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Chapter 8 ח Hebrew words with a Chet God s rights! From feast to feast There is a common theme (red thread: ש נ י (ח וט through the whole Scriptures. The Word of God does not offer a system, but a plan!

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Chapter 8 ח Hebrew words with a Chet God s rights! From feast to feast There is a common theme (red thread: ש נ י (ח וט through the whole Scriptures. The Word of God does not offer a system, but a plan! God the Father has prepared a wedding (ח ת נ ה) for His Son (Matthew 22:1). The Son Himself is the Bridegroom ן).(ח ת In fact, Scripture goes from one feast ג) (ח to the other! God gave the first human being, Adam, a wife. Marriage is an ordinance (ח ק) by God. The first miracle the Messiah performed was at a wedding (ח ת נ ה) (John 2:1-11). Yeshua awaits a soon (ח ג) saved the best wine for last. The third feast (י ש וע ).(ח ת נ ה) is no less than a marriage ceremony (ח ג) fulfilment. That feast And what kind of marriage that will be! The marriage of the Lamb! (Rev. 19:6). This whole plan is born out of the heart of God, just as the Son is in the bosom (ח יק) of the Father (John 1:18). God s rights and our democracy Because of the fact that marriage is an ordinance (ח ק) of God, satan has directed all his arrows צ ים) (ח against marriage. One arrow ץ) (ח that he uses is the promotion of an unbiblical relationship between two men or two women. Satan even dares to call that a marriage. That is something like a round square. Marriage, as ordinance (ח ק) from God, is by definition the relationship between a man and a woman. An ordinance (ח ק) from God is not a democratic law on paper. God engraved ק) (ח ק His ordinances ים) (ח ק on two tables of stone. He is the Lawgiver ח ק ק),(מ Who does not judge us upon our democratic brew, which are put on paper today and changed tomorrow. The Lawgiver King! is also Judge and (מ ח ק ק) The legislature, the jurisdiction and the governmental power are in ONE hand! (Isaiah 33:22). The French Revolution that started in Paris has taken legislation, jurisdiction and kingship out of the hands of God. God has been dethroned and they took rights, law and government into their own hands. Look at the results; we have been left with the broken pots today. Millions of abortions worldwide are just part of the reaping of this ungodly harvest. The absolute only medicine against this disastrous development is a radical return to God and His ordinances ים).(ח ק Hear o Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one (Deut. 6:4). God s unchanging ordinances We are dazzled and blinded as a nation, that we call evil good and good evil! We have completely lost the joy of the feast (ח ג) that God is working towards. The earth is also defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed (ח ל פ ו) the ordinance,(ח ק) broken the everlasting covenant (Isaiah 24:5). How dare nations, heads of state and even church leaders think that God has annulled His covenant with Israel and His everlasting words, promises and ordinances ים)?(ח ק All people are liars, yes, but God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19a). His throne is grounded on His faithfulness to David. The Law (Thora) with all its ordinances ים) (ח ק will one day go out from Zion and saturate as a purifying leaven all societies in the remaining nations (Isaiah 2:1-6). God does new things A new ש) (ח ד time will come! Not in the sense of the lie of the New Age. But as the prophets foretold: Behold, I will do a new thing (Isaiah ;(43:19a the complete realization and (ה נ נ י ע ש ה ח ד ש ה) fulfilment of the New Covenant ר ית ח ד ש ה) (ב (Jeremiah 31:31). God promises to all Israel: A new heart ח ד ש) (ל ב also will I give you, and a new spirit ח ד ש ה) (ר וח will I put within you (Ez. 36:26a). Not only to a few believers will apply: And He has put a new song in my mouth ן ב פ י ש יר ח ד ש) (ו י ת (Psalm (40:4a but to the people of Israel and through them to all the nations will be said: O sing unto the Lord a new song יר ו ל יהוה ש יר ח ד ש) (ש (Psalm.(96:1a Mercy and justice It is not by any merit of Israel, that the great feast (ח ג) commences but because God is gracious.(ח נ ן) It is His love, mercy and covenant faithfulness ד).(ח ס God is not the great Absentee for the faith. On the contrary, faith is being surrounded by the works of His hand. The earth, o Lord, is full of Thy mercy ד ך) ;(ח ס teach me Thy statutes (Psalm 119:64).?(ב ר ית ח ד ש ה) But how can God enter into a New Covenant He forgives repeatedly. He is compassionate and merciful. Yes, but what about His laws, statutes, ordinances ים) (ח ק and rights? We, as a people, stand on our rights. We are easily offended. We claim our rights but we trample on God s rights daily. Where do we base that right on? In what way will the debt ever be settled? Where do we go with our sin א)?(ח ט Mercy is not cheap. No human being can ever satisfy God. All are guilty Whenever an airplane crash happens, they start to look quickly for the black box. Who or what is to blame? Which airline or nation gets the bill presented? If we talk about God s rights: every nation is to blame! Nations run rapidly towards Gods judgment. Who can stand before the judgment seat of God shamelessly? Is it possible to know already that we will withstand this judgment gloriously? Yes, Hallelujah! But we do stand on holy ground here. Shall we say: shoes off! No human being can ever compensate that sky high debt. Only God offers a solution for everyone that does not want to brush up his or her guilt. And to everyone that frankly admits: Against Thee, Thee only, have I sinned ך ל ב ד ך ח ט את י) (ל (Psalm.(51:4a Daniel identifies with the sin of his people when he confesses: (ח ט אנ ו ו ע ו ינ ו) iniquity We have sinned, and have committed (Dan. 9:5a). The acknowledgement of guilt opens the heavens. A masterly prophetic promise is being revealed to Daniel. The fulfilment of the prophecy would still take another five centuries. But God s Word came! Sin is sealed and how! In the Middle East, in the land of Israel, is a garden close to a hill in the form of a skull. On that hill, in between two criminals, the guiltless Lamb hung on a tree, loaded with the sin א) (ח ט of all Israel, even the sin of the whole world. He was made to be sin א).(ח ט He carried it, reconciled it and took it away. When He had finished the offer, He was laid down in a grave. He laid there for three days and three nights. Guards kept watch over the grave. The grave was sealed. Daniel 9:24 was fulfilled literally: Seventy weeks are determined upon Thy people and upon Thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to seal up ם) (ח ת sins א ות),(ח ט and to make reconciliation for iniquity. In the Blood of Yeshua there is reconciliation for all Israel and every nation The seal ם) (ח ות has a deep meaning. The twelve tribes of Israel were sealed twice in the garments of the high priest (Exodus 28). He carried the names of the twelve tribes on his shoulders; six on each shoulder, in the sequence of age of the tribal names and also in four rows of three gemstones on his breastplate. Each tribe had its name engraved in a seal ת וח י ח ות ם) (פ on their own specific gemstone. And so it was that the bride s prayer was fulfilled: Set me as a seal ם) (ח ות upon thine heart, as a seal ם) (ח ות upon thine arm (Song of Solomon 8:6). Yeshua did not wear a high priestly garment. Being the eternal High Priest from the tribe of Judah, He carried all Israel on His heart and the whole flock on His strong shoulders. Their guilt was buried for good in His grave. Their sins His pierced through hands and feet show it are sealed.(ח ת ם) Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands ע ל כ פ י ם ח ק ת י ך) (ה ן (Isaiah 49:16a). This is the only hope for all Israel, for the Arabic nations, for each nation and every human being. Only through the Lamb of God were all God s ordinances ים) (ח ק righteously accomplished, even in the smallest details. The Messiah has not disregarded any commandment. All God s commandments are safe in His pierced through hands. He carried the Torah in His heart. That is the reason why He could seal us. of Israel and each and every one of (ח ט א ות) the sins (ח ת ם) Only through Yeshua there is life,(ח י) eternal life (ח י ים) on all fronts. When Israel was going through a terrible oppression in Egypt, God (ח י י) live! said: His powerful word is still able to call Israel, wherever they may be, to newness of life!
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