organization provided by Messe Düsseldorf, these events provide high-quality networking opportunities. Machinery and equipment Trade and services Medicine and health 03 Fashion and lifestyle 04 Leisure Our products do well around the world. For example, our product family K For example, our product family MEDICA For example, our product family interpack Messe Düsseldorf North America Inc. drupa* GIFA* METEC* THERMPROCESS* NEWCAST* METAV * glasstec* solarpeq interpack* K* Tube* wire* Valve World Expo EuroShop* EuroCIS hogatec InterMopro InterCool InterMeat ProWein* MEDICA* COMPAMED REHACARE* A+A* BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL DÜSSELDORF TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL CPD Düsseldorf* GDS* GLOBAL SHOES boot* CARAVAN SALON* TourNatur * No. 1 worldwide 01 Machinery and equipment All in Print and Media The Bright World of Metals Worldwide: All in Print China Shanghai drupa Düsseldorf Embax Brno interpack Düsseldorf PACK PRINT International Bangkok drupa Print Media Trade Fair drupa has been the top international trade fair for the print and media industry for more than 50 years. It covers the complete global portfolio of products, from prepress, premedia, printing, and preparation to packaging production, as well as all the services provided by the industry. As a pure trade fair, it is the most important information and order platform for decision makers and professionals in the fields of publishing, media management, and the printing industry, including those specializing in the prepress and postpress stages. Frequency: every four years Worldwide: Aluminum/Non-Ferrous Moscow FINTECH Brno FOND-EX Brno GIFA Düsseldorf IMT Brno Metallurgy India New Delhi/Mumbai Metallurgy-Litmash Moscow Metallurgy UKRAINE Donetsk METAV Düsseldorf METEC Düsseldorf NEWCAST Düsseldorf THERMPROCESS Düsseldorf GIFA International Foundry Trade Fair with WFO Technical Forum GIFA is the most important event for the global foundry industry. It comprehensively presents the latest developments in materials and manufacturing technology. It focuses on intelligent process design and first-class technical engineering services aimed at making casting processes more efficient. GIFA is an innovation pool par excellence for a number of industries, including the automotive, machine and plant construction, communications technology, construction and electrical industries, and many more. The comprehensive program of events with special exhibitions and congresses completes the range of services on offer. Frequency: every four years, parallel to METEC, THERM- PROCESS, and NEWCAST * with the participation of Messe Düsseldorf 10 11 METEC International Metallurgical Technology Trade Fair and Congresses The innovation forum for the metallurgy industry is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the development and modernization of smelting technology all over the world. The need to find ever more efficient processes for the smelting and processing of steel makes METEC a highly important event. METEC offers trade visitors information, products, and solutions along the whole value chain. First-class conferences complement the range of services on offer. Frequency: every four years, parallel to GIFA, THERMPRO- CESS, and NEWCAST THERMPROCESS International Trade Fair and Symposium for Thermo Process Technology THERMPROCESS presents all the products and innovations related to efficient thermal processes. It is the most important trade fair for experts and operators in the industry, and one where they can experience cutting-edge economic and industrial innovations. In other words, optimal solutions which increase the efficiency of industrial furnaces and heatgeneration plants. The supporting program of events with the THERMPROCESS symposium, FOGI special exhibition, and further events offered by exhibitors is highly valued by all who attend. Frequency: every four years, parallel to GIFA, METEC, and NEWCAST NEWCAST International Trade Fair for Precision Castings The international exhibition for foundries presents the latest developments in casting products. Design engineers and purchasers from the automotive, engineering, aviation, and aerospace industries, as well as the fields of construction, electronics, medicine, shipbuilding, rail transportation, and energy technology can find innovations for even the most demanding requirements at NEWCAST. The first-class program for the NEWCAST forum strengthens communication between foundries and their customers. Frequency: every two years, runs parallel to GIFA, METEC, and THERMPROCESS every fourth year METAV International Trade Fair for Manufacturing Technology and Automation METAV presents products from the whole spectrum of the metalworking industry. It focuses on machine tools, manufacturing systems, precision tools, automated material flow, computer technology, industrial electronics, and accessories. As the largest forum for manufacturing technology, METAV offers trade visitors a complete overview of the industry, from standard machinery for mass production to special solutions for particular tasks. Frequency: every two years 01 Machinery and equipment Discover the World of Glass Worldwide: All in Glass Guangzhou glasstec Düsseldorf GLASSPEX INDIA Mumbai/ New Delhi solarpeq Düsseldorf glasstec International Trade Fair for Glass Production Processing Products glasstec is the only trade fair in the world that provides an overview of the whole industry and the innovative potential of glass as a material for all kinds of applications. It focuses on glass manufacture/ production engineering, glass working and finishing, tools, replacement and wear parts, measuring, control, and regulation technology for glass and glassmaking machinery, as well as the use of glass in construction and façades. Future-oriented topics are particularly highly valued by visitors, including thin special glass, insulation glass, laser technology, photovoltaics, and solar thermal energy. Visitors to the trade fair include experts in glass production, architects, planners, specialist tradesmen, and energy technology specialists. The special exhibition and expert symposium are highlights of the event. Frequency: every two years parallel to solarpeq solarpeq International Trade Fair for Solar Production Equipment solarpeq, the International Trade Fair for Solar Production Equipment, presents production technology for thin-film and crystalline photovoltaic modules. This includes machines and plants for manufacturing solar end products as well as components and raw materials. solarpeq takes place for the first time in 2010 and at the same time and in the same place at glasstec, the undisputed world-leading trade fair for the glass industry, glass engineering, and glass working. Both events complement each other perfectly in terms of content. The combination of solarpeq and glasstec covers the entire value chain, from raw materials to applications, in a comprehensive way and under one roof. Frequency: every two years parallel to glasstec Open the World of Packaging Expertise at First Hand Worldwide: Embax Print Brno International Packtech India Mumbai interpack Düsseldorf PACK PRINT International Bangkok UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA Moscow interpack PROCESSES AND PACKAGING interpack is the world s leading trade fair for processes and packaging. Its defining characteristic is that it represents the entire value chain, from the manufacturing and finishing of packaged goods and packaging materials to packing and distribution, quality control, and consumer protection. The program includes packing machines and machines for the manufacture of packaging materials, as well as machines and plants for confectionery and bakery products. interpack is therefore particularly important for many industries, including the food and drink, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, as well as consumer goods in the non-food sector, and the industrial goods industry, amongst others. Frequency: every three years Worldwide: Arabplast Dubai ASEANPLAS Singapore Aseanrubber Singapore Chinaplas Shanghai/Guangzhou INTERPLASTICA Moscow K Düsseldorf M-PLAS Kuala Lumpur Plastics and Rubber Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City PLASTINDIA New Delhi PLASTEX Brno TIPREX Bangkok K International Trade Fair for Plastics + Rubber K covers the whole spectrum of the plastics and rubber industry. It specializes in raw materials and auxiliary substances, machines and equipment, technical parts, and reinforced plastics. K is known for its high-quality networking opportunities with experts from around the world: together, they develop futureoriented solutions which form the basis for commercial success. This is why K is particularly attractive for decision makers from the plastics manufacture, engineering, automotive, electro-technology, construction and chemical industries, and many more. Frequency: every three years 01 Machinery and equipment Simply the Best Worldwide: Aluminium/Non-Ferrous Moscow Metallurgy-Litmash Moscow METAV Düsseldorf Tekno/Tube Arabia Dubai Tube Düsseldorf Tube India New Delhi/Mumbai Tube Russia Moscow Tubotech São Paulo wire Düsseldorf wire Russia Moscow wire/tube CHINA Shanghai wire/tube Southeast ASIA Bangkok Tube International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair Tube presents the latest trends in piping materials, pipes and accessories, pipe manufacturing machinery, used machinery, tools for process engineering and auxiliary materials, measuring, control, and regulation technology, testing technology, pipeline and OCTG technology, and special fields, as well as interesting developments in the pipe industry. The comprehensive program makes Tube particularly attractive for top managers from trade and the pipe manufacturing, iron, steel, and nonferrous metal industries, as well as the automotive industry. Frequency: every two years parallel to wire wire International Wire and Cable Trade Fair The world-leading trade fair presents the latest innovations in the industry, including wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, tools and auxiliary materials for process engineering, tools, special wires and cables, measuring, control, and regulation technology, testing technology, and special applications. wire is therefore the primary forum for experts from the industry, specialist technical trade, and general trade. Frequency: every two years parallel to Tube Valve World Expo Biennial Valve World Conference and Exhibition With the Valve World Expo, Messe Düsseldorf expands its events portfolio in the machinery and plants sector. The most impo
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